Advanced Log-in in the Martial World Chapter 503

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Gu Changan has naturally guessed the result. After all, the tornado of the four Ten Thousands Sword Sect children only moved towards one direction attack, and as long as he is fast enough, he can make these four Ten Thousands Sword Sect The children of’s can’t react, but there is still a price to pay.

As long as everything exceeds one’s own tolerance, a certain price must be paid. While Longevity is no exception, Gu Changan is no exception, but the price Gu Changan pays is obviously smaller than that of Longevity. At this time, his Fleshly Body just broke down a bit.

But for Gu Changan, it doesn’t matter. When the time comes, it’s enough to recover. Gu Changan chose to do this because he wanted to defeat the four children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect as soon as possible. After all, he also felt that Immortal Grave was about to collapse.

“Sure enough, Immortal Grave won’t work without protection!”

Gu Changan lightly saying, Immortal Grave lacks a protector. It is really difficult. Gu Changan has guessed that the protector must be Wei Lao, and the old Master is probably just asleep, waiting for the arrival of the destined person, except for Wei In addition to his old age, Gu Changan also feels that those guarding the stone lions are also the protectors of Immortal Grave.

In fact, Gu Changan’s guess is not wrong. The guardian stone lion is called guardian stone lion, firstly to protect Immortal Grave, and secondly, to suppress Immortal Grave and make Immortal Grave more stable. Unfortunately, The guarding stone lion in Immortal Grave has been destroyed by Gu Changan and Ren Longevity.

Even the “key”, the Shizhong blade in Gu Changan’s hand, was taken out. The guarding stone lions will naturally be unrecoverable for a while. Even if they are restored, they cannot become ten guarding stone lions, they can only change. Five or six, that’s it, and Immortal Grave is almost gone.

Once Gu Changan gets the inheritance, Immortal Grave will collapse naturally. The old Master built Immortal Grave at the beginning, but there are actually many reasons. He wanted to find the inheritor, and the jade pendant. , And as long as you reach one, you are already satisfied.

Immortal Grave does not need to exist anymore. Obviously, the jade pendant is more important than the inheritor, so Immortal Grave is now on the verge of collapse, and the most important thing is Wei Lao He also left with him. If Wei Lao is still there, then Immortal Grave still has some protection.

It’s just a pity, all of them are not as good as the old Master’s ideas.

After Gu Changan avoided the tornado, he picked up the Shi Zhong blade, and another small dagger, said to be a dagger, in fact, Gu Changan’s left hand fingers were sewn into the fingers, and there are three other daggers. It just came in handy. At this time, when the tornado collided with each other, a huge energy was formed.

True Qi burst in an instant, moved towards all directions dissipated, and there were four huge deep pits in the surrounding ground, and under the impact of four tornados, there was already a depth nearly 50 at the feet of the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect After the tornado dissipated, the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect floated above five or six deep pits.



The formation of a hurricane, the surrounding yellow sand is full of sky, Immortal Grave is like being submerged in yellow sand land, it seems that the previous Immortal Grave breath no longer exists, just like a Desert, and there are several in Desert Deep pit, and Ren Longevity looked at everything that happened before him as if he was not affected.

“The formidable power of this time is bigger than the last time!”

Ren Longevity had to admire these Little Brat, who are only Grandmaster Realm. The strength really opened his eyes. When he was fighting with Wei Lao before, there was no such big movement, even if these sword energy still exist. However, Longevity still doesn’t feel that his battle has the horror of Grandmaster Realm’s Little Brat.

The key point is that the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect are still standing. This is the most exaggerated. When he was fighting with Wei Lao, Wei Lao already showed the feeling of not being able to support his body, and his body was a little overwhelming. , But now these children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect have not moved at all.

In contrast to Gu Changan, Ren Longevity could not find him for a while.

“What’s the matter?”

Ren Longevity can’t help but secretly thought. You must know that he still has a Longevity vision. Gu Changan is gone, he is naturally a little surprised, and the most important thing is that there is at least one minute, he can’t find it. Gu Changan.

Just thinking of Gu Changan’s previous confidence, Ren Longevity knew that he must have a way, and at this time Gu Changan had come behind one of the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect.

“Take it!”

Gu Changan’s mouth was slightly raised, and the blade of Shi Zhong’s blade without the slightest hesitation in his hand was chopped on the child of Ten Thousands Sword Sect in front of him. This child of Ten Thousands Sword Sect reacted quite quickly, almost In an instant, he resisted Shi Zhong’s blade attack, but after Gu Changan only used a blade, he changed his hand and sewed the dagger with the fingers of his left hand.

You must know that although the Wushuang sword array does not leak water and has both offensive and defensive capabilities, it has a big drawback. This one was discovered by Gu Changan just now. That is, all the Ten Thousands Sword Sect disciple in the Wushuang sword array have almost all actions. It is surprisingly consistent, and only when they move will there be a change.

Grasp this point, Gu Changan can make a big fuss. At this time, one of his daggers happened to be in front of the kid of Ten Thousands Sword Sect.

He made so many preparations for this moment, as long as all the remaining dagger capital is pierced in front of the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect, he will be victorious. It was not an ordinary dagger. At this time, when the child of the first Ten Thousands Sword Sect was stabbed by a dagger, he threw out the remaining three daggers.

All were stabbed on these children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect.

Gu Changan’s strategy has succeeded!

He did so much to get close to one of the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect, and in the course of the battle, the highly tense confrontation will also make the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect fail.

Thinking that they are just corpses, they just used fighting instincts, and they don’t have any thinking ability, so they won’t judge what Gu Changan will do next.

And Gu Changan has his own ideas, as well as the Divine Pupil, which can naturally be easily judged.

After Ren Longevity saw Gu Changan’s actions, his eyes widened and his mouth slightly opened.

“How did he do it?”

Ren Longevity didn’t expect Gu Changan to actually do it. He actually forcibly wounded them in front of the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect.

Be aware that before this, Gu Changan was absolutely unable to do this.