Tiangongjie! Department of Rites Shang Shu, Zhang Ru House!

He has given a life wheel, and Zhang Ru in the heart is also extremely looking forward to it.

Zhang Ru still remembers the way back, Wang Xiong’s account.

“Zhang Ru, these years, the Department of Rites of the Eastern Qin Dynasty, in my eyes, not long ago, the victory of the seven wins in the domain, the 朕 also recorded in the heart, I did not give you other gifts, only to This life wheel, for you to pass through the Middle Ages opportunity, the opportunity is in front of you, can not grasp, you see oneself!” Wang Xiong solemnly handed a life wheel to Zhang Ru.

After all, the past squatting through the ancient times, in addition to many years of oneself cultivation, did not get any additional benefits, everything depends on the oneself’s way.

“Understand your heart, Vassal understands that Vassal will not be too far-reaching, Vassal will learn to squat, only experience the mortal life, and strive to understand the magic of Confucianism!” Zhang Ru is extremely serious.

“In the Middle Ages, a hundred schools of thought contend, and they gave birth to Confucius. It was too early to leave, and a hundred schools of thought have just begun. Next, it is the era of true 100-year-olds. You are good at enlightenment and Confucianism, and you can help you to inquire about under the Heavens. The trend is that Mohist and Legalists pay attention to it!” Wang Xiong told.

“Yes!” Zhang Ru replied with care.

At this moment, Zhang Ru grabbed the life wheel and flashed an expectation in his eyes. As Wang Xiong split the soul, his heart and soul split into the life wheel and went straight to the Middle Ages.


Zhang Ru crossed the Middle Ages.

Like Confucius, Zhang Ru also begins with mortal babies. Three years later, Zhang Ru knew the identity of the moment. As Confucius, the mother lost her father when she was a child.

“Meng Biao, you remember, although we live in Zouguo, but your ancestors are Lu Guoren, the son of Meng Sun of Lu Guosan, who used to have a famous uncle, called Nangong Jingshu, but followed the saint. Confucius studies, in the future, you must study hard, do not ask you Guangzong Yaozu, at least do not be shamed to the ancestors, know?” Meng Yu mother said.

“Um, the baby remembered!” Meng Hao clicked hard.

“Mother this time relocation, just to make you have a good environment, study hard, don’t go to school with the pigs, and even if you move more than a few times, you must learn something!” Mengmu eyes Strong.

“Thank you!” Meng Hao solemnly nodded.

Mother and child are dependent on each other, but they do not reduce the heart of Meng Yu’s study.


In the future, Dongqin Tianting, on the study room!

After Wang Xiong and Yehe were better off, they invested in a large number of government affairs in Dongqin.

This time, more than half a year, many things need to be handled by Wang Xiong.

At the moment, in the study room, a group of East Qin heavy Vassal is among the Wang Xiong reporting.

“The seven continents have all been unified?” Wang Xiong looked at Lu Yang.

Lu Yang, who presided over the Qizhou Military Aircraft Camp, was assisted by Nangong Lang, Han Fei and various ministries, all of whom assisted in conquering the seven continents.

“Under the beginning of the year, more than half a year, the East Qin forces have already covered the seven continents. Although some sects are reluctant, they belong to the Eastern Qin Dynasty. However, after all, they are good for the people and peacefully conquer the seven continents, better than the war. Dongqin Tianting, capable of collecting seven continents, Vassal has not tolerated anything, not only the seven continents, but the shadow of the former Qishengdao domain, also completely into the East Qin! Today, I Dongqin plus Tiangong The world has mastered the nine continents!” Lu Yang solemnly said.

“Good!” Wang Xiong nodded.

Wang Xiong has no esoteric questioning process. The process is only Lu Yang’s means. The result at this moment is good and enough.

“Your Majesty, the eight major continents entered the East Qin, in accordance with the previous methods, while opening the subject recruitment, recruiting talents, on the other side, the officials of the enrollment, to rotate in different places! Break up its organizational structure, form a new system, appease In the eight continents that have just been conquered, there are also some chaos, people’s minds, in order to prevent surprises, please let me down the Department of Justice, implement a new law, in case there is chaos!” Han Fei Zheng Zhongdao.

“His Majesty, Department of Rites Shang Ru, Zhang Ru, retreats during this time, but Zhang Dàrén once gave me the account, in the event of the Eight Great States, be sure to offer a memorial, you need a courtesy, flat eight continents!” A Department of Rites Officials immediately handed in a memorial.

