After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 585

Queen: “I…I…I…I’ll let you kiss!”

Robb: “I’ve already kissed once, and it’s boring. “

Queen: “…”

The queen’s anger gauge began to charge…

At this moment, an official came over , stood beside the queen, and whispered: “Your Majesty, there is emergency information.”

“oh?” The queen’s anger tank was instantly empty, and she glanced at Robb in the crystal ball, but there was no He hung up the phone and turned to the official: “What’s the matter?”

The official said in a low voice, “We have received information from spies, in an old colony of the Norma Kingdom in the new continent, recently A very interesting thing happened.”

Speaking of this, he paused, took out a stack of materials and read aloud.

It turns out that there is a Norma Kingdom colony about 80 miles to the south of the port that the young lady Wang grabbed. This colony has been established for almost five years. It is a very The old colony, the Norma people who originally came to this colony, have been living here for five years.

People, once they live in a place for a long time, will develop feelings for this place.

The same is true of these Norma people. They gradually feel that they have a common destiny with the Maya continent, and even feel that they will be people on the Maya continent in the future, and will not go back to the Norma kingdom.

Among them, there is a Norma person like this, he likes the Maya continent very much, and his Knight spirit makes him sympathetic to the Maya people, and cruel to other Norma people The matter of the suppression and persecution of the Maya people is beyond sight.

He actually started to help the persecuted Mayans, even at the expense of the Norma.

As a result, it was fun!

The colony was in chaos.

The matter was