Abandon The Universe Chapter 458

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Anything Jia Yunkong does, he must maximize his benefits. Taking risks can be, but taking risks must have enough value. Why can he survive on Kunqian Island these years? It is because of this kind of survival experience. He did more adventurous things, and basically had enough income.

As before, he clearly knew that Lan Xiaobu's cultivation base was poor, and without knowing what power was behind Lan Xiaobu, he still chose to be conservative and did not directly act on Lan Xiaobu. So faced with two choices, Jia Yunkong was cautious and cautious.

If he makes the first choice and sends Luo Caisi to Liangjia, can he get the friendship of Liangjia? Obviously unlikely. Because he had offended an excessive amount of Long Xu, not only that, he did not make the first choice when he was on that reef island. So even if he sends Luo Caisi to Liang's house now, at best he is not blamed. And this is only possible. If Liang's family is more arrogant, maybe he will have to be held accountable for offending Liang Changxu.

For Jia Yunkong, this choice outweighs the gain.

The second choice may be that he draws water with a bamboo basket, because Lan Xiaobu is dead, and no matter how good he is to Luo Caisi, he cannot get enough benefits. The advantage is that he does not have to face the unknowable danger of the Liang family. At best, Kunqiandao don't want it.

For Jia Yunkong, he can survive if he offends the Liang family, but if he offends a powerhouse like Lan Xiaobu, he suspects that he can't survive. It's not because Lan Xiaobu's cultivation base is too strong, and can even destroy the Silent Valley, but because he always feels that Lan Xiaobu has made a divine sense mark on him.

So he bet Lan Xiaobu was not dead, how could a powerhouse that wiped out Kunqian Island easily died? Taking a step back, even if Lan Xiaobu is dead, he does not need to face the Liang family.

"Luo Fairy, we can’t go to Miao’s house. Fellow Daoist Lan didn’t go to Miao’s house, maybe something happened in the middle. I suspect that now I’m with you and I’m with me. If I didn’t guess wrong If they do, their next step is to want you and me. Now it’s too late for us to rush out of the Kunxu Sea. The Liang Family must be waiting for us at the edge of the Kunxu Sea. Once we are here, it will surely attract the craziest pursuit." Jia Yunkong said with mood grave.

Luo Caisi gave a salute, "Everything follows the arrangements of the Island Lord."

Jia Yunkong is nodded, "My idea is that we will dissolve immediately, and then go to Wuliangfang market. Wuliang The market is very large, and it is still the Ranked 2nd power of the Kunxu Sea, second only to Dakun Immortal Palace. No matter how capable, Liangjia can not investigate in Wuliangfang. The most important thing is that Wuliangfang is relatively safe, and we are here. How about waiting for years in Wuliangfang City?"

"Okay, just listen to the Island Lord." Luo Caisi said immediately. He understood what Jia Yunkong meant, and waited for a while in Wuliangfang City. If there was news of Lan Xiaobu, they would come back and look for Lan Xiaobu again. If there is no news of Lan Xiaobu, then she and Gudao should stay in Wuliangfang City, and Jiayunkong must leave Wuliangfang City.

But this is the best result for her, at least Jia Yunkong didn't take her to the measurement house.


The meteorite under Lan Xiaobu's feet has long since turned into slag, and Lan Xiaobu himself is completely bloodstained. But his mood was extremely cheerful. According to his original plan, it would take at least several hundred years to enter the Immortal Emperor. This is because he has Universe Dimension and Longevity Secret Art.

didn't expect Spiritual Qi, the god in the Silent Valley and the Marsh River, let him directly cross the long Immortal Venerable Realm, and came to the Immortal Emperor Realm in less than a hundred years.

Although it is only on the first floor of Immortal Emperor, Lan Xiaobu believes that even if Demi-God Realm comes, he is not afraid. Not because he is more innate talent than others, but because he has the cosmic dimension.

With the universe dimension, he can integrate Longevity Secret Art, Spirit Forging Technique, and Immortality Technique. The Spiritual Qi in the Valley of Silent Gods allows him to transform Immortal Spirit Qi into Spiritual Qi in advance.

Using Shenyuan to deal with Xianyuan, he doesn't need to worry about setting up Formation anytime, right?

After tidying up, Lan Xiaobu took out the pot of reincarnation. Since Liang Changxu didn't receive Liang Gucai, he went to Liang's home by himself.

The speed of the pot of reincarnation was stimulated the fastest. In just over a year, Lan Xiaobu stood on the edge of the Kunxu Sea. After he stepped into the Immortal Emperor, the speed of the pot of reincarnation increased by another level.

Lan Xiaobu is also the first time to see the empty sea, divine sense sweeps out the vastness, and with his current divine sense, he can't cover a corner of this endless empty sea.

Lan Xiaobu was secretly surprised. If he has been on Earth, how can he feel this vast and magnificent sight?

Lan Xiaobu is puzzled that Kunxu Sea is extremely dangerous, and most cultivators hide in a safe place for cultivation. These cultivators will come together only when they go out looking for cultivation resources, and they all remain extremely vigilant.

But it's not like that when he stands on the edge of the Kunxu Sea. Under his divine sense, there are more than a thousand people who are walking around aimlessly. Not only that, he even scanned a variety of low-level monitoring Formations, which almost completely covered the edge of the Kunxu Sea. At least most of the edges touched by his divine sense are covered.