Reassure the people, the method of the user, or the Confucian method!

If it was six months ago, Wang Xiong would definitely choose the law of its people for balance, and support the right of Confucianism and law to suppress Han Fei’s legal family.

This is a battle between the Department of Justice and the Department of Rites. Half a year ago, Wang Xiong will definitely think about it.

However, Wang Xiong crossed the life of Confucius and naturally understood what was most important at the moment.

“Han Fei!” Wang Xiong is solemn.

“Vassal is here!”

“With the Department of Justice, the new law of Lidong Qin, the under the Heavens, the law of the East and the Qin! Let’s take the ritual of the East Qin people! By the Department of Justice Vice Minister Han Fei, presided over the trip to Anmin!” Wang Xiong is solemn.

Han Fei looked up and looked at Wang Xiong with surprise.

Because Han Fei learned from Zhang Ru that Wang Xiong crossed the Confucius, thinking that Wang Xiong absolutely praised Confucianism, but did not expect that at this moment, the French family is the main, supplemented by Confucianism? This is real……?

“Yes, Vassal will not be able to look down on it!” Han Fei suddenly worshipped.

Wang Xiong nodded. Confucius founded Confucianism. He understood the benefits of Confucian nature. However, for many years, Confucius understood that many things must go with the trend, use the heavy code in the troubled times, and use the ceremony in the world!

At this moment, the eight continents have just conquered, certainly also has a lot of thorns to want to chaos, Han Fei new law will be thorns, and then with the Confucianism of grace and virtue, will be able to gather people’s hearts as quickly as possible.

“Lv Yang, this time to settle the seven continents, as the first effort, soaring to the Department of Labor Shangshu! Thank you for your dedication!” Wang Xiong solemnly.

“Xie Xia!” Lu Yang should sing.

“The credit of other people, above the Imperial Deliberation Hall tomorrow, and then press the reward!” Wang Xiong said in a deep voice.

“Yes!” group of officials should be channel.

“However, Lu Yang, this piece of music, about Nangonglang, what happened?” Wang Xiong frowned at Lu Yang.

Lu Yang smiled slightly: “A month ago, Nangonglang quietly left Dongqin, and Vassal did not know where he was going!”

“You don’t know where to go?” Wang Xiong’s face was gloomy.

Nangonglang, Dongqin’s Department of Domestic Affairs Vice Minister, presided over the Dongqin Department of Domestic Affairs, Dongqin’s finances are all based on their care, this is gone?

“Before the departure of Nangong Dàrén, the Department of Domestic Affairs was properly explained. Although he left, the Department of Domestic Affairs is not chaotic! Therefore, we suspect that Nangonglang is leaving on his own!” Lu Yang frowned.

“Not checked?” Wang Xiong said in a deep voice.

“Checked, but we can’t find Nangong wave!” Lu Yang smiled bitterly.

“Wang Zhongquan, Cyan-Clothed Guard, can you have a message?” Wang Xiong looks at Wang Zhongquan.

Wang Zhongquan was out, and smiled bitterly: “Your Majesty, Vassal also sent a lot of Cyan-Clothed Guard, but there is no news of Nangong wave!”

“Nan Gonglang did not say the reason, did not submit the resignation, so this is gone?” Wang Xiong looked coldly to Si Xin.

Si Xin is listed: “Your Majesty, Nangong Dàrén should not be taken away, it should be his oneself leaving, I…!”

“Live to see people, die to see the corpse, Si Xin, you are now Dong Tianjing Luo sky above God, inform you, Dong Tianjing all True God, all move, look for the death of Nangong wave!” Wang Xiong said in a Deep voice.

“Yes!” Si Xin should answer the channel.

“Notify the under the Heavens of all Cyan-Clothed Guards, find the Nangong wave! Find the Nangong waver, and reward you!” Wang Xiong told.

“Yes!” Wang Zhongquan should be vocal.

The importance of Nangonglang in Dongqin is no better than Wang Xiong. If it is not being shackled, how could he suddenly disappear? It is bound to be a big deal!

“Fish water continent, fish water valley, that special four! Can you remember?” Wang Xiong looked at Wang Zhongquan.

Special 4, the last time I brought people to Dongqin to make trouble, I thought it was the Four Young Master of Yushui Valley. The result was a gimmick film, or Nangong Lang specially asked for sympathy, and Wang Xiong let him leave.

That is the four-headed man, Wang Xiong now knows who it is, Cao Bao in ancient times, Xi Shi in the Middle Ages.

