After some conversation, Taoist Xie did not have much to stay and returned to the celestial dwelling.

After a few cups of discretion, Han Li frowned and put away the wine, got up and pushed open the door of the room and went out.

On the third floor of the building, at the end of the room, the devil light that was meditating on the knees, suddenly browed and said:

“Fullow Daoist, wait for a long time, come in…”

The door “Oops” rang softly and opened inward, and Han Li walked in.

“Do you know that I am coming?” After closing the door, he arranged an isolation restriction and asked.

Han Li glanced at the room and found that it was much larger than his own room. Many of the arrangements were more elaborate than his own. The table was also covered with a dark fruit with a fire pattern.

“I came here first, didn’t know the rules, Fellow Daoist Han had to give me some advice, teach me some rules of conduct?” Devil light stood up, grabbed a fruit and bite it, laughing.

The purple-black juice of his lips overflowed, and immediately there was a silky pure black baleful aura.

Han Li looks at his fascinating handsome face, and the brow is unconsciously lightly clustered.

“devil light Fellow Daoist doesn’t know how many years have passed, the senior qualifications and experience are above me, and there is a paper day devil contract about connecting you and me. How to act naturally, I don’t need to say anything. I am coming to you, There are other things to ask.” Han Li seems to be casual.

“Oh, something else?” devil light hearing this, the brow slightly picked, some doubts asked.

“The bamboo building has a gray fairy body. You have seen this white bone bracelet from him. It seems to be a special magical tool for the gray fairy. I tried it with the spiritual force Refining. The result could not be achieved. After that, I tried to motivate the object with a bachelor aura, and the result was nothing.” Han Li said, took out a white bone bracelet and threw it to devil light.

Devil light received the hand, carefully looked at it, then smiled and said: “It is indeed a storage magical tool…”

After all, he whispered a few words in his mouth, and the baleful aura in his palm rushed out, wrapping the white bone bracelet and refining it.

After a while, the baleful aura in his hand was scattered, and the white bone bracelet reappeared. With one hand and one wave, a gray light sprang out and sprinkled on the ground.

I saw a small pile of gray crystals “哗啦啦” rolling down a place, a few handles of gray fairy weapons and a pile of strange gray world spirits emerged.

After Han Li’s eyes glanced for a moment, he raised his hand and waved a half of the crystals into his storage bracelet. The rest remained on the ground.

“This is…” devil light was a little confused.

“These devil light Fellow Daoist is, in fact, not a high-grade cultivator of a ‘fictional family’, not even a storage magical tool?” Han Li said indifferently.

After he finished speaking, he gave a speech and put away all the restrictions and left.

Devil light One person stayed in the room, but some time did not respond, muttered to himself: “Day devil contract about, white bone bracelet… Fellow Daoist Han, you want to enlighten and apply.”


Time has passed and it has been more than three years.

The Jiamalou ship, which has been flying above the clouds, has finally lowered its height and re-entered the clouds.

Youhe City is here.

Han Li and the others and the three Miao people stood together on the deck of the building and looked up.

I saw a piece of plain, within a few thousand miles, surrounded by gray-white stone fortifications of large and small dome spires, which are filled with dozens of black rivers.

The distance between these gray Bai Shi castles is not too far, and all around is surrounded by no city, it looks like a relatively concentrated group of castles composed of countless stone castles.

At the center of the settlement, there is a huge square and a dense stone fort building.

Not long after, the Jiamalou ship landed on the square and Han Li and the others flew down from it.

“The time is still early, Senior is better to go with me to see my father, and then arrange for you to rest?” Miao embroidery walked in front of the road, said devil light.

“Guests follow the Lord, according to Miao girl.” Devil light revealed a charming smile, said.

Han Li and Shi Shaokong followed in their behind, like the very ruthless family, even the eyes that looked around all converged a lot.

After passing through the square, the group walked past a beautifully decorated corridor and came to the front of a huge stone castle palace with a dozen steps in front of it.

On the face of a gray robe old man came over and gave a surprise to the Miao embroidery bend and said: “Big Young Lady, are you coming back?”

“Zhong Bo, where is my father?” Miao embroidery smiled back and asked.

Old man looked at Han Li and the others, slightly sideways, pointing to the hall of Behind, saying: “The lord is meeting in Miaoying Palace, and I am afraid I can’t see you.”

“This way… Zhong Bo, I behind these are the imaginary people. Before I had the help of life, can you pass it on and see if you can receive the priority?” Miao embroidery is this, in the eyes Flashed a hint of hesitation, said.

“The original is the guest of the imaginary family? Big Young Lady waits a little, I will report it.” The old man hearing this, his eyes suddenly became very respectful, and quickly rushed toward the main hall.

