Abandon The Universe Chapter 451

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"Fellow Daoist Lan, did you really destroy the Valley of the Silent Gods?" Jia Yunkong did not dare to pretend to be big anymore, but cautiously asked, even using respect. language.

Lan Xiaobu glanced at Jia Yunkong, "This kind of conscientious place, can't I keep it? There is no good thing in Jishen Valley. Your friend is the God of Ji, Elder Gu, you really It’s not a good thing. I still coveted my Flying Magical Treasure before. Anyway, I can’t find my friend when I go to Kunxuhai. It’s better to destroy your Kunqian Island first."

"Fellow Daoist Lan calm down." Jia Yunkong said quickly, "I did meet Elder in Silent Valley once, and I am not familiar with him. The reason I said this before, one is to find a reason to ask Fellow Daoist Lan show mercy, and I want to put gold on my face..."

At this time, Jia Yunkong still dares to care about his own face.

Lan Xiaobu looked at Jia Yunkong coldly, "If I say you are not a good thing, will you still be wronged? As soon as I get here, you want to rob my Flying Magical Treasure. These are these. Did you do many similar things on Kunqian Island in 2009? It is estimated that there are many dead souls who died unjustly in your hands. Knowing Jishengu is to put gold on your face? I think you are splashing dung on your face. "

Jia Yunkong said hurriedly, "Fellow Daoist Lan wronged me. I did have some ills. I tried to buy and sell, but I swear I never made a killer for a magic weapon."

Lan Xiaobu doesn't believe this. People like Jia Yunkong have definitely killed many people who died unjustly. This kind of person death cannot wipe out the crimes. He was planning to kill the Island Lord in front of him. He heard the Island Lord say again, "Fellow Daoist Lan, you friends don’t go to Kunxu Sea, want to return to Immortal In the case of World, the journey is not a little far away. I am willing to send people to send them to Wuyu Immortal World safely."

Apparently Jia Yunkong has already felt the murderous intention in Lan Xiaobu’s eyes. For someone who can kill the Valley of Silent God, killing him, Jia Yunkong, the little Island Lord, is probably as simple as breathing.

After hearing what Jia Yunkong said, Lan Xiaobu hesitated to take a look. From here to Wuyu Immortal World, at the speed of Zhu Keji, I am afraid that it may not be possible to arrive in five-sixty years without fifty-sixty. The most important thing is that Zhu Keji's cultivation base is too low, and they may die in the void at any time.

As if feeling Lan Xiaobu's hesitation, Jia Yunkong quickly swears, "I, Jia Yunkong, swear here, if I dare to covet anyone's magic weapon in the future, Heart Demon will die during my cultivation."

In front of Xiaoming, everything else is empty.

"Well, in the face of my friends, I will release you once today. But if I come back from Kunxuhai, you have not done what you promised. Immortal World is so vast , I can catch you too. If you don't believe it, you can try it." Lan Xiaobu stared at Jia Yunkong and said.

"Many thanks Fellow Daoist Lan recognizes it, I believe it, I definitely believe it." Jia Yunkong said immediately. He suspected that Lan Xiaobu had imprinted divine sense on him, but he could not find the divine sense imprint. where.

Hearing Lan Xiaobu's arrangement, Zhu Ke and the three hurried up to thank them again. Just as Lan Xiaobu thought, returning to Immortal World or going to Kunxu Sea from here is very dangerous for the three of Zhu Ke. Lan Xiaobu's arrangement is so thoughtful, they are naturally grateful.

Know that they don't have much favor to Luo Caisi, at most they just team up with Luo Caisi and bring Luo Caisi to the Kunpeng. If it is speaking of which, they can still be regarded as harming Luo Caisi. But Luo Caisi's Dao Companion is so big-hearted that he didn't anger them at all and helped them so much.

Until this moment, Jia Yunkong was relaxed. He knew that his life was saved, otherwise he wouldn't know where to go to complain if he died.

"Also, what's the matter with this meteorite array? Is it natural formation or artificial arrangement?" Lan Xiaobu asked.

He was thinking in his heart, ah, human beings are guilty. Before, he just wanted to ask Jia Yunkong to do a favor and open the meteorite array to let him pass. Not only was Jia Yunkong unwilling to open it, but also wanted to seize the pot of reincarnation from him.

It's all right now. When he was about to kill this Jia Yunkong, this guy was pleased, and he almost didn't even want the face of an Immortal Emperor.

Jia Yunkong respectfully replied, "The meteorite array is indeed a natural array, but this natural array also has a formation flag, and this formation flag can control this natural meteorite array. It’s just that each time I control it, I need more spirit veins. I came here earlier and obtained the natural control formation flag of this meteorite array. It took me nearly a thousand years to recover this formation flag. Because the meteorite array cannot be taken away, I built a Kunqian island here, so I can barely make a living."

Lan Xiaobu nodded, "Wait for you to open the meteorite array, and you will grow up. , You go to control the Void Immortal Ship, and then go to Liang’s house as fast as possible, and pay attention to the solitary talent along the way."

"Yes." Whether it’s Liangchangxu or Jiayunkong, this There is only agreement.

