Han Li is not too reassured about the devil light. He is concentrating on the movements on the stone platform to prevent him from having any unexpected actions. At this moment, he hears the words “virtual family” and his heart can’t help but move.

In the intelligence collected before, the ethnic group of the imaginary family has appeared more than once, but each time it is ambiguous and vaguely written. This is not because the ethnic group is too secret, or the gray lizards are not doing enough, but Because the imaginary family is among the elites of all positions in the gray world.

The lower races like the gray lizards belong to the last stream in a black tooth domain, not to mention the entire gray world. They are too many layers apart from each other, so the news that can be obtained is really small. Poor.

Han Li only knows that the imaginary group is the lord family that dominates the shackles, and its affiliation belongs to the samsara domain, which is hostile to the primordial power of the ash world.

In addition, there is no news about the imaginary family, but I did not expect the devil light to occupy the body of the gray fairy, who was actually the person of this family.

Although there has been a change in the stone platform, the blue-skinned apes have not been able to take care of the army, so the bloody slaughter on the shore of the lake is still going on. Many gray lizards have been affected and have been smashed. Under the butcher knife.

“Devil light, stop these people immediately.” Han Li thought, the sound transmission said.

On the stone platform, devil light hearing this, but did not immediately fight, but turned back and looked at Han Li.

His actions led to other doubts on the stone platform. They looked up and looked over here. Han Li snorted in his heart and quickly covered the aura, pretending to pass.

In its body, the devil contract signed with devil light has begun to appear in its Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Fortunately, the devil light just glanced at it, without any change, then turned to look at the green skin monkey, put away the black folding fan, both hands and fingers crossed to do the action of the wrist joint, a corner of the mouth, revealing a neat row of 皓White teeth.

Black clothed teenage look at the eyes of this handsome young man, all the time in the heart of all panic disappeared, the heart of the lake was also swayed by his smile.

Contrary to the feeling of Miao embroidery, the green-skinned ape only feels that the smile of the person in front of him is terrifying extremely, and the white teeth seem to be smashing his blood, or the whole human body is cold, such as falling ice.

He jaw bites, and he has re-grip the black conch in his hand, looking forward to using the secret treasure that this lord of the Lord has given him, and can fight for a life-force for himself.

However, his thoughts just came together, and there was a voice like a devil’s proverb: “What is the calculation?”

When the body of devil light didn’t know What, it had turned into a gray mist, and unconsciously, like a python ordinary wrapped around him, only one head still kept human shape and hung outside his cheek.

“Ah…” The green-skinned ape screamed and screamed at Beyond the Heaven.

His mouth just opened, and the devil light whole human had turned into a gray mist, pouring into his body along the mouth and nose of his eyes and ears.

The green-skinned apes had a painful face, and they threw away the big-skinned sticks and black conch in their hands. The palms licked their necks and stumbled into the retreat. After a few steps, they slammed and fell to the ground.

After the body was completely no longer moving, the mist was poured out from his seven scorpions, re-aggregated into a human form, and once again turned into a handsome young man.

Just when I was shaking the fan, I couldn’t help but hit a burp, and some of them smashed the scenery.

Miao embroidery and the others looks at this strange scene, the heart was shocked, all of them were slightly open mouth, and could not speak for a long time.

The devil light was bent over and picked up the black conch. After a moment of observation, there was a brief delay in the whole human, and then the balearful aura poured out and wrapped it for refining.

After a while, he held the conch in one hand and flexed his hand on it. A black rays of light swayed, and instantly swept in all directions, and the ripples of ripples on the surface of the lake.

After being swept by this halo, all the people in the black tooth area felt a loose mind. The feeling of chaos and powerlessness disappeared before, and they immediately stood up and smothered with the people of the Nishito field.

Han Li also took the opportunity to stand up, but did not participate in the killing, but rushed over to the stone platform.

On the stone platform, Mu Qiu saw the green skin apes being easily killed, his face was extremely pale, and the fish beside the cheeks continued to move, and his body shape turned, and he wanted to escape in the direction of the wave lake.

However, before he left, the patriarch of the thorns had long been in shape and blocked in front of him.

Another tall woman with a gray-skinned ear, and Miao Kui, also came out from the left and right, surrounded by the center.

“Kill it.” Miao embroidery has no slight emotional fluctuations, directly ordered.

The three did not hesitate, and immediately applied their means to attack Muqiu.

“Mountain ghosts, Fengshao, and Ashes, listen to my orders, organize ethnic groups, and immediately launch counterattacks…”

“The Qing dynasty, the mud ox family, and the earth peas family are chasing after the two wings of the wave lake. Our number is not dominant, we don’t have to completely block the death, and killing the enemy as much as possible…”

“Miao Zong, how many of you ruled the rest of the ministry, attacked the enemy patriarchs, and chased the enemy troops who fled scattered…”

A series of instructions were issued from Miao embroidery mouth, and the clan chiefs of the black-toothed domain successively took the lead and flew away from the stone platform, organizing the remnants of the remnants of the Nishio Tuo territory.

