Abandon The Universe Chapter 460

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At the entrance of Gukun Island’s guard formation, Lan Xiaobu smashed the Level 9 defensive formation of Gukun Island with just one halberd, but this is not the end, he once again The second halberd blasted out.

The second halberd swept across the sky and blasted down from the sky above the ancient Kun Island. At this moment, all the destruction aura in the outer space of the ancient Kun Island was swept away by Lan Xiaobu.

Everyone was stunned. Who is this person? So fierce? Just killed dozens of guards on Gukun Island, and another halberd shattered the defensive formation of Gukun Island? That's not even counted. Looking at the power of this person's second halberd, I am afraid that the entire ancient Kun Island will be shoveled into flat ground, right?

"Stop!" Liang Lianshan exclaimed in horror, anxiously fleeing from a distance. If this halberd goes down, will the ancient Kun Island of his Liang family still exist?

bang! Long halberd fell, a halberd that almost seemed to be the tearing space fell, turning from one zhang to two zhang, turning into four zhang and eight zhang...

The cultivators that Gukun Island rushed out were all quickly took out magic weapons. If you go down with this halberd, let alone Gukun Island, even they have a small fate. The terrifying destruction aura, if you don’t resist, it will definitely be severely damaged or even killed. Obviously, the man who did it was simply not merciful.

The faces of several big sect guests are hard to look at. No matter who they are, it is too bold to dare to do something with them.

"courting death!" Angry roar came from Gu Kun Island, followed by a blue silhouette soaring into the sky. With this blue silhouette, a bright blue glow was swept out. The blue glow also extended for a short time, and then directly blasted the long halberd mans that fell to the ancient Kun Island.

Lianglianshan and many cultivators of the Liangjia family saw this blue bright rays of light, they were all relaxed. They knew who made the shot, measuring the family's Liang Gujing.

Morutani is not the Demi-God Realm powerhouse of the Lan Family, but in the memorial family, even Demi-God Realm is not necessarily his opponent.

In Liangjia, it is said that Lianggujing is the Immortal Emperor Perfection. In fact, only Lianglianshan knows that Lianggujing has just stepped into the Immortal Emperor 7 Layer. But his strength can definitely be ranked among the top three in the Liang family. It can be said that if it were not for the awakening of Liang Gucai's ancient Kun bloodline, Liang Gujing's position in Liang's family would be higher and higher.

So every family meeting, Liang Lianshan attaches great importance to Liang Gujing's opinions.

Yutani is usually not much talkative, but his magic weapon is very distinctive, because he likes blue, not only his magic weapon is a blue knife, even the color of divine ability is also blue.

Liang Gujing shot. From Liang Lianshan's point of view, Lan Xiaobu's halberd would definitely be able to stop it, at least not to destroy the ancient Kun Island.

ka-cha! The two killing mans blasted together, the killing force burst, the space shook for a while, followed by violent shaking at the foot.

Everyone in the distance can clearly see that after the white halberd light and blue blade glow blasted together, there was a faint red blood line in the middle.


A more violent roar exploded under the feet, and everyone was shocked to find that a deep crack appeared on the ground under their feet.

The silhouette of the two halves fell from the void, just on both sides of the crack.

At this moment, time seems to have stopped. Everyone is staring at the crack under their feet. This crack is slowly expanding and extending... It seems that the entire ancient Kun Island will be divided into two sides. No, according to this cracking trend, the ancient Kun Island will definitely be divided into two halves.

And the silhouette that fell on both sides of the crack, everyone can see clearly, this is a man wearing blue clothed, but a blade of light fell from his eyebrows and split him in half That's it.

The inside and outside of the ancient Kun Island are deadly silent, they can only see Lan Xiaobu holding the long halberd still standing outside the guard array of the ancient Kun Island.

The only difference is that the guard formation of Ancient Kun Island has long been disappeared. Moreover, a crack appeared in the middle of the ancient Kun Island, and this crack was slowly expanding. A faint Immortal Spirit rhyme overflows from this crack. As time goes by, the overflowing Immortal Spirit Qi gets stronger and stronger.

Everyone knows what's going on. This is the fairy vein that split the ancient Kun Island. As time goes by, sooner or later Gu Kun Island will be torn in half by this crack.

All the cultivators who saw the collision at this time were suck in a cold breath. If it hadn't been blocked by Liang Gujing of the Liang family, this halberd would have completely torn the entire ancient Kun Island.

It's no use to block Lianggujing for a while, others destroyed Lianggujing's divine ability, but Yuwei still split the ancient Kun Island.

Liang Changxu, who ran from a distance, was cold all over, and he was still a step late. Gukun Island is over, and Liangjia is over. He suddenly regretted that he didn't listen to Lan Xiaobu's words, and took the initiative to stop the Kunpeng to wait for Lan Xiaobu, regretting that he had taken control of the Kunpeng and had escaped first. Unfortunately, without Regret Medicine, everything is too late.

Lianglianshan is no longer anger, instead it is endless fear. He guessed who came, it must be Lan Xiaobu. Lan Xiaobu was swept away by Black Hole Vortex and survived, showing how strong he is.

At this moment, he believed Liang Changxu's words. With such strength as Lan Xiaobu, where does the void formation need to be arranged to destroy the Valley of Silence? Even if it is meet force with force, people can also destroy the Valley of Solitude. This strength is definitely Deity Realm's.

