Abyss Demon of All Realms Chapter 783



Faced with the gaze of others, Orlega’s expression is very indifferent.

As a handsome boy, he has already had an automatic immune effect on the eyes of others.

Therefore, the gaze all around couldn’t make him feel anything at all.

After all, his handsome appearance has generally attracted a lot of criticism for him.

He can still understand the envy, jealousy and hatred of ugly ghosts…

Horibori used a slightly scrutinizing gaze, scanning the panorama of the scene back and forth like a wild savage.

Although, due to the peculiar power carried by [Myriad Realms Temple], her eyes could not peek into the outside world, but the various scenes inside [Myriad Realms Temple] still entered her eyes in full.

From those exquisite artworks to the actual situation of everyone present.

It was just a blink of an eye.

She has a bottom in her heart.

At the same time, there was a little disappointment in her heart.


Surprisingly weak!

This is her greatest sense for everyone present.

No matter it is those guys who wear strange costumes, they are hundreds of times weaker than the ordinary person in the [Tianluo Zhenjie].

Still the guy who wore weird armor and was barely close to the first smashing void stage of the initial world.

There is no difference in her eyes, all is just dust that’s all that can be wiped out at will.

The only thing that made her unable to see the details.

There is only this great hall itself.

Of course.

It would be better if there were no unidentified garbage piled up in it.

After all, she did not want to understand the truth.

Why some gold, ceramics, and paintings are eligible to be displayed here.

Especially the gold is the most eye-catching.

Paste is everywhere!

For her, the Forbidden City, almost equivalent to the majestic and majestic, was covered with mud.

It is really reckless waste of natural resources!

It is also as if modern people saw the ancient people making a pile of charcoal fire like inside the universe spaceship full of precision instruments.

She only felt that those things were tainting the building itself!

I don’t know, it’s not just Orlega, but even Houhou feels weak.

When facing Wanwan, the man in armor showed a little obsession in his eyes because of his active male instinct.

But soon, he recovered.

Directly focused his main attention on the person who just made the sound, Orlega.

next moment.

His thick brow furrowed deeply.

Because, even after repeated observation, he still couldn’t see the depth of the other party.

There is no difference even if you borrow the power of your own cheat.

[Name:? ? ? ]

[Race:? ? ? ]

[Level:? ? ? ]

[Skills:? ? ? ]

[Features:? ? ? ]

As the basis for his continuous support and success in the foreign world.

His cheat possesses extremely wonderful power. It can transform himself into a special semi-data form similar to a game character, so as to obtain the characteristics of upgrading by killing other creatures and immune to physical fragility. Point, unless his blood bar is cleared, otherwise, even if his head is cut off, he won’t be killed!

To put it bluntly, it is to give him a game-style monster-killing upgrade template.

Just chop, chop, chop…

Chop all the way to the end, you can get EXP and powerful power!

The so-called cultivation and exercise are omitted.

The effect is extremely simple and rude!

The actual strength of the detection target is another auxiliary function of the cheat.

It can give him the advantage of intelligence, always grasp the real intelligence of the enemy, achieve the effect of seek luck and avoid calamity, thus avoiding the tragedy of spawning monsters directly on the wild BOSS.

Right now, looking at Orlega detected by my own plug-in, it was all question mark information.

There is no bottom in his heart.

Because, this represents the opponent’s strength, at least ten times stronger than himself or even higher…

Otherwise, his cheat should be able to detect some information.

After hesitating.

His tall body slowly moved two steps to his side, giving way to it.

After all, a big fist makes sense.

There is no need to fight for that moment.

Even if the beauty is in front, it is the same.

Fate is the most important thing.

See this situation.

When Rayleigh Handel’s eyes lit up, he directly summoned the courage to speak to Orlega:

“My lord, I am the reception officer assigned by Bluestar United Nations. For future convenience, can we register the basic information?”

Give it a try, the bicycle becomes a motorcycle, when others are afraid to speak, he chooses A to go up!


This moment.

Orlega’s pace slowed slightly, and stopped directly.

However, to be honest, the other party’s request is quite reasonable.

Therefore, Orlega did not refuse anything, nodded and said: “Yes.”

hearing this, Rayleigh’s eyes lit up immediately.

He knew that his chance was here!

Other people around are also full of envy.

Follow the default rules.

The first contact right was taken down by the other party…


Soon after.

With an earnest expression on his face.

Rayleigh Handel took a standard form and asked Orlega:

“My lord, what is your name?”


Hearing this western name, and then looking at the other party’s red hair and three red eyes, Rayleigh is a bit confused about which race his features are similar to. He just feels a bit of a combination of Chinese and Western Feel, slowly nodded and said:


Then, I asked in addition:

“Is this your name before crossing? If not, what was your name before crossing?”

“Maybe we can help you find past relatives, friends and future generations.”

“No, don’t look for it.”

Clean denial and rejection.

Regarding this, Rayleigh Handel didn’t ask much:

“…Well, is your current race human? If not, what is it?”

“Not a human being, now I am a professional [Abyss Demon].”

As the so-called gentleman is magnanimous, the villain hides chickens, and Orlega, who likes speak frankly, directly chose the self-destruct family, without any idea of ​​concealment.

Unexpectedly, now Rayleigh Handel smiled immediately:

“Oh~ it turned out to be a demon, good.”

After all, as an extraordinary race known far and wide, the power of demons must be very strong.

With a little thought, Rayleigh Handel smiled and said:

“Not long ago, it is said that in the continent of Africa, a transmigrator called [Abyss Demon Sovereign] came to Blue Star, maybe you still know it~”


That sentence immediately made Orlega a little bewildered…

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