After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 583

“Not bad, not bad!” Robb said, “Banshee is really good at saving face. As soon as I prayed for intelligence, she gave me intelligence.”

He grabbed again Pick up those few sapphires, use the enchanting skills, add extra enchantment to increase intelligence, snap it, and add more than 100 intelligence points.

It’s time to live!

Robb grabbed the gauntlets and threw them hard at the distant ship.

The gauntlet traversed a perfect parabola in midair, and with a thud, landed right next to Conte.

Conte’s eyes were staring at the enemy ship in front of him when he suddenly heard a thud around him. He turned around and saw that a pair of gauntlets emitting bright blue light fell at his feet, which he recognized immediately. , the metal of this gauntlet seems to be very similar to that of his own shield.

“Ah, it’s the Saronite Gauntlets.” Conte quickly glanced towards the shore, just in time to see Robb waving at him.

Conte quickly put the shield in front of him, sat behind the shield, took off his mithril gauntlet, threw it aside, and put on the saronite gauntlet.

The material of this thing is very light. After getting started, it feels more than one grade lighter than the steel handguard, and the waving action has become much more flexible. The shining blue light on the handguard makes him feel a It feels like I’ve become “wiser”.

As soon as he put the gauntlet on, he heard the west wind warriors on the shore shouting in unison: “Conte, put the magic! Conte, put the magic! Conte, put the magic!”

This voice is very rhythmic, and it is typical to watch the fun and not be afraid of big things.

A change of person may not necessarily satisfy the audience’s requirements, but Conte is a very saucy guy. He once organized a football team and participated in the first football league in West Wind City, which is a typical favorite. A youngster who is at the forefront of the times. The needs of the audience are of course to be met, and they are never afraid of G-faces.

He laughed heartily twice, facing the gunfire of the enemy ship, and shouted: “I, Magic Knight, Conte Chenguang, when have you ever been afraid of using magic? I’ll let you see the morning light right away. The ultimate trump card magic handed down by the family, whirlwind!”

“Damn, just whirlwind?” The admiral next to him almost jumped up and cursed: “This is low-level magic, don’t say it’s amazing Yes, I heard the trump card of the Chenguang family, and I thought it was amazing. What about hurricane? What about tornado? What about multiple Wind Blade Technique? What about storm field? Those really top Wind Element magic, you give me one Come out and have a look.”

At this time, the battle lines of the two sides were still approaching, all the battleships had entered the magical range, the dwarf artillery on both sides had been temporarily turned off, and the artillery Moved out the demonic path tool, and fired desperately at the enemy ship. All kinds of magic flew among the eleven battleships, and magic light particles were everywhere.

The magicians from both sides also went on deck, continuously casting defensive and attacking magic.

The Admiral of the First Fleet of the Gran Kingdom is also a magician and an Earth Element magician of the younger sister of Young Lady Wang. The formation of the water blocked it, but it didn’t work. Looking back, a sailor on the mast in front of him threw the rope to the mast of the enemy ship and got entangled.

The sailor pulled hard and said happily: “It’s tangled! It’s time to jump into the state.”

“I’m coming!” Conte was the first to climb up the mast, Holding the shield in the left hand, the right hand grabbed an iron hook, hooked it on the rope, brushed the ground, and slid toward the enemy ship.

The enemy magician, archer, and at the same time opened fire on Conte in midair, trying to shoot him in midair.

But Conte shrank his body behind the iron shield of Saron, and the enemy’s magic, bows and arrows all hit the shield, and even the slightest effect could not be played. Conte slid down the rope and onto the enemy deck, and was surrounded by a heavy siege in an instant, but he was fearless, loudly shouted: “Whirlwind!”

Everyone on the shore stared wide-eyed, Waiting to see what kind of powerful magic Kang Chi will unleash when he puts on the equipment Godafather just gave him.

However, this guy didn’t change his stubbornness, and used his signature trick again, kicking an enemy soldier in front of him. He slashed the man on the back, and the man fell down with a thud.

Everyone: “…”

Elsie: “Godafather, equipment can’t save idiots!”

Sofa: “Let Noren Baron be serious Let’s cry.”

At this moment, the enemy sailors in all directions rushed towards Conte together…

At one-to-many time, Conte He couldn’t use his classic whirlwind technique anymore. At this time, he finally didn’t dare to tease Di again, and thrust the long sword in his hand to the ground, loudly said: “Wind column technique!”

