Abandon The Universe Chapter 462

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Is this industry fire? Immediately, Lan Xiaobu was sure that this was definitely a karma fire, and it was a karma fire that had just originated. The giant kun was refining the karma fire in the Kunxu Sea. Now the giant kun was swept away by the Heaven and Earth Rule, and the karma fire broke out. Even the karma fire that just originated is enough to make a corner of the Kunxu sea into nothingness.

Lan Xiaobu has naturally heard of such a big name. In terms of fame, Karma Huo is stronger than his primordial Heng Huo.

If the ordinary cultivator sees the karma fire, even if it takes a long time, I am afraid it will stay in this place to refining the karma fire. The giant kun was swept away by the Heaven and Earth Rule, leaving the karma fire behind. I am afraid it was a bamboo basket to draw water. Perhaps at this time, that giant Kun is still regretting in his heart, and he shouldn't be too troublesome.

No matter how precious the karma fire is, it’s the same for Lan Xiaobu. He is used to using Henghuo from the beginning, and Henghuo from the beginning is now very obedient and easy to use, and he doesn’t bother to change for something else. flame.

Isn’t your karma very strong? so what? Just let my primordial constant fire swallow it, and see if it can make the primordial constant fire rise to a higher level and create a stronger flame. Lan Xiaobu took out the primordial constant fire extremely simply, and he wanted the primordial constant fire to swallow the karma fire.

In the beginning, the constant fire took out, and the tumbling lava was immediately wrapped up.

Lan Xiaobu watched very worriedly. Once Taichu Henghuo was swallowed by karma, he immediately took back Taichu Henghuo.

The reason why he dared to do this is because the karma fire has not yet grown up, and in the beginning, Henghuo was already a Level 7 fairy flame.

Although the industry fire is strong, the level is far inferior to Lan Xiaobu's Taichu Henghuo. The level of suppression should be able to swallow the eternal fire of the beginning, right?

Lan Xiaobu soon knew that he was wrong, and the fire of karma was like a crazy roar, wrapped in endless lava to the eternal fire of the beginning.

In the beginning, the constant fire was still able to resist at first, but it was soon wrapped up and the breath began to weaken.

Lan Xiaobu was shocked. If the eternal fire in the beginning had been swallowed by the fire of karma, he would have lost a lot. He hastened to take back Henghuo from the beginning, but Henghuo from the beginning was already wrapped in karma, and he couldn't take it back. At this time, he couldn't care about anything else, and the divine sense stretched out, attacking the lava of karma frantically. At the same time, continue to operate Spirit Forging Technique.

The divine sense of the attack was swallowed instantly, but Lan Xiaobu continued to attack karma with the Spirit Forging Technique. And the Taichu Henghuo that belonged to him also took the opportunity to backlash. After a whole day, Taichu Henghuo finally gained a slight upper hand. Lan Xiaobu's face was incredibly pale at the moment, and he felt that his Sea of ​​Consciousness was about to collapse.

But this is a critical moment, and Lan Xiaobu dare not relax at all.

Another day later, the constant fire at the beginning finally started to strengthen. Although the lava tumbling outside became more and more angry, Lan Xiaobu knew that the most dangerous time had passed, and he took back the divine sense. At this moment, no matter how many karma fire lava rushes to the primordial constant fire, the primordial constant fire quickly absorbs the flame essence in it, and is always strengthening oneself. After the long and the other disappeared, the karma fire has no resistance.

Lan Xiaobu can clearly feel in the universe dimension that the constant fire in the beginning gradually strengthened, while the karma fire gradually weakened. Half a day later, when his divine sense stretched out again, the karma lava was unable to swallow his divine sense.

Two days later, Lan Xiaobu left Universe Dimension and once again stood on the Kunxu Sea. Karma fire lava completely disappeared, Lan Xiaobu took a picture, and the constant fire fell on the palm of his hand in the beginning. The difference between the flame at this moment and before is that there is a hint of black. This trace of black should be a manifestation of devouring the fire of karma.

But obviously, his current Primordial Constant Fire is already Level 9 Immortal Flame. Feeling the powerful aura from the primordial constant fire, Lan Xiaobu secretly thought, in terms of attack power, the current primordial constant fire is much stronger than before, right?

After putting away the constant fire at the beginning, Lan Xiaobu immediately sensed the position of Jiayunkong. Jia Yunkong guessed well, Lan Xiaobu had indeed imprinted divine sense on him. If it weren't for Zhu Keji, Lan Xiaobu would have killed him early.

According to the sound transmission information given to him by others, Jia Yunkong may be in the same place as Luo Caisi. Lan Xiaobu guessed that Luo Caisi should have arrived at Kunqian Island. After Jia Yunkong knew that it was Luo Caisi, he brought Luo Caisi to look for him. The purpose of this is to let himself show mercy and spare his life.

In just a moment, Lan Xiaobu confirmed that Jiayunkong was located, indeed in the Kunxu Sea.


Da Kun Immortal Palace.

Jia Yunkong clenched his fists, and also came to visit Da Kun Immortal Palace. He Jia Yunkong waited in a small stone house, but others were in the luxurious guest hall, as well as the Palace Lord. accompany.

But he calmed down very quickly. Compared to Lan Xiaobu's Dao Companion Luo Caisi, his grievance is nothing, right? Thinking of Luo Caisi, Jia Yunkong could only sigh. I hope she is lucky. The only thing she can help is this. He also told Luo Caisi not to let Gudao show up, otherwise they would be very dangerous.

As long as you are more cautious, Wuliangfang City can still barely survive, just don't go out to sea casually.

