Abandon The Universe Chapter 455

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Lan Xiaobu immediately entered the cosmic dimension, and divine sense penetrated in at the same time.

The divine sense seemed to be transmitted, and then a familiar tearing sensation came from the periphery of Lan Xiaobu divine sense. Is this at the bottom of the Void Marsh Mud River?

Lan Xiaobu quickly confirmed that this is indeed at the bottom of the Void Marsh Mud River. The Black Hole Vortex is actually a Transmission Formation gate, and it only involves the immortal boat that rushed out of the Zuohui River into the Zuohui River again. Obviously, this is artificial.

It seems that he is right to guess. The reason why there is no suction in the Marsh Mud River and no column of marsh mud hitting the Kunpeng is because his divine sense has penetrated into the Marsh Mud River. From this point of view, as long as someone with divine sense can penetrate into the Marsh River, that person will not be able to walk away, and will eventually be sent into the Marsh River.

Lan Xiaobu originally planned to come to the bottom of the Void Marsh Mud River. He wanted to come here after going to the Kunxu Sea. He didn't expect this void crack to come early.

I came here early, these void marsh mud is deadly to others, not to him. He has adapted to these marsh mud for more than half a year.

Lan Xiaobu came out of the universe dimension, and immediately felt that he seemed to be wrapped in the steel needle space, one after another bone marrow piercing pain invaded his whole body. Not only that, but Sea of ​​Consciousness is still being torn apart.

It’s amazing. If it weren’t for the divine sense that he had been tempering in this marsh mud river for half a year, let’s not talk about the fleshy body. His Sea of ​​Consciousness was torn apart by the terrifying of this marsh mud. Will collapse. The only way he can save himself is to hide in the universe.

His Sea of ​​Consciousness is strong enough, and it will collapse. It can be imagined that other people will also collapse when they come here. No wonder you will die after entering the Void Black Hole Vortex. There are really few chances of surviving in this situation.

Lan Xiaobu’s Spirit Forging Technique is promoted to Tier Ten, Sea of ​​Consciousness tenacious is extremely, this degree of tearing has no effect on his Sea of ​​Consciousness. Only the tearing of the fleshy body by the marsh mud requires Lan Xiaobu to continuously operate the tempering fleshy body.

At this time, Lan Xiaobu calmed down instead. With his adaptation to the void marsh mud, he should be able to rush out of this marsh mud river.

Now that he is here, he simply takes a look at the many huge pillars under the river.

Lan Xiaobu divine sense is already very strong, and still can’t sweep the entire muddy river bottom.

He came to the first giant pillar, if these giant pillars didn't use divine sense, they thought it was a giant wall. Each one is tens of thousands of miles in diameter. This is the thickest pillar Lan Xiaobu has ever seen.

When the hand touched this pillar, the breath of one after another Space Rule was caught by Lan Xiaobu. This is definitely arranged artificially, and it is a regular atmosphere of space transfer. This shows that he didn't guess wrong. The pillars at the bottom of the marsh mud river should have formed a large transfer array, and it is very likely that Immortal World was robbed by transfer volume.

Can he destroy this big formation? Will it affect Immortal World after destroying this big formation?

Lan Xiaobu is running the Immortality Technique to resist the tearing of the fleshy body in the marsh mud river, while quickly thinking of a way.

If he wants to destroy this big formation, he must first figure out how this big formation is composed. And now he doesn't even know how many huge pillars are on the bottom of the marsh mud river.

Lan Xiaobu divine sense extends down, unable to see the bottom of the muddy river. To find out how many huge pillars there are, you must enter the bottom of the marsh mud river.

Lan Xiaobu doesn't mind spending some time if Immortal World can be prevented from being robbed. But the prerequisite is that Luo Caisi can't be involved. He took out a crystal ball, and the situation of the Kunpeng immortal ship was immediately revealed on the crystal ball.

In his Cave Mansion, Liang Changxu is frantically removing the restrictions on his body. Lan Xiaobu sneered. If he wanted to, he could now let Liang Changxu die a hundred times. But before Liang Changxu died, as long as Luo Caisi appeared on the Kunpeng, he would know immediately.

Put away the crystal ball, Lan Xiaobu flees to the bottom of the marsh mud river.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed, Lan Xiaobu felt that he was still far away from the bottom of the marsh mud river. Under the tempering of the immortality formula, the fleshy body is constantly strengthened. But it doesn't work like this, it's too time-consuming, Lan Xiaobu simply runs Longevity Secret Art at the same time.

Lan Xiaobu was pleasantly surprised that when Longevity Secret Art was running, Spiritual Qi, the god in the marsh mud river, was swept over by him from the endless marsh mud, and then he quickly raised his cultivation base.

This kind of cultivation level is not at all weaker than Jishengu.

One month later, what made Lan Xiaobu more pleasantly surprised was that with his continuous cultivation, the degree of tearing of his fleshy body by the marsh mud in the marsh river slowed down. Correspondingly, he dived faster and faster.

Lan Xiaobu was quickly immersed in this process of continuous diving, continuous cultivation and improvement of the cultivation base.

A few years later, when Lan Xiaobu's cultivation base reached Xianzun Perfection, he himself felt that when he was ready to Transcending Tribulation to advance to the Immortal Emperor, he suddenly opened his eyes. Is this the end?

The divine sense is no longer blocked. Under Lan Xiaobu's divine sense, there are a total of 108 Hegemon-like giant pillars leaning and rooting on the ground under his feet.

