Abandon The Universe Chapter 454

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"Lan Xiaobu said he killed Ji Shen Gu, no one saw it, and no one confirmed it. Maybe he knew that this matter simply couldn’t be confirmed, so he dared to talk nonsense. Eight Dao, dare to say that the Valley of the Silent God was destroyed." Liangbianying said slowly.

No one refutes this sentence, because it is true.

There are very few people coming out of the Silent God Valley. Once they come out, either an immortal domain or a planet will be destroyed. Those who know Jishen Valley have vaguely heard that the cultivation in it is Spiritual Qi. This kind of local cultivation, the cultivator of the same realm, and the cultivator of the Valley of the Gods will naturally kill the cultivators of other places.

But no one knows where the Jie Shen Valley is. Moreover, the eyes of the people in Jishen Valley are on their foreheads, even if it is the Kunxu Sea Number One Influence Dakun Immortal Palace, people are afraid that they have not paid attention to it. Therefore, very few people are friends with the people of Jishengu.

In other words, the words of measuring the side shadow may be true, that is, Lan Xiaobu is lying. The purpose of lying is just to scare Liangxu and tell Liang's family not to treat his Dao Companion.

Even Liang Xuntian did not refute, Liang Changxu himself was not sure whether Lan Xiaobu had destroyed Ji Shen Gu, how could he be sure? He just thought in his heart that Liang Gu was in trouble outside, simply shouldn't.

Liang Lianshan slowly said, "It's too horrible to destroy Jie Shengu, even the Level 9 Immortal Array Emperor, wanting to destroy Jie Shengu is a foolish dream, so the truth of this matter is very low. Xun God is right, Liang Gucai provokes right and wrong outside is definitely not a good thing. Even if Lan Xiaobu lied, his strength is not that strong, sooner or later Liang Gucai provokes right and wrong will cause big trouble. I can measure the family. It stands in the Kunxu Sea, and it has developed to this day because it is still low-key.

But low-key does not mean retreating. I am not a person who can bully. If who can bully, I am The family also cannot survive in the Kunxu Sea to this day..."

As soon as Liang Lianshan said this, the communication beads placed in front of him by Mo Yan Elder flickered again.

Liang Lianshan grabbed the communication bead, and immediately frowned after divine sense swept it in. After a while, he said, "Changxu just sent a message, they have crossed the Nether Marsh River..."

"It's a fast speed, this speed, the empty spaceship is afraid that it will not be able to hold on. Now." An Elder exclaimed.

Thirty years, I have crossed the Nether Marsh River from Kunqian Island, this speed is simply aroused to the extreme.

Liang Lianshan waved his hand, "I am not short of this void spaceship. The key is that there is another message sent by Changxu, that is, their Void Immortal Ship crossed the Niaoni River. At that time, I did not encounter the bog mud pillar, nor did I encounter the bog mud vortex suction."

"That's good, then Lan Xiaobu will never survive whether he scares Elder Xu or not. patriarch, I suggest to let Elder Xu abandon the ship and escape." A woman stood up and said.

Liang Lianshan shook his head, "It's too late, Changxu should also know this."


It is indeed too late, at this moment Kunpeng A crack appeared in the front, the crack getting bigger and bigger, and then the violent vortex suction swept over.

Even if Long Xu madly controlled the Kunpeng immortal ship and wanted to get away, the violent suction still kept the void immortal ship close to the void crack.

At this time, a faint vortex shape appeared in the middle of the void crack, and the divine sense behind the vortex could not penetrate. As the vortex continues to expand, it becomes a deep black hole that simply has no bottom.

Liang Changxu looked at the black hole in despair, he didn't even want to say anything. No matter how great Lan Xiaobu is, it is still dead end.

When the void fairy ship was about to be drawn into the black hole hundred zhang, Lan Xiaobu finished the last formation mark, and threw away dozens of high grade fairy veins, and then inspired the big Array.

The Void Immortal Ship that was originally sucked by the black hole suddenly stopped, and then began to slowly spin around in place. There seems to be a powerful force that wraps the fairy ship and prevents it from entering the black hole.

Liang Changxu was stunned. He had never seen a peerless immortal formation emperor like Lan Xiaobu. It was possible to use the array to prevent the Void Immortal Ship from entering this black hole. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would definitely think it was fake.

But Quan Changxu soon discovered that even though the immortal ship was blocked by Lan Xiaobu with Formation, it was still slowly approaching the black hole, but the speed was very slow.

Looking at Lan Xiaobu, who was still setting up Formation, Qiang Changxu did not dare to speak. At this moment, he believed in Lan Xiaobu's destruction of Jie Shen Gu. After all, the Silent God Valley is too powerful. Lan Xiaobu said that he had destroyed the Silent God Valley before, but he was still a little skeptical.

But with Lan Xiaobu's level of formation, once the Jie Shen Valley is trapped, who can escape from Jie Shen Valley?

A little bit of time passed, Quan Changxu couldn't see the big formation Lan Xiaobu had arranged. He could vaguely perceive that this big formation was gradually strengthening. Even so, it is still impossible to stop the Kunpeng immortal ship from slowly approaching the black hole.

Lan Xiaobu also seems to be aware that this approach is no longer possible. He suddenly grabbed an earth-yellow fairy spirit vein. While implanting the fairy spirit vein into the bow, he himself rushed out. The immortal boat.