A beam of blue rays of light permeated the gauntlet, enveloping him in it. The added value of several hundred points of intelligence took effect the moment he cast the magic. The added value of terrifying intelligence made his poor The magical formidable power increased several times in an instant, and a terrifying wind column, centered on him, spread out.

Conte himself stood in the eye of the wind and was not affected in any way, but everyone around him was swept up in the air by this wind column, and they were screaming in the sky. It flew away and fell into the sea next to it.

The soldiers on both sides and the spectators on the coast shouted at the same time: “Wow! What the hell?” Look, look right, look forward, look back, and then look dazedly: “What the hell is this? Is it the magic I unleashed?”

PS: Ahhh, ask for a counting ticket, now a monthly ticket The third place on the list is not guaranteed!

Chapter 811 Wow! Good fight

“Wow!” Robb applauded: “Conte, good fight.”

After mystifying, Robb wiped his sweat and said, “That’s good. Now, Noren Baron It shouldn’t be crying, right?”

Everyone shook their heads and sighed: “Noren Baron doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh.”

So Fa also couldn’t help saying: “Godafather, please give the high-quality equipment to the more promising youngster, don’t waste it on the teaser.”

Robb: “I think Conte is very promising. “

Everyone: “Although you are the Godafather we respect very much, you can’t talk nonsense!”

The battle at sea continues.

After Conte captured a piece of the opponent’s deck, the sailors of the Gran Kingdom behind kept rowing through the ropes, and everyone attacked a large area on the deck. The sailors rushed to the opposite deck, and under the leadership of Conte, the Norma were defeated.

Fighting on the side can be described as extremely dangerous. Once lost, there is no place to escape.

The flagship of the Norma people is lost after a fierce resistance!

In the end, all the sailors had to raise their hands and surrender.

On the other hand, the other ships were more tangled. Without cheating freaks like Conte to take the lead, it was not easy for both sides to attack each other’s sides. After seeing the flagship captured, the Norma people took the initiative. Separated their ships and fled to the south.

In the end, the Grans captured only two of each other’s ships, and the other four all fled back to sea.

Five battleships and two captured ships were parked at the edge of the port.

Hundreds of Norma captives sat down on the shore with their heads down, anxiously awaiting their disposal. The most common outcome for defeated sailors is to be thrown into the sea, or left to fend for themselves on an island.

However, the people of the Gran Kingdom didn’t actually plan to deal with them, because everyone knew that as long as Godafather sat here, no one could slaughter the prisoners. He was very stubborn about this aspect. one side.

Godafather won’t blame Godafather when both sides fight to the death and kill people. But if the battle is over, and someone is still raising a butcher’s knife against someone who is unable to resist, Godafather will come out to hammer someone.

Conte ran up to Robb triumphantly and exclaimed with joy, “Godafather, thank you for the equipment you gave me, God Ward, this shield and gauntlet are really amazing. , with these two distinct things, I feel completely invincible.”

Robb glared at him angrily: “If it wasn’t for your Uncle’s face…”

Conte laughed embarrassingly, and then whispered: “Godafather, this thing called Saronite is so powerful. In the future, all our people will use this as equipment, isn’t it all invincible?”

Robb spreads his hands: “How can it be so easy, this thing is not easy to dig, there is a little bit in the mine, and the ordinary person is not convenient to dig, only I go there myself, and the output will not be large in the future. , you can only make a few pieces of equipment at most, just for fun, and…to be honest, this thing is still too bad, it’s just level 80 minerals, and it has limited effect when dealing with Black Dragon.”

Kant didn’t understand the words of level 80, but he understood that it was not convenient to dig. He asked Elsie next to him in a low voice, and only then did he know that Saronite would emit a strong The evil spirit of the ordinary person can’t stay in that mine for a long time, and of course he can’t dig this kind of ore. As for letting Godafather dig this kind of thing by himself, everyone from West Wind City understands, that’s not even a thought.

Godafather can just dig a couple of times when he gets excited. If you want him to do a lot of work for a long time, he will definitely flip the table.

Conte said: “It seems that we still have to find better ore.”

After the fleet of Norma Kingdom suffered a big loss, there was no battleship coming back for a short time. However, everyone knows that the mithril mine is very valuable. The Norma Kingdom is impossible for the Gran Kingdom to easily snatch a mithril mine, and they will definitely send a fleet to retake it again.

The situation on the sea suddenly became tense.

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