Abyss Demon of All Realms Chapter 672


[The most CENTRAL AREA of the attack caused.

As the existence of the strength of the stock, the strength of Keza is absolutely not weak.

But in front of the power, after all, it is still no.

in that moment.

His confidential should be destroyed directly!

is like Misla that is transformed into a Demi-God Artifact organism.

But when you destroy everything, Dropping from the sky is time.

I am afraid that his big Avatar body is destroyed, his eyes are stabbed by glare, and the bisers are shocked by strong sound.

His senses, inexplicably has a mysterious change.

In that life, it is about to step into the last minute of death.

The entire World For Cloud, it seems to be the same as it is dial.

has changed directly!

‘all around seems to be filled with Everywhere’s strange things, it seems that only A Single Thought can be mobilized …’

With the emergence of this thought.

A model is like a fire, and you also lit up from the Depth of One’s Soul from Kazaka!

invisible strength, instantly spread!

is like a certain traction.

Two eggs size stones slowly inlaid into his orbital interior.

That is the secret treasure named [Strong Stone] and [Weakle Stone] in the battlefield.

They were originally covered with Misla, respectively.

but from [spark], it is powerful with Kath FUSE TOGETHER, which makes Keachen become more powerful in a inexplicable form.


At the center of [Said].

A wonderful force, from the inner to the inter-Sacred coach.

makes him and the devastating power of the outside.

entered a strange space.

is inside here.

His life form begins to sublimate.

DNA, body structure, essence in the soul …

all under a great place, is forced to reshape it!


as the mortal Jason, has died.

as the strongest group of the whole place [PlaneSwalker] one of the people of Kaza, it is born!

Endless Profound MyStery is like an open library.

Open him, then the door that is closed is!

at the same time.

faces the huge hunger produced by [Divine Item – more).

[Domena World], I don’t know how much Powerful Existence, open your eyes.

is accompanied by something, it is anger!

Despite what is nothing to do with themselves.

Can’t endanger their lives.

but their territory, the people, the residence … all have a huge loss that is not there!

For them.

[Said] is like a explosive.

Before you have no explosion, as long as you have prepared, you will not cause much problems at all.

even, in the case of psychological preparation in advance, there are countless ways to offset it.

Once [Said] suddenly exploded, Formidable Power officially started spread.

There is no way to put the impact of the explosion to the forced press, only the loss of the reducing losses!

is not.

facing this unfathomable mystery attack, they are also impossible to swear.

So, there are countless exploration spells. In this moment, I have been in this instant, and I have come to the center of the battlefield, and I have been searching for it.

It is intended to find a guy who manufactures this disaster to retaliate!

But the weather at the moment, has long been instinctive to the different space, entered the parking dead period.

Always find his trace at all, find out his trace.

then, after an incompetence, it will be angry.

Those guys trying to find trouble, even if they are unwilling.

It is also only for fine to leave, and it will be packed up to face the rotten stall.

I plan to slow down later.

But those who know what happened here, and even the surrounding countries and forces, almost all of them are died under the Formidable Power of [Said].

They want to organize the true situation of things, it can be said to be almost impossible.

can be expected.

This is a great probability that it will become a hanging case of [Domain WORLD] …

[non-Ricksia World]

Misla died in the moment.

is calculating how to use the existence of Misla, to further weaken [Domina World], Jogmouf, and immediately a burst!

It was originally followed by his expectations.

Misla will be in short, due to the adequate power, successfully entered the upper class of [Domain WORLD].

as a nail, providing convenience for his future act!

But the other party suddenly died, and he is a little bit.


About Kasa and Misla war, he has always been in secret attention.

Until, he confirmed that he had the absolute superhang, he recovered his attention!

is otherwise.

under the premise of his concern.

Even the base card of Kath, is also impossible with No Difficulty to let Misla died!

Now, although some regrets in his heart, a small mistake has led to the destruction of important volts.

But when it is judged, the closing of Kath gives it to [Domina WORLD].

In the heart of Joimov, it is not too sad.

In his eyes, the means used by each other, destroying the natural environment of the entire [Domain WORLD].

among the coming hundreds of years.

[Domain WORLD] has a great probability will be shrouded in EXTreme Cold, becoming a WHITE Snow and Ice World!

and some strange time and space structures are also slowly separated from the surface of [Domain WORLD]. This represents its time and space construct itself, it has been traumatic!

This is a big thing for the Joimov, who is determined to die [Domina World].

Msla’s death, compared to this thing, there is also a feeling that Sayong lost his horse.


Johimov doesn’t know, through him is the medium.

ORLEGA in the distant different time and space is also aware of many useful things.

, such as: [Domina World] hidden strange construct!

In the moment of [Domenaria World], the observer of orlega, a very direct observation arrived around countless time and space, and also had some hidden changes in strength, Like it, it is harmed!

and facing this is very familiar.

Orlega immediately recalls, [Sugges] and [Subcosions] in the [Warhammer “…

‘[Domena World] For this part itself, is it a weak point or an important node? ‘

orlega is a little unaffiring so guesses.

The heart suddenly has a lot of bad ideas …

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