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After the devil light left, Han Li sat back and squatted back, while adjusting the body to stabilize the aura, while the face was indulging, I wondered what I was thinking.


Not long after, there were a few knocks on the door, but it was the stone that saw the dust settled here and came over to find him.


Han Li got up and opened the door and let it in.


“Fellow Daoist, these days you have been disturbed by the baleful aura, I don’t dare to harass. During this period, Miao embroidery came over two times, and I was given a reason to block it. I am yelling at you. If you don’t show up, you have to provoke the three Miao people to be suspicious.” After the stone sat down, he said.


“Miao embroidery comes here to do What?” Han Li brows and asks.


“She didn’t elaborate on it. It seems that after some time, I have to leave the black-toothed field. I want to visit the ancient, devil light Fellow Daoist once before leaving. However, I think most of them also think that before this place. Baleful aura fluctuations are unusual, I want to explore the situation.” Shi Shaoshi shook his head and said.


“In either case, if she comes back tomorrow, we will see it again. There is devil light. This imaginary person is here, they should not dare to have any other ideas.” Han Mi hearing This , a little thought for a moment, said.


After listening to the stone, he nodded.


After the matter was finished, he did not leave, but did not say What, the room was quiet.


“Fellow Daoist Shi can have What?” Han Li looked at the stone and looked through the air.


“Fullow Daoist, in fact, I have something to do, I don’t know if I don’t want to talk about it…” Stone wears this, hesitantly said.


“But it’s fine.” Han Li hearing this, so to speak.


“Before Fellow Daoist used me to use Fiend Core, whether or not give me another one? These times have to resist baleful aura invading, and the spiritual force is huge, and there is still a baleful aura. Can’t live, invade the body…” Shi said through the empty eyebrows.


“This can be a bit of a hassle…” Han Li heard this, his brow slightly said.


“I know this thing is very precious, so Fellow Daoist only pays the price, I am willing to buy it with a lot of money.” Seeing Han Li in the stone, he hesitated and said quickly.


“Fellow Daoist Shi misunderstood, it’s not that I don’t want to come up with this Dan. It’s just two medicinal herbs left before, one to save you, and the other to suppress my baleful aura backlash the day before. Now, there is nothing in it.” Han Li sighed and said.


“Then that wh or not refinement… or is there any other similar medicine?” Stone wears this, and the look can’t help but become a bit stunned, but quickly asked.


“There is no similar to the medicinal herbs, but there are still some materials for the revision of the Fiend Core. I thought about re-refinement for some time, and now it seems to be as soon as possible.” Han Li said with a wry smile.


“Fellow Daoist, after refined into, I must sell it with me. If you open it, anyway, the trip to the gray world is owed with human debts. I am not afraid to add more. I will return to Immortal Boundary in the future. I will repay it twice. “The stone wears this and he is happy.”


“Fellow Daoist Shi rest assured that we are now on a boat and naturally have to work together,” Han Li said with a smile.


The two men talked for a long time, and the stone went through the air and left.


After sending him away, Han Li pondered for a moment, then sat back again, and closed eyes adjusted.




As night fell, the baleful aura filled the window and raised a misty night fog.


Han Li slowly opened the booth eyes, covered aura, and opened the door and went out.


He walked through the stone castle palace and sneaked around and searched nearby.


After a few moments in front of the other stone castle building where the stone castle he lived in but thousand feet, Han Li’s figure once again moved quickly, but this time it flew directly away from the city.


Going to a black river outside the city, Han Li flew down and looked at the wide river with his hands on his back.


After a while, a black light descended from the sky, turned into a black flame and tangled, and a tall silhouette emerged from it.


“The Lord of the Miles, don’t come innocent…” Han Li turned to look at the man and said slowly.


The figure was frowning and looked at Han Li. He asked, “Who are you, why did you secretly invite me to meet here?”


“The lord of the hundred miles, don’t be nervous, it’s me. We used to have several faces, but we didn’t talk directly.” Han Li waved his hand and removed the face, and said.


The brilliance hearing this, did not relax the vigilance, but carefully looked at Han Li, and his look suddenly changed.


“Fullow Daoist, is it really you? Not right… How are you here?” he exclaimed.


“This… frankly, when I was searching for a ruins, the unexpected space vortex swallowed, and I came here. How did you come to the gray world?” Han Li re-shadowed his aura and smiled. .


He is not surprised that Bai Liyan can recognize himself. After all, there is a relationship between Hu Yan and Tao.


“Oh, my way is not as bizarre as yours, it is through the gray world of Samsara Temple.” Bailiyan brows a show, smiled.


“Through the Samsara Hall? The Lord of the Miles, dare to ask what is the relationship between the Samsara Hall and the samsara domain?” Han Li hearing this, some doubts asked.


