Abandon The Universe Chapter 457

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Luo Caisi nodded, she has known about Kunxuhai. Anywhere, as long as someone wants to do it, they can do it for no reason. This is where the weak are prey to the strong. In other words, if people see you not pleasing to the eye, or if they see something on your body, they can kill you.

"Let's go, let's go to Kunxu Fairy City, and then take the Transmission Formation from Kunxu Fairy City to Liangjia." Jia Yunkong said.

In the eyes of Jia Yunkong, Lan Xiaobu can destroy even the Silent Valley, and it doesn't take much effort to deal with the Liang Family.

Many Elders of the Liang family suspected that Lan Xiaobu's destruction of the Silent Valley was a bluff, Jia Yunkong did not think so. Because he and Lan Xiaobu have been face to face, when standing next to Lan Xiaobu, he really felt the threat of death.

Jia Yunkong has lived on Kunqian Island for so many years, and he has so much experience in survival. He knows that his feelings are not false. Lan Xiaobu didn't do anything, and he could make his powerhouse, which is almost equivalent to Demi-God Realm, feel the threat of death, which shows that Lan Xiaobu has enough strength to easily crush him.

Jia Yunkong’s Flying Magical Treasure is very fast, coupled with Jia Yunkong’s veteran experience, Flying Magical Treasure will always bypass the sea surface vortex after rushing into the Kunxu sea, and there is still some sea surface dislocation space. . Along the way, apart from being swept by the waves several times, there was no major danger.

Two months later, Jia Yunkong’s Flying Magical Treasure stopped and he saw a purple-veined fairy fruit.

To be precise, he saw two cultivators facing each other on a reef island, and the reason why these two cultivators were facing each other was because a purple-veined fairy fruit appeared on the reef island.

Purple veined fairy fruit is the top Immortal Spirit grass of inestimable value. This is a Level 9 Immortal Spirit grass, which can broaden the cultivator meridian and repair broken veins and broken dantians of the cultivator. This Immortal Spirit grass is invaluable to any cultivator.

Purple-veined fairy fruit will not appear because people often come from this place. This kind of fairy fruit will appear without warning. Because the Purple Veined Immortal Fruit has been growing in the void, when the void grows, even if you pass by the Purple Veined Immortal Fruit, you cannot detect it. Only when the purple veined fairy fruit is about to mature, will it fall to the ground, and it can be discovered at this time.

The two facing each other are two Immortal Kings. For Jiayunkong, the Immortal King is the existence of trivial ant, he can pinch to death at will.

Jia Yunkong landed his spaceship on this reef island. Two confronting Immortal Kings saw Jia Yunkong coming. One of them grabbed a formation flag without the slightest hesitation and lost it. Go down.

Jia Yunkong is an Island Lord, and he doesn't know nothing about the battle against Dao. He saw the formation flag set by the Immortal King, and he knew it was a monitoring and inspiring formation flag. His divine sense swept, and sure enough, there is a monitoring array here. When this formation flag falls, the monitoring array is activated, which means that the situation here is already known.

"Xu He has seen senior." The Immortal King who arranged the formation flag took the initiative to bow to Jia Yunkong.

The other Immortal King hurriedly bowed and saluted, "Lu Jusheng has seen a senior."

Jia Yunkong's face is a bit unsightly, he stared coldly at it. The Immortal King who placed the formation flag under his name, "What did you just mean?"

The Immortal King who placed the formation flag immediately said, "I took the task from Kunxu Massive Home, because I found a Purple veined fairy fruit, and this purple veined fairy fruit has not yet fully matured, so a monitoring array was arranged. While waiting for the purple veined fairy fruit to mature, while waiting for the people of Liangfu to pick it. Lu Jusheng came later, I will arrange it here After monitoring the formation, he still wants to snatch the Purple Veined Fairy Fruit."

In just a few words, Jia Yunkong understood.

Xu He did see a purple-veined fairy fruit, but Xu He didn't intend to give it to the Liang family, but he was in order to guard against the unexpected, so he arranged a monitoring array next to it. Once this monitoring array is activated, it must be seen by the measuring family, otherwise, his arrangement will be meaningless.

As long as there is a threat to his existence, Xu He will inspire Formation, tell the Liang family that there is a purple veined fairy fruit here, and sell a favor to the Liang family. If no one comes, he will pick it directly when the purple veined fairy fruit is ripe.

Lu Jusheng discovered the purple veined fairy fruit before it matured. Lu Jusheng’s cultivation base cannot suppress Xu He, so Xu He did not intend to inspire the surveillance array to let the Liang family know about this. The arrival of Jia Yunkong made Xu He completely lost the possibility of obtaining the Purple Veined Fairy Fruit. He simply gave the Purple Veined Fairy Fruit to the Liang Family, and he also reaped some benefits from it.

Of course, Xu He is more to save his life. He should not believe that after an Immortal Emperor snatched his purple veined fairy fruit, he would be left with his life. Not to mention the Kunxu Sea, even if it is in other places, it is absolutely impossible.

Jia Yunkong sneered inwardly, if it was somewhere else, he would be afraid of it. But Liangjia, he really didn't care. He can be sure that as long as Lan Xiaobu finds the Liang Family, he will definitely destroy the Liang Family.

