Abandon The Universe Chapter 452

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It was really the Luo Caisi he was looking for, and it was a little different from what Liang Changxu said. Luo Caisi obviously did not fall into the hands of Liang Gu Cai, and it is safe now.

Faced with Luo Caisi, Jia Yunkong didn’t dare to hold back. He quickly cup one fist in the other hand and said, “Zhu Ke, Liang Xuan and Dong Anhan Three Fellow Daoists were measured because of your business. The ban was locked. As a result, I met Lan Xiaobu Fellow Daoist here. Lan Xiaobu Fellow Daoist restrained Liang Changxu and saved Zhu Ke’s Three Fellow Daoists."

Gudao heard the proud Chaos here. Luo Caisi said, "Mistress, I'm not wrong, Lord Bu will never be wronged, how about it, now he has easily crushed that Liangchangxu. You know, that guy is Kunpeng. The strongest Immortal Emperor. It’s not good to be on the Kunpeng. You don’t have to get down in front of Lord Bu."

"Wait, what do you call me?" Luo Caisi stared at Gudao.

Gudao flatly said, "I didn't know when I could find Lord Bu, so I just called your name casually. After all, I was wandering in the void, and I didn't care about that many exquisiteness. Now We are about to find Mr. Bu. If you call your name again, Mr. Bu will be angry and might stew me in soup. Mistress, when you see Mr. Bu, please help me with a good thing. Ah."

Luo Caisi and Gudao came all the way and knew the nature of this product. Snorted said, "I'm not married yet, what is Mistress called?"

"Yes, yes, because You are not married, I called your name. Or now, I call you Senior Sister?" Gudao always feels that his previous reason is a little pale. With Bu Ye’s shrewdness, I guess you know it will only be a big one. Mistress taking seriously. Now Luo Caisi gave a new reason, and it immediately felt that this reason was the best.

Luo Caisi ignored Gudao and said to Jia Yunkong, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m going to continue talking." Jia Yunkong continued, "Zhu Kesan A friend who had Fellow Daoist Lan’s security, so he stopped going to Kunxu Sea. I have sent someone to Wuyu Immortal World. Fellow Daoist Lan forced the amount after knowing that you were captured by Liang Gucai. Changxu speeds up and goes to Kunxu Massacre. They have gone for eight years, and at the speed of the Kunpeng, I guess you will definitely not be able to catch up."

"Can you contact Lan Xiaobu?" Luo Caisi asked hurriedly.

Jia Yunkong said awkwardly, "I had a very happy conversation with Fellow Daoist Lan, and for a while I forgot to leave the mark of communication beads. Moreover, the messages of the Void and Kunxu Sea on this side are often cut off. Because on the way to the Kunxu Sea, there is a period of void rules that are extremely confusing, and the message is difficult to transmit."

Jia Yunkong really wanted to leave a communication mark with Lan Xiaobu, but Lan Xiaobu was originally He wanted to kill him. Later, because he found a reason, he asked Lan Xiaobu to let him go. Where would he dare to continue to ask for the communication stamp?

Luo Caisi fell silent. Should she return to Wuyu Immortal World or go to Kunxu Sea again?

After hesitating, Luo Caisi turned around and asked Gudao, "Gudao, do you think we continue to Kunxu Sea, or return to Wuyu Immortal World?"

Gudao hehe said, "Senior Sister, you are the master."

It naturally wants to go to the Kunxu Sea in its heart. Bu Ye is in the Kunxu Sea, so he must go to the Kunxu Sea. The Kunxu Sea must be fun. Following Bu Ye tyrannically abuse power, it is much better than going back to Wuyu Immortal World to live a dull life.

Luo Caisi thought that the reason why they came here is entirely because there is no void. Now ask this Jia Island Lord for a position in the void, and they can return to Wuyu Immortal World.

"Then let's go back to Wuyu Immortal World, and ask the Island Lord to give me a void position to return to Wuyu Immortal World, so we can go back." Luo Caisi said.

They came here because of luck. In fact, she and Gudao were like headless flies in the sky. They were lost. Gudao said a set of things, in fact, it is not as good as her to check the position of the void.

"Yes, yes, I think Luo Fairy is right. From here to the Kunxu Sea is very dangerous. There are also Void Marsh River and Void Beasts on the way. I happened to go to Wuyu Immortal. The position of the world in the void." Jia Yunkong said quickly.

What kind of cultivation base is Luo Caisi? Even if a Da Yixian has a Level 7 demonic beast, it will be sent to death if it goes to Kunxu Sea.

Gudao cut, "What? Now that Lord Bu is in the Kunxu Sea, we return to Wuyu Immortal World, isn't it the opposite?"

Luo Caisi hesitated. What Gudao said is not unreasonable. If Lan Xiaobu stays in Kunxu Sea, won't she wait in Wuyu Immortal World?

No, Luo Caisi woke up and stared at Gudao, "Gudao, didn’t you just say that I was in charge? Why do you want to comment now?"

Gudao muttered. "I'm just a suggestion, a suggestion."

After asking Gudao, Luo Caisi said to Jiayunkong again, "Island Lord, I still decided to go to Kunxu Sea."

I already know that Lan Xiaobu is at Kunxu Massive Home. As Gudao said, if he returns to Wuyu Immortal World, after Lan Xiaobu leaves Liang’s home, if she goes to another place and does not return to Wuyu Immortal World, she Haven't you been waiting in Wuyu Immortal World?

