The ancient eater, a race that is worried about the ancients, an old man who resists the race to death, a race of the king of the mortal! Such a strong existence, Goujian led his subordinates and resisted 10,000 years.

Although I haven’t seen the Goujian yet, Wang Xiong in the heart is one point higher than that of Goujian.

Going out of the sky, Wang Xiong simply confessed, with Ju Que, and left with Yehe Fengtian.

Outside the sky, with the battle of Jianlingmen moment, the Pangu world has actually been riddled with holes and holes.

In the past, the two boundaries of the Desolate White Continent battlefield, such as the two corridors of the former Chiyou Palace. In fact, they all lead to the outside of the Pangu world.

Wang Xiong, Yehe Fengtian, Ju Que, and the Pangu world from the two boundaries of the Tiangong world.

Step into the Pangu world.

Wang Xiong suddenly looked at the four directions.

Pangu World is still the Pangu world. When you stand in the universe, you see that the 19-color barrier is dim and has a lot of holes. But compared with the time of the sword, there are countless outside the ancient world. Surrounded by stars.

Among the myriad of stars, there are stars, planets, and a large number of living beings. These creatures, heterogeneous, have Human Clan, and are extremely prosperous.

“This is the sky? Is this a star at our feet?” Ju Que was surprised.

“This is the Rakshasa star at our feet. I thought the cow demon king told you?” Yehe Fengtian looked at Wang Xiong.

Wang Xiong nodded. “Yes, the planet that Chiyou controlled in the past. Later, it was degraded and controlled by the demon king. The demon king took a lot of Rakshasa and entered the Pangu world. Here, only a small part of it was stationed.”

At the moment, on the planet under the feet of the three, there is a group of Rakshasa running fast, one face reveals ominous.

When you can see the face of the three people, a group of Rakshasa suddenly changed his face.

“Ah, it’s Yehe Fengtian, that devil!” exclaimed by Raksha.

“No, it is your majesty, see your majesty!” Suddenly a large number of Rakshasa bowed down.

Obviously, the demon king has seen the portrait of Wang Xiong to a group of subordinates.

Wang Xiong looked at the Rakshasa and nodded.

“Go! The sword door is over there, and there is a distance!” Yehe Fengtian said.

“it is good!”

The three flew toward the distant starry sky.

Along the way, look at the square of stars.

“Sword Spirit Gate moment, 108 road aliens, but all want to destroy the Pangu world, this one will not meet, actually integrated into the life of Pangu world?” Wang Xiong revealed a surprise color.

“This is the charm of Pangu!” Yehe Fengtian exclaimed.


“Don’t look at the creatures here, but their minds are not simple on the surface!” Yehe Fengtian said in a deep voice.

“How to say?”

“The forces here are inextricably linked with the forces of the Pangu world. Some aliens like to live in the ancient world, but some aliens still want to destroy the Pangu world!” Yehe Fengtian said coldly .

“Oh?” Wang Xiong flashed a murderous aura in his eyes.

“Even, some people have been rebelled by the ancient eater, but they are hidden in the dark, and they can’t bear that’s all!” explains Yehe Fengtian.

“Is it countered by the ancient eater?” Wang Xiong brows.

“People are separated by belly! Here, don’t believe anyone, everything works according to the order established by Lao Tzu, no one wants to cross the border!” Yehe Fengtian explained.

Wang Xiong in the heart is slightly heavy, watching the creatures on the stars, no longer so kind.

The speed of the three people flying, but very fast! After a long time, Arrives the sword door.

Jianlingmen, or the sword of the year! Just around the moment, surrounded by a large number of stars, countless Human Clan, aliens shuttle here.

Different from the current year, the side of the sword gate is separated by a huge barrier, which is divided into the front and back of the sword gate!

The front and back of Jianlingmen are like two worlds. The frontal people are moving and the entrance and exit are extremely frequent. Even Wang Xiong saw a star above the stars in a distance, and wrote the three characters of ‘Laojun Mountain’.

“Your Majesty, Laojun Mountain? That is Laojun Mountain!” Ju Que suddenly cried.

Laojun Mountain, the blue flame mother and daughter are here, Wang Xiong deliberately let He Jianzhi come to take care of him, and I don’t know how it is at the moment.

