A few days later, Miao embroidery did not make a big noise. Only a few three Miao people from the confidant came to the gray lizard camp, and asked Han Li and others to return to the city.

Han Li and the others have been prepared, seeing this situation, and Xi Yan, the others, screamed and headed for the San Miao camp.

Seeing that Exalted Immortal has left, the old patriarch of the gray lizard is inevitably somewhat lost.

Through Miao Embroidery and the others language, he has been understood before the two of them in the team, and the person who suddenly appeared later is extremely honorable, if the heart is doing better, maybe it will be a day Great goodwill.

As he was secretly repenting, he saw Miao Kui returning to this side and coming to him, respectfully giving a gift.

“I can’t make it, I can’t…” Xi Yan was frightened and quickly returned.

“Before, I was offended by the patriarchs. I also asked the Xiu patriarchs to forgive me. This Gathering, the gray lizards are very arrogant, and the big Young Lady ordered us to pay two thousand ash crystals as rewards. After returning, I will ask the lord to take the water. The part of the tiger’s habitat is allocated to the gray liar.” Miao Kui said.

Xi Yan listened to it, the first is a glimpse, then the eyes are slightly wet, and the situation is going to swear Xie Shengen.

“Yuyan patriarch, don’t need to be like this. The three guests praised you very much, and you can also help us to make a good relationship with the black teeth. The gray lizard can afford this reward.” Miao Kui saw, Busy and stopped, said.

“Thank you for Exalted Immortal, thank you Big Young Lady, thank you Miao Zun for making…” Xi Yan repeatedly thanked him, and he was the first to end.

On the other side, the three men of Han Li have returned to the other side of the lake with Miao embroidery, where a huge three-story boat is moored. The whole body is black and inky, and the corners of the house are picking up. There are many sharp protrusions on it. The peculiar patterns of various styles, although not colorful, still give people a sense of luxury.

In front of the building, there are three giant beasts about ten feet high. The shape is like a horse. On the cheek, there is a white outer bone and a spiral sharp horn. On the back, there are four gray-black giant flesh. It is close to the side of the body.

“This Kaema ship can go above the sky clouds, the speed may not match the flight of Magical Treasure, but fortunately it is still smooth and steady. I have all arranged the rooms on the third floor to be empty, and several people in the Senior You can live with confidence.” Debut on the deck of the ship, Miao embroidery said to devil light.

“thank you for your trouble.” Devil light hung on his face and smiled, and nodded his head.

Then Miao embroidery led Han Li to the third floor and talked with devil light. Han Li and Shikongkong both stood on the side of the devil light, devil Light The horse is looking forward and does not speak.

Miao embroidery and devil light talked, the eyes consciously or unconsciously swept through Han Li, seems to have a trace of doubt, Han Li only as if not seen, directly ignored.

After the three people got on the third floor of the building, they each selected a room to live in. After Miao embroidery left, they ordered the building to open.

The three huge gray-winged horses and horses were gray and bright, and the four hooves rushed forward for a while, which drove the huge building to gallop forward for more than a thousand feet. The huge gray wings swayed and slammed up. There was a strong white air flow.

Against the backdrop of powerful air currents, the horses and the ship are on a high-altitude, flying straight into the thick clouds.

Han Li stayed in his room and looked out from the window. He felt the black fog filled, and the baleful aura was full and could not be seen.

His brows waved tightly, and a layer of blue light barrier was placed on the edge of several windows, and the rich baleful aura that rolled out of the window was blocked.

In order not to cause the doubts of the three Miao people, Han Li did not arrange the strict force magic formation in the room, but arranged some simple masking of aura’s magic formation.

When he was arranged here, the Jiamalou ship seemed to have finally rushed out of the thick clouds and came to the clouds.

The black fog outside the window was no longer, and the field of vision suddenly became wider. Han Li put away the barrier that was shielded before and looked out.

I saw that the sky that was not covered by the clouds was still gray, and the three rounds of the sky were high and empty, emitting white rays of light. Although it was not cold, it did not have much heat, giving people a very uncomfortable feeling. .

However, the baleful aura above the clouds is obviously much thinner, but it makes Han Li feel much easier than on the ground.

After a moment of sit-in, the sound of Taoist Xie suddenly sounded in his heart lake:

“Fellow Daoist Han, the magical tool that you asked me to check for you has already been liquidated. Can you see it?”

“It’s all right,” Han Li said with a smile.

After all, he waved his palm, and the rays of light on the two fingers of his right hand lit up. A silver light door opened in front of him. The Taoist Xie stepped out from the bamboo building and came to the room.

The two sat down at the round table in the room, and Han Li flipped his hand and took out a pot of flowers.

Since coming to the gray world, he has had little leisure time. At this moment, he finally has the feeling of drinking a few cups and talking with Taoist Xie.

“The things that were stored in the magical tool of the previous day were counted, and there were 15,517 pieces of top grade spirit stones and 5,183,313 pieces of fairy stones. The fairy stone is one of three hundred Twenty, all here.” Taoist Xie flipped a white storage bracelet and placed it on the table.