Is there a top treasure on the edge of the Kunxu Sea, or is it because it is not as dangerous as the rumors?

"Stop." Two Great Firmament cultivators rushed over, blocking Lan Xiaobu's path one left and the other right.

"Where did you come from? Where did you go?" The cultivator on the left looked up and down Lan Xiaobu, and asked coldly.

When Lan Xiaobu was in Immortal King and Xianzun, as the cultivation base continued to increase, his breath continued to rise. Because of the long-term cultivation Longevity Secret Art, Dao Rhyme's circulation is relatively clear, so most people can see his range of strength. After he stepped into the Immortal Emperor, these Dao Rhyme breaths all disappeared. Longevity Secret Art Grand Dao Rule is getting better and better, at least in Immortal World, his Dao Rhyme is no longer as protruding as before. So it looks like an ordinary cultivator, and the cultivation base becomes vague.

Just like Return to the Natural State, wherever he stands, he seems to be able to blend in.

The two Great Firmament Golden Immortal cannot see Lan Xiaobu’s cultivation base, but they feel Lan Xiaobu’s age. For a young cultivator, the cultivation base will never be strong.

"What does this have to do with the two?" Lan Xiaobu said.

"hehe, we have ordered the Liang family to contain the fugitive here. From your look, it seems like a fugitive." The man looked up and down Lan Xiaobu while thinking. There is something on Lan Xiaobu.

Don't say that they are doing things for the measuring family, even if they are not measuring the family, a newcomer like Lan Xiaobu must have something good in him. Lan Xiaobu doesn't have the breath of void sea water. Obviously, he has just arrived in the Kunxu Sea. Such people usually have some treasures to accompany him.

Kunxuhai, whoever has the big fist, owns the thing.

Lan Xiaobu sneered, "Since you are besieging the fugitives, are you blind? Can't you see that I just came to Kunxu Sea?"

Sure enough, I just came to Kunxu Sea. , Both Great Firmament Golden Immortal are overjoyed. Just before they could speak, Lan Xiaobu said again, "Liang's family is very good, dare to intercept the fugitives in Kunxuhai. Could it be that Kunxuhai belongs to him?"

I heard Lan Xiaobu's tone. Not good, the other person pulled the Great Firmament Golden Immortal who wanted to get angry. An ordinary cultivator would not dare to speak so loudly, let alone a cultivator who just came here.

The cultivator who wanted to get angry because of Lan Xiaobu’s bad tone also felt the tone of Lan Xiaobu’s words. He snorted, “Liangjia is already the seventh force in Kunxu Sea, this is the Immortal Palace of Da Kun. Admit it. What do you say? Do you want to provoke the Kunxu Massive Family?"

"The Liang Family is the seventh in the Kunxu Sea? Isn't it possible?" Lan Xiaobu frowned. More than fifty years ago, he heard Jia Yunkong say that the Liang family in Kunxuhai was not considered Six Great Influences. This is just a few decades, and the Liang family has become the Seventh Great Influences?

several decades For the mundane, it may be half a lifetime, but for Immortal World, there is nothing wrong with it after a night.

"I don’t know, there is a peerless genius from the Liang family. He not only awakened the ancient Kun bloodline, but also entered the Immortal Venerable Realm world from the middle of the Immortal King in just two years." This Great Firmament Golden Immortal hehe said.

"Gu Kun bloodline? Who is it?" Lan Xiaobu already had some understanding in his mind. The ancient Kun bloodline that seemed to be awakened by the Liang family has made the Da Kun Immortal Palace feared and began to recognize the Liang family as the seventh in the Kunxu Sea. He doesn't know how strong this ancient Kun bloodline is, whether these people are jealous or flattering.

"The solitary talent, the grandson of the patriarch of the Liangshan Mountain, and the person who will be the master of the family in the future." This Great Firmament Golden Immortal said triumphantly.

Lan Xiaobu was shocked and immediately shouted, "Lianggu came back? When did it happen?"

He suddenly regretted it, if it weren’t for the delay at the bottom of the marsh mud river. In a few years, he had already arrived at Liang's house, so that Liang Gucai returned earlier than him, and he even suspected that Luo Caisi had been killed. If Luo Caisi is killed, what will happen to him even if he kills the Liang family?

The reason why the Great Firmament Golden Immortal answered Lan Xiaobu's details in detail before is to threaten Lan Xiaobu and let Lan Xiaobu know who is behind them. But Lan Xiaobu asked, and they were not in the mood to answer. The two took out the magic weapon by coincidence, standing on the left and right horns.

Where did Lan Xiaobu wait any longer, he slapped it directly, and his palm prints shot one of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal into blood. At the same time, the Immortal Emperor's domain had been locked in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal who had been answering his words before.

"Before, senior..." If this Great Firmament Golden Immortal didn't know that he had hit the iron plate, he would be a pig.

"Say, when Liang Gucai came back, he brought who back?" Lan Xiaobu's voice had a strong murderous intention.

"Senior, I really don’t know, it has nothing to do with me. I only know. After Lianggu stepped into the Immortal Venerable, the Liang Family will hold the Immortal Venerable Promotion Ceremony..." This Great Firmament Golden Immortal kowtow replied.

"pa." Lan Xiaobu slapped it again. When this Great Firmament Golden Immortal transform into a bloody mist, he had already rushed into the depths of the Kunxu Sea.

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