Although Wang Xiong would like to go to Laojun Mountain immediately, but at the moment, there is also has to endure.

“The front of this sword is still the same, we will not watch, we go to the back of the sword door, that is the real battlefield!” Yehe Fengtian said in a deep voice.

“Back? I remember when Zhong Yue’s army came, the front and back of the sword gate were the same Ah!” Wang Xiong curiously said.

“Sword Lingmen? At first we thought it was a space jump point that opened Vassal, but later I realized that this is not only a space jump point, but also a space node that blocks the ancient food family, although it will be Vassal. Opened up, but in fact, as early as Pangu gave Vassal a specific space coordinates, it was designed. Before the ancient food family started, the sword spirit door was just an ordinary space jumping point. The ancient food family came from the shuttle space. It has changed, it is divided into the front and the back, and the front is still the same as the old one. The back is turned into a space node, blocking the space passage of the ancient food family! The outer layer of the barrier, dividing the front and back, is what Laozi originally mentioned. Out, after many of us have been reinforced! It is not easy to break into the back!” Yehe Fengtian said.

“Isn’t it easy to break in? Why?” Ju Que said.

“Because some people are resisting the ancient food family, and there are countless creatures outside the ancient world, some have already turned to the ancient food family, afraid that they will break in at will, and will insert a knife behind them!” Yehe Fengtian explained.

“Ah? The ancient foodies want to eat them, they still rely on the ancient food family? Are they crazy?” Ju Que was surprised.

“In their eyes, the ancient eater will not eat them. They are not dependent on the strong. There is nothing wrong with them. Laozi said that the ancient eater should eat the universe. We believe, but they may not believe Ah!” explains Yehe Fengtian.

“Uh!” Ju Que is a little bit stunned.

“Go!” Wang Xiong said in a deep voice.

Yehe Fengtian nodded.

Wang Xiong, Yehe Fengtian, and Ju Que flew over the huge barrier for a while, and at the edge of a star in the distance, saw an entrance to the spherical barrier.

“Go! Go with me, I am in the middle of it!” Yehe Fengtian said as he stepped inside.

Wang Xiong took the Ju Que sword, followed by the inside of the barrier.

“Shiing !”

Suddenly, a blue sword light illuminates this space and goes straight to Wang Xiong.

“Be careful!” Ju Que’s face changed.

However, that glaucoma was too fast, and it was almost instantly in front of Wang Xiong. It seems that I want to kill Wang Xiong with a sword.

In a hurry, Wang Xiong instinctively punched out.


Great Principle Golden Immortal 9th ​​Layer, Monarch overlooking the world under the Heavens True Dragon Chart’s power, what kind of great, even this vacuum universe, the rippling void trembles, Wang Xiong’s fist is like a Blood Dragon hit it.


A loud bang, the emptiness slammed into the rippling, and some stars were trembled around.

Yehe Fengtian, who just flew into the barrier, sank and turned his head.

I saw that Wang Xiong’s boxing and a blue sword stalemate in the void, and no one else allowed it.

Wang Xiong’s pupils slammed, knowing that even if oneself rushed a punch, the power of the punch was extremely horrible. Wang Xiong was extremely confident. It was the ordinary principle of the Golden Immortal, and only such a punch. Let’s go.

Yes, such a punch, actually deadlocked with the other side? Swords, fists, and voids collide, up and down?

“Who?” Wang Xiong’s face sank.

However, I saw that a man in white, proudly stepping on the void, with a long sword in his hand, looked coldly at the opposite Wang Xiong.

“Your Majesty!” Ju Que suddenly became a long sword and fell in front of Wang Xiong.

“Stop!” Yehe Fengtian slammed.


Boxing, swordsman instantly collapse and disperse.

And Wang Xiong blinked at the white man who shot the oneself.

“White nine! Didn’t you see the person I brought?” Yehe Fengtian face reveals a baleful Qi, looking coldly at the white man.

Bai Ji looked at Yehe Fengtian, his face frowned, revealing a trace chuckle: “It turned out to be the person brought by the tiger ancestors, sorry, I didn’t really see it. When I came out, I saw this person going inside! Responsibility!”

Yehe Fengtian looked at Bai Jiu.

