Abandon The Universe Chapter 453

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Lan Xiaobu’s divine sense penetrated again, while running the Spirit Forging Technique.

The divine sense was swallowed again as soon as it penetrated into the Marsh River. This time Lan Xiaobu was prepared, because the Spirit Forging Technique continued to operate, the divine sense was not completely swallowed. Not only that, because of this cultivation technique against the power that swallows the divine sense, his divine sense is condensed.

Sure enough, it is possible to cultivate Spirit Forging Technique here, Lan Xiaobu cultivation base cannot make progress, naturally without the slightest hesitation continuous penetration of divine sense into the marsh mud river.

Lan Xiaobu’s Spirit Forging Technique is already the ninth rank. According to his understanding of the Spirit Forging Technique, once the divine sense reaches the ninth rank, there is no way to improve. But this time, Lan Xiaobu felt that his Spirit Forging Technique was still improving. Is this going to enter the tenth level?

Whether it can break through to the tenth order or not, Lan Xiaobu's divine sense continues to grow and condense.

One day six months later, after Lan Xiaobu's divine sense strengthened again, Sea of ​​Consciousness blasted, and then Sea of ​​Consciousness continued to expand. Not only that, when his divine sense penetrated into the marsh mud river, he could no longer feel swallowed.

In other words, the force in the Niu River can no longer contain his divine sense, and his divine sense surpasses the regular force of the Niu River.

This is the tenth level of divine sense breakthrough?

Lan Xiaobu soon determined that his divine sense was definitely breakthrough tenth order. At this moment, his divine sense far exceeded his cultivation base.

Lan Xiaobu did not continue tempering his divine sense, but unscrupulously penetrated the divine sense into the depths of the marsh mud river.

As the divine sense continues to penetrate into the depths of the Zhanni River, Lan Xiaobu was shocked to find that he saw one huge column after another in the deepest part of the Zhanni River. Each of these cylinders is 10,000 miles thick, and the cylinders are inclined in the marsh mud river, and simply do not know where they extend up and down.

Lan Xiaobu's divine sense slowly moved from these columns, and he felt the breath of a top-level big formation, which seemed to be a way to guide the big formation.

The huge column guides the big formation, devours the divine sense, and there is a little Spiritual Qi......

Lan Xiaobu suddenly thought of the crack in the Jishen Valley, and the crack is like the more It's getting bigger and bigger, and what seeps out of the crack is Spiritual Qi.

If these gods Spiritual Qi come from one place, it must be God World.

These huge columns shouldn't grow naturally. If they are arranged artificially, what does it mean to arrange these columns? What is the guide? Will the god Spiritual Qi be guided to Immortal World?

Lan Xiaobu suddenly thought of a possibility that these columns and the cracks in Jishen Valley are all connected. Will these cylinders be God World’s leading transfer array? God World's transfer of volume to Immortal World cannot be based on personal power. The column below the Nether Marsh River is very likely to be this kind of transfer array, which will guide Quang Jie to Immortal World, and then erupt from Silent God Valley.

If this is the case, then there must be a boundary junction between the Zuohni River and Jishen Valley.

Lan Xiaobu has already decided that after the Kunxuhai incident is over, he will find a way to visit the Nongni River and go in to see the situation.

He guessed that if he was really correct, then he would break this big formation. No matter if he will go to God World in the future, why should the disaster of God World be transferred to Immortal World?

Immortal World Heaven and Earth Rule is more fragile than God World. For God World, this amount of calamity may only destroy an area, but for Immortal World, it destroys the entire Immortal World.

The thirty-six formation flags of the Tiangang formation were set out by him, but Lan Xiaobu didn't know whether the Tiangang formation could work or not, he was just a rumor from the outside. If you can solve the problem without using the Tiangang array, that would be the best.

Lan Xiaobu was still thinking about how to prevent Liang Jie from leading Immortal World, Liang Changxu came to Lan Xiaobu again.

"Fellow Daoist Lan." Quan Changxu cried respectfully.

Lan Xiaobu opened his eyes and looked at Liang Changxu who was cautiously standing in front of him, "What's the matter? Isn't the fairy boat already past the Nether Marsh River?"

Liang Changxu quickly said, "It is true, but something is wrong this time. Every time I crossed the Nether Marsh Mud River before, there were huge mud pillars rising into the sky, and even between these huge mud pillars rising into the sky. There is a huge suction power of the Niu Ni River. Many immortal boats crossing the Niu Ni River are drawn into the Niu Ni River because of these huge mud pillars. But this time, the Niu Ni River is very quiet, except for the waves of the Niu Ni River. Besides, I didn't see any giant pillars of marsh mud rushing up."

"Isn't this better?" Lan Xiaobu said lightly.

The amount of horror said: "According to the experience of the Kunxu Sea Immortal Boat crossing the Nether Marsh River, if there is no marsh mud pillar when crossing the Marsh River, it is most likely to be after crossing the river. Encountered a void crack. Once you encounter this kind of void crack, ten deaths without life. Until now, no fairy ship can escape from this kind of void crack."

"void crack?" Lan Xiaobu Frown, if it is really a void crack, it is indeed a trouble.

Qianzhang Xu said, "I can't tell you clearly, because I have not experienced this kind of thing. I have seen a crystal image sent by others once. This cultivator who sent the image is very I will soon be swallowed by the cracks."

Without waiting for Lan Xiaobu to speak, Quan Changxu has taken out a crystal ball.