All people regained their senses and calmed down. At first, the more than ten people who supported Lianglianshan were all subconsciously backing a step or two, and Lianglianshan protruded.

Liang Lianshan, who was about to go to war directly, had cup one fist in the other hand to Lan Xiaobu, "This Fellow Daoist, where did my Daoist offend you? Destroy the big formation of protecting the island of my measuring family, and killing me measuring Elder, and hacking me to measure my home?"

That said, Liang Lianshan was anxiously thinking about what should happen next. ? Because he knew very well that Lan Xiaobu had a big feud with him.

Lan Xiaobu stared at Liang Lianshan coldly, "Send my friend Luo Caisi out, and send Liang Gucai here, I will give you ten breaths time."

"My friend, there is a misunderstanding about this matter..." Liang Lianshan's face turned pale. If Lan Xiaobu hadn't destroyed the precedent of Ji Shengu, he would have let the Liang family besiege desperately. But now to besiege Lan Xiaobu, it should be to die. The Liang Family is not weak, but it is nothing compared to Ji Shen Gu.

"Ten, Nine, Eight..." Lan Xiaobu simply didn't bother to pay attention to Lianshan's words, but he was reporting the number, and he was reporting the number extremely fast.

The number is being reported, Lan Xiaobu has already sealed off the entire Gukun Island with the help of the void formation mark. He didn't find Luo Caisi just now in divine sense, but since he is here, how can he just leave like this?

When I heard Lan Xiaobu reporting the number, Liang Lianshan knew that there was no luck. He eagerly sounded and sent to Liang Bianying, "Immediately leave with the lonely talent, and when the lonely talent grows up, I will try my best. We must avenge the Liang family by all means."

Liang Bianying wanted to retreat quietly, but just a few steps after he withdrew, a terrifying murderous aura enveloped him, making Quan who wanted to retreat. Bian Ying stopped quickly.

When Lan Xiaobu was counting to three, a voice fell in his ear, "senior, Gu Kun Island has been looking for Luo Caisi, not only Luo Caisi, but also the Island Lord of Kunqian Island. Jia Yunkong."

Gu Kun Island is looking for Luo Caisi? Lan Xiaobu's heart moved. This means that Gu Kun Island didn't catch Luo Caisi? Lan Xiaobu remembered that when he had just entered the Kunxu Sea, he only knew that the Liang family arrested people in the Kunxu Sea. He didn't ask who it was. What he didn't expect was that the Kunxu Sea caught people. Luo Caisi.

This makes Lan Xiaobu relaxed. Starting today, Liang's family will definitely disappear from Gukun Island. He will not let Liang's family have an insect alive. As long as Liang's family is destroyed, even if he has not found Luo Caisi for the time being, there will be no problem with thinking.

"The Liang family is frantic, and the cultivator who catches the Kunxu sea deprives the Immortal Root of the Immortal Root so that the lonely person can swallow the bloodline that is used to grow the bullshit." A woman in the crowd shouted angrily.

This woman is really one of the people rescued by Lan Xiaobu, and her voice immediately aroused the echo of many people.

A man standing not far from Lianglianshan suddenly jumped out and pointed at Lianglianshan and shouted angrily, "Lianglianshan, I will wait for you to congratulate you, didn’t 't expect you to do such a utterly conscientious thing in your household. I, Kunxuhai, absolutely cannot allow a vicious family like you to exist."

After saying this, the man turned around immediately. A salute to Lan Xiaobu, "This Fellow Daoist, I am from Dakun Immortal Palace, and I am the second Palace Lord of Dakun Immortal Palace Jiao Pengxuan. I didn’t know that Liang’s family had done such a sacred thing, but now I know. , I count as one of the Immortal Palaces against the measurer."

Lan Xiaobu looked at Jiao Pengxuan, this guy is very capable of making the rudder in the wind. It's just that this Jiao Pengxuan doesn't look like a human being. He has a long face, some lines on his face, and a horn on his head.

"I look down on the disgusting face of Liang Family as much as I Sanxian Temple." Another person stood up.

"And I, Luan Jiao Island, absolutely cannot allow the Liang Family to exist in the Kunxu Sea. This is a tarnish to the Kunxu Sea." This time, it is the amount of support that came out not long ago. Byitz, who taught Lian Shan to the people, he and Liang Lian Shan were still good brothers before a dozen breaths, and in a blink of an eye they began to suppress Liang Lian Shan.

"The time is up." Lan Xiaobu suddenly rolled up a vitality handprint, dozens of void formation marks matched with Lan Xiaobu's handprints, and grabbed a young man from the depths of the ancient Kun Island. .

"Are you a lonely talented person?" Lan Xiaobu threw the caught guy under his feet.

This guy is really ugly, with big and small eyes, convex forehead and concave eyes. The most ugly thing is that mouth and thick lips. Even the Second Senior Brother will treat his face in front of this person. Have full confidence.

"Fellow Daoist show mercy, this matter is not about solitary talents, it is my fault that measured the family first." Liang Lianshan called eagerly.

Lianggu is the future of Liangjia. If Lianggu is taken away by Lan Xiaobu, it will be over.

Lan Xiaobu simply ignored Liang Lianshan, but stared at Liang Gucai and said, "Is it your dog, who grabbed Caisi?"

Liang Gu was frightened. Looking at Lan Xiaobu, when the vitality handprints were rolled up just now, he simply didn't have the least resistance.

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