Dong Qin Tianting, the rate palace!

Wang Xiong retired on his own, following the Nether King’s teachings, impacting the oneself’s submarine wheel.

The bottom of the sea is a magical power about the inheritance of blood.

However, Wang Xiong’s submarine squats, like a quagmire, can’t be opened without any impact.

“Mudray? Is this the power of the blood of the body?” Wang Xiong frowned slightly.

For the shadow, Wang Xiong is still looking forward to it! In particular, the effect of ‘death’ mentioned by Maternal Uncle.

However, after a few times, it is still impossible to open a seabed.

After a full day of retreat, Wang Xiong flipped his hand and took out one of the magic treasures of oneself.

Qibao Miaoshu was destroyed once, but the above Seven Apertures are still there, the trunk is still there, and these days have been repaired and restored.

However, the crack on the Donghuangzhong, although repaired, can be a lot worse than the perfect time, and the 18-arm space is more than 16 arms. Even if it is re-patched, some of them will not recover.

“Donghuangzhong, the golden body, the power of space? Can you open the seabed for me?” Wang Xiong looks slightly moving.

Just do it.

As you can see, Wang Xiong opened his mouth, and Dong Huangzhong and Jin Shenfa went with the Central Vein.

“When! Hey!”

The East Emperor Bell and the Golden Body Law made a loud noise. Sure enough, the bottom of the sea was suddenly opened, and a sticky object was like a mud in the interior.

The sticky mud swam for a while and blocked the bottom of the sea.

“The power of space, can? Just, can’t keep it for too long?” Wang Xiong frowned slightly.

Wang Xiong fell into a meditation, as if it was a bit reluctant. After a long while, Wang Xiong was only in the eye.

“Come back!” Wang Xiong snorted.



The East Emperor Bell is loud and the golden body is huge.

In an instant, the seabed scorpion reappeared, and that thick material, as if to fill the seabed again, Donghuangzhong and Jinshen were instantly integrated into it.


The power of the blood of the mirror is slowly blending with the Eastern Emperor Zhong and the Golden Body. No, it should be the time when the Eastern Emperor and the Golden Body are integrated into it, and the figure is stabilized.

“Not enough, Qibao Miaoshu ideal, lock!” Wang Xiong snorted.

Qibao Miaoshu instantly blends into the black figure like mud.

I saw that the figure was finally fixed.

The bottom of the sea has appeared, and the mud-like figure is the sea-bottom wheel of Wang Xiong, which is also the shadow of Wang Xiong.

However, at this moment, the clay statues of Donghuangzhong, Qibao Miaoshu, and Jinshen are integrated into the body, and they are not yet well controlled.

“Hey, hey!”

In the bottom of the sea, the clay figurine, which is composed of blood vessels, Donghuangzhong, Qibao Miaoshu and Jinshen, is constantly bubbling and making strange sounds.

Wang Xiong is amazed in his eyes, but he can feel that they are merging.

“This, is this a shadow?” Wang Xiong is slightly weird.

It seems that the shadows explained by Nether King are somewhat different.

“that’s all, still in the fusion, let them merge first, is it a round of complex apertures?” Wang Xiong is slightly weird.

Mud shadows can’t be used for a while, and Wang Xiong is not in a hurry! It is locked by the seven treasures, and the East Emperor Bell and the Golden Body are integrated into what you will not do. Wait until this time is well combined, and then check out what mud figurine is.

In the hand, Wang Xiong suddenly had another piece in his hand, but it was the shard of morality on the moral wheel of Sheng Li Er.

The moral shards were normal on that day, but at the moment, with the above-mentioned morality and disperse, two words appeared on the back.

Two blood words ‘Confucius’!

“This is what Laozi left in the past? Behind the Tao Te Ching, leaving a blood book, to give oneself a blood book? Is this a fragment of the blood book? What does Lao Tzu want to say, on the other pieces of morality?” Wang Xiong flashed in his eyes A color of surprise.

The death of Laozi has always made Wang Xiong stunned. On that day, Yehe Fengtian wanted to say, but stopped.

Wang Xiong Collapsed the moral shards, breathes deeply and stood up.

Stepping out of the palace, Wang Xiong came to Fengtian Temple!

“You finally came to me?” Yehe Fengtian looked at Wang Xiong, and his look was a bit complicated.

“Just back, these days, the government is busy, so I have delayed some time!” Wang Xiong smiled.

Yehe Fengtian stares at Wang Xiong: “Only one afternoon every day, you also call government busy?”

Obviously, the journey of Wang Xiong in these days, Yehe Fengtian has always been concerned.

“You are quite boring now!” Wang Xiong suddenly revealed a trace 尴尬.

In addition to handling government affairs in the afternoon, Wang Xiong is accompanying Yehe Chi Chi. This is also the reason why Yehe Fengtian looks bad.

“Hey, if not, Confucius and Eunuch are the husband and wife, I have already flattened you!” Yehe Fengtian glanced at Wang Xiong.

If other people have done oneself and granddaughter, Yehe Fengtian must have blown his beard and blinked, but Wang Xiong and Yehe Fengtian really don’t know how to say it.

“I didn’t say anything with Chi Chi, what are you concerned about!” Wang Xiong rolled his eyes.

Yehe Fengtian: “………!”

“Well, you told me last time, tell me about the situation of Laozi in a few days. Now, can you say it?” Wang Xiong looked at Yehe Fengtian.

Yehe Fengtian heard the old man and his face was serious.

Silenced for a while, Yehe Fengtian said: “I am dead, he is the first pioneer in the Pangu world!”

