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Gu Changan’s method is quite subtle. After all, he used Divine Pupil to simulate many attack methods, and finally chose such a solution. I have to say that Gu Changan thinks this method is the most practical, at least in front of him. The kid of Ten Thousands Sword Sect was recruited.

I have to say that the effect is pretty good. When the dagger pierced into the body of the child of Ten Thousands Sword Sect, he took this child of Ten Thousands Sword Sect as a cover at the same time, and then took the remaining three handles in his hand. The dagger was thrown at the other children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect. With such a big corpse as a cover, it could just hide his movements.

“smelly brat, there are so many ghost ideas!”

Longevity saw Gu Changan’s eyes turned white, exuding white light, and he couldn’t help being satisfied and nodded. His own discipline seemed to have more means than he thought, otherwise, what’s in front of him These children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect I am afraid Gu Changan can’t clean up.

I want to crack the Wushuang sword array. For the time being, Ren Longevity thinks that he has only brute force, but I think it is not that simple for Ren Longevity, but I didn’t expect Gu Changan to think of it. This method of cracking Wushuang’s sword array was an eye-opener for him.

But Ren Longevity is still a little worried. After all, Gu Changan in front of him only used a dagger to stabbing the child of Ten Thousands Sword Sect in front of him. It can even be said that he was only slightly lucky to stabbed the child of Ten Thousands Sword Sect. I was hit, and I don’t even know whether the injury has hurt anyone.

After all, the children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect are in a corpse nowadays, and they are still corpses without any self-consciousness. If it’s a special corpse of Wei Lao, it’s okay. After all, in a short time, you can get your own Consciousness, and finally resist.

But now these children of Ten Thousands Sword Sect are obviously not the same as Wei Lao. First of all, Wei Lao’s strength is already beyond their reach. Wei Lao is in Longevity after all. Even the Fleshly Body is already destroyed. Next, it is still possible to save the soul to a certain point in time.

The reason why Wei Lao had kept his soul in that body was that he believed that someone would come, but Wei Lao did not tell Ren Longevity until he was about to die. , The one he has been waiting for is him.

“Wei Old Brother, I will definitely help you save it, and then personally deliver it to you!”

Ren Longevity once said such a sentence to Wei Lao, and Wei Lao and Ren Longevity also promised that they will meet someday in the future, and then the jade pendant will be In exchange, even in the Immortal Grave, Wei Lao has always insisted on this idea.

“He will come, he will come!”

At the moment when Wei Lao was killed by the old Master, controlled by Immortal Grave, and became the guard of Immortal Grave, he still believed that even though his body was riddled with holes by Immortal Grave, I also firmly believe that Ren Longevity will come back.

Lao Wei has always believed in his and Ren Longevity’s promise, but Wei Lao never told Ren Longevity, nothing more.

“Wei Xiaozi, why didn’t you want to leave?”

When the old Master was in touch with Wei Lao, he once asked Wei Lao a question about why Wei Lao refused to leave.

I have always stayed in Immortal Grave. In fact, Immortal Grave only needs Wei Lao’s corpse. Immortal Grave is enough to control Wei Lao’s body in Longevity to fight.

After hearing the words of the old Master, Wei Lao just shook the head with a smile, then looked towards the distance, actually looking at the location of Ren Longevity.

“Because I have not returned the jade pendant to you!”

Wei Lao said with a smile, his sentence actually contains two meanings, but the old Master is not at all, because for the Old Yu Master, the jade pendant has arrived, so everything is disappeared .

Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, it is not important to Old Yu Master.

However, since the old Master has a companion on the road, he looks more open.

In fact, Wei Lao’s last sentence said that he was waiting for Longevity to hand over the jade pendant to himself, and there was another meaning that he had to personally hand over the jade pendant to the old Master.

It is a pity that Mr. Wei has kept such a word in his heart.

Wei Lao has always been a person who thinks for others. Even if Ren Longevity has reached the end and is where he is today, he still thinks for Ren Longevity. Otherwise, with Ren Longevity’s strength, he wants to defeat him. Impossible, there is a gap between Longevity and Longevity.

If Wei Lao did not regain consciousness in time, or if he had already left with relief, then Ren Longevity would definitely not be able to pass that level, but now that Ren Longevity has passed, he is also relieved That’s it.

But on Yellow Springs Road, those two strands of Remnant Soul, Wei Lao and Old Master, at this time, halfway through, Wei Lao stopped, and the old Master also looked towards Wei Lao with a strange look.

“What’s wrong, Wei Xiaozi!”

The old Master said with a smile. Along the way, Wei Lao and the old Master have been in company, and the old Master also knows a lot of Wei Lao’s regrets. For Wei Lao, he really feels guilty.

At the beginning, he left a trace of resentment in Immortal Grave. Didn’t expect eventually caused a catastrophe, causing Ten Thousands Sword Sect to lose so many good seedlings. His heart is also very guilty.

When he created Ten Thousands Sword Sect, he wanted Ten Thousands Sword Sect to continue to develop, and then continue to grow, becoming the most powerful force among Jianghu. As a result, he didn’t expect it because of his The resentment almost broke Ten Thousands Sword Sect, but he was already relieved.

Because of Wei Lao’s company, the old Master is relieved. I have to say that Wei Lao can indeed enlighten the old Master. Even if the old Master is already like a fairy, there are still some things that are no better than Wei. The old-looking ones must be transparent.

“Teacher, you go first, I’ll wait for someone!”

Wei Lao looked towards the old Master, said with a smile, on Yellow Springs Road, he still has a person to wait, that person is still Longevity, he knows that Ren Longevity may not have died, but he knows that Ren Longevity time is limited.

When playing against him in Immortal Grave, he already felt it.

“Teacher, if I left alone, he would be very lonely!”

The corner of Wei Lao’s mouth was slightly raised, said with a smile. After the old Master took a deep look at Wei Lao, it was finally nodded.

The old Master also has a person to look for, and that person is the master of the jade pendant.