"Quantity is long, remember that Xianchuan should not retreat quickly." After dropping this sentence, Lan Xiaobu began to portray one after another void formation mark at the fastest speed in the void outside of Xianchuan , He wants to arrange a large array of space power transfer.

The reason for this idea is that Lan Xiaobu's inspiration was inspired by the transfer array below the Void Marsh River. God World can transfer Volume Tribulation to Immortal World. He just transfers the power of a void Black Hole Vortex to another space. What's wrong?

Lan Xiaobu ventured out of the immortal boat. In addition to trying to see if his ideas work, he also hopes to save the people on the immortal boat. Lan Xiaobu suspected that the absence of a bog mud pillar in the Zuo Ni River may have something to do with him. Because his divine sense was too strong, he penetrated directly into the depths of the Zuohui River and saw numerous huge pillars at the bottom of the river. This approach may be the reason why Xianchuan did not encounter mud pillars.

There are at least tens of thousands of people on this immortal ship. If tens of thousands of people fall because of him, Lan Xiaobu feels a bit overwhelmed.

"This is the Top Grade fairy spirit vein of Earth Attribute?" Liang Changxu quickly recognized the fairy spirit vein that was thrown on the deck of the fairy ship by Lan Xiaobu. It was actually a Top Grade fairy spirit. vein.

No, the Void Immortal Ship has stopped being attracted by the black hole, not only that, but it has also begun to retreat slowly.

Liang Changxu doesn’t know where to hurry up, he madly inspires Xianchuan, and the speed of Xianchuan’s retreat is getting faster and faster. As for what Lan Xiaobu said, telling him not to retreat quickly, he had already thrown aside.

As Xianchuan retreated, Liang Changxu seemed to vaguely see Lan Xiaobu being swept away by the black hole. Before he was happy, the black hole disappeared behind the fairy ship.

Liangxu relaxed, he is almost certain that Lan Xiaobu was swept away by the black hole. This guy is really an idiot, with such a powerful strength, he actually replaced the Kunpeng immortal ship with his life.

Not only can he breathe a sigh of relief when measuring Changxu, but also measuring family.


The great hall of Kunxu's massive family discussion.

Liang Lianshan received a message again. After seeing this message, Liang Lianshan stood up suddenly.

Patriarch stood up in shock by a message, and the rest of the Elder in the Liang family looked at Patriarch in shock. If it were not for rules, their divine sense had fallen on Liang Lianshan's communication beads.

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible......" Liang Lianshan muttered to himself, as if he had discovered something incredible.

"Patriarch, what's the matter?" Liang Xuntian couldn't help but ask.

Liang Lianshan breathed a long sigh, “The Void Immortal Ship controlled by Chang Xu was swept by the black hole created by the void crack as soon as it left the Void Marsh Mud River. But Lan Xiaobu forcibly relied on Formation, The situation of the immortal ship rushing into the black hole was stopped. Not only that, Lan Xiaobu also jumped out of the immortal ship and set up a block formation in the sky. Finally, the Kunpeng fairy ship escaped from the vortex black hole and is now safe. And that Lan Xiaobu has been swept away by the black hole."

All the Elders in the great hall are quiet, and the air is full of suffocation at this moment.

Strength of oneself can prevent a fairy ship from being swept away by the Black Hole Vortex produced by the Nether Marsh Mud River? If this can be achieved, what level of array is this?

The Emperor of the Immortal Formation? If the Immortal Array Emperor could stop it, then the black hole cracks outside the Void Marsh Nihe River would not be so terrifying.

"If what Chang Xu said is true, then Lan Xiaobu might really have destroyed the Silent Valley." Immortal Emperor Perfection Elder couldn't help saying.

Qianbian Ying snorted, "What if he destroys Silent Valley? Being swept away by Black Hole Vortex is not a dead word. This shows that my family has Great Destiny, who and I am right, and they are all dead ends."

"I wonder why Lan Xiaobu jumped out of the Kunpeng immortal ship and saved the Kunpeng with his own life? You need to know that he and we measure the family. speaking of which is grudge and ruthless, who will not do this kind of thing, right?" Liang Xuntian frowned and said.

No one can answer this question. If Lan Xiaobu selflessly sacrificed himself to save others, hehe would not believe such words.


Lan Xiaobu rushed out of the Kunpeng ship without preparation. The Top Grade spirit vein he took out was to lead the big formation. As long as he arranges the space to transfer the large array, he will return to the fairy ship with the help of the towing array.

His understanding of Space Rule is getting deeper and deeper, coupled with his current divine sense intensity and array level, he can completely transfer the suction of the void Black Hole Vortex to another space, but he needs to leave The immortal boat is just set up.

Facts have proved that Lan Xiaobu is correct. The formation mark he described surpasses the Level 9 celestial formation mark. The space transfer array arranged by this formation mark takes effect, and the black hole suction is transferred to another by Lan Xiaobu position.

Xianchuan also stabilized in this brief moment, and was no longer attracted by Black Hole Vortex.

Lan Xiaobu didn't expect that Liang Changxu not only did not slow down the speed of the fairy ship, but instead took the opportunity to stimulate the speed of the fairy ship to the maximum. What he didn't expect was that the suction power of Black Hole Vortex on him was multiplied after the transfer of the array was completed.

Even if Liang Changxu listened to him and stopped the immortal boat in place, Lan Xiaobu couldn't return to the immortal boat with this violent suction force, even more how Liang Changxu hadn't waited for him?

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