Lan Xiaobu stepped on it with his foot. The ground seemed to be a kind of stone. He hadn't seen the specific stone.

Because of the divine sense at a glance, Lan Xiaobu can clearly feel the effect of these hundred and eight giant pillars. These huge pillars are simply formation flags. If it weren't for his Formation to exceed the level of the immortal formation emperor, he really couldn't see it. He couldn't arrange this kind of big formation, but he only needed some time to figure out the principle.

Lan Xiaobu took out the crystal ball and took a look again. The Kunpeng with a long Xuxu was still on his way. Looking at the monitoring formation mark he arranged, the Gucai still hadn't returned to the Kunpeng.

This time Lan Xiaobu did not put away the crystal ball, but arranged a touch formation. As long as someone appears on the Kunpeng, the touch formation will remind him.

After doing this, Lan Xiaobu began to study this large array that can transfer the amount of robbery.

A little bit of time passed, Lan Xiaobu was completely immersed in the residence of the one hundred and eight Hegemon.

Each of these huge pillars depicts countless formation marks. Most of these formation marks are incomprehensible to Lan Xiaobu.

Ten years of time flowed away quickly, to Lan Xiaobu it seemed like ten days had passed. Lan Xiaobu stopped deducing this big formation, he felt that even if he continued to spend a hundred years here, he might not be able to understand this big formation. The point is that he does not have that many time.

Lan Xiaobu thinks he was wrong in the beginning, why should he understand this big formation? Since it is a large-scale transfer of the amount of robbery, can't he destroy this large-scale formation?

The destruction of this big formation cannot be done now. Once you do it now, the person who arranged the big formation will definitely know that he has to do it in equal measure.

When the calamity came, it was obviously not realistic for him to come to the bottom of the marsh mud river to destroy the huge pillar. At his speed, even if he was promoted to the Immortal Emperor, he couldn't reach the bottom of this marsh mud river in a short time.

But this can’t be troublesome to Lan Xiaobu, even if it can’t be arranged, can’t it be destroyed if I destroy it? Lan Xiaobu began to lay a bursting array on the edge of these huge pillars.

Because these giant pillar formation flags are really too big, it took Lan Xiaobu two years to deploy more than one hundred burst formations. After finishing the final bursting formation, Lan Xiaobu relaxed.

When the same amount of robbery arrives, as long as he activates these explosion arrays, these one hundred and eight huge pillars will be shattered at the same time. At that time, if the amount of calamity cannot be brought down, Immortal World will be spared.

You can leave here, Lan Xiaobu is very satisfied with his unexpected trip. Stop the amount of robbery? He didn't even dare to think about this kind of thing before, but now it might succeed. After he got out of the Marsh River, he was promoted to Immortal Emperor by Transcending Tribulation.

Lan Xiaobu was about to rush out of the Maru Ni River against the current, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

If he arranged this kind of transfer formation, would he think of what to do if the formation flag of the huge pillar under the marsh mud river is destroyed? The Marsh River is terrifying, but it is not enough to prevent everyone from entering.

As an Array Master, he would definitely think of it. Since he can think of it, would anyone who is stronger than his Formation think of it?

What would he do if he thought of it? He will arrange a patching array to patch up the one hundred and eight formation flags in the shortest possible time.

Since it is the big formation that repairs Immortal World, then the heart of the repairing formation must be at the bottom of this marsh mud river.

Lan Xiaobu began to look for it again, this time his divine sense probed more carefully. In the blink of an eye, several months passed, Lan Xiaobu almost scanned the places that divine sense could detect several times, but still did not find the location of this patching array.

Maybe he thinks too much, and there is no repairing the big formation here.

Regardless of whether he has it or not, Lan Xiaobu still decides to leave his Tiangang formation at the bottom of the Niu Nihe River. Once there is a patching formation, as long as the patching formation is activated, he can immediately detect it, and then use the Tiangang formation plate and 36 formation flags to block the repair formation.

Arranged a large void formation to lock the Tiangang formation at the bottom of the Niu Ni River, Lan Xiaobu instigated Essence Power to rush to the top of the Niu Ni River quickly.

When I first came down, Lan Xiaobu spent a few years. This time Lan Xiaobu went upstream, even if the cultivation progressed, the time he spent would not be less or even longer.

Six years later, Lan Xiaobu rushed out of the Zuohni River.

Lan Xiaobu was not surprised at all while standing above the muddy river, despite the turbulent mud. This marsh mud river is even a good place for cultivation, not to mention cultivation, what about Transcending Tribulation?

Why not just here Transcending Tribulation step into Immortal Emperor?

As soon as Lan Xiaobu's thought came out, he was pinched off immediately.

Someone in God World has set up a large array of mitigation transfers under the Zuonihe River. There must be some memories of those who deployed the formation. If he were here Transcending Tribulation, wouldn't he tell others his secret?

The reincarnation pot took out, and Lan Xiaobu only spent a few days before he rushed out of the bounds of the Niu River.

1 month later, Lan Xiaobu stopped on a void meteorite.

Because he didn't find the abandoned planet, he was anxious for Transcending Tribulation to be promoted to Immortal Emperor, and this abandoned planet was barely acceptable.

A top-level Spirit Gathering Great Array is arranged, and hundreds of various fairy veins are piled up around the Spirit Gathering Great Array by Lan Xiaobu.

Lan Xiaobu has not yet started to operate Longevity Secret Art. The surroundings of the Spirit Gathering Immortal Array has been wrapped in a dense Immortal Spirit Qi, forming a misty mountain of Immortal Spirit in the void.

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