Abandon The Universe Chapter 456

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The absorption of Spiritual Qi cultivation to Xianzun Perfection, coupled with Lan Xiaobu’s original cultivation technique Longevity Secret Art, is extraordinary. After feeling the shackles of the Immortal Emperor, it was only two hours , Lan Xiaobu attracted Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation.

The first wave of Thunder Tribulation consists of nine tracks, each of which is as thick as a small bucket. Lan Xiaobu chose to resist, one after another thunder arc blasted Lan Xiaobu's body, tearing out one after another blood mist. Lan Xiaobu was overjoyed. Although the fleshy body has not been promoted, so many years of tempering at the bottom of the muddy river has not been in vain, and his fleshy body has risen to another level.

Lan Xiaobu estimates that even if he does not run Body Refinement Cultivation Art, he can resist all nine Thunder Tribulation arcs.

Under the operation of Longevity Secret Art, Lei Yuan and the rich Immortal Spirit Qi flooded in. To Lan Xiaobu's surprise, it was only the first time that he almost helped him blast a crack in the Immortal Emperor Realm. After nine Thunder Tribulation arcs, Lan Xiaobu only broke a few skeletons.

This kind of Thunder Tribulation makes the reincarnation pot prepared by Lan Xiaobu useless.

The second wave third wave Thunder Tribulation fell together. Lan Xiaobu has a clear understanding of his ability to withstand. This time he did not run the Immortal Secret Art, but ran Longevity Secret Art like crazy. Lei Yuan, then continued to hit the Immortal Emperor's shackles.

For Lan Xiaobu, there is no Spiritual Qi, he is impossible to break through the Immortal Emperor so quickly. Although it was just a little short, there is no breakthrough after all. Ordinary Immortal Spirit Qi For Lan Xiaobu, the impact is not strong. He wants to take the opportunity to step into the Immortal Emperor. Without God Spiritual Qi, he must use the Thunder Tribulation thunder source with a regular atmosphere.

Eighteen thunder arcs hit Lan Xiaobu one after another, because Lan Xiaobu didn't even operate Body Refinement Cultivation Art, and the skeleton shattered even more. A large number of lightning sources with clear rules also made Lan Xiaobu almost blast the Immortal Emperor Realm into a crack for the second time.

The fourth wave of Thunder Tribulation arcs are nine consecutive falls. When Lan Xiaobu almost tore the Immortal Emperor Realm for the third time, his heart sank.

He feels that there is a problem with his sense organs. This is probably not a point, but a lot. Without the Spiritual Qi, if you want to enter the Immortal Emperor Realm, you must have more thunder sources. If this is the case every time he can almost enter the Immortal Emperor Realm, then he may not be able to enter the Immortal Emperor after the nine waves of Thunder Tribulation in the end...

Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation is a nine-wave Thunder Tribulation...

Tribulation, after the nine waves of Thunder Tribulation, I have not been promoted to the Immortal Emperor. It seems that this has never happened in the history of Immortal World, right?

Lan Xiaobu has only heard that Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation could not be attracted, and finally could not be promoted to Immortal Emperor. Or it led to the Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation, but in the end he didn't get through and died under the Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation. He had never heard of it before, which attracted the Thunder Tribulation, and also passed the ninety-nine Thunder Tribulation. As a result, he was unable to qualify for the Immortal Emperor because of insufficient spiritual resources.

Is he trying to make history? No, since there is no precedent for not being able to enter the Immortal Emperor after the Nine-Nine Thunder Tribulation, that means that all the Immortal Emperors who cannot advance to the Immortal Emperor, whether they have survived the Nine-Nine Thunder Tribulation or not, finally fell.

No, you have to fight.

Fifth Wave Thunder Tribulation fell, and it turned out to be nine times again. This time Lan Xiaobu was reluctant to wait. He rushed up and hit the Thunder Tribulation arc directly.

This fist seems to be above the reverse scale of Thunder Tribulation. Fifth Wave Thunder Tribulation has just fallen, Sixth Wave, Seventh Wave, Eighth Wave, and thirty Six Paths Thunder Tribulation arcs in a row fell suddenly. However, this is not the end, following the ninth wave of Thunder Tribulation arc falling.

So many Thunder Tribulation arcs, falling continuously, this is obviously going to cause Lan Xiaobu to die.

Forty-five Thunder Tribulation arcs falling at the same time were originally caused by Lan Xiaobu, and he would naturally not miss it. These Thunder Tribulations wanted to kill him, but they were short of fire.

Lan Xiaobu completely ignored the damage of his fleshy body, and absorbed the lightning source that fell down desperately. Then, under the sweep of Longevity Secret Art, these lightning sources condensed into a wave of power. Immortal Emperor shackles.

bang! bang! bang! ka-cha!

The skeleton shattered continuously, and the flesh and blood of the skin became rags under the arc of Thunder Tribulation. At this time, it was no longer splashes of blood mist, Lan Xiaobu was paralyzed and turned into a blood man.

Lan Xiaobu hasn't been like this for a long time, so seriously injured under Thunder Tribulation.

But he still survived. If he wants to step into the Immortal Emperor Realm, he must use this kind of thunder source.

As the thunder arc slowly dissipated, Lan Xiaobu's heart became heavier and heavier. Nine waves of Thunder Tribulation have passed, and he has not entered the Immortal Emperor Realm. Not only that, his injuries were almost irreversible. If an enemy comes at this time, he is dead.

He Lan Xiaobu will be the first to cross the arc of the nine waves of Thunder Tribulation, and as a result, he has not yet entered the Immortal Emperor.

Lan Xiaobu swallowed a drop of void fairy marrow, then took out a few medicine pills and swallowed them. When he was about to find a place to heal his injuries, a violent breath swept over him.