“The first pioneer in the Pangu world?” Wang Xiong was curious.

“Yes, it’s not just Laozi, I am all over the world, winning nine days, including the Goujian who just returned, just like Laozi, resisting the aliens!” Yehe Fengtian breathes deeply, said.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand it!” Wang Xiong was surprised.

“So say, do you know why Pangu wants to have Heaven and Earth?” Yehe Fengtian looks at Wang Xiong.

Wang Xiong suddenly became serious: “Oh!”

“In the universe, there is a long-lived undying family. In the past, Pangu was the king of the longevity undying family, but how did he become the king of the longevity undying family! Why are the longevity undying people so convinced of Pangu?” Yehe Fengtian Zheng Zhongdao.

“You said!”

“Before Pangu appeared, the leader of the undying family, called the ancient food family, this family, is the king of the royal family, is the king of the longevity undying, Pangu defeated them, suppressed them, and truly become a new longevity undying King of the family!” explains Yehe Fengtian.

“Ancient food family? Could it be said that after Zhong Yue led the alien army to invade Pangu World, in the Middle Ages, the ancient eater also led the alien army to invade once? Then Laozi resisted to death?” Wang Xiong showed a curious color.

Yehe Fengtian nodded. “Although there are also differences, it’s almost!”

“Ancient food family? Why did it come out, why did Zhong Yue not know?” Wang Xiong frowned.

Because of the previous two days of chatting with Nether King, Nether King did not mention this ‘Ancient Food’ Ah!

“Zhong Yue? When he led the alien invasion of Pangu World, the ‘Ancient Foods’ was still suppressed by Pangu, and there have been no news for hundreds of millions of years. Zhong Yue has forgotten the ancient food family!” Yehe Fengtian said .

“The ancient food family is very powerful? Was it not defeated by Pangu?” Wang Xiong was curious.

“I want to say that Pangu is afraid of the ancient eater, and he has made Heaven and Earth. Do you believe it?” Yehe Fengtian said in a deep voice.

“Impossible, all were suppressed by Pangu, how can Pangu fear them?” Wang Xiong suddenly looked apath.

“The longer the crackdown is, the stronger the ancient food family! In that year, Laozi seemed to calculate that they came to the general, and prepared for it early, but unfortunately, …!” Yehe Fengtian sighed.

“I am dead in the hands of the ancient eater? What is the ancient eater?” Wang Xiong’s face sank.

Yehe Fengtian swayed, and the spells condensed a monstrosity figure, which was fierce and sinister.

“This is…!” Wang Xiong was amazed.

Because, this is like a monster monstrosity, Wang Xiong has seen.

In the past, when Laozi closed the book of morality in the valley, there were some illusions of demons in the void. The demons wanted to bite and eat the morals of Laozi. As a result, they were scattered by Laozi’s morality, and at that time Confucius Remember, the demon should be in the distant places, through the power of space, to see Lao Tzu handwritten morals.

“Have you seen it?” Yehe Fengtian was surprised.

Wang Xiong nodded. “When I wrote the Tao Te Ching, I saw his illusion. I thought it was just the ordinary longevity undying family!”

“They are the king of the longevity undying family!” Yehe Fengtian dignified.

“Ancient food family! Longevity undying king? Pangu can defeat them once, they should have flaws!” Wang Xiong said in a deep voice.

“Flaws? Hē, at least we have not found it! At least Pangu has not been discovered that year, can only suppress!” Yehe Fengtian said in a deep voice.

“You have been dealing with ancient food in these years?” Wang Xiong looked at Yehe Fengtian.

Yehe Fengtian nodded. “Yes, except me, there is a group of people taking turns, right. Three months ago, Goujian just retreated from the battlefield! Return to Pangu world!”

“Hooking?” Wang Xiong showed amazement.

“Yes, Goujian went for 10,000 years and just came back! He handed the Under the Heavens First Sword, Zhan Lujian, to block the invasion of the ancient food family!” Yehe Fengtian said.

“Hooking up for 10,000 years, just returned! Now…!” Wang Xiong showed curiosity.

“Now? It is the Confucian group, taking over the army of Goujian, and it is at the forefront!” Yehe Fengtian said.

“In the 100,000 years, what happened in the end, this ancient eater, a wave of invasion, they are not tired?” Wang Xiong frowned.

“Of course! How could they be exhausted? It was suppressed by Pangu for many years, and finally got out of trouble, naturally revenge! And, it is hard to find a trace star road, naturally to reveal its nature Ah!” Yehe Fengtian face ugly.

“What is this nature of this ancient food family?” Wang Xiong was curious.

“Eat the universe!” said Yehe Fengtian.

“What did you eat? The universe?” Wang Xiong looked at Yehe Fengtian with a sigh of relief.

“I want to say that the longevity undying family is the food that the ancient food family stocked. Only when they grow up in the future, they will all eat up. Do you believe it?” Yehe Fengtian smiled bitterly.

“This, how is this possible, eating the universe? What is this weird race?” Wang Xiong said with amazement.

“Don’t ask me, this is the news that Laozi has left behind. The ancient food family, swallowing the universe! The longevity undying the old king! Pangu will suppress it for 300 million, and it will continue to become stronger and fearful. The ancient eater’s method! Body and Earth, shaping the world!” Yehe Fengtian said in a deep voice.

Wang Xiong’s eyes were cloudy and changing.

“Where is the old man?” Wang Xiong said in a deep voice.

“The sky, the back of the sword door!” Yehe Fengtian solemnly.

“I want to see!” Wang Xiong said in a deep voice.

“Good!” Yehe Fengtian nodded.

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