“Isn’t it like Gathering? How do you want to live and die?” Han Li heard this, some doubts, asked Xi Yan.

“Exalted Immortal doesn’t know, this Saye Gathering is not only the place where all the aptitudes of all ethnic groups show up, but also the tribes of tribes. The three Miao lords are not allowed to launch tribal wars privately. Through this method, the decision is made, so behind the decision of life and death, most of them are mixed with the site and interest disputes.” Xi Yan explained.

“Oh, so that’s how it is, it’s a good idea to solve the contradiction.” Han Li was a little bit transparent, and immediately came over.

“These gray barbarians are good, simple and efficient, I like it.” The stone wears the same look, and the sound transmission tells Han Li.

“This kind of method works, and it shows that these people are mostly trustworthy people. If you are in Immortal Boundary, the cautious thoughts between the various families, the means of the dark and the dark have gone, I am afraid that this method is still useless. The contradiction has intensified to an irreconcilable point.” Han Li then sound transmission back.

“It’s really…” After a few moments of thinking through the stone, speechless replied with a smile.

When the two men were talking through the mind, the two men on the stage had already started fighting. The first biting man on the stage had a vital energy interest, and he was surrounded by baleful aura, and the man of the water tiger was forced to the festival. The festival retreats.

However, although the Shuihu men were in a downwind, they did not have a panic color. They always had some excitement in their eyes, waving a baleful aura’s three-legged fork in their hands, and darting and evading on the stage.

The biting man chased more and more tightly, and the water tiger man was more and more evasive. The flashes avoided, and the danger was like a ring, and the people of the various ethnic groups screamed and cheered.

Han Li looked a moment, I felt a little strange, the Shuihu man had been suppressing aura before, and it was an old-fashioned enemy to weaken the way, and the biting man aura was dragged from the peak state and began to go downhill. , how to look at it should also act anti-kill, but he just refused to fight, still with the opponent’s action, dangerous and dangerous to avoid.

After more than a dozen rounds, Han Li felt like he was juggling, and some were uninteresting. His eyes turned and looked toward the distant Lake Baling.

At this moment, the sky flutters over the surface of the lake, and the little rays of light are reflected on the lake, with ray of light, as if there are countless silverfish jumping in the ordinary.

Suddenly, Han Li slammed his heart.

Through the layers of people, he suddenly saw a strange movement on the lake.

Just as he was going to look at it carefully, there was a huge humming sound that suddenly rang from behind.

Along with this sound, his Sea of ​​Consciousness was faint, and the back of the head seemed to be a heavy punch, but the white snow peak standing on its Sea of ​​Consciousness, inscribed “The Royal Peak” The town gods “a few large characters, and soon brightened the rays of light, turned into a layer of snow and light waves, and instantly smoothed out all the discomfort of his Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Beside him, everyone, including Xiuyan, was soft and stumped toward the side.

Han Li turned back slightly. Through the corner of his eye, he saw the water tiger man above the stone platform. His face was full of blood flowing out of his face. His hand was holding a black conch-like thing, full of fanaticism.

On the other side of the account, everyone was soft on the big chair. Although the Spiritual Sense was still clear, it was almost impossible to move.

At this time, Han Li walked over with a hand and grabbed his sleeve and rubbed it down.

He looked at him and saw that the stone had fallen to the ground and was screaming at him.

Han Li smiled helplessly, and he pretended to be unable to support him. He fell down with everyone around him.

At this time, from the place where the water tigers gathered, a tall man in a gray cloak took off his hood and revealed a cyan face resembling a monkey.

Han Li’s heart fretts and finds that this person looks very similar to the green-skinned apes that he had seen in the ruins of the mantras, but the obvious aura is stronger, with the Gold Immortal Middle Stage level, and the Spiritual Wisdom is also significantly more A little higher.

The tall man jumped on the stone platform and walked over to the water tiger man. He took the black conch from his hand and looked at it for a moment. He carefully took it.

The seven-blooded water tiger man was thrown to the ground before his body, apparently already dying.

In the position of the big account, the patriarch of the Shuihu nationality no longer disguised, stood up from the big chair, came to the side of the green-skinned monkey, and gave a gift, saying: “The adults are wonderful, admire.” ”

“Mu Qiu old ghost, you dare to collude with the people of the Nishio Tuo domain, betray the black tooth domain?” Miao embroidery strong angered the body, but the sound is a little soft and weak.

“I can’t help it, Big Young Lady. They have been occupying my water tigers for hundreds of years, and they have killed my brother Mu Xiu and my nephew Muhai. So bloody is not the life of Saye Gathering. The Shuihu tribe said with a blank expression.

