Now in the gray world, Han Li is extremely cautious about everything, for fear of being noticed by the people who have the heart, so Divine Sense has not been circulated before.

However, after the previous python family, he also roughly grasped the strength of the various ethnic groups in Prairie in June. At least in the current situation, there should be no risk of uncontrollable.

While squatting, Han Li explored the various materials in the trading area with Divine Sense and quickly found an ore that was also found in Immortal Boundary.

It’s just that this price is quite expensive in the gray world, and there is no value for what to resell.

He was about to continue to look for it, suddenly his brow slightly picked his eyes and looked away.

I saw two tall silhouettes wearing gray cloaks coming over and facing each other with a mask that could isolate Spiritual Sense and couldn’t see the face.

Although the aura of these two people was hidden by a force, Han Li Spiritual Sense was so powerful that it swept away from this disguise.

The cultivation base of these two people turned out to be the Gold Immortal level.

For today’s Han Li, Gold Immortal is actually It’s nothing, but in today’s gray area, the gold Immortal Realm cultivation base is a bit conspicuous, at least the existence of a family.

The two figures also seemed to notice Han Li’s line of sight, immediately lowered their heads, speeded up their steps, and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Han Li sees this scene, his eyes are slightly flashes.

These two are so sneaky, it seems that there should be something hidden.

However, he shook his head and did not intend to manage the matter and went on.

As a result, for a little while, in addition to finding some bitter flowers, there is no special gain.

There are a lot of things that have a price difference between the two Planes, but the value is not as big as the bitterness, unless it is traded in large quantities.

In this regard, Han Li did not feel that there was a surprise. After all, True Immortal Realm is too different from here. It is not too easy to find things that have different prices in both worlds.

In the next time, he did not continue to search, but returned to the resident of the gray lizard, and found that the stone did not return.

He returned to the big account, slightly closed eyes, after adjusting the interest rate, flipped out and took out the ancient books that he had bought before, and read them one by one.

For him, finding the method to return True Immortal Realm is the real thing at the moment.

Time passed a little, and it took a little half a day in a blink of an eye.

In the big account, there was a flower, and the empty silhouette of the stone suddenly came out from the ground, and there was still a smile on his face.

“Looking at Fellow Daoist Shi’s good mood, did you find a clue to return to Immortal Boundary?” Han Li looked up at the stone and asked.

“This… I saw that many of the gray materials here are cheap. If you get True Immortal Realm, you can make a lot of money and you are busy collecting all kinds of materials. You will be going to inquire about the return of Immortal Boundary information. I am sorry to forget it.” The stone pierced through the air, and some said awkwardly.

“No problem, there is still time to go on. If this can not be found in June, Prairie can go to other places to try his luck. After all, Fellow Daoist Shi is not interested in buying and selling business.” Han Li smiled and said. .

“Yes! The goods of all parties, as long as they are properly controlled, can be transformed into ten and ten, and quickly accumulate resource wealth. With the cultivation base, the demand for cultivation resources will continue to rise, many high- The immortal is trapped in a Realm for millions of years, and many of them are lack of cultivation resources.” Stone pierced the eyes and beamed, quite excited about talking about business.

“If you can open up the channel and sell goods between the two circles, it would be a thrilling business opportunity. But if we can’t find a way to return to True Immortal Realm, everything is a fantasy.” Han Li nodded first, then immediately turned around.

“Fullow Daoist said that it is a matter of urgency, but first find the way to go back, then talk about other.” Stone pierced the air and thought it was a nod.


More than a month later.

In the evening, the clouds were thick, the three suns had not completely fallen, and the six rounds of the moon had risen, facing each other, one more blurred, one more clear.

Not far from the wave lake, there are ripples of light, and dozens of high-rise beacon towers have been built along the shoreline, which are filled with a lot of gray grass and sporadic white phosphorus ore.

All the ethnic groups who came to participate in the Gathering of Tameda temporarily put down other affairs and gathered around the tall beacon tower. Han Li also came to the lake with the lizard.

The patriarch Xi Yan walked in the front, and his body had already changed into a neat light gray robes, covering his large body, and a circular emblem representing their grey lizards on his chest. A torch burning with a white flame.

Han Li and Shi Dakong wear a gray cloak, covering most of his face in the cloak, followed by Xi Yan Behind.

During this time, they have not found valuable clues about returning to Immortal Boundary, and they have not been too strong. On the other hand, they continue to be familiar with the local customs. On the other hand, they hope that Gathering will start soon, look at whether or Not something to gain.

