Abyss Demon of All Realms Chapter 674


WORLD size object, what is the strike with super high-speed posture?

that feels, it is very shocking!

Tiandeng? STAR SEA backflow?

cannot describe it!

However, that feels, weak people clearly understand.

Looking at the past, they will only feel that a thing that obscures all things is directly over.

and the object they have seen by them is actually only a piece of scales above the giant heads of Mama.

Excessive things are not observed by them.

As the Only One Lifeform other than Kama, orlega even the attack is about to be in the abroad, and it is completely uncomfortable little things.

He is thinking about thinking about [Dark Red Book], with a [Dark Society], use the [Deep Red Brand] and Yanma playing cards.

until the other party will hit himself, he is a bit of great dependence.

‘calculated, today is not playing today …’

in this idea.

He calmly lifted his left hand.

“band !!”

Huge impact.

in this brief moment resounds THE Entire World!

then, it is just like a severe hush.

玛, each inch has a weird sound!

countless translucent shock shock wave, from His meter being excluded!

The kind of scene is imitation Buddha His Body His Body Department, in one in an instant, there is countless explosion.

as a victim.

玛 玛, 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防 防

He has gouavers that the other party will use what should be used when faced with his own impact.

positive OFFENSIVE SPELL? Or is there a powerful blade?

but did not think about it, the body type and his own disparity orlega, actually only borrowed a hand, successfully helped his impact and caused a substantive harm to himself!

This expectation is like a microorganism to be killed by microorganisms!

Take the abnormal angle of Impossible, playing a Completely Unprepad!

is more touched, Mima can distinguish it clearly, his own WITHIN THE BODY is destroying the strength of his body, in fact, it is from the round of impact you just have just!

ORLEGA does what is only a single hand absorbs the impact released, and in a special way, put the impact under the premise of ignoring their own scams, I have entered my own within the body!

from the head to the end.

There is no power to use.

is just to drive That’s all!

Forced to inhibit the injury, after the injury of his own WITHIN THE BODY, the martial market starts from his snake body, and the look is taboo Opened the mouth and said:

“Is this your Special Ability?”

Have to say, this ability to rebate the exquisite and physical impact, but also self-contained characteristics, ignore Defensive Power’s ability, is simply Tianti likes to use body type to crush someone.

“That is not talking, just a little skill.”

is a mixture of two contradictions in lazy and diligence. It has been studying various combat techniques since birth.

The first year of birth, the [Lesser Demon], he passed the soul of various soldiers and the Inheritance inside the Bloodline, and transferred the physical attack through the physical transfer ability to transfer to the neighboring things. The above skills.

and now, as a [Demon Lord], the Skill he has mastered is naturally uncomfortable.

The light is every moment, by each genus, the warrior of the various believers, the soul sacrifice, and the number of mathematics can be enclosed in the Hengsha River.

and his own body of [BotTomless ABYSS] is always extracted with various scattered emotional power, so as to draw the knowledge of their original owners.

It is like absorbing various Skill and experience as the greedy hungry that never satisfied.

is first stealing, plundering, learning, research, exploration …

ushered in growth, evolution, sublimation …

Cooperate with the [Abyss Lord], even if nothing is not done, the strength will also be incremented over time, and unlimited automatic enhancement characteristics.

constitutes an effect of superposition, mutual intensive, mutual increase!

It is not polite, or the strength and knowledge of Orlega, all the momentum increases.

is like an unlimited scrolling, unlimited expansion, will not limit additional increments … Snowball, Continuously draws [bottomless abyss] and even other plane resources and nutrition …

So, as long as orlega wants.

I am afraid that only the weak power of Ordinary Person, he can also have an extraordinary part of the power.

The so-called prophet is also good, the brave is also, the spiritual god does not matter …

except for a very small number of outstanding people.

In orlega’s eyes, almost all existence is just the Primordial Biology That’s ALL of Confused and Ignorant.

寇玛 in front of you.

Although strength is not bad.

But in his heart, it is still far from the Gu’t Be Called Qualified opponent.

Here is not only the Avatar of the other party, but His body is similar to Orlega.

The reason why he will now discuss so-called transactions with the other party.

is just to facilitate the dealing with things.

but I don’t know the bottom of Orlega.

Listening to the so-called Special Ability that he is taboo, it is just a little skill here.

This moment.

I don’t know what orlega is really telling the truth.

I feel that I have a small feeling!

For thousands of years in the heart, the first time to ignite an emotion called [angry]!

The body is heavy as the power of Star Sea, but also becomes more heavy.

Under the influence of this power.

Theoretical and position around it, also gradually changing substantial changes.

A special super gravity field, directly in the shape of the horses.

invisible appeal, continuously released by His huge snake body.

This moment.

His existence seems to be an active super black hole!

Everything around, will be adopted by Continuously, will be repeatedly crushed by the super gravity farm in this way.

thus becomes more than a few times more than the dust, and repeatedly strengthens the scorpion of Kama, providing greater defense for Him!

A special anttrine armor.

This is the true face of the snakes of the 寇玛, the true face of the Densely Packed, the scales of the terrestrial sector.

and this is also a race that many original nature, actually will join hands to be one of the main reasons for Qimma!

He doesn’t need to do anything.

In the case of not suppressing its own strength, Mima only needs to be caught, you can absorb the surrounding things and energy, repeatedly strengthened itself!

I really want to let him do anything.

[world tree] will be destroyed by He, no more informed!

He really has that kind of INTE Talent and potential!

So, for self-policy, each race will compepel by COMPELLED BY CIRCUMSTANCES to deal with Him!

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