Abandon The Universe Chapter 463

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His son went missing when he came to Kunxuhai. He has visited Kunxuhai three times, but he didn't find it once. This time I sent Luo Caisi to Wuliangfang City. I accidentally heard that his son Jia Xinyu had been to the Dakun Sea in Dakun Immortal Palace. Because of this, he had to come over and ask.

"Don't dare..." Jia Yunkong said quickly. He knew he had to leave quickly, otherwise, Da Kun Immortal Palace would kill him.

Jia Yunkong completely woke up, he can't walk now. After knowing the attitude of Da Kun Immortal Palace, he should not inquire about his son's whereabouts. Knowing that his son had been to Dakunhai and then disappeared, whether his disappearance is related to Dakun Immortal Palace or not, with Dakun Immortal Palace, a sect that has no morals, I am afraid that he will not be allowed to leave intact.

"Gah Island Lord, please, I have important matters to discuss here, so I won't leave Gah Island Lord." Zhang Wu Ke said in a somewhat impatient tone.

Jia Yun's heart sank. Just when he didn't know what to do, a voice suddenly came from outside, "Is the Lord of Immortal Palace Palace of Da Kun here? Lan Xiaobu is here to visit."

This voice seemed to come from a very far away, but it fell clearly in everyone's ears.

Jia Yunkong was shocked when he heard the voice, and then clenched his fists. He was fortunate that he had made the right choice, and regretted that he had left Wuliangfang a few months in advance.

If he is still in Wuliangfang City, Lan Xiaobu sees that he has been protecting Luo Caisi, this friendship will be great, but he will leave early after all.

Fortunately, he didn't do anything to apologize to Lan Xiaobu. As long as he is not a rude and unreasonable person, he will accept his favor.

At this moment, Jia Yunkong is almost certain that Lan Xiaobu came here to look for him. The reason why he asked Da Kun the Palace Lord of Immortal Palace first is to be polite.

Lan Xiaobu can find here, which shows that his previous guess is not wrong, which means that Lan Xiaobu did make a divine sense imprint on him. He just said, how can a powerhouse that can destroy the Valley of the Silent God be killed by Liang Changxu?

No, Jia Yunkong suddenly thought of what the Three Palace Lords asked him just now. The third Palace Lord said that the ancient Kun Island had been destroyed, and the measuring family was finished. How many years has Gukun Island existed? How many years has Quanjia existed? After so many years of being safe and sound, why is it suddenly ruined now?

If it is said that Lianggu only awakened the ancient Kun bloodline and caused this incident, it is not a day or two for the ancient Kun bloodline that Lianggu only awakened, but for some years.

Think of this, Jia Yunkong held breath cold air, because he thought of a possibility, Lan Xiaobu came.

A person who can destroy the Valley of the Silent Gods can't destroy the ancient Kun Island?

Gu Kun Island is looking for Luo Caisi and him everywhere, as long as you are not deaf. They were hiding in Wuliangfang City, and they could see wanted information everywhere. As soon as Lan Xiaobu got to Kunxuhai, he would definitely know what the ancient Kundao was doing.

So the reason why the ancient Kun Island was destroyed is because Lan Xiaobu came.

really strong! This is Jia Yunkong's only thought.

Lan Xiaobu kills Ji Shengu, he didn't see it with his own eyes, but he believed it. Lan Xiaobu destroyed Gu Kun Island and he didn't even get the slightest information. He still believed his guess.

"This person's really strong divine sense and Xianyuan." An Immortal Emperor powerhouse said in surprise.

Da Kun Immortal Palace is full of prohibitions, people do not move the prohibitions, and the voice comes from outside, everyone can hear clearly, can it be strong?

"Elder Leng, you go to meet this Lan Xiaobu and see what his origin is? This kind of powerhouse will not come to my Immortal Palace for no reason. Try to be polite." Yuanbu said slowly. .

"Yes." After a man with a slender figure complied, he walked out of the guest's great hall.

Zhang Wuhu saw Jia Yunkong who was still standing still, frowning and said, "Island Lord, there is nothing for you here, you can invite it."

Originally Knowing his situation, Jiayun Hollow was cold. At the moment when he heard Lan Xiaobu's voice, he suddenly felt that he was also an Island Lord. What about Da Kun Immortal Palace?

This state of mind made Jiayun Hollow secretly sighed. He knew that it was because Lan Xiaobu was here that he suddenly gained confidence. It's no wonder that for so many years, he can only shrink to Kunqian Island to become an Island Lord, by the way, get some cultivation resources.

"Three Palace Lords really want me to go?" Jia Yunkong said lightly. When the other party could no longer threaten him, Jia Yunkong no longer spoke with the same caution and respect.

"Why? May I ask you not to move you?" Zhang Wu Ke's face was difficult to look.

Jia Yunkong haha ​​smiled, "Yes, you really don’t want to move me. And I don’t want to leave now, because besides waiting for Fellow Daoist Lan, I also have to ask my son where he is. Where."

"What shit Fellow Daoist Lan? You want to run wild in my Dakun Immortal Palace, you are not qualified..." Zhang Wuhu suddenly stood up after speaking, and he wanted to do it.

I only heard a faint voice saying, "Why? Your Immortal Palace is dragon's pool and tiger's den, your boss can't come yet?"