The group came to a beacon tower and stopped. Xi Yan turned back, and his eyes were both awe and grateful. He said to Han Li:

“Two Exalted Immortal, in the previous year, this Talmuda Gathering, without the qualification of our grey lizards, this year is also the light of Senior, only to have a chance to come to this Heavenly Flame. That is Exalted Immortal is not willing to Body, or you should sit in front of the big account at the moment, waiting to watch ‘Saye’ Gathering.”

“No problem, we are not your black-skinned people after all, it is not convenient to show up.” Han Li said in a heart, lightly said.

If he didn’t make a mistake, the move was mostly arranged by the black clothed girl named Miao Embroidery.

After all, he looked far away and looked at a huge black stone platform a little farther from the lake. It was brightly lit, and all around was also surrounded by various costumes, and it was strangely known as the gray world.

“Saye” is the same as Talmuda. It is a local dialect of the black-toothed domain. It means “the warrior’s fight”, that is, some tribes in the black-toothed region send their own cultivators to fight against Gathering.

As a nomadic tribe without a fixed residence, the gray lizard is naturally not eligible to participate.

After a while, the halo reflected in the depths of the clouds in the three rounds of the day disappeared completely, and a low and long horn sounded on the black stone platform.

The Xiuyan patriarch, who was standing by the beacon tower, immediately put the torch in his hand into the beacon tower.

“Call” is a loud noise!

A white fireworks rises up, and the gray grass that accumulates in it is instantly ignited, and a group of bright white flames burst out, burning and bursting out.

The white phosphate ore scattered in it was quickly ignited, and a white light like a catkin fluttered from the bonfire burning with the flaming white flame, slowly drifting to the wavering lake not far away.

I saw dozens of beacons that were vividly lit with white light, and the dense white light was like a skyfire ordinary that reflected the entire sky, and the clouds of gloomy, so that Han Li, who had never seen the stars since the enterprise gray world, It seems that once again, I saw the starry sky, and there is a different kind of beauty.

Han Li looks at the sky, the sky is slightly fascinating, and the sound of the low-pitched sound is heard in the ear. It is clearly mixed with slightly different black-toothed dialects. The tone is simple and low, like the ancient war songs. The feeling of bleakness.

After a long time, the voice of the war songs gradually stopped, and the bonfire all around came with a burst of cheers, and the people of all ethnic groups began to encircle the black stone platform.

Han Li, together with the gray lizards, came to the periphery of the stone platform as the crowd flowed, looking up and looking up.

I saw a large camp on the side of the high Taipei, with the curtains open, sitting side by side with the Elders of the three Miao nationalities, and the patriarchs of the other largest tribes in the black tooth.

Among them, sitting in the middle of the camp, it was the black clothed girl named “Miao Xiu”.

Her eyes swept across the stage and fell on the gray lizards for a moment, then moved away.

“Big Young Lady, what’s wrong? Looking for the tall man hidden in the gray lizard?” The tall young man named Miao Kui saw the situation and hurriedly turned around and whispered.

Miao embroidered this, and gently shook his head.

“The man didn’t know how to be good. The big Young Lady went to visit the day before, but he still refused to show up. When Gathering is over, I will bring him to the big Young Lady.” Miao Kui snorted, some 忿忿Road.

“Cousin, I can’t talk nonsense. Since people don’t want to see nature, they don’t want to see the truth. As long as they are not malicious, we don’t want to make extra-budgets. We must make a good relationship into a doomed love.” Scorned, said.

Although she said so in her mouth, she was somewhat annoyed that the person did not give face, and at the same time became more and more curious about the hidden high man, what is What looks like.

“The big Young Lady said very much, it is my rumor…” Miao Kui quickly sinned.

“The time is almost up, and it is announced that Saye Gathering will officially begin.” Miao Embroidered nodded and said.

“Yes.” Miao Kui responded and got up and left the camp.

Before and after coming to Taiwan, he first walked to the side of a dark drum, and screamed three times. After seeing the turmoil of the audience, he gradually converges. He then announced: “This year’s Saye Gathering officially started, which is the most warrior. Go on stage and accept the challenge?”

The voice just fell, and the two dark silhouettes fell on the stone platform.

“The bones of the thorns are close to each other…” The man who first fell on the stage was a humanoid body with black scales. His cheeks, elbows and knees had a white spike on the cheek, elbows and knees. Very embarrassing.

As soon as the voice fell, there was a burst of screams under the stone platform. Especially the sounds of the people gathered were louder. It seemed that they could be the first to stage, which was a great honor for them.

“The water tigers Mu Mu…” Another tiger head, but the man on the face but with a fishing rod, also self-reported.

The fish on his cheeks swayed, his face was full of excitement, and the back of his bow continued to sway. Compared to the previous one, his voice was much smaller.

“Very good, this first battle, are you going to win or lose, or die?” Miao Kui looked at the two, asked with a smile.

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