Jia Yunkong is embarrassed. Luo Caisi's cultivation base is okay to go to Kunxu Sea with the Void Immortal Ship. Going to the Kunxu Sea alone, relying on her flying fairy, is really worrying.

But he can't stop Luo Caisi's thoughts. If Lan Xiaobu blames it again, he can't afford it.

After hesitating for a while, Jia Yunkong had an idea, "Luo Fairy, how about this. Your Flying Magical Treasure going to Kunxu Sea alone is indeed a bit dangerous, in our Kunqian Island Above, there is a fairy ship waiting for the end of the meteorite array. This fairy ship belongs to Luan Jiao Island. Luan Jiao Island is the Ranked 4th existence in the Six Great Influences of Kunxu Sea. Why don't you follow the void of Luan Jiao Island? Let’s go to the Kunxu Sea together. For me, it’s okay to come to the Kunxu Sea. I will simply accompany you on a trip to the Kunxu Sea."

Despite the arrangement of the Void Immortal Boat on Luan Jiao Island, Jia Yunkong still doesn’t Dare to let Luo Caisi go like this.

In case something goes wrong with the fairy boat on Luan Jiao Island, he can take care of it. If he does not go, Lan Xiaobu blames him, he has no place to argue. Originally, he was going to go alone, but he was worried about arranging the Void Immortal Ship on Luan Jiao Island. This was not his problem but also his problem.

"Many thanks, Island Lord, I don’t need Island Lord to waste time, just introduce us to the Void Immortal Ship on Luan Jiao Island." Luo Caisi said quickly, she knew this Void Immortal The ship is still very safe, she was very safe on the Kunpeng before.

Jia Yunkong waved his hand, "It doesn't matter, I happen to have some things to go to Kunxuhai to deal with, so it's settled."


The speed of the Kunpeng is too fast, so fast that some void fairy ship prohibitions cannot be supported. In the thirty years after leaving Kunqian Island, the Kunpeng's immortal ship guard array finally cracked.

This is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that the Kunpeng is crossing the Nether Marsh River. At this time, the danger of the prohibition and shattering of the Void Immortal Ship can be imagined.

Once the Void Immortal Ship falls into the Marsh River, everyone on the Void Immortal Ship is dead end.

Qing Changxu couldn't care about anything else, he hurried to 5-Layer and knocked on Lan Xiaobu's Cave Mansion prohibition.

"What's the matter? But there is news about talented talents?" Lan Xiaobu's face was a bit unsightly. When he left Kunqian Island, he had the strength of Xianzun 9-Layer. This has taken several decades. In the past, he was still the strength of Xianzun 9-Layer, at best, Xianyuan had condensed a lot.

Lan Xiaobu also understands what's going on. During his ten years of cultivation in Jishen Valley, Xian Yuan has been transformed into Shen Yuan. It is too difficult and too difficult to make further progress. Last time I was able to go from Xianzun 8-Layer to Xianzun 9-Layer, it is estimated that the foundation of the previous absorption of the gods is still there.

After decades of no improvement in cultivation, Lan Xiaobu guessed that his cultivation base has not improved, and his strength may not be weaker than Immortal Emperor Peak.

His cultivation base was almost the same. It was the gods instead of the immortals that he blasted out. By virtue of this, the ordinary Immortal Emperor was far different. Last time he didn't use Formation, maybe he could easily crush Quanxu.

"Fellow Daoist Lan, our Kunpeng Void Immortal Ship is crossing the Nether Marsh River, but at this time there is a problem with the immortal ship ban. If this continues, the Immortal Ship is likely to sink into the marsh mud. In the river. The Void Marsh River is ruled forbidden. Once you fall into it, you will undoubtedly die." Liang Changxu said respectfully.

Lan Xiaobu frowned and stepped out in one step. Under his divine sense, he quickly discovered that the problem was indeed the case. The immortal ship’s prohibition had already been problematic due to long-term speeding.

Lan Xiaobu can't be troubled by this. He grabbed some formation flags and waved it, and at the same time began to repair the original guarding formation on the immortal ship.

Only less than one hour, the prohibition and protection of this fairy ship were all repaired by Lan Xiaobu.

Liang Changxu was shocked. He must have the strength of Lan Xiaobu's Formation. Even if the Quan Family were all dispatched, he would be unable to help Lan Xiaobu.

After Lan Xiaobu repaired the immortal boat ban, he stood on the 5-Layer deck and looked at the marsh mud river under the immortal boat in shock.

When he just repaired the immortal ship guard array, the Niu Ni River was just an endless swamp, which looked no different from an ordinary swamp.

After he repaired the immortal ship guard array, there were already endless waves of marsh mud on the Marsh mud river. These bog mud waves range from one or two zhang high to ten several feet to hundreds, even up to thousand zhang.

The marsh mud is surging, not to mention the Kunpeng, even if it is more than ten times larger than the Kunpeng, once it is involved in the marsh mud, there will be no bones.

Where is the marsh mud river? This is simply the sea of ​​marsh mud. Lan Xiaobu's divine sense penetrated carefully. When his divine sense touched the marsh mud, one after another light Divine Origin Qi was caught by Lan Xiaobu. But next moment, his divine sense was crushed into nothingness by the surging waves of marsh mud.

Lan Xiaobu clenched his fists. He had been using the Spiritual Qi cultivation of Jishen Valley for a while, and now it is extremely difficult to make progress. If he wants to go further, the Spiritual Qi in the Niu River is what he needs of.

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