Abandon The Universe Chapter 459

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Lan Xiaobu didn't know that he could take the Transmission Formation to Liang's house as long as he arrived at Kunxu Fairy City. However, his reincarnation pot is extremely fast. Even if he does not take the Transmission Formation, he has only passed through the Kunxu fairy market in just three or four days. You must know that it is the Top Grade fairy spaceship, from the edge of the Kunxu sea to the Kunxu. It will take several months for the fairy city. It may take several years to slow down.

Because of the anxiety in my heart, the speed of the pot of reincarnation has been stimulated to the extreme by Lan Xiaobu. Some void sea monsters found the pot of reincarnation, but before these sea monsters rushed out, the pot of reincarnation had long been disappeared.


The place where Kunxu Hailiang’s family is located was originally an unnamed island, because there is a natural spirit vein in the depths of the island. This natural fairy spirit vein was the ancestor of the Liang family. It was discovered and occupied here, and finally named Gukun Island.

No one knew why the Liang family named this unnamed island Gukun Island. After Liang's family released an ancient Kun bloodline, everyone understood that the original Liang's ancestors had a trace of ancient Kun bloodline. The island where I live is named Gu Kun Island, and I hope that one day some of the younger generations can awaken the ancient Kun bloodline.

Now the Liang family has really awakened an ancient Kun bloodline genius, this is not just a matter of the Liang family, the entire Kunxu sea is shocked. The cultivation of Gu Kun bloodline not only kills the same level in seconds, it is not uncommon for them to leapfrog the great realm. It is even possible that Deity is crushed by the Immortal World realm.

This is not the most terrifying. The cultivator of the ancient Kun bloodline has a kind of Innate Divine Ability, which is to absorb God and Yuan.

You can think about it, when you are fighting against your opponent, after your divine ability took out, others first absorbed part of your divine ability’s Essence Power and divine sense, which was absorbed away Part of it becomes the opponent's strength and oppresses you. What will happen then?

At this moment, Gukun Island has ushered in the most lively time in history, and countless cultivators are coming in madness, because Gukun Island Liang Family is about to hold a ceremony for the promotion of solitary talents to the Immortal Venerable.

General cultivator is promoted to Immortal Venerable. There is no grand ceremony. Only when you are promoted to Immortal Emperor, can you be qualified for grand ceremony. However, if this cultivator who is promoted to the Immortal Venerable awakens the ancient Kun bloodline, it will be more qualified to host a great hall than the Immortal Emperor.

Not only will the various forces of the Kunxu Sea participate in this ceremony, even many loose cultivators will also participate. Because of the promise of the measurement family, any cultivator participating in this ceremony can get a glass of deep-sea divine wine.

The Deep Sea Shenluo is a special product of the Kunxu Sea. It is only found in the deepest part of the Kunxu Sea. Its function is to enhance the cultivator's ability to perceive it. Even the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Perfection has very few opportunities to enter the Immortal King Realm with the help of the Deep Sea Shenluxian Wine. As for the low-level cultivator, the chance of advancing with the help of the Deep Sea Shenluxian Wine is even greater.

Of course, Liang's family must provide the thinnest deep-sea Shenluxian wine, but what about it? Even though many cultivators have been surviving in the Kunxu Sea, they might not even have a chance to see what the deep sea gods are like.

Even without taking the Transmission Formation, Lan Xiaobu’s reincarnation pot came to the outskirts of Gukun Island on the 11th day. Lan Xiaobu doesn't have the empty bearing of Gukun Island. He can come to Gukun Island so quickly based on the divine sense imprint he made on Quan Changxu.

Outside the ancient Kun Island is a huge Grand Plaza, which is built on the Kunxu Sea. The edge of the square is locked by a guard, and several cultivators guard the entrance of the guard. If you want to enter the ancient Kun Island, you have to go through the investigation of these guards.

The square outside Gukun Island is very large, but it is also overcrowded at the moment. The Liang family stipulated that during the period when the Liang family held a ceremony for the solitary talents, who would dare to do something here would be the dead enemy of the Liang family.

Lan Xiaobu had never thought so much. His pot of reincarnation ignored the Forbidden-Flying Restriction and landed directly in the middle of the square.

Several guards rushed over immediately, almost boldly. The grand ceremony of the immortal statue of the geniuses and lonely talents of the ancient Kun Island, some people dare to ignore the Forbidden-Flying Restriction on the ancient Kun Island.

Lan Xiaobu has a hand, and the Qiyin halberd appears in the palm of his hand. He came here today to kill. The measure family will cease to exist from today onwards.

"Who are you?" A dozen guards from the Liangjia rushed over and surrounded Lan Xiaobu. The strongest cultivation base of these guards was nothing but the Immortal King. To Lan Xiaobu, these are not even ants.

Lan Xiaobu's gaze was simply not on these guards. His divine sense directly tore through all restrictions and searched for Luo Caisi. At the same time, he saw several young men Goddess standing in the square numbly. The guards who surrounded him were originally guarding these young men and women.

Is this the Primordial Spirit being imprisoned? Several Divine Souls of Lan Xiaobu without the slightest hesitation slammed into the past, and these cultivators who were imprisoned in Primordial Spirit suddenly woke up. One of the women yelled, "Immortal Root is the best Immortal Root aptitude, deprived of Immortal Root as the bloodline awakened and devoured..."

Very badly, Lan Xiaobu heard this. After divine sense swept out, he found that many loose cultivators were retreating nervously, as if they were about to leave the square, and lost their lives for a glass of fairy wine. Those sect representatives seemed to think it was normal and didn't care.