After repeated thanks to Lan Xiaobu, the three Zhu Ke got off the Void Immortal Ship. With the help of the formation flag, Jia Yunkong controlled the meteorite array for a short time, and Quan Changxu controlled the Void Immortal Ship to rush out of the meteorite array at the fastest speed.

After the Void Immortal Ship left Kunqian Island, Lan Xiaobu occupied the cultivation Cave Mansion of 5-Layer.

As for Liangchangxu, the only value of his life is to stimulate the speed of Xianchuan to the fastest, and always pay attention to whether there is news of Quangu only.

A few years have passed in a flash, Lan Xiaobu has never shown up, just crazy cultivation in Cave Mansion.

The sighed controlling the immortal ship’s rapid advancement, even though he felt that if the immortal ship was still advancing rapidly at the current speed, it would really be broken. However, Lan Xiaobu has an order, as long as he wants to live, he can only do it according to Lan Xiaobu's ideas. Besides, even if he died, someone would take his place to control the fairy boat forward, and that wouldn't change much.


Since the incident of Lan Xiaobu's forced crossing of Kunqian Island, Kunqian Island's hostility has been much less than before. The situation of driving people away at every turn will never happen again.

As for the Taoist master of Kunqian Island, Jia Yunkong, he comes out from time to time to take a look. He was still a little worried, he was worried that when Lan Xiaobu came back, he would still settle accounts with him. So he wanted to see if he could try one's luck to stop Liang Gucai. If Liang Gucai is stopped, even if he offends Liang Jia, he will also rescue Lan Xiaobu's Dao Companion Luo Caisi.

If this is really possible, then his kindness to Lan Xiaobu will be enough to save his life, and maybe it will make Lan Xiaobu feel good about it.

On this day, Jia Yunkong was still wandering outside the meteorite array. When he was about to return to the island, a spaceship suddenly approached from far away.

Jia Yunkong knows at a glance that this is a Top Grade flying fairy, but among the Top Grade flying fairy, it can only be regarded as a middle-to-lower one. Even so, this is a top treasure.

If it were before the Lan Xiaobu incident, he would definitely stop the spaceship and buy it forcibly.

But now, he dare not do it.

A huge meteorite blasted towards the bow of the Top Grade flying fairy. Jia Yunkong was just trying to remind him that he saw the spaceship drifting rapidly in the void, and then stopped. On the empty pier of Kunqian Island.

Even Jiayun Kong is admired. The person who controls Flying Magical Treasure is definitely an expert.

The immortal boat ban was opened, and a young and beautiful woman came out from it. After scanning the divine sense of Jia Yunkong, he found that it was a demonic beast that controlled the immortal ship.

The demonic beast also followed the woman and came out and stood on the spaceship deck. What made Jia Yunkong puzzled was that it was the first time he saw the little one who dares to be alone. Go to Kunxu Sea. No, it's the demonic beast behind the woman, which seems to be a Level 7 demonic beast.

A Da Yixian with a Level 7 demonic beast beast pet is definitely not simple.

"Junior Luo Caisi, I have seen senior. We passed by here, but were blocked. The meteorites here seem to be specifically for spaceship. I want to ask what is going on?" The woman stood on the deck. Bowing and saluting, the tone is extremely respectful.

"Are you going to Kunxu Sea?" Jia Yunkong looked at the woman in front of him in surprise, feeling a little speechless.

If it wasn't for Lan Xiaobu's thing ahead, don't say you went to Kunxuhai, just in this place, you are finished, at least your Flying Magical Treasure is finished.

While Luo Caisi spoke, sound transmission to Gudao, "Gudao, this guy has a strong cultivation base. If he gets closer, you immediately control the spaceship and escape. If the spaceship can’t go away, you give up the spaceship. Take me to teleport and escape."

Gudao’s innate talent is teleport. After entering the Level 7 demonic beast, Gudao teleport has no traces and space fluctuations. It is definitely the top Innate Divine Ability.

Knowing that it is dangerous to talk to this kind of powerhouse, Luo Caisi is not allowed to let the spaceship approach the pier and ask, the first meteorite group outside they simply can't get through. The second Jia Yunkong’s cultivation base is obviously stronger than that of them. If you ask the way far away, you will disrespect the powerhouse too much. People will not bother to care about you if they say the theorem.

After Jia Yunkong asked, he suddenly felt something was wrong, he immediately became excited, "Wait, what did you say your name is?"

"My name is Luo Caisi." After Luo Caisi said her name, Gudao started to inspire Xianchuan, and she felt something was wrong.

Jia Yunkong’s excited Face is red, he quickly said a cup one fist in the other hand, "Lan Xiaobu and I are friends, he is looking for you."

" What?" Luo Caisi immediately asked Gudao to stop the spaceship. Although he did not approach, he did not immediately run away. "Senior knows Lan Xiaobu?" Jia Yunkong waved his hand quickly, "senior dare not be, my name is Jia Yunkong is the Taoist master of Kunqian Island. Luo Fairy looked at me and called me the Island Lord. I did meet Lan Xiaobu Fellow Daoist eight years ago, besides Fellow Daoist Lan, there are Your three friends, Zhu Ke, Liang Xuan, Dong Anhan..."

Luo Caisi was also very excited, "Does the senior know where they are now?"

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