After all, he first went to the Wuhe side of the battle with Mu Wei, lifted a palm and directly smashed his head.

The water tigers under the stone platform shouted loudly and screamed at the area where the thorns were crowded. The screams of screams continued, and the bloody aura overflowed.

In the big account, the thorns are long-eyed and wailing.

“Do you want to do this, is it the command of the ancient lords, or the meaning of your Qing dynasty? Is it not afraid that our black teeth are no longer neutral and fall to the samsara domain?” In the eyes of Miao embroidery, the fire energy rises, and the teeth are asked. Road.

“Hey, don’t think we don’t know, the samsara domain has sent people to talk with your father, and it is only a matter of time before it falls to the other side.” The green skin apes finally opened their mouths, and the voice was hoarse.

“What do you want to add to your sin? My father has always opposed the idea of ​​the samsara domain. He also tried to persuade his friends not to be confused by him. How could he fall to the samsara domain?” Miao embroidery is more angry and snarls.

“Your black-toothed domain is only a small field. On weekdays, it is too high to look at yourself. Since you dare to let the messenger of the samsara domain enter the territory, don’t blame us for taking your sacrifice flag. It will be effective.” Green skin monkey sneer Said.

After all, he turned to look at the direction of the lake, and a loud call was made in his mouth.

I saw the waves on the surface of the lake violently tumbling. The Qing dynasty and other Nishito and the tribes that had long been hidden in the lake immediately rushed up from the lake, and there were tens of thousands of people.

After landing on the shore, it surged into the tide, rushed into the black-toothed families, and began to madly slaughter.

This is really a killing sound, blood flowing into the river.

The position of Han Li and the gray lizards and the others is not too far from the lake. Soon the Nishito army will kill, and then he and the stone will have to fight against it, once Immortal Boundary The identity of the person is exposed, let alone the army of the Nishito field, that is, the black-toothed departments are only afraid to turn their spearheads to encircle them.

In the gray world, no matter which side of the power, how deep hatred between each other, has already reached a common understanding at this point, that is, regardless of the time to put aside the dispute, a total of anti-Immortal Boundary.

Han Li is not really afraid of these people. After all, if you want to retreat or do it by two people, it’s just that the identity of the two of them is difficult to continue to pretend, and then you want to find a chance to return. Immortal Boundary will also become more difficult.

“What should I do? I can’t continue to install it…” Stone asked through the sound transmission, and the tone was quite anxious.

Han Li’s brows were slightly stunned, and he didn’t answer. He looked at the stone platform. He saw the green-skinned apes in the hands. I don’t know when, I have already added a big macadam, and one by one, knocking on the black teeth. The head.

Mu Qiu tied the head of the thorns in front of him, and a black long knife in his hand was stained with a white fire, resting on his shoulder neck, and was about to cut his head.

The latter is stalking the neck, full of hatred, but the face is completely fearless.

The sound of wailing nearby is getting more and more popular, and the eyes of the tribes in the Nishito field will kill the gray lizards.

“No matter, the identity can’t be hidden. It’s a big deal to kill all the people in the gray world. After that, the corpse is destroyed and the place is gone as soon as possible…” The stone passes through the sound transmission, and the aura fluctuations begin to become no longer. Stabilize.

“Don’t mess, I have a way.” Han Li no longer hesitated, and stopped.

As soon as the voice fell, and the stone was empty, I saw a black mist rising underneath Han Li. It swirled in midair and turned into a black vortex, which instantly fell on the black stone platform.

His eyes gaze, and when he probed the aura from the dark fog, his look suddenly changed.

That is a gray fairy with a cultivation base!

I saw that the black fog vortexed over the stone platform, and suddenly it condensed, like a smoky smoky rock falling down.

“Bang” a loud noise!

The black stone platform crashed and burst from the center, as the spider’s ordinary split into countless pieces.

At the center of the crack, all the black fog converges, and a young man with a slender figure and handsome appearance, wearing a black suit, gently swaying a black folding fan in his hand, smashing the aura of the scorpion underneath Released in disguise, turned into a layer of invisible fluctuations, constantly spread from the foot.

This person is not someone else, it is the devil light that occupies the body of the gray fairy, but before leaving the celestial dwelling, he replaced himself with a young face with Secret Technique.

The crowd on the stage was overwhelmed by this sudden scene, and they all looked at the black clothed man who suddenly fell from the sky.

The blue-skinned ape monkey, holding a big macaque, looked at the devil light for a moment, and his look suddenly changed.

“You…you are a imaginary man? Impossible… How can there be a imaginary person here?”

“The imaginary family… Listen to your tone, it seems to be a great tribe…” devil light hearing this, Hehe smiled.

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