Nangonglang, as Xiao Sheng and Fan Yu reincarnation. It is definitely associated with it.

“Vassal remembers that there are also a lot of Cyan-Clothed Guard lurking in Yushui Dizhou!” Wang Zhongquan respectfully said.

“I will focus on the special four, and use the special four as a breakthrough to find Nangonglang!” Wang Xiong told.

“Yes!” Wang Zhongquan said seriously.

I received the eight continents and lost the Nangong wave? For Wang Xiong, it’s not worth the loss!

“Your Majesty, two months ago, Dong Tianjing a sword and sky! East Tianjing Wanjian trembles! 36 Dadizhou, countless long swords tremble!” Wang Zhongquan again reported.

“Two months ago?” Wang Xiong frowned.

A group of informals nodded.

“A land from the easternmost side is also one of the three major forces in Dongtianjing, Jianmin Daomen!” explains Wang Zhongquan.

“Swordsman League?” Wang Xiong frowned.

“Yes, the Swordsman League, the former head of the Seven Victory Roads, the most eastern place in the East, and the eight continents! These eight continents, of which the Ghost Valley Pure Land, is one of the eight continents, belonging to One of the members of the Swordsman League!” explains Wang Zhongquan.

“Guigu Pure Land is just one of the branches?” Wang Xiong blinked.

Wang Xiong can remember that in the old days of the palace, there was a branch of the Pure Valley of Ghost Valley. At that time, the Xia Shiming was blessed by the Pure Land of the Ghost Valley, and the wind and the waves were one-on-one. The ghost valley was pure, but the foundation was strong, but it was not just a sword. One of the alliance branches!

“Swordsman League, Vassal knows a little!” Lu Yang said.


“The Lord of the Swordsman League, called Goujian! Under the head of the Heavens first holy sword, Zhan Lujian!” Lu Yang explained.

“Under the Heavens?” The crowd was surprised.

Lu Yang nodded. “In the Middle Ages, Ou Yezi master and apprentices forged the Ten Great Swords of the Middle Ages. Every handle was earth-shattering, and the Zhan Lujian among them was considered to be the first holy sword of the Heavens!”

“Hooking?” Wang Xiong looked strange.

“Yes, the sword 冢 盟 盟 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 湛 under under under under under under under under under under Years are not out, even the Swordsman League General Altar, rarely open to the outside world, and never conspicuous under the Heavens, but this time, I do not know why, suddenly Jian Chong Jiu, the entire East Tianjing, can hear Zhan Lu Jianming, Dong Tianjing, Wan Jian trembles, like in the submission as Vassal!” Lu Yang explained.

“Hooking is still alive? Swordsman League? Hē!” Wang Xiong revealed an accident.

I thought that in the Middle Ages, Wu Guo and Yue Guo had become history, but I didn’t want to. The young Master of the Yue State was still alive, and a Taoist League was established. Even the Pure Land of Ghost Valley is one of the branches?

“Your Majesty, just half a month ago, Swordsman League, sent an invitation! I don’t know if you see it!” Lu Yang solemnly said.

“Invitation?” Wang Xiong revealed a trace curious.

In a pile of memorials, Lu Yang picked out an invitation that Wang Xiong still had in the future.

“Sword Emperor Conference?” Wang Xiong brows.

“Yes, this is the invitation issued by Goujian. Also has three months to invite Majesty to go to the meeting!” Lu Yang dignified.

Wang Xiong touched the invitation and revealed a trace of surprise.

“Your Majesty, the person who sent the invitation, Vassal inquired. It seems that Goujian only sent invitations to Daozu, Emperor, and the owner of the Holy Sword. Those who are not the ancestors, the Emperor of Heaven, or the owner of the Holy Sword are not eligible to receive this invitation. It seems that the invitation is sent to the nine heavens, the whole under the Heavens!” Lu Yang said.

“Daozu, the Emperor of Heaven, the owner of the Holy Sword! Only qualified to go to the meeting?” Wang Xiong eyes narrow.

“Hooking the practice for a long time, suddenly issued the invitation of the sword Emperor conference, but it is intriguing, I am afraid, there will be no good!” Lu Yang frowned.

Wang Xiong’s eyes were cloudy and changing.

Goujian? If the Lord of the Swordsman League is Goujian, does the disappearance of Nangonglang have anything to do with Goujian?

After all, Nangong wave past life is Fan Wei, Fan Wei is the Vassal son of Goujian.

“After three months, the sword Emperor conference?” Wang Xiong revealed a trace of expectation.

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