Lan Xiaobu's hairs are standing up, not only his scalp is numb, but the Primordial Spirit is also shaking.

This is Death Aura. He guessed right. After the nine waves of Thunder Tribulation, he did not enter the Immortal Emperor. There is only one way, death!

How to die? It must be related to Heaven and Earth Rule. At this time, Lan Xiaobu can take care of other things, he is about to rush into the universe without the slightest hesitation.

But the next moment's powerful Heaven and Earth Rule constrained his movements, and he simply couldn't enter the universe. This was determined to kill him.

Lan Xiaobu can't wait to swear at this moment, Ji Shengu has existed for so many years, who is not the god Spiritual Qi that he absorbed? Why didn't they have this kind of terrifying punishment when they were promoted to the Immortal Emperor? He has only been cultivation for several decades, so he has this kind of horrible rule punishment?

It's really that his cultivation base is too low. If his cultivation base is stronger, you must ask the makers of this rule.

Death Aura is getting closer and closer, Lan Xiaobu can barely take out the reincarnation pot beside him.

Almost at the same time that Lan Xiaobu was covering himself with the help of the reincarnation pot, a thunder arc with a diameter of one meter crashed down. This thunder arc originally blasted directly on top of Lan Xiaobu's head. Because Lan Xiaobu hid in the pot of reincarnation, this arc of thunder hit the pot of reincarnation.

The violent terrifying breath extended from the outside of the reincarnation pot, and then spread. Lan Xiaobu, who was already limp on the ground, was unable to struggle, and could only spout several mouthfuls of blood arrow.

This kind of terrifying aura, if it were not for the reincarnation pot, several of his Lan Xiaobu would have died.

At the moment, Lan Xiaobu only hopes that such terrifying strikes are gone. He can live one time with the help of reincarnation pot, not necessarily a second time.

After a while, Lan Xiaobu was sure that there was no such terrifying breath, and then he carefully operated Longevity Secret Art and began to heal his injuries.

As soon as Longevity Secret Art turned, Lan Xiaobu felt his meridian and Sea of ​​Consciousness burst, and the rich and pure thunder source instantly poured over his body. Even if he didn't hit the Immortal Emperor with all his strength, his Immortal Emperor's shackles were unknowingly rushed away.

Lan Xiaobu didn't know where to seize the opportunity, he even accelerated the weekly Heavenly Conduct Merit of Longevity Secret Art.

As soon as the sound of a chime sounded, Lan Xiaobu felt that the entire fleshy body had sublimated to the extreme. This reincarnation pot seems to be all pure thunder sources, these thunder sources were extracted by Lan Xiaobu, Sea of ​​Consciousness expanded crazily, meridian expanded infinitely, and the original dantian who was circulating in the fairy yuan was empty at once.

Successful, Lan Xiaobu was so excited, there was no daring to neglect, and he continued to run Longevity Secret Art to stabilize his Immortal Emperor Realm.

He never thought that the realm of his Immortal Emperor was promoted in a pot. In any case, it becomes the Immortal Emperor. Lan Xiaobu quickly stabilized his cultivation base, and his injuries recovered quickly after being promoted to the Immortal Emperor.


"This is the Kunxu Sea?" Standing on the Flying Magical Treasure, Luo Caisi looked at the scene in shock.

It was the first time she saw the boundless sea in the sky. The vast universe is really amazing.

On one side, Jia Yunkong was relaxed, and he finally sent Luo Caisi to the Kunxu Sea, and then he only needs to go to Kunxu Massive Home.

"Yes, this is the Kunxu Sea. Under normal circumstances, it takes at least seventy-eighty years to get from me to the Kunxu Sea. My Flying Magical Treasure is not bad, so it only took 40 years. It’s been here for many years. The Kunpeng is definitely not as fast as mine. Even if Fellow Daoist Lan makes the Flying Magical Treasure full of strength, it should be able to get here, and even behind us. Of course, Fellow Daoist Lan himself There is a Flying Magical Treasure, if he uses his own Flying Magical Treasure, it will arrive several decades in advance." Jia Yunkong explained.

Jia Yunkong is very proud of his Flying Magical Treasure.

"Kunxu Sea looks very calm." Gudao said.

Jia Yunkong slightly smiled, "That's because you didn't go to the Kunxu Sea. Generally, after entering the Kunxu Sea, the newcomer has only a 10% chance of survival."

There is one sentence that Jia Yunkong did not say. In fact, it was not he who led the way. Whether Gudao and Luo Caisi can come to this place are two different things. After coming here, I am afraid that I will not be able to go to Liangjia.

"The Kunxu Sea is so big, if you want to go to Liangjia, there is still a section of the road, right?" Luo Caisi asked.

Jia Yunkong is nodded, "Yes, if you rely on our Flying Magical Treasure to go directly to the measuring house, even if you are with me, it will be nine deaths and still alive. But I know a safer route After flying for three months from here, we can reach the Kunxu Fairy City. After arriving at the Kunxu Fairy City, we can take the Transmission Formation and go directly to the site of Liangjia."

"Kunxu Fairy City "Gudao eyes shined, "Island Lord, there is still a fairy city in Kunxu Sea?"

Gayunkong replied, "Of course there are, more than one, but this Kunxu fairy city is not ordinary There are Six Great Influences in the Kunxu Sea, which are Dakun Immortal Palace, Wuliangfang City, Sanxian Temple, Luan Jiao Island, Kunxu Fairy City, and Longming Valley. You can also hear that this Kunxu Fairy City can Ranked 5th, no one in the Kunxu Sea dare to provoke. So after arriving at the Kunxu Fairy Market, as long as you don't offend the people in the Fairy City, it is generally safe. This is not easy in Kunxu Sea."

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