East Heaven, Swordsman League! Next to a courtyard pond.

A man in a gray robes stood by the pond, next to a servant handing a food bowl, and the gray robes grabbed the food in the bowl and gently sprinkled it into the pond.

Suddenly, countless treasured fish in the pond came to fight for food.

“The lord, the invitation has been sent out!” Another person behind the wide robe man respectfully worshipped.

Obviously, this gray-robed man who feeds the fish is the ally of the Swordsman League, Goujian! In charge of the first holy sword of the Heavens, the Middle Ages surpassed Wang Goujian.

Goujian did not look back, just feeding the fish and asking.

“Fan Wei found it?” Goujian asked.

“Yes, occupying a senior position in Dongqin, and now being extradited, we have helped him recover the past life memories, but he is still in the wrong mood!” The subordinate said respectfully.

“If the mood is wrong, let him be emotionally right! My people, can you go if you want to go?” Goujian calmly said.


“What kind of language? Xi Shi? Reincarnation?” Goujian faint.

“Yes, according to the time of the Ghost Valley in the Middle Ages, they have all been reincarnation. However, they have been reincarnation to the Valley of Fish and Water. The reincarnation of the language has become the Young Master of the Fish Valley. The West Master is the Four Young Master, no, Miss Four!” said the subordinate. .

Goujian hands a pause, picked up his eyes: “Fish water valley? Is it a fish sausage?”

“Yes!” The subordinate said respectfully.

“Hē! Sword Emperor Conference, give them a copy?” Goujian asked.

“Yes, under the Heavens Lord of the Sword, we all sent it!” The subordinate said respectfully.

“That’s the way, the sword Emperor conference, who is the Emperor of the sword! Emperor one, under the Heavens bowed!” Goujian flashed a pride in his eyes.

“However, the lord, you have not returned for 10,000 years, and the under the Heavens pattern has changed a lot at the moment!” said the subordinate.

“Great change? Hehe, are you worried about winning nine days? In the past, if it weren’t for me, he could unify the Heavens and divide the nine heavens? I am back, this time, according to my agreement with him, this time, come by me. Under the Heavens, the Pangu World Emperor! If he dares to oppose, I am rude to you! I am going to practice, do not owe him, on the contrary, he owes me!” Goujian eyes flashed a cold light.

“Yes, the lord, not only won nine days, now, under the Heavens, there are nine Great Qins, headed by the ancestors of the past!” The subordinates respectfully said.

Great Qin? Indeed, Great Qin is a trouble, but it has already been different in the past years! Does he think it is a medieval era? Now it’s the whole world, how much power is left in the past, I don’t know. Helping to win nine days, can destroy Great Qin, today can still be!” Gou Jian cold and cold.

“Yes, the lord of God!” The subordinate is respectful.

“This Dongtianjing, before the victory of nine days, a lot of power, now, listen to you, there is a Dong Qin?” Gou Jian curious.

“Yes, this Dongqin is one of the nine Great Qins. The owner of Dongqin, called Wang Xiong. Although there is not much information collected, this person is extremely extraordinary. In just a few decades, Dongqin from an ordinary The small country became a heaven in one fell swoop, and Fan Yi was recalled from this Dong Qin Tian Ting!” That subordinate is respectful.

“With Fan Yi assistance, becoming a heaven, it should be just a matter of morning and evening!” Gou Jian continued to sprinkle fish food.

“Not only that, Dong Qin Tianting, but also destroyed the seven wins domain!” said the subordinate.

“Oh? Seven wins the domain, is the chess piece that wins nine days?” Goujian’s eyes are slightly brighter.

“Yes, Dongtianjing, scattered forces, do not say under the subordinates. Dongtianjing has three major hegemonic forces in the past, namely, Swordsman League, Qisheng Road, and Baiyu Road! In addition to our Swordsman League The seven-winning domain and the white-feathered domain are all pieces that win nine days. If we are not here, Dongtianjing is actually in the hands of Shengjiu!” The subordinate is respectful.

“What about today?”

“Now, the Seven-Shengdao domain was replaced by the Eastern Qintian court. Today, the East Qin Tianting, the Jianyi Daomeng, the Baiyu Daoyu, the three-pointed East Tianjing under the Heavens!” The subordinates respectfully said.

“Seven wins the domain, there is a table, not enough to worry about, that Bai Yu Dao, Hehe, I also look down on them, only nine days of dogs, one is, two too!” Gou faint.