While Jia Yunkong was still thinking about this, a dísciple from Immortal Palace suddenly came over, "Gah Island Lord, our Palace Lord would like to please."

"many Thanks this Fellow Daoist." Jia Yunkong quickly stood up, waited for a full four days, and finally waited for this sentence.

Following this dísciple of the Immortal Palace to the guest hall, Jia Yunkong knew that there were already more than twenty people sitting in the guest hall. Even more embarrassing was that he found that he had no seats.

This kind of embarrassment was quickly thrown aside by Jia Yunkong. He thought that the most people who saw him were four Palace Lord seal patterns, but he didn't expect that he actually saw the big Palace Lord Yuan cloth and Three Palace Lord chapters without cod.

Jia Yunkong hurriedly gave a salute, "I have seen Yuan Palace Lord, Zhang Palace Lord, and Fellow Daoist."

If there is no seat, there will be no seat. Today he is not a guest here. Yes, I'm here to beg for help.

"Gaya Island Lord, the past few days have been too busy. I have been neglecting you until now, neglecting. Come here, let Gaya Island Lord take a seat." Yuanbu said slightly smiled in a kind tone.

A maid quickly took out a chair and put it down on the edge.

Ga Yunkong was flattered and said, "The Great Palace Lord is polite, it's not time for me to come."

I thanked him again, and then walked to the chair. sit down. He didn't expect that there was a seat, no matter what Da Kun Immortal Palace thought, it finally gave him a little face.

"Does Island Lord know about Gukun Island?" This time it was not the Grand Palace Lord, but a woman sitting next to the Grand Palace Lord. This is the only woman among the four Palace Lords of the Immortal Palace, the three Palace Lords without cod.

Jia Yunkong hurriedly said, "Huisan Palace Lord, I do know a little bit. I heard that Lianggucai from the Liang family on the ancient Kun Island awakened the ancient Kun bloodline. Not only that, Liang Gucai also entered Immortal Venerable Realm is now holding a ceremony."

He knows that Gu Kun Island is holding a ceremony, and he also knows that Gu Kun Island is looking for him and Luo Caisi. However, he was certain that Da Kun Immortal Palace would not arrest him just because he came here to visit and give him to the Gu Kun Island Liang Family. Not only will they not send it, but even the news from themselves will not tell Gu Kun Island.

Where is Dakun Immortal Palace? This is Kunxuhai Number One Influence. If you do this, wouldn't it be that you slap yourself in the face, thinking that Liangjia is far better than Dakun Immortal Palace? Is Dakun Immortal Palace afraid of Liangjia? If a visitor to Dakun Immortal Palace will be arrested and given to Liangjia, Dakun Immortal Palace will not have the status it is today.

Of course, if possible, Jia Yunkong really doesn't want to visit at this time. Because after this visit, he will leave. Even if it is Kunqian Island, he will not go back temporarily. Offending Liangjia, Kunxuhai is no longer a good place to stay for a long time.

As for Luo Caisi, he is really unable to help. If he is able, he will also send Luo Caisi to Immortal World's immortal domain instead of letting Luo Caisi stay in Wuliangfang City to fend for himself.

Zhang Wu Ke said lightly, “I’m not talking about this incident, but the lava fire broke out on the ancient Kun Island. The entire ancient Kun Island was destroyed and no one survived. I am a big Kun Immortal Palace. Jiayun’s second Palace Lord, Jiao Pengxuan, also disappeared because of this. As for the Gukun Island Liangjia, that’s already a thing of the past."

Jia Yunkong stayed for a while, and then he got cold behind his back, he understood. What's the matter, he overestimated Da Kun Immortal Palace too much.

He was thrown into a simple stone house before, not because of Da Kun Immortal Palace's negligence, but because Da Kun Immortal Palace went to inform Liang Family to arrest him. After waiting for two days, Da Kun Immortal Palace learned of an accident on the ancient Kun Island, and Liang’s family disappeared, so he had the opportunity to appear in this guest house. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would have been caught on the way to the ancient Kun Island.

Isn't Da Kun Immortal Palace the Kunxu Sea Number One Influence? How could you do such a humble thing? Smash your own sign? Because this matter was not known to others as impossible, when he came here to visit, he made it clear that he told his friends to come to Da Kun Immortal Palace to visit.

Under such circumstances, Da Kun Immortal Palace still has to arrest him and give it to the Liang family. Is an ancient Kun bloodline of Liang's family really terrifying and worthy of Immortal Palace? It doesn't even have its own reputation, but also to please Liang's family?

By the way, just now Zhang Wou said that the second Palace Lord of the Immortal Palace of Da Kun has also disappeared. Dakun Immortal Palace sent two Palace Lords to participate in the genius ceremony of Gukun Island, which shows that this matter is indeed very important.

"It seems that Island Lord doesn't know about this?" Zhang Wuke said calmly.

Jia Yunkong hurriedly stood up and said, "I have been in the Kunxu Sea. I really don’t know that something happened to the ancient Kun Island." Naga Island Lord, please."

This is a question of asking himself, and then he will be driven away after he answers? Jia Yunkong was furious, and he still had to say respectfully, "Yuan Palace Lord, Zhang Palace Lord, I heard that Hunzi once participated in the Dakun Sea Realm opened by Dakun Immortal Palace thousands of years ago. After that, Hunzi has not been there. Go back, I want to know the specific situation. Please also..."

Until Jiayun's empty talk, Zhang Wuhou coldly snorted, "What? Your son is lost, come to me Da Kun Immortal Palace VIP? My Da Kun Immortal Palace is so free, I have nothing to help you see your son?"

What Jia Yunkong wants to say is held in his chest. He is here to find Da Kun Immortal Palace VIP. NS?

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