Abyss Demon of All Realms Chapter 673


is when it is bad in Orlega.

Not far from him.

The giant snake of an INCOMPARALANTIC, is comparable to the eyes of the starry sky, looks at the money, I don’t know what I’m thinking.

Note is all impractical.

He doesn’t understand, the other party is still quite normal.

How suddenly became this hanging.

Due to body type and character, [宇 – 寇玛] Little less about the idea of ​​different lives.

So, He is a bit not understanding orlega.

but it is good to be very good at His.

is only a few hundred years, it is only sprinkling water.

, then, it will be so dry.

The time is slowly passed, and there is no urgent meaning.

is like this, after a long time.

As orlega shakes the brain bag, two of their two guys will pass the top the topic.

“I can help you destroy the [Scoti Divine Race], so that you can restore to Peak State, not only the modulous small Avatar, which can only be retired.”

hearing this.

Extended the tongue of Subconsciously, licked the [Sun], tasted the other’s taste.

寇 玛 才 Neither fast nor solution asked:

“What is the price?”

Him is born in [World Tree], it is the first birthday life.

but from ancient times, He has always been directed by other Powerhouse due to the many reasons for strength and body type.

So, in the face of Orlega proposal, it is necessary to say that it is absolutely false.

“No need for you to pay any price, I can profit from it!”

heard this.

Mada although there is no whole letter, there is no comprehensive negation.

Because [Scoti Divine Race] is also ruled by [World Tree].

The wealth and status they occupies, it is representative of great interests!

There is a presence, it is true that it is really a normal thing.

In Kama, Orlega is obviously not enough to hold [Scoti Divine Race], so you need your own help.

and this is also a prerequisite for mutual benefit …

so think.

He immediately felt that his idea became clear.

But for the fact that the instinct is cautious with the untrust of strangers, He still does not directly agree with the proposal of Orlega, but said without covering:

“sounds very good.

But I can’t believe your strange guy.

Whether you are your true identity, or have the power, I have doubtful and uncertain. “

Him and Orlega acquaintance.

is merely because the other side has suddenly appeared before.

Before that, the two did not contact whit.

So, He is very limited for the existence of Orlega.

Except for the name, it is almost unknown!

has a suspicion and is very reasonable.

is here.

orlega has no refute, straightforward:


I am now [Endless Storm] rulers in the countless devil.

is an absolute hostile relationship with [Scoti Divine Race].

I don’t have anything wrong, I don’t need any reason.

As for strength?

You have to play with me, confirm that my strength is not enough?

I don’t mind. “

After that, he put a pair of two more than two comparatives? ‘Posture.

looks at this situation.

Mima is a little silent.

But orlega said, it is really very reasonable.

As for it, it is just a avatar, will it be abused by the other?

At this point, Yan Mao is not very concerned.

Because He can judge that Orlega in front of it is similar to the existence of Avatar, his body should also be trapped inside the [endless storm].

After all, the seal applied by other races, and NOT to be trifled with.

iMpossible is armed with a devil!

“If this is the case, let us play a game.

If you win, I agree with you.

You wait for me to act … “

With the low voice.

玛 中文Parable Gigantic, I don’t know how many hundred million kilometers of snake body, starting in the [Domain] inside Continuously.

Between the mutually friction of the snake scales, the uncomfortable fierce sparks, in the constant bloom in it.

When countless neutrons are hit by each other, the high temperature produced!

Even just simply in contact, you can also instantly dissolve the ordinary star …

Due to the two places where they are now, it is just a [small area], the surface area is only a few light years.

Even if Mada does not make any extractions.

is just this Avatar that is moving with your own move.

but the entire [Domain] environment, or the beginning of Involuntarily is dramatic!

is like forcibly squeezing into a rhinoceros.

Even if the other party is just simple, the house will shake it!

during this time.

This [Domain] lives in this life.

There are most of the things that even happen, they will die directly.

Let’s have a full-minded eye with your own eyes.

The limiting line of light they can get.

is also charged, but it is limited to the surface area of ​​the monolithic scales on the huge body of the huge body.

Even the gap between the scales, in the eyes of all the things are also giant Great Valley, and even the widespread plains of the left and right sides!

and at this moment, the other party is simple to act in his own body.

For all things that live here, it is more equivalent to the World itself!

as if there are countless Mountain Range, countless continental sectors …

is moving in a super-light speed!

The kind of scene is simply that they have the end of the day, the end of the day …

didn’t have long.

After a simple movement, you haven’t active Avatar that is not active near Millennium.

The entire [Domain] experience the ecological environment that has developed long years.

is already attached to the attached movement, completely destroyed!

In this, there is no feeling at all in the heart of Qimma.

After all, He has not ignored those people from the head.

does not have any actual maliciousness to them.

is only a small thing as they are microorganisms.

The existence and destruction of the other party is just some small things in INSIGNIFICANT.

After the simple warp is finished.

under the gaze of Orlega.

寇 玛 slowly opened his own jaw to get to the ground, the upper jaw can arrive at the huge snake mouth of the sky, swallow this [域]!

that is not what stars.

is a group with [fire] of the [sun] concept!

It is possible to ignore the distance from the distance to [光] and [hot], while passing to each of the non-mask areas inside in this domain.

in the past.

It has never had any sunset.

is shining in World!

When it is swallowed into the abdomen, all of this all have already dead [southern], and we have ushered in deep darkness.

Only two INCOMPARABLE GIGANTIC’s snakes are emitted with flourish glory, combustion of humanoid shadows that burned a touch of faint flames in the distance.

“After waiting, I am ready.”

“then start …”

Gets the should be allowed by Orlega.

next moment.

The huge snake body of Mima, rapidly flying in a fast to incredible speed!

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