“The nine secluded areas are among the three most powerful forces in the gray world. They are the most conservative and the most savage. They have never allowed other ethnic groups outside the field to step into their own territory, let alone the people of Immortal Boundary. Once you step in, If it is discovered, there is no possibility of escape.” Bai Liyan said slowly.

“Before I heard that there are three major forces in the gray world, but it is not clear where it came from, just ask the owner of the hundred miles to answer questions for me.” Han Li did not continue to talk about whether to sneak into the nine secluded areas, And asked.

“Well, let’s talk to you. In this gray world, the radical group is the domain under the leadership of samsara Palace Master, which advocates the integration of gray power to attack Immortal Territory. The conservative one is based on nine secluded fields. In the many precincts of the Lord, they believe that the Immortal Boundary continues to infiltrate the entrepreneurial gray world, which is caused by the samsara domain. Therefore, it advocates rectifying the gray world, but it does not want to intersect with Immortal Boundary. Third-party forces are Some of the boundaries led by the black rope domain, they hope to maintain the status quo, do not take the initiative to attack Immortal Boundary, not to consume in the fight.” Bai Liyan looked at Han Li, a little hesitant, explained.

“There is still this layer of reason. But since it is the same as the gray power, why is there such a different concept for Immortal Boundary?” Han Li looking thoughtful nodded and asked.

“This is determined by the composition of the tribes in different forces. There are three corpses in the samsara domain. There is a strong obsession for Immortal Boundary, and naturally I want to return to Immortal Boundary. He advocates sticking to the mainland and is not willing to initiate disputes with Immortal Boundary. As for the Black Rope, although most of the members are local gray immortals, they are dissatisfied with the overbearing specialties of the nine secluded domains, and on the other hand, the lack of three corpses of the samsara domain. Trust, so it swings in it.” Bailyan continued.

“so that’s how it is. But I don’t know what the three corpses in Fellow Daoist’s mouth are, what is it?” Han Li did not understand.

“Fellow Daoist, you don’t know. The people of Immortal Boundary had to smash three souls before the great Luo Dao Ancestor, and forbidden all the roots. These things are called three bodies, most of them are Great. Luo cultivator practiced the deepest obsession on the Great Dao, and became the enemy with the body when it was released. For various reasons, these three corpses were associated with the gray world and formed three corpses,” said Bai Liyan.

Han Li heard that Yunshan was foggy. He always felt that there were doubts in many places. When he wanted to ask questions, he saw the swaying wave and continued to say: “The three corpses have always been the secret of every Great Luo cultivator. It’s easy not to tell people, I have Hundred Thousand eight thousand miles from this step, and I can get limited news, but I can’t answer your other questions.”

“If you say this, then I can’t get into the nine secluded fields anyway?” Han Li heard this, and smiled a bit, and said again.

“If you haven’t been able to mix into the nine secluded fields in the past, even if you have the opportunity to mix in now, the chances of finding a sink are very slim, not to mention the fatal risk in the toilet.” Bai Liyan shook his head and said.

“Frankly, my ruin is very special. I have tried many methods before, and it doesn’t work at all. This sink may be the only way to help me get rid of the baleful aura, entering too B. Realm. Since you said Now that I have the opportunity to get into the nine secluded fields, I don’t want to miss it. Please tell me according to the facts. This Li is grateful.” Han Li’s condensed glamorous glare arched his hand and said.

After the eternal sensation, it seems to be in a rather difficult hesitation.

Han Li did not rush, waiting for him to make a decision.

“But, many of the things that have been said before have involved many secrets. I shouldn’t have told you, but after all, you have the grace and the people who are not in heaven, you will say it to you. I am here. This ‘Yinghecheng’ is actually representing the samsara domain to fight for the black-toothed domain to join us. In the next ‘three-domain alliance’, we voted for it. The place where the three-domain alliance is held is in Shura City in the nine secluded areas.” Bai Liyan sighed first, then said.

“That said, I can use the opportunity of this alliance to enter the nine secluded domain. If so, will we or not follow the Bailey Fellow Daoist to participate in this meeting?” Han Li’s eyes lit up slightly.

“The Three Domains Alliance is very important to deal with the mainstream attitude of Immortal Boundary. I am now on a mission, but I also need to contact more neutral forces under the black-roof domain, such as the black-toothed domain, for samsara. The domain strives for advantages, and you are not the real samsara temple person, and I can’t take you with you.” Bai Liyan shook his head.

“This is reasonable. I have a lot of inconveniences with you. Since the Fellow Daoist is coming to draw the nursery lords, then the black tooth domain is definitely going to attend this meeting. I can follow them to go to Jiuyou. Domain.” Han Li nodded and said.

“Do you really want to go to the nine secluded fields? Although this meeting is an opportunity, but the nine secluded people will certainly strengthen the defense of the Holy Land, the risk is too big to imagine, you have to think clearly “Berlin is especially uneasy.”