“I really can’t explain this question… The Samsara Hall is the Immortal Boundary, and the samsara domain is the gray power, but there is a commonality between them, that is, the samsara Palace Master is the samsara domain master, I am such a Say you are understand?” Bai Liyan thought for a moment, explained.


Han Li listened, and he was shocked. He originally thought that the samsara domain was mostly the gray fairy forces that cooperated with the samsara temple, but they did not expect that they were simply a family, and the mysterious samsara Palace Master actually controlled Immortal. The powerful existence of the two forces of Boundary and Grey World.


Seeing Han Li surprised, silent, and Bai Liyan suddenly said:


“So, you are an unexpected gray world? It is really rare to survive in this strange world. It is no wonder that Hu Yan Fellow Daoist praised your eyes.”


“Under the chance, hidden identity has been hidden so far, where is what it is.” Han Li waved his hand.


“In the gray world, after all, it is not a long-term solution. The body of Immortal Boundary will be eroded by baleful aura at all times. Once the celestial body is eroded, it will definitely destroy the foundation of the practice, either killing the body or completely becoming a gray fairy. The ending is miserable. You still return to Immortal Boundary as soon as possible.” Bai Liyan looked slightly condensed, solemnly said.


“I don’t want to return to Immortal Boundary. I really can’t find a way. Otherwise, who would be willing to stay in this baleful aura?” Han Li said with a wry smile.


After the sinister stunned, the brow was close, hesitating and saying:


“This method of returning to Immortal Territory is a secret of the Samsara Temple. It is not allowed to be passed on to people… But in the middle of the Han Dynasty, Hu Yan Fellow Daoist was able to capture the Taiyi Dan, to converge for me, let me not As for self-immolation, Fellow Daoist Han is also a great help. I have to repay this kindness, this token you accept.”


After all, he reversed with one hand, and the palm of his hand had a rounded token of a palm-sized hand and handed it to Han Li.


“This is…” Han Li hesitated, not picking up immediately.


“This is my samsara order. With this property, you can find a samsara branch in any lord-level city in the samsara domain. They will tell you how to return to Immortal Territory. Of course, this is just a path. If you can’t succeed, you have to look at the specific situation. This can only be done by yourself.” Bai Liyan said slowly.


Han Li took the token and looked at it for a moment. He found that the material was very special. It contained a pure aale, which was not like Immortal Boundary. It was engraved with the word samsara and engraved with the word Six Path.


“This thing is too precious. I want to come to the hundred miles. The Lord should only have this one? If it is given to me, how should you return to Immortal Boundary in the future?” Han Li returned the token and shook his head.


“Fellow Daoist Han should know that I was ignited by the fire, and my body had already been eroded by baleful aura. It was all relying on the Taitai Dan Entering False Taiyi Realm, which was reluctantly suppressed, not completely ruined. Now come here The gray world, in order to completely solve this matter. If it can’t, it does not need to leave the gray world…” Bai Liyan sighed and said.


“Pseudo-B-Realm… The fire is the same as the baleful aura, but it is different. Why does the lord of the lord want to come here? The heaven and earth are filled with the gray world of baleful aura, seeking ways to resolve the fire. “Han Li is puzzled.


“The magic of heaven and earth is inexplicable. In the gray world where the balaful aura is born, there is a place called ‘washing pool’, which contains the skeletal gold mine, which is just the time to the sun. Thunder, can break all the haze. If you immerse your body in this sink, you can wash the body baleful aura as much as you can, and you can also refine the body and soul, and benefit a lot.” Bai Liyan explained.


“There is still this thing in the gray world? Where is the Fellow Daoist knowing where it is?” Han Li heard the words of Bai Liyan, and he was pleasantly surprised.


“The sink is extremely rare. At present, there is only one place I can find out. It is located in the jurisdiction of the nine secluded areas. It is a holy place for all ethnic groups in the country. It is not allowed to enter. How? Fellow Daoist Han also washes Interested in the pool?” Bai Liyan looked at Han Li and asked.


“Breakfast Daoist doesn’t know, I am troubled by the ravages of ruin, always on the verge of collapse, I don’t know how to solve this problem.” Han Li said with a wry smile.


After Bai Liyan listened, he looked up and down Han Li again, especially after watching a pair of eyes staring at him for a long time, his look became more and more dignified.


“Fellow Daoist Han, your declining backlash is different from my igniting. It’s not a matter of life or death. It’s best to return to Immortal Boundary and find another way. I don’t think about the method I just mentioned.” Bai Liyan said with indulgence.


“Why is this? I still hope that the Fellow Daoist will tell you.” Han Li brows and asks.


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