“Yes, although the Baiyu Dao domain has mastered the nine continents, it does not care about the destruction of the Qisheng Road. Now the rise of the East Qin seems to be unstoppable! It also masters the nine continents!” said the subordinate.

“White feather road, that’s all! That Dong Qin Tianting? Wang Xiong? Hehe, he is a man of all corners, wait for the sword Emperor conference, see how I conquer him, Hahahaha!” Goujian laughed.

In the laughter, a fish food was spilled into the pool. This fish food may be less. The fish in the bath suddenly became fierce. The tail of Pā and Pā violently swayed, and a lot of pool water splashed. Splashing the corners of the hooks is water stains.

“Um?” Goujian looked a cold look in the fish pond.

Suddenly, a murderous aura scared all the fish in the pond.

“Lord, slaves sacrifices death, this pool fish usually do not have such irritating, slaves deserves death! The lord is forgiving, the lord is forgiving!” The waiter holding the fish bowl suddenly slammed nervously.

Gou Jian looked coldly at the waiter who was in charge of the pool fish: “Since I know oneself deserves death! What other life is it for me? A pool of fish can’t be raised, what do I want you to use? Get into the meat, feed the fish!”

“Yes!” Not far away, there was a subordinate who rushed forward and dragged the waiter down.

“The leader is forgiving, the lord is forgiving!” the waiter shouted in horror.

“Disappearing! Hey!” Goujian snorted and left.


Dongqin Tianting! On the study room!

At the moment, there are only two people in the study room, Wang Xiong and Nether King.

“Are you recovering past life memories?” Wang Xiong asked staring at Nether King.

Nether King is also a complex look at Wang Xiong: “In the land of the continent, my past ten descendants, at the expense of oneself, I have restored my memory!”

Restore memory, the king of the movie family, the memory of Zhong Yue?

Wang Xiong looks at Nether King in a complicated look: “What do you think now?”

Wang Xiong has a trace alert in his eyes. After all, in the same year, Zhong Yue commanded the alien army, attacking the ancient world, almost, the Pangu world collapsed!

Nether King looked at Wang Xiong and looked a bit complicated.

Wang Xiong patiently waited, silenced for a while, and Nether King spoke again.

“Hē, this under the Heavens change is really big Ah! At that time, I thought that only one of me was seventeen heavy, but this life found that the seventeenth person, not a few Ah!” Nether King frowned.

“You underestimated Pangu and underestimated the life of the Pangu world. When you led the alien army, it was just when Heaven and Earth were weak! At that time, there was no sea, no victory for nine days! No Zulin!” Wang Xiong said In a deep voice.

Nether King looked at Wang Xiong in a complicated look: “I didn’t expect to turn into a goddess, and eventually became your woman!”

“You also have no idea?” Wang Xiong said coldly.

“Don’t look at me like that, Human Clan, eat vinegar, it’s really six parents don’t recognize Ah!” Nether King smiled.

Wang Xiong frowned at Nether King.

“You know, I am a person, have no feelings, and I am only using that’s all. I want her blue sea pearl, but I didn’t expect it to be taken away by the original Sky Demon!” Nether King said in a deep voice.

“No feelings?”

“I didn’t have it that year, but I have a little bit in this life. I have a relationship with your mother and sister. Let me see the good intentions of Pangu!” Nether King said in a deep voice.

“So, are you willing to be my Maternal Uncle?” Wang Xiong stared at Nether King.

“Hahahahaha, I have always been your Maternal Uncle, no matter what your achievements, I am your Maternal Uncle, aren’t you? Hahahahaha, the sage of the sage? Also call me Maternal Uncle! Hahahaha!” Nether King is a sudden laugh stand up.

Listening to Nether King’s laughter, Wang Xiong looks a bit complicated: “so to speak, Maternal Uncle is still willing to stay in Dongqin, the Death God Hall?”

“What? Do you think I still want to refine the ancient world?” Nether King stared at Wang Xiong.

“You don’t think it’s useless. The water in this world is deeper than it looks. You don’t have this ability!” Wang Xiong shook his head.

Nether King blinked Wang Xiong, but he still sighed: “I don’t have this ability right now. However, I still have a small look at Pangu. Although Pangu has fallen, it is a prosperous vitality everywhere in this ancient world. Nineteen weights! In the same year, Pangu’s peak, he died, but his cell, can give birth to a new nineteenth! I am now reincarnation into his cell, nineteen? I will reach sooner or later!”

“You can think like this, I am very happy, Maternal Uncle, thank you for staying!” Wang Xiong looked at Nether King and exclaimed.