Lan Xiaobu caught the crystal ball and was excited. He saw a black hole. This black hole grew from a small size and quickly became an extremely exaggerated state. Then he saw that half of an immortal ship was drawn into the black hole. The crystal ball image ends here, obviously the owner of this crystal ball has also been involved in the black hole.

Lan Xiaobu threw the crystal ball to Liang Changxu, standing on the deck of the Void Immortal Ship, frowning and staring forward. There is nothing ahead, it seems a smooth journey.

But at this time Lan Xiaobu also had a vaguely bad feeling in his heart. This feeling is weird, it seems that his world is about to end at the next moment.

This is a bit wrong, Lan Xiaobu immediately began to portray the formation mark.

He is an immortal formation emperor, limited by the level of cultivation base and refining equipment, the level of the formation of immortal formations with the formation flag is not as high as that of the formation with the formation mark. Now in his soul, Nian has once again enhanced a large level, which can portray the top void formation mark.


Kunxu Sea has Six Great Influences. These Six Great Influences are Dakun Immortal Palace, Wuliangfang City, Sanxiandian, Luanjiao Island, Kunxu Fairy City, Longming Valley.

But in addition to this Six Great Influences, there are many other existences that are not bad in strength, such as the Kunxu Massive Family, which is one of them.

Although the Kunxu Massive Family is not ranked as Six Great Influences, they are also called the seventh in Kunxu Sea in private. Just by relying on the Kunxu masses to operate the immortal boats from Kunxu Sea to Immortal World, we can see how powerful the Kunxu masses are. This business is not something you can do with the Void Immortal Ship, but it needs a huge foundation to support it.

The patriarch Lianglianfeng is the highest Immortal Emperor powerhouse. As for some false Demi-God Realm powerhouses, it is rumored that the patriarch Lianglianfeng can be killed in seconds. Of course, the false realm of Demi-God Realm is also present in Liang's family, and there is more than one.

Measuring Xuntian and measuring side shadows are all this kind of Demi-God Realm powerhouse. In addition to them, Liang Family also has three Immortal Emperor Perfection powerhouses, Liang Gujing, Liang Fei, and Liang Yueliang.

As for Liangchangxu, although he has a frightening reputation outside, it is really not a big deal in Liang's family.

At this moment, in the great hall of Liangjia, ten top Immortal Emperors representing Liangjia are sitting here, the reason is the message sent back by Liangchangxu. In order to send this message, Liang Changxu spent more than 30 years. Because thirty years ago, the Void Immortal Ship controlled by Liang Changxu was controlled by others. Not only that, Liang Changxu was also forbidden and locked.

patriarch Liang Lianfeng said to an Elder sitting next to him, "Mo Yan, read the message sent back by Elder Xu."

"Yes." An Elder stood up next to Lian Feng, looked at the communication beads and said, "patriarch, I may have caused a big trouble with my family. This incident has something to do with the disappearance of the lonely talent I mentioned last time, and the lonely talent forcibly took it away. The woman named Luo Caisi has a Dao Companion named Lan Xiaobu.

Lan Xiaobu chased all the way and caught up with our fairy boat on Kunqian Island. I haven’t seen the strength of this person, so I shouldn’t be able to. To Immortal Emperor. But this person’s formation can top the Immortal World. I am sure that no one in Immortal World is stronger than him. This is a top immortal formation emperor. With the help of formation, he can only take a few ten breaths. I was imprisoned and my cultivation base was locked. It took me thirty years to barely be able to send a message back..."

Demi-God Realm Elder heard this snorted after measuring Xuntian "What exactly does Liang Gucai want to do? As a grandson, he is to increase his experience, not to go out and make trouble."

Everyone understands the meaning of Liang Xuntian, that is to cause trouble. What's the point. It doesn't matter to provoke an Immortal Emperor, but you just provoke an Immortal Emperor.

Another Demi-God Realm Elder said indifferently, "When the lonely person took Luo Caisi away, I didn’t know that Lan Xiaobu was the emperor of the immortal formation. Besides, lonely person is my measuring family. Grandson, everyone knows what hidden innate talent he is and why he wants to go out. Once his innate talent is awakened, who can be the opponent of the lonely talent in the entire Kunxu sea? At that time, my measure family will dominate the entire Kunxu sea. What if he took away a few women casually? This is a manifestation of true temperament. Do I still have to look at a loose cultivator to live my life?"

Qianlianshan indifferent expression, just said lightly "Keep reading."

"I was extremely angry at the time, until Lan Xiaobu said that he had destroyed the Valley of the Silent God." Mo Yan Elder's words made the whole great hall quiet instantly.

Exterminated the Silent Valley? Can the strength of Solitary God Valley rank first in the Kunxu Sea, right? Even if the strength of Da Kun Immortal Palace, can it be comparable to Jie Shen Gu?

Liang Xuntian looked at Liang Bianying, "Bianying is too great, do you still think it is right for Quanguo to take away a few people casually?"

Measure Bianying His complexion was a little ugly. Although he measured his family aloof and remote, in the eyes of Jishengu, he measured his family nothing.

Mo Yan Elder continued to read, "I don’t think we can be an enemy of this person anyway. With the current speed of the Kunpeng, I estimate that Kunpeng will be able to enter the Kunxu Sea in at most 20 years. "

No one spoke. Everyone knows the meaning of Liangchangxu. This is to remind Liangjia to make preparations first. It is necessary to prepare in advance if it is to fight or reconcile.

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