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As a result, Han Li and devil light just walked to the door of the room, and the former suddenly struck a foot, and the body trembled.


“Fellow Daoist Han, what’s wrong with you?” Devil light Seeing this, a slight glimpse, asked busy.


Han Li didn’t answer him. At this time, his booth eyes suddenly had a gray awn, and the muscles on his face began to twitch and looked painfully extreme.


Then, his whole body began to tremble, and his face was instantly white.


The baleful aura in his fairy sorrow, somehow suddenly rioted, drastically rolled up uncontrollably.


In a short time, the baleful aura, which was dark and inky, suddenly rose from him, as if the devil’s hand was dancing, and the temperature of all around space suddenly dropped.


“The advanced room will say again.” Devil light blinked, saying so.


Han Li did not answer, slammed open the door and walked in, but his heart was a sharp turn.


“Is it a resurgence of stagnation? It is at this time…”


It has been hundreds of years since the last devastating outbreak, and the time limit for the passage of time has been normal.


During the thought, his both hands waved.


In the “嗖嗖” whistling sound, hundreds of formation flags flew out and landed in the room, opening several layers of thick restrictions, covering the entire room.


Devil light Seeing this, raising his hand, a black light flew out of his palm, and behind the restrictions of Han Li arrange, a black restriction was opened.


The black restrictions linger on the black mist, and you can see a black chain criss-crossing.


A dense baleful aura wave emerged from the black net, which was also mixed with the silk rule, and I didn’t know what restrictions, immediately blocked the barleyful aura wave by 80%.


The two teamed up and immediately blocked all the baleful aura fluctuations.


It’s just that the two of them reacted quickly, but the baleful aura broke out too suddenly and still leaked a little.


At the same time, the baleful aura between all around heaven and earth was immediately towed and madly gathered towards the Stone Fort Palace. The momentum was huge, comparable to the change of heaven and earth Spiritual Qi caused by the Immortal Boundary. .


At this time, Miao embroidery was rushing to her own house. Suddenly the dagger was lifted and turned to look at the palace there. The beauty flashed a strange color.


“A good and powerful baleful aura volatility, it is a imaginary family who is born with a strong practice of aptitude…” Miao embroidery muttered to himself, and it seemed to be calculating what.


In the empty room of the stone, he was sitting on the bed with closed eyes at the moment, and the silver cymbal was suspended above the head, emitting a burst of silver light, which seemed to be honouring this treasure.


His eyes opened and he glanced in the direction of the door, and soon closed his eyes again.




Han Li room, golden light flashes, the silhouette of Taoist Xie emerges.


“Devil light Fellow Daoist, Crab Fellow Daoist, trouble you both for my Protector.” Han Li said, immediately sitting cross-legged and running the cultivation method.


The next moment, the dazzling golden light broke out from him, and a stock of Law of Time swarmed out.


Devil light and Taoist Xie looked at each other and immediately came to the corner of the room and sat down on the knees.




Just as Han Li was running the power of Law of Time and suddenly covered those fairy tales, he suddenly found something wrong.


The only riots in his body at that moment were the immortals that were invaded by the baleful aura. The remaining pure fairy did not change, and it seemed to be somewhat different from the previous outbreak.


“Isn’t it a devastating explosion? Could it be…” Han Li said in his heart, just a moment ago, his brows were smashed again.


If the embarrassment breaks out at this moment, although he is confident that he can suppress it again, it will take some time, and he is in the gray world at this moment. If he is aware that he is dying, he will immediately reveal his identity. .


Han Li thought about the electric turn, the body of the spiritual force and the Law of Time wrapped the riot of the baleful aura, and suppressed it.


But no matter how hard he tried to suppress, the baleful aura in Xianyu seems to have been affected by What stimulate, and the surge has become more and more intense.


Han Li feels more and more irritated, and the Divine Consciousness Sea doesn’t know why it’s violently rolling, and an unstoppable impulse is surging in the heart.


At this time, his booth eyes are full of blood red rays of light, exudes fierce baleful aura more and more rich.


Not only that, but the baleful aura around the void seemed to be attracted, and he quickly gathered toward him and merged into the baleful aura in the fairy.


The baleful aura in the fairy stalks increases rapidly and the tumbling is more intense.


Han Li slammed his tongue and used his remaining reason to restrain his inner impulses.


Near the void flashes, a white light door emerges.


Immediately after his body shape, he fell into the light door and entered the celestial dwelling.


An entering flowering space, the baleful aura swarming in, was brought into it, and the baleful aura in the room became thinner. The balyful aura in Han Li, the cockroach, stopped growing.


Han Li’s face was slightly loose, and once again, he sat down on his knees and rolled his hand to take out a black ink. It was the Fiend Core.