Lan Xiaobu wiped out even Jishen Valley, Liang Gucai of the Liang family forcibly took away his Dao Companion, Lan Xiaobu had no reason not to wipe out the Liang family.

Feeling the murderous intention in Jia Yunkong’s eyes, Xu He immediately said, "The genius of the Liang family has awakened the ancient Kun bloodline, and is now collecting everything Heaven and Earth Treasure in the Kunxu sea. , To stabilize the bloodline for Lianggucai. This kind of purple-veined fairy fruit is simply the highest treasure for Lianggucai of Lianggu. Do you know why I have a monitoring array that can be seen by Lianggu? Array. As long as you find top-notch good things, you can inspire the monitoring array to protect things."

Unspoken implication, the treasures that appear in the monitoring array, are all measured. If you grab it, you can, as long as you can keep it.

"Lianggu just returned to Liang's house?" Jia Yunkong was taken aback.

No, according to the truth, Liang Gucai is back. There is no reason why Lan Xiaobu hasn't arrived yet. Now that Lan Xiaobu is here, why should Liang Gu only collect treasures and stabilize the ancient Kun bloodline? Lan Xiaobu is so generous? A guy who wants to snatch his Dao Companion, is still so moisturized?

"Of course, once a peerless innate talent like Liang Gucai awakens, he naturally has to return to the family." Xu He replied.

"Is the Kunpeng of the Liang family back?" Jia Yunkong's tone was a little less confident.

Xu He replied, "Naturally, he is back. Not only did the Kunpeng come back, it also brought back many treasures."

"I have heard of a man named Lan Xiaobu. Does anyone come back with the Kunpeng?" Jia Yunkong felt that his tone was a little wrong.

"I haven't heard of it." Xu He shook his head.

Jia Yunkong's brain buzzed, it is understandable that Lianggu only came back, but after Liang Changxu came back, Lan Xiaobu did not come instead, there is a problem.

At this moment, Xu He’s communication bead lit up, Xu He glanced at the communication bead, and then said proudly, "The people from the Liang family have contacted me, and they will send someone soon. Come here. It's not far from Kunxu immortal city. They don't need much time to come here."

At this moment, Xu He is certain that his life will be saved. No matter what the origin of the Immortal Emperor in front of him, after the intervention of the Liang family, he definitely did not dare to snatch something to kill him.

"Senior, I'm leaving." Lu Jusheng, who had previously fought with Xu He, cup one fist in the other hand to Jia Yunkong, without the slightest hesitation, turning and fleeing.

The people from the Liang family are here, don’t you leave and stay here to die?

Jia Yunkong suppressed the panic in his heart and said calmly, "Since I am from the measuring family, I will not intervene."

After that, Jia Yunkong fell on him. On the magic weapon of spaceship, he took Gudao and Luo Caisi and left quickly.

At this moment, there was silence on the spaceship. Luo Caisi had been in the void for so many years, so naturally he was not a fool. After so many years of flying in the void, she heard from Jia Yunkong that Lan Xiaobu and Jia Yunkong are simply not good friends. Because Lan Xiaobu and Jia Yunkong only met once.

As for why Jia Yunkong wanted to help her, and even brought her to Kunxu Sea himself, Luo Caisi has also thought of some reasons over the years. It should be that Lan Xiaobu is very strong. Jia Yunkong wanted to make Lan Xiaobu good, so he took the initiative to bring her to Kunxu Sea.

As for why Lan Xiaobu is so strong, Luo Caisi is equally puzzled. But this is what she heard from Jia Yunkong, and she believes that there will be no fakes.

"Senior Sister, I think the atmosphere is a bit weird." Gudao also felt the weird atmosphere. After Jia Yunkong left the reef island, he did not continue to talk about going to the Liang family, nor did he come to chat with them. Instead, he controlled the spaceship and left quickly. Not only that, Jia Yunkong's face was not very good when he left the reef before.

Luo Caisi remained silent, if Jia Yunkong were to deal with them, they would not have the slightest resistance. For them, they can only wait silently.

Jia Yunkong now feels as if ten thousand alpacas are running past, he didn't expect Lan Xiaobu to disappear. It took him decades to befriend Lan Xiaobu. If Lan Xiaobu falls, doesn't it mean that he is acting like a clown?

Forget it, the point is that he offended Liang Changxu.

No, Xu He's surveillance team clearly saw him before, and he also saw Luo Caisi and Gudao standing on the deck. If this image appears in Liang's house, doesn't it obviously mean that he is fleeing with Luo Caisi? Did he help Lan Xiaobu?

Jia Yunkong clenched his fists, he knew he had to make a choice.

The first choice, he immediately took Luo Caisi and Gudao to Liang's house, gave Luo Caisi and Gudao to Liang's family, and told Liang's family that he had spent several decades in order to bring Luo Caisi to Luo Caisi. Sent.

This choice is a little late. If he really thinks this way, when he sees Xu He, he should stay at the High Level on the reef island and come over.

The second option is to run away immediately, taking Luo Caisi and Gudao how far they can go. The Kunxu sea is so vast that as long as they hide well, the Liang Family may not be able to catch them.

But why did he make the second choice?

The first choice is a bit late, but you can still go.

If you make the first choice, what if Lan Xiaobu does not have an accident, and finally comes to Kunxu Sea?

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