Not far away, in a star, suddenly a group of people dressed in white, one long sword unfolded, suddenly countless Sword Qi formed a large net, covering the square.

“Okay, not an enemy!” Bai Jiuyi waved.

Suddenly, there were countless white swords behind him, and they stopped to make a stop.

“Huzu, this person, you have to be insured, bring it into it!” Bai Jiu looked at Yehe Fengtian.

Yehe Fengtian blinked and looked at the white nine, said coldly: “White nine, don’t give me a trick!”

“Responsibility, I am responsible for holding the barrier entrance, anyone, not allowed to enter!” Bai Jisaid coldly.

Yehe Fengtian stared at Bai Jiu.

Wang Xiong also showed a surprise color, Bai Jiu’s kendo, but extraordinary, Wang Xiong was surprised that the breath that this person just revealed, there is actually a crane-shaped energy overflow, he is a Hezu?

“Looked at it, this is my tiger’s signaling, my order, I can go in and out at any time, and then dare to block, I dug your eyes!” Yehe Fengtian explorer throws a token to Wang Xiong.

“Since it is the tiger ancestor, please!” Baiji said in a deep voice.

With a wave of exploration, Bai Jiu returned to the previous planet with countless swords.

In a blink of an eye, only Wang Xiong, Yehe Fengtian, and Ju Que again shape-shifting were left at the entrance.

“Yehe Fengtian? Who was that? Just a strong Kendo? Hezu?” Wang Xiong curious.

“Dongtianjing, the three peak forces, can you be clear?”

“Nature, I am Dong Qin Tianting, Goujian’s swordsmanship, and also has a white feather field!” Wang Xiong frowned.

“This is Bai Yu Dao, one of the ten ancestors! Bai Jiu!” explains Yehe Fengtian.

“White nine? Bai Yu Dao? Are they guarded by the rotation?” Wang Xiong was surprised.

“Yes, they are rotating, and, or the Hezu! Hē, among the Hezu people, ranked ninth, called Baijiu, and the ancient battlefield passed to He Jianzhi, it is white nineteen! Can you still remember? Yehe Fengtian sneered.

“White 19? He Jianzhi, the famous Master, is not right, that white nine and this white nine, it seems not the same?” Wang Xiong frowned.

Not strength, but mentality, it seems different!

“Of course, different, that white nine, still believe in the ancestors Hezu, but not accepted by Bai Yu Dao, abolished most of the cultivation base! Then has been sitting in the ancient battlefield!” Yehe Fengtian said.

“Oh? What do you mean, this white feather field is a domain created by the crane top-level sword repair, but it is not the grace of Hezu?” Wang Xiong was surprised.

“Not bad!” Yehe Fengtian nodded.

Wang Xiong has a complex flash in his eyes.

“Okay, don’t read it, go in!” said Yehe Fengtian.

Wang Xiong nodded and took Ju Que. As Yehe Fengtian entered the barrier, he reached the back of Jianlingmen and stepped into it.

And on the side of the stars.

Bai Jiu stood in a pavilion, in the pavilion, another white man was drinking tea.

“White nine, you are too smashed!” The white man calmed.

“White six, don’t you say that I am smashing, isn’t it time to hear Dong Xijing’s Wang Xiong stirring up the wind? I try this Wang Xiong!” Bai Jiu laughed.

“Seven wins the domain, respect the nine-day master, the seven-winning domain is destroyed, the nine-day Lord did not say anything, you need to test?” Bailiu cold and cold.

“I am just…!” Bai Jiu frowned.

“Dong Qin does not need your attention, he is the branch of Great Qin, in the East Tianjing, the morning and evening will be in conflict with Goujian, Goujian, even the Lord of the nine days dare not look at it, just let them kill each other, you What is the strength of the intervention?” White six cold and cold.

“I…!” White Nine frowned, and found that oneself is indeed a lot of things!

“No next time! With this effort, it is better to pay attention to the progress of Laojunshan!” Bai six said in a deep voice.


After Bai Jiu retired, Bai Liu blinked at the direction Wang Xiong left.

“Great Principle Golden Immortal 9th ​​Layer? But can exert the power of fourteen? Hē, Wang Xiong, Wang Xiong…!” Bailiu put the teacup in his hand.

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