Nether King stared at Wang Xiong for a while, and the look was complicated. Finally, said in a deep voice: “I want a sword! You can help me get one, I will continue to help you!”

“Sword?” Wang Xiong looks at Nether King.

“The holy sword, but with the level of Pangu ax, I already know! How?” Nether King stared at Wang Xiong.

“The deal!” Wang Xiong suddenly laughed.

“Hahahaha, good nephew!” Nether King laughed.

Wang Xiong’s face is black, obviously, Nether King is cheaper in oneself, but he is really oneself Maternal Uncle.

“However, the holy sword is not good, but I will try my best!” Wang Xiong solemnly said.

“Reassured, I am not in a hurry!” Nether King calmly said.

“Speaking of this, just, I have something to ask! Maternal Uncle, you know the bottom of the sea!” Wang Xiong stared at Nether King.

“There are Three Veins Seven Apertures, are you worse than the bottom of the sea?” Nether King stared at Wang Xiong.

Three Veins, Lefter Vein, Central Vein, Righter Vein, and Wang Xiong have gone through two Heavenly Tribulations, all of which are smooth.

Seven Wheels !

Heavenly Dao Wheel, Grade 2 Heavenly Eye!

Zenith Wheel, Tai Ji figure!

Glabella wheel, White Tiger Yang-Refining Chart !

Changed tongue, Donghuangzhong!

Heart wheel, seven treasures!

Dantian Wheel, Monarch overlooking the world under the Heavens True Dragon Chart !

Wang Xiong has been through six rounds to master the six supernatural powers, magic treasure or merit law.

However, there is also the Seven Wheels, called the bottom of the sea, in the perineal point, the bottom of the human body, but also the most mysterious round.

“Ordinary people have already opened the bottom of the sea, you can’t drive it!” Nether King looked at Wang Xiong.

“Yes!” Wang Xiong frowned.

“The bottom of the sea, the root of the human blood, can inherit the best power of the ancestors’ blood, and your blood and magic, I am afraid it is my magic! Shadow split!” Nether King explained.

“Shadows? Isn’t it necessary to have a split mirror?” Wang Xiong frowned.

“In the blood of the movie family, there is a split mirror. The split mirror was broken in the past. In fact, it splits the innumerable qi into our blood. This time, you can refine the body without a split mirror, just like me! You can, just You are more difficult!” Nether King explained.

“Can I also have a shadow?” Wang Xiong is curious.

“Yes, the shadow is split, not much, in the magic! Even if there is only one shadow, if you play the game, you can surpass all the magic!” Nether King explained.

“What is the meaning of playing?” Wang Xiong is curious.

“I remember, you will have a ‘fixed point restore’ supernatural power!” Nether King looks at Wang Xiong.

“Not bad!”

“In that year, I saw that you fixed the magical power. I thought it was the effect of the peak and the peak, and I was scared. Do you know?” Nether King smiled bitterly.

“What do you mean?”

“The shadow is divided into the highest realm, I have not reached it. According to my deduction, the most superb state is to die!” Nether King solemnly said.

“What is it for death?”

“For example, you have a body, a shadow, but before your body dies, your body and shadow are interchangeable! Do you understand?”

“The body is dead, and it is interchangeable with the shadows. Then, it becomes a shadow for death. How is this possible?” Wang Xiong was surprised.

“Site-point restoration, isn’t it? I thought you were dead, and as a result, you stood in front of me!” Nether King stared at Wang Xiong.

“I am…” Wang Xiong said awkwardly.

Fixed-point restoration, in fact, really speaking, or dreams, dreams of magic, others think that oneself is dead, but in fact, others are in a dream. Oneself From the beginning, the ontology has not moved.

And the shadow is divided into death, but it is, really for death?

“So, at the beginning, your fixed point restore, scared me!” Nether King explained.

“How can we reach the level of death?” Wang Xiong stared at Nether King.

For death? This is the real Undying Body Ah! When the body dies, it is replaced with the shadow, and the shadow is dead for the body, and the body is still intact. This is more exaggerated than fixed point restore Ah! Fixed point restore is just a dream! Is this the real fixed point restore?

“The bottom wheel is the key to this magical power. If you specialize in this magical power, you can strengthen the ‘divided mirror’ element in your blood. When it is strengthened to a certain extent, it will naturally open. At that time, you will master the first shadow! Remember, strengthen the blood in the mirror element, how to strengthen, determine the power of your future shadow!” Nether King explained again.

Wang Xiong looked at Nether King: “Okay, thank you, Maternal Uncle!”

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