These storage magical tools are almost all from the genius ruins, those heavenly soldiers and the truth-speaking discipline, most of them are True Immortal Early Stage to Gold Immortal Late Stage cultivation base, not used for top grade spirit stones, can have middle grade There are very few celestial stones, and most of them are naturally ordinary sage stones.

Han Li was not in a hurry to collect the storage bracelets, just sneak a sip of the flowers and waited for the Taoist Xie to continue.

“There are some miscellaneous things in the array, including a variety of formation plate and formation flag, as well as some large sized stones and spiritual columns. I chose some of them and buried them in the Spirit Medicine Garden. The bamboo building here is around, which is the other main line outside the pond bamboo building. However, the celestial dwelling structure of the flowering branch is very precise, and there is not much room for this eye to play a role. “Taoist Xie continues.

“So good, thank you for your trouble Crab Fly Daoist.” Han Li smiled and nodded.

“There are some Immortal Tool Magical Treasures, all of which have various attributes. Among them, there are more than 200 pieces of Immortal Tool, but only one piece of Thunder’s knives, I hope Fellow Daoist Han can lend me. No… I hope Fellow Daoist Han can sell it to me. As for the price, you will open it, and I will pay it back later.” Taoist Xie continued.

During the conversation, he placed another black storage bracelet on the table, flipped his palm and took out a long black sword.

Han Li swept his eyes, but saw the spirits on the blade. From top to bottom, there were seven dragon eye-sized purple round beads. There was a flashing light in the light, which was an eighth grade Immortal Tool.

Seeing Han Li doesn’t talk, Taoist Xie’s palms of light flashes, a current pouring into the sword, the blade of the seven round bead suddenly purple light masterpiece, the road purple gold flashing out, bursting with strong fluctuations.

Han Li blinked and quickly pushed the volatility down to signal Taoist Xie.

“I will not rent or sell this item to you…”

Han Li said in one sentence, Taoist Xie’s disappointing color flashes, and then resumed as usual, raising his hand to put the knife on the round table.

However, when he had not let go, Han Li had already pressed it and stopped him.

“I can give you this knife, but there are some things, I hope you tell me truthfully.” Han Li looked at Taoist Xie and said slowly.

Taoist Xie flashed a hesitant color in his eyes, and his eyes moved up the knife for a while before he nodded.

“Have you recovered most of your memory?” Han Li asked.

“There is a lot of memory in my mind, but most of them are a bit confusing. I have been trying to sort it out clearly, but I have no clue for the time being. Fellow Daoist Han If you want to ask this, then I really can’t answer.” Taoist Xie shook his head and said.

“What is your Master’s wish for me to complete? What is it?” Han Li brows and continues to ask.

“Fellow Daoist Han, it’s not that I deliberately concealed it. I didn’t know exactly what was said in the memory of recovery. I can be sure that this is not easy,” Taoist Xie said with a wry smile.

“This… I asked you the same as if I didn’t ask, then… you can put it away.” Han Li reluctantly.

Taoist Xie was a little hesitant, but he still collected the sword and said:

“There is a name on the knife that has the inscription “Broken”, which should be its name. Seeing its forging method and its lines, it should be homologous to the previous ‘斩霆’, but it seems to be earlier. The quality is also higher. Both are equally precious, Fellow Daoist Han this love, will be reported in the future.”

Han Li didn’t talk, just waved his hand and closed the storage bracelet.

“I have collected the medicinal herbs and spirit grass in these people. I have collected a lot of good things in this storage ring, but I don’t know much. I will leave it to Fellow Daoist for your own inspection.” Taoist Xie paused. Later, he said.

Han Li nodded and picked up the storage ring. After a little refining, he carefully looked up.

Under this investigation, he couldn’t help but be browed and happy.

The various remedies for healing are not to be said. Some Immortal Boundary rare immortal grasses are rare, and some of them are rare spicy grass that he does not recognize.

Among them, the one that surprised him the most was the “Xuanjing crystal stone” of more than ten fists. This is an important spiritual material for the revision of the Fiend Core. He previously purchased it from Talmuda Gathering. A lot of bitter flowers, there is no mysterious crystal stone.

With these two main materials, the Fiend Core can re-refine a batch, otherwise in this gray world, once the backlash is ruined, it is a terrible thing.

However, this matter is also urgent, and I can only wait for a more smooth and steady place to try refinement.

After putting out the storage ring, Han Li asked Taoist Xie about the situation in the celestial dwelling. He learned that everything in the Spirit Medicine Garden was well settled, and the peasants in the planting area were almost mature, and the two were born. The roots of the tree are under the water of the spiritual liquid, but there is still no life-force.

The flaming fire bird is still wrapped in the silver ball that is all over the red, and there is no sign of awakening.

Han Li didn’t worry too much about it. The mighty fire of the colorful fire sand had already seen it on that day. The fiery fire bird was sleeping for a dozen years, and he would not feel completnt.

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