“The hundred miles of the Lord are assured, I have my own size.” Han Li smiled and nodded.

“Hu Yan Fellow Daoist said that you were not the thing in the pool. His eyes were indeed unique. I just didn’t expect us to meet again, but in this situation.” Bai Liyan saw this, and he no longer insisted. He smiled.

“He is very happy now, but we are not envious. Fortunately, I learned a lot of winemaking methods from him in the past. There are still some wines here. Do you want to drink a cup?” Han Li smiled and asked. Road.

“Where is a cup enough? Ten altars are not enough, haha…” Bai Liyan smiled cheerfully.

The two talked together, and they said goodbye when they were near Tianming, and they each returned to their residence.

Not long after, Bai Liyan left the Hehe City.

In the afternoon, Miao embroidery visited devil light again, saying that he would go to Shura City with his father to participate in the “Three Domains Alliance.”

Devil light was entrusted by Han Li, and immediately expressed his interest in this alliance. He also went to the village with the nursery and the others, and took a tour of the nine secluded scenery.

Miao embroidery did not agree on the spot, saying that it is necessary to go back to Ming Ming Miao, let the father personally come to make a decision.

It didn’t take long for her to bring back the news, saying that her father agreed, they can go to Shura City together.

Han Li had some surprises at first, but he quickly figured out the key points.

The Nishito field that attacked Gathering in Talmuda was a small boundary area under the jurisdiction of the Nine Areas. It can be seen that the relationship between the boundaries is not stable until the results of the alliance.

All the way to the nine secluded areas with Han Li three people, in terms of security can naturally be greatly improved, why not they?

However, because the Gathering participation in the tribe is too much, so the set-up time is still early, and they are set off to the Nine Secluded Area for a half year.


After a few months, I finally reached the date of set off.

On the square at the gate of the Lord’s House, a huge three-story boat was parked, which was the boat that Han Li and the others had previously taken, but the wildebeest of the cart was much larger than the previous three, on the back. There are three pairs of fleshy wings.

Han Li Three people, nursery, Miao embroidery, or a gray coat eagle nose man, a group of six people came out from the door.

“Three, we have to go to the black-toothed city of the black-toothed domain first, and join the domain owner, and then go to the nine secluded fields together.” Miao Wei said to the three Han Li.

“I just waited to see it, the Miao Lord will be the same as usual.” Devil light nodded and said with a smile.

Han Li was left and right, and did not speak.

“This three-domain alliance is a big event in the gray world, and all domains are extremely valued. Please accept the token of this Guest Official Elder, so as not to be questioned.” Miao Wei took out three black tokens and handed them out. come.

Han Li took over and put it in, and thanked him in the mouth.

“Dare to ask the Miao lord, how long does it take to get to the Black Tooth City from here?” devil light asked.

“The black tooth city is located in the center of the black tooth domain. Although the speed of these three six-winged wildebeest is much faster than the four wings, it takes about ten years or so,” said Miao Wei.

Devil light nodded and didn’t say What.

“Ten years…” Han Li hearing this The eyes flashed slightly and the brows wrinkled a little.

He came to the gray world for a few years, and the baleful aura accumulated in the body triggered the riot of the baleful aura in the fairy tales. If he did not want to cope with it, it was estimated that he would riot several times in a decade.

“It’s almost the same time, board the boat, please.” Miao Wei made a request for devil light. After the three men boarded the ship, he also boarded the ship.

The gray-clothed youth went to the bow of the boat, and the wildebeest of the cart pulled the fleshy wing and pulled the building to fly up and quickly disappeared into the distant sky.

Miao Embroider immediately arranged the room for each of the three people, or the place where the three previously lived.

Han Li an entering room, immediately closed the door, continuous array of layers of restrictions, and then waved his arm, golden lightning ray flashed, Taoist Xie’s silhouette emerged.

“Crablow Daoist, you still have to worry about guarding me here,” Han Li said to Taoist Xie.

While speaking, his finger moved and a silver-white light door emerged.

Taoist Xie didn’t say anything, and nodded.

Han Li gave a slight nod to the Taoist Xie, and when he swayed, he flew into the light door and entered the flowering space.

Hiding into the flowering space, the body does not touch the outside world’s baleful aura, it can greatly delay the outbreak of baleful aura in the fairy.

Han Li sat down in a secret room in the pavilion, waving a hand, and after the green light flashed, there was a pile of material next to it, which was the material of the Fiend Core.

Fiend Core other materials, he collected a lot of storage in the storage magical tool last time, this time by the Xuanzhen crystal stone and bitter flower two main materials, and finally can start Alchemy.

After Han Li straightened out the various materials, he didn’t start Alchemy right away. Instead, he flipped his hand and took out a map, which is the map of the black tooth domain.

His fingers slid gently between the Hehe City and the Black Teeth City, and a smile appeared on the face, then the map was closed and the eyes were closed.

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