The voice fell, Lan Xiaobu appeared at the door of the guest's great hall. He heard that Jia Yunkong seemed to be despised here, and his relationship with the owner was still very poor.

Before he guessed that Jia Yunkong brought Luo Caisi to the Kunxu Sea, now he is even more sure that his guess is correct. If Jia Yunkong did not protect Luo Caisi from the Kunxu Sea, he would not dare to say that he was waiting for him. Lan Xiaobu is a person with gratitude and grudges are clear. Jia Yunkong helped Luo Caisi. His choice without the slightest hesitation helped Jia Yunkong. As for the two innocents, hehe, for Lan Xiaobu, that doesn't exist.

After Lan Xiaobu finished speaking, the silhouette of Elder Leng appeared at the door of the guest’s great hall. He was also speechless. Lan Xiaobu was obviously a guest. He just greeted him at the door and he took the initiative to enter the Dakun Immortal Palace, and then almost the speed of instant movement stood at the door of the great hall. Instead, he rushed over behind him.

"Who are you?" Zhang Wu Ke, who was about to do it, paused abruptly.

"I'm Lan Xiaobu, the person who was going to visit your Dakun Immortal Palace just now, that is, what kind of shit Fellow Daoist Lan in your mouth." Lan Xiaobu said lightly.

After speaking, he did not continue to pay attention to Zhang Wuhou, but looked towards Jia Yunkong. He is here to find Jia Yunkong, and he really doesn't care what Dakun Immortal Palace is. Besides, he has also seen the Second Palace Lord of Da Kun Immortal Palace, which is completely a wall grass. He is really not interested in making friends with the sect where this kind of person is.

Zhang Wukou’s face was ashamed of anger, no matter how strong he is, don’t even want to run wild in Dakun Immortal Palace, even more how did he come to Dakun Immortal Palace?

"Wulun Elder, you do it now, take this person, don't leave any hands." Da Kun Immortal Palace's first Palace Lord Yuanbu without the slightest hesitation sound transmission to an Immortal Emperor Elder of Peak.

No matter how strong Lan Xiaobu is, if he wants to be so arrogant in Dakun Immortal Palace, there is only death.

A man who was like a ball suddenly rushed up. When everyone noticed this person, this person had already appeared on Lan Xiaobu's head.

Even if it was Jia Yunkong's strength, he didn't feel where this man's magic weapon was, but he just felt a kind of chill.

Lan Xiaobu standing still did not move, the seven-tone halberd took out, the halberd light burst, and countless halberd lights did not hit the ball that fell on his head, but instead hit him. The unmanned space not far away.

ka-cha! The sound of the skeleton breaking, all the guests in the great hall only heard a groan, followed by the one silhouette fell from the void and fell into the middle of the great hall.

At the same time, Lan Xiaobu took a shot, and he grabbed a huge black hammer in his hand.

This time the match was almost over before half a breath of time was up. When everyone saw it clearly, they found a ball that was less than three feet tall and three feet wide in the middle of the great hall. man. There is a blood hole in the center of his eyebrows, and the blood is still overflowing.

Is Wulun of Da Kun Immortal Palace? Some people who knew this round man were shocked secretly. Rumor has it that Wulun is the fifth expert of Da Kun Immortal Palace, second only to the four Palace Lords. In the case of a sudden sneak attack, even the Palace Lord of Da Kun Immortal Palace may not be able to stop it.

Such an expert's fight between the gaps was bombarded?

Wulun was indeed bombarded. It was not that his strength was so different from Lan Xiaobu's truth, but because his every move fell under the control of Lan Xiaobu.

His cultivation technique is very peculiar, the formidable power of Zhenhai Hammer is boundless. At this time, almost nine out of ten people would fully resist his Zhenhai Hammer. But once someone lands and forms a unique spatial distance from Zhenhai Hammer, he will sweep the surrounding overwhelming majority imposing manner and bless Zhenhai Hammer, making Zhenhai Hammer more than ten times stronger during that half breath. A Zhenhai Hammer of this intensity, no matter who it is, will be hit hard in haste.

The heavy injury is only the 1st Step. After the opponent is severely injured, the True Divine Ability of Zhenhai Hammer will break out. It can be said that the next moment is the moment when the heavy wounder surrenders his life.

What Wulun didn't expect was that Lan Xiaobu's halberd simply ignored his Zhenhai hammer, but slammed into his foothold.

Lan Xiaobu's long halberd had torn his brow bone before he landed. Fortunately, he is a body cultivator. In a hurry, he can also take out the body protection magic weapon and escape. But in this way, Zhenhai Hammer's imposing manner dissipated, and even one percent of the original was not left.

Lan Xiaobu was also deeply moved, and as expected, after standing at a certain height, everything can be overlooked. The moment Wulun started his hands, he had already learned the origin of Wulun's divine ability through the changes in the surrounding Space Rule.

Sure enough, a single blow directly caused Wulun to take a heavy hit.

Wulun was shocked at the moment. He knew that this was the most dangerous time for him, and he was seriously injured. If the opponent made a sudden move, he would be dead.

So when he landed on the ground, Wulun simply ignored his own injury, bounced on the spot, and shouted, "Palace Lord, save me..."

After speaking, he wanted to retreat madly. It's just that the idea is too good. He just finished saying this sentence. He didn't know if Palace Lord would save him. He felt a terrifying murderous force covering him. At this moment, he felt Death Aura.

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