Abandon The Universe Chapter 461

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"It's not me, it has nothing to do with me, this is a misunderstanding..." Lianggu cried out in horror, and the pride and ecstasy of the past few days turned into smoke at this moment.

Life is really ups and downs. When he was kicked into the void by Gudao, he cursed in his heart. But when he met the Void Beasts in the void, he awakened the ancient Kun bloodline when he was alive and dead. Gu Kun bloodline awakened, allowing him to enjoy everyone's admiration and praise, and got the greatest satisfaction, but in a short period of time, he was thrown under his feet to death.

"You are a waste of air when you live, go die for me." Lan Xiaobu slapped him down.

Liang Lianshan complexion changed, when he was about to take action, suddenly a terrifying aura rolled from the depths of the Kunxu Sea, which happened to hit Lan Xiaobu's this slap.

Lan Xiaobu believes that even if Demi-God Realm comes over, it is impossible for him to vomit blood from a distance.

And this is the case. This terrifying aura swept over, Lan Xiaobu didn't even have the ability to resist, so he was swept away, and when he was still in the air, he spouted a blood arrow, his internal organs. It all seemed to be shattered.

Deity? Lan Xiaobu complexion changed, and a seven-tone halberd appeared in the palm of his hand. He was sure that the strength of this person was definitely not as simple as Deity. He has also seen Deity. The picking of moisture in the Leiluo immortal domain should have surpassed the Immortal Emperor Realm and was considered a real Deity. But compared to the guy in front of me, Caimo is simply not on the same level.

I'm afraid that this person's strength will not be lower than Zhao Gongming. Why is such a powerhouse staying in Immortal World not suppressed by the Heaven and Earth Rule?

"No one can kill him." A fuzzy voice sounded, not only that, but it also made people feel a gloomy chill. As this voice appeared, a Hegemon's shadow appeared in front of everyone.

"Kun?" Liang Lianshan exclaimed in horror.

Despite the rumors of the ancestors of the Liang family, one of the descendants of the Liang family will have a certain chance to awaken the ancient Kun bloodline, but when a Kun really appears in front of him, there is only fear in his eyes.

Whether it is Dakun Immortal Palace or Luan Jiao Island or Sanxian Palace, everyone is backing away in horror.

There are rumors that there are real Kunxu seas, and no one has thought that this rumor is actually true.

If Kun appeared so easily, it would not be Divine Beast or even Sacred Beast.

Lan Xiaobu was also shocked to see this huge guy rushing out of the Kunxu seabed in front of him. This guy has a vaguely human-shaped face, standing there with ten zhang high, and his sides are still There are two huge wings.

Obviously, this guy is trying to evolve his human form, but he still hasn't completely evolved into it. Up to now, there is only a vague humanoid face. If this is really Kun, then the size of the body should be infinitely reduced at the moment.

Ju Kun stretched out his scaly claws, grabbed Liang Gucai in his hands, his huge eyes swept the audience contemptuously, and then glanced at Lan Xiaobu with disdain, and said slowly, "You are all going to die..."

After speaking, the giant claw slowly stretched out, and a terrifying destruction aura stretched around the ancient Kun Island.

Liang Lianshan loudly said, "Gu Kun senior, I am Liang Gucai's grandfather. After Gu Kun awakened the Gu Kun bloodline, we have been protecting the lone talent, we are considered relatives..."

"You are also worthy..." After Ju Kun said these words, giant claw blasted out.

The Kunxu Sea was surging, and one after another, Death Aura wrapped everyone in the tumbling waves. Even if Lan Xiaobu was a god, he felt despair at this moment. Under this terrifying aura, he simply had no room for resistance.

The huge wave seems to have wrapped the Kunxu Sea space into a sphere, and everyone is in this sphere, and then squeezed by the huge wave in this terrifying imposing manner. Whether it is Immortal Emperor or Demi-God Realm, under this squeeze, you can only watch your body torn apart by the tumbling waves...

Lan Xiaobu runs like crazy. Immortal tactics, resisting the squeezing of more and more terrifying waves. He can take out the pot of reincarnation, or enter the universe. But he didn't dare, once he took out these things, he would definitely be discovered by this giant Kun.

"Impossible..." The giant Kun suddenly burst out with a roar. After it displayed its divine ability, a terrifying force enveloped it, as if it was about to be rolled out of the Kunxu Sea... not right , This is to send it out of this realm. This force is far beyond its cultivation base, and it can't even resist it.

The giant Kun desperately resisted. It has a mission to stay in the Kunxu Sea of ​​Immortal World. The task is to wait for Immortal World to come out, wait for Immortal World to be destroyed under the calamity, or to protect the 108 huge pillars under the Nether Marsh River.

Once someone discovers the secret of God World’s transfer volume, it immediately kills those who destroy the transfer array. But now the amount of the robbery has not come down, its mission has not been completed, because of the divine ability, it was crushed by the Heaven and Earth Rule.

One after another blood mist exploded from the giant Kun's body. The giant Kun's whole body was trembling. It was very clear that if it continued to fight against the Heaven and Earth Rule, it might be squeezed into debris.

A cultivator is constantly torn into pieces in the strangling giant wave ball played by the giant kun. From ordinary cultivator to Great Immortal, then to Immortal King, Immortal, and finally even the Immortal Emperor began to be twisted into pieces one by one.