The people of the various sects of the Nishio Tuo army were killed and the squadron was suddenly smashed. The black fangs were vengeful and savage, and they were particularly fierce. They forced the Nishito army to retreat into the lake. .

Devil light After one act, it will not continue to kill and kill, but leisurely to the edge of the stone platform, shaking the black folding fan in the hand, interested in the crowd under the family, the mouth corner is still a touch Smile.

Han Li and the stone through the chaotic battlefield, all the way to avoid the blade light swordsmanship, also fell on the stone platform.

The stone wears the look at the devil light in front of me. There is not much change in the look. The heart is like a slap in the face, and when the eyes fall on Han Li, it becomes even deeper.

“Fullow Daoist, this is…” After hesitating again and again, he still hesitated and whispered.

“You call him devil light Fellow Daoist. His identity is a bit special. It is one of my contract ally. It was inconvenient to show up for some reasons, and it will not be hindered in the future.” Han Li explained in a concise manner.

Devil light didn’t talk, just smiled and rushed through the stone and nodded. The latter then gave him a complex look.

“Before I saw some of the writings of the gray lizards, the imaginary people have three major surnames. The respectfully is Tusu, Dongling and the surname. You will call the ancients in the future, and the two of us are your parents. Said Han Li sound transmission.

“In the lower stone, I will wear it.” The stone pierced the air and hesitated.

Devil light nodded, it was supposed to be down, and then grinned and said: “The ancient name is not very good, how do you feel like you are going to be ancient.”

Han Li’s brow was slightly wrinkled, and he was about to talk. He saw a black clothed Miao embroidery has come over.

A few steps away, she stopped her body and shook her hand at this side. She respectfully said: “The younger generation is the female Miao embroidered by the three Miao nationality patriarchs. Why don’t you know Senior?”

Devil light hearing this turned around, his face showed a smile, unscrupulously looked up and down the black clothed girl, just about to speak, but suddenly remembered Han Li’s voice in his mind: “devil light Fellow Daoist, in the outside world Please also be cautious.”

“Hehe, it turned out to be the young master of the three Miao nationality, my name will be ancient, these two are my family’s fierce cold and stone through the air.” Devil light slightly stagnation, then smiled and said.

Han Li immediately stepped forward and gave a ceremony to Miao embroidery.

“I have a senior act today, otherwise I will be injured by the energy of the Nyin Tuo army.” Miao embroidery did not dare to neglect, said again.

“Miao girl is heavy, I also happened to pass by your black teeth. I didn’t intend to come in and come in. Unfortunately, the green monkey is too annoying.” devil light Folding fan, casually said.

“The attacks by the various ethnic groups in the Nishito field have already been a battle with our black teeth. I need to return to the family as soon as possible to report this to my father. As a savior of our black teeth, Senior must give We have a chance to do the friendship of the host.” Miao embroidery looks like a sole, solemnly said.

Devil light listened, did not immediately answer, made a meditation hesitant, but actually asked Han Li again, how to answer?

“No problem, we don’t have a clear goal at the moment. It’s not bad to go to a place where we have a smooth and steady place. Besides, there is more information we need.” Han Li sound transmission to devil light.

“Since Miao girl is sincerely invited, we are not good at the girl’s kindness, so I went to harass some. I just don’t want to go out and ask the girl to be on the safe track. Don’t mention it for the time being.” Devil light looked at Miao embroidery, so he said seriously.

“Senior can rest assured that I will not confess a little bit of news until I arrive at Youhe City. Just after I have waited, I will report it to my father as well… Of course, I will also ask him to keep Secret for him.” Miao Embroidery Color, replied immediately.

“So very good.” Devil light nodded and said.

“That’s the younger generation to deal with these things in front of them, and then arrange to go to the Hehe City.” Miao embroidery red devil light, and Han Li two hands said.

Devil light didn’t open any more, just waved his hand and motioned that she could go on her own.

After Miao embroidery leaves, the bloody killing scene below the devil light at the stone platform, toward the void, a deep breath, a look of satisfaction, full of rich and full of baleful aura.

“Fellow Daoist, we are so deep into a gray city lord’s capital, will it be too risky?” Stone pierced the empty Miao embroidery, and a flash of worry in his eyes, said.

“It’s fine, there is devil light Fellow Daoist and his imaginary identity. The three Miao people don’t dare or carefully explore us. But we ourselves, we need to be careful and be careful to prevent us from showing our feet.” Han Li said slowly. .

Stones are worn out, no words, no worries in the eyes.

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