He did not hesitate, opened the mouth to take the drug, and then fully operated the cultivation method, Refining the drug.


The medicinal herbs soon melted, and a hot and cold two-piece huge aura intertwined and swam in the limbs of his body.


Han Li’s whole body pores are involuntarily opened, and a strong black baleful aura emerges from all over the body and drifts away from the surroundings.


“Strange, when did my body form such a strong baleful aura?” He was shocked by the black baleful aura that came out of the stream.


Last time, he used the power of three Fiend Cores. Although he did not drive out the baleful aura in the fairy tales, he greatly expelled the baleful aura in other parts of the body. In a short time, he formed such a strong baleful aura.


“Is it the entrepreneurial gray world, after a long time in the baleful aura environment, affected by this…” Han Li blinked, quickly shook his head, no longer distracted, and tried to refining the potency.


At this moment, the black silhouette flashes, the silhouette of the devil light also emerged and appeared in Han Li behind.


He had words in his mouth and raised his hands.


Two black lights sprang from the palm of the hand and quickly merged into one, turning into a black light column with a thick cylinder.


The corrugated black light on the beam of light tumbling, forming a huge tiger-like lion Phantom, a big mouth slamming.


The baleful aura from Han Li immediately flew toward the giant beast Phantom and rolled into it.


Not only that, but the power of devouring by giant beast Phantom shrouded Han Li throughout the body, causing a sudden increase in the rate of baleful aura.


Han Li sees this, and in the heart, he continues to exercise refining potency.


With the help of the Fiend Core’s potion and devil light, his body baleful aura flew away and the baleful aura in the fairy cockroaches seemed to have been vented and calmed down.


In a blink of an eye, time seven or eight has passed.


The baleful aura that came out of Han Li gradually changed from nothing to nothing, and finally disappeared completely.


He slowly opened his eyes, and the bloody light in his eyes had disappeared, and the Qingming was restored.


Not far from its behind, devil light smashed the black light column.


Han Li condensed the body to sense the situation, the baleful aura inside the fairy 停止 stopped the riot and restored the calm.


It was only that the baleful aura in the fairy tales did not decrease at all, but because the previous riots absorbed some outside world baleful aura, it was added more than before.


Han Li sees this, and can’t help but sigh.


These black baleful aura slowly turn inside, like a lingering ghost, always peeping at his body, and I don’t know what will happen again.


“devil light Fellow Daoist, thank you for your help this time.” Han Li turned and nodded.


“A little bit of something, not enough.” Devil light waved his hand and said.


“devil light Fellow Daoist, you are the body of the gray fairy at this moment, so far, I must have realized the mystery of the power of baleful aura. You have helped me to calm the balaful aura in the past two days. I don’t know what to say. ?Baleful aura in my fairy, why is this sudden violent?” Han Li asked, and asked.


“Fellow Daoist Han is too high to see me. Although I have occupied this body for a while, after this period of insight, I also have some insights about baleful aura, but it is far from being able to understand. But through me During these two days of observation, I did find some clues.” Devil light said indulging.


“Oh, I saw What? But it doesn’t matter.” Han Li asked, picking his eyebrows.


“Fellow Daoist Han, you are in the gray world at this moment, the body is always in contact with the outside world of the baleful aura, you are the person who is in the decline, the body is baleful aura rich, the two are the same sex, since the enterprise gray world, In the absence of your awareness, the baleful aura in the body has accumulated so rapidly that it has reached a very rich level. I am afraid that because your body’s baleful aura is too rich, it triggers the riot of the baleful aura in the fairy.” devil light Flashing, the opening said.


“Sure enough.” Han Li nodded and muttered.


It seems that after I enter the gray world, at first glance I seem to be able to adapt to the baleful aura environment here, but in reality I have accumulated a lot of baleful aura in my body, and I have cultivated the cultivation of the gray world. Method , which makes the body have some changes, in simple terms, it is the same as half a gray fairy It’s nothing.


Under such circumstances, although it can move freely in the gray world, it will also make the body slowly adapt to such an environment under the baleful aura riots again and again. In the long run, I am afraid that after only a thousand years, I will completely I am a gray fairy, and I can’t go back.


“Fellow Daoist Han, the baleful aura in other parts of your body is a good deal. Take the Fiend Core and help me. It’s not difficult to get rid of it, but the baleful aura in your fairy can’t be imagined. The riots, although we barely suppressed it, but the next riot, the next riot will be difficult to say.” devil light said in a positive color.


“Now it seems that the only way to return to True Immortal Realm as soon as possible, or to survive the ruin of the ruin.” Han Li hearing this, a bitter smile, said.


Having said that, he knows clearly that it is not so easy to leave the gray world in a short time, but it is even more whimsical to want to survive the ravages of the environment in the gray world.


Today, he has fallen into a dilemma.


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