Ju Kun glanced bitterly at the location of Lan Xiaobu. If it weren't for Lan Xiaobu, the ant who wanted to kill the vein successor of the ancient Kun blood, it would appear impossible. Without showing up, it was impossible to be squeezed by the Heaven and Earth Rule, and then had to leave Immortal World.

If it fails to complete the Immortal World task of measuring the robbery and returns to God World, will the owner even take its skin off?

Ju Kun hit a shivered, no matter whether the owner will peel off its skin, it must escape first, life is important.

Although Lan Xiaobu was also squeezed by the giant wave ball, he still remained calm. He is a body cultivator. Compared with many cultivators, he has an advantage in strangling the giant wave ball. After the giant kun was crushed by the Heaven and Earth Rule, he could even tear the block of the giant wave ball.

At this moment, the body of the giant Kun not only bursts out of blood mist, but also with the giant's roar, the wave ball it casts has no external blessing, and Lan Xiaobu already understands what's going on.

It's not that he knows more than others, but because he has seen such things. At the beginning, Zhao Gongming was swept away by Heaven and Earth Rule because of its strong cultivation base. Lan Xiaobu did not know how the giant kun in front of him came to the Kunxu Sea. He knew that the giant kun must have been crushed by the Heaven and Earth Rule and was about to smashing void.

Lan Xiaobu without the slightest hesitation's halberd blasted out, and the giant kun's spray ball was torn apart by Lan Xiaobu's halberd. The scarlet's sea water leaned out. At this moment, few people were still alive. The amount of the family was crushed to death by the mountain, let alone others.

"Ant..." Seeing Lan Xiaobu rushed out of his divine ability, the giant Kun was furious. It could only watch Lan Xiaobu. At this moment, Lan Xiaobu was about to run away. There is no way. The horrible Heaven and Earth Rule squeeze has made it unbearable.

What Jukun didn't expect was that Lan Xiaobu simply didn't escape, and the Qiyin halberd in his hand rolled up pieces to kill the sound of Jiaoming and turned towards Liang Gucai.

Ju Kun was furious. It felt that it had been insulted, and it madly resisted the tearing and squeezing of Heaven and Earth Rule, and wanted to grab Lan Xiaobu away with one claw.

It's a pity that it overestimates its own strength. Under the pressure of resisting such terrifying Heaven and Earth Rule, it wants to do something with Lan Xiaobu again, which is simply a dream.

Lan Xiaobu's giant halberd completely enveloped Liang Gu Cai in Ju Kun's hands. Liang Gu Cai looked at Ju Kun in despair. He hoped that Ju Kun would save him again.

"Ant, don't you know that after I smashing void, he will definitely die?" The giant Kun couldn't do anything, and roared at Lan Xiaobu.

It is telling the truth. Once its power is taken away by the Heaven and Earth Rule, any life caught in its hands will be turned into dust. In other words, even if Lan Xiaobu doesn't do anything, the amount of solitary talent is bound to die.

Before, when it knew that it could not resist the squeeze of the Heaven and Earth Rule, it wanted to send Liang Gucai far away, so as to save Liang Gucai's life. After Lan Xiaobu broke his spray ball, it wanted to kill Lan Xiaobu first.

Until Lan Xiaobu's Qiyin Halberd Volume Vector was lonely, Ju Kun realized how pale and weak his thoughts were.

"pu!" Obviously caught by the giant Kun, Lan Xiaobu's Qiyin halberd still tears Liang Gucai into blood mist slag, and Liang Gucai did not even send out a cry for help.

After killing Liang Gucai, Lan Xiaobu stopped and stared at the giant Kun and said, "You Bu Ye knows, but Bu Ye is going to kill this rubbish by himself, what can you do? Go back to God World After that, I washed my neck, and waited for your cloth master to chop you up and feed Gudao."

"you are courting death......" After Gu Kun said these three words, his body The skeleton shattered inch by inch, the whole body seemed to explode, and blood mist spewed out.

What makes it even more angry is that Lan Xiaobu rolled it in his hand, collected the blood mist spewed from it, put it into a jade bottle, and said slowly, "Take it and sell some Use small money."

"pu!" The giant Kun sprayed out a blood arrow, this time he was angry. But it didn't dare to stay for a while, and was thrown into the void along with a vortex and disappeared.

bang! Almost at the same time when the giant Kun disappeared, the Kunxu Sea at the foot of Lan Xiaobu suddenly burst out one after another terrifying lava wave. Lan Xiaobu was going crazy and anxious, and at the next moment he found that this space was all imprisoned, not to mention going, even moving was extremely difficult.

Lan Xiaobu hurriedly rushed into the universe Dimension, where he stood before, a piece of flames tumbling up, covering everything on this side. Several Immortal Emperors who were lucky enough to escape the giant kun wave ball with Lan Xiaobu, could no longer escape, and were all involved in this terrifying lava and turned into nothingness.

Standing in the universe dimension, Lan Xiaobu's divine sense seeps out. As soon as the divine sense touches the lava, it is immediately burnt clean.

This kind of terrifying flame lava is wrapped in a regular breath of death, just as if everything enters, it will be strangled clean.

Lan Xiaobu thought of a kind of flame, karma fire.

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