This is indeed a place that cannot be inferred by common sense. Lan Xiaobu has not spoken yet, and more and more guards are blocking him. An Immortal King late cultivator stared at Lan Xiaobu and said sharply, "Give me something. Get him down."

While speaking, he himself took out the magic weapon.

More than 30 guards took out the magic weapon at the same time and blasted Lan Xiaobu with all their strength. Lan Xiaobu held a roll of long halberd, and dozens of heads were rolled up by him and flew into the air. Blood spewed out, and instantly stained a corner of the square.

Several guards who have not rushed up yet cried out in horror, "He is the Immortal Emperor, he is the Immortal Emperor......"


compared to Hundreds of guests are sitting here in the chaotic square outside the island, in the great hall of Liang Family's largest guest house on Gukun Island.

The main position is a middle-aged man with a beardless white face. His face is full of smiles, and the joy almost overflows from in the bones.

He is the measuring family patriarch measuring Lianshan.

Liang Lianshan didn't even think about it. Liang's family still has today. See what distinguished guests are sitting below? The two Palace Lords of Da Kun Immortal Palace, the three Palace Lords of Sanxian Palace, and Vice Island Lord of Luan Jiao Island......

Not the Peak figures of the top powers, but the heads and brains of the Great Influences, ordinary Immortal Imperial Capital is not qualified to sit in this great hall.

Liang Lianshan picked up the wine glass and said, "Today is the day of my measuring family's great joy. After measuring my family to awaken the ancient Kun bloodline, I was promoted to the Immortal Emperor. Because the ancient Kun bloodline's awakening was relatively hasty. , So there was no celebration at that time. Today is considered to be a supplement. On behalf of the Liang family, I would like to thank all the friends in Kunxuhai for their support..."

Liang Lianshan's words stopped suddenly, and the smile on his face solidified. He got up, and his murderous intention was overflowing.

"Brother Lianshan, did someone make trouble?" It was Vice Island Lord Batz from Luan Jiao Island. He was the first to cheer for Liang's family. He had a good relationship with Liang Lianshan before. This time he naturally wants to make a good deal of his family.

Lan Xiaobu divine sense destroys the various restrictions on the island so much, not to mention him, in fact, most people in this great hall feel it.

Lianglianshan took a deep breath, and said to everyone a cup one fist in the other hand, "Brother Baitz said well. I have also spent many years in Kunxu Sea with Lianglianshan. I have never seen such an arrogant person. I directly used the divine sense divine ability to destroy all the isolation and prohibition on my ancient Kundao. Hahahaha, I want to see who is so powerful, even divine sense There are both cultivation techniques. Also, how can I have divine sense divine ability in my eyes."

A dozen Immortal Emperors also stood up and said, "Today is Kunxu. On the big day of Haigukun Island, let's go and take a look with Brother Lianshan."

Someone will take the lead, and the rest will stand up to support them. After all, everyone is here to make good friends.

At this time, everyone heard a bang, and then the entire island space shook. Some people who were going to stand up to support Liangjia stopped their bodies, as long as they were not stupid, they knew what the noise was about.

Obviously, someone forcibly blasted the Liang family's island guard formation, and it was a success. The Liang family's large formation of protecting the island is a Level 9 immortal formation, which can be shattered with a single blow, and it is absolutely impossible to do without proficiency in the formation. Moreover, the space of the entire island was trembling with this blow, which is not just a mastery of formations.

But this is not the end, countless buildings began to collapse. It seems that this guarding formation is no longer a guarding formation, but destroying the big formation.

With the protection of the ancient Kun Island, when the protection is broken, by the way, you can also use the protection to raze the buildings of the ancient Kun Island to the ground. How can this be so simple?

The dozen or so cultivators who stood up at first began to regret in their hearts, saying that they would not die if they stood up later. Why did they stand up so anxiously? It is true that Liang Family has produced an ancient Kun bloodline, but this ancient Kun bloodline has not grown up after all?

Liang Lianshan instantly calmed down from his anger. This is definitely a supreme powerhouse. He suddenly thought of the Formation terrifying Lan Xiaobu. But Lan Xiaobu was swept away by the Black Hole Vortex outside the Nether Marsh Mud River. Is it impossible to survive?

The most frightened person is Liang Changxu. Over the years, Liang Changxu has been working hard, but the restrictions on him have not been loosened at all.

This makes Liang Changxu a little bit suspicious that Lan Xiaobu is not dead, otherwise, why is this prohibition so tenacious? After all, he only vaguely felt that Lan Xiaobu was swept away by the black hole, and he was not sure if it was really swept away by the black hole.

Now some people dare to strike the guard formation of the ancient Kun Island, and with the help of the guard formation of the ancient Kun Island, directly turn all the buildings on the ancient Kun Island into powder. This is definitely Lan Xiaobu coming, it is Lan Xiaobu coming to destroy the ancient Kundao Liangjia.

Lan Xiaobu destroyed the Silent Valley, and come to Gukun Island...

Liang Changxu’s face was pale, he immediately rushed out, he was going to look for Liang Lian Shan, and will This incident told Liang Lianshan.

But when he rushed out, Liang Lianshan had already taken people to the entrance of the guard formation on Ancient Kun Island. There was only one voice in Liang Changxu's heart shouting, absolutely not to do it, never to do it. If Lan Xiaobu is here, the amount of action is the dead end. No matter how strong the Liang family is, it is simply not enough to look at compared to Ji Shen Gu.


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