After a while, he ran back and said to Miao embroidery: “The lord invited all of you to enter the temple.”

In the eyes of Miao embroidered, the color flashes, then took Han Li several people to pick up the stairs and came to the palace.

When several people were about to enter the temple, the door suddenly opened. A young Miao nationality led a middle-aged man with a tall, straight-faced face and walked out of the hall.

This man has two swords and an eyebrow slanting into the shackles, a pair of tigers are not angry, and a baleful aura is so rich.

Han Li sees this, his eyes can’t help but shrink, and he exclaimed: “Is he actually?”

Although the person in front of him was wearing a black robes, the hair color on his head became grayish, but Han Li was sure that it was the first master of the candle dragon road!

When I was in the cold and the Xian government seized Taiyi Dan, I hurriedly saw it once, and then there was no intersection. I didn’t expect him to have come to the gray world.

Han Li’s thoughts are like electricity. When he has been tumbling in his mind, he has already passed through with Bai Liyan. The latter’s eyes are slightly confined and he does not look at him. Obviously he did not recognize him.

Then, the old man had already opened the door of the temple, leading them to go in.

As soon as he entered the hall, Han Li saw the direction of the Grand Palace Master. He was sitting in a middle-aged man with a bristles and a flying horn. His eyebrows were similar to Miao embroidery, but his lips were nine points. It is the lord of the black tooth domain.

There are also several people wearing black feather robes standing beside the man. There are men and women. It seems that they are not too young at all, and the horns are frosty. When they see Miao embroidery, they show their love in their eyes. Smile.

“Miao embroidery has seen his father and the old people.” Miao embroidery squatted down and gave a gift.

“The imaginary family will see the peasant lord in ancient times.” Devil light stepped forward, one hand across the chest, clenched his fist and touched his shoulder, and said.

“I have seen the peasant lord.” Han Li, like Miao embroidery, gave a gift.

The nursery had already stood up from the big chair, and also made a fist with two fists in front of her shoulders to show off the devil light and said:

“Before the gray-eyed scorpion has returned in advance, we will inform us of what happened on the shore of the lake, thank you for the brother act, to save our black-toothed families and young girls Miao embroidery. Although our black-toothed domain is a small state, we also know There is a reason to report, and hereby prepare a thin gift, and hope that the brother will not be disgusted.”

As soon as the voice fell, a white haired old man next to him walked down the court and sent a white bone ring hands on his hand.

“That’s disrespectful.” Devil light didn’t have the slightest polite, and smiled and took it down.

“Why would the brothers come to our black teeth from the Shaohao domain? If there is a need for What, I can say that the three Miao people will help each other.” See devil light to accept the white bone ring, Miao Fuqian asked Road.

Devil light hearing this did not answer immediately, paused for a moment before saying: “I went out with my family, and I encountered a strong demon on the way. I went all the way to the Prairie in June, and then I settled in the gray liga. Listening to them saying that the upcoming ‘Thamuda’ Gathering is going to make a mess.”

“so that’s how it is, it seems that the brother and I are really interested. Right, I do not know what the brothers are hunting for What big demon, see if we or not help?” Miao Brow slightly pick, ask .

“Then I have already escaped, otherwise we will not settle down the snails. Now it is already, so there is no need to care too much, and then continue the unfinished tour.” devil light smiled indifferently. Said.

“It is a tour, you may wish to live in our Hehe City for a while, so that we can do the host friendship.” Miao Wei also said with a smile.

“That’s harassing.” Devil light replied immediately.

“Embroidery, you first arrange to arrange for your guests to stay, then directly back to the internal government.” Miao Wei looked at Miao embroidery, said.


After Miao embroidery was ordered, he took the devil light and Han Li three people out of the hall and rushed to the back of a stone castle building.

The building is surrounded by a flower with a large flower, no leaves, and a weird flower with a baleful aura on the surface. The more it goes into the building community, the denser it is.

Han Li is not surprised. In this gray world, baleful aura is like heaven and earth Spiritual Qi. The more concentrated the place is, the more beneficial it is to practice. Therefore, as a guest, they will naturally be arranged in baleful aura. Rich place.

Sure enough, Miao embroidery stopped in front of a stone castle palace in the innermost part of the building community.

“This is the palace where our three Miao people receive the most distinguished guests. You will be able to stay here with peace of mind. If there is a need for What, let me know directly.” Miao embroidery showed a smile and said.

“thank you for your trouble.” devil light said with a smile.

Miao embroidery went to see her father, and then he quit and hurried away.

After Han Li and the others entered the palace and selected their residences, Stone went through the room and went back to their room.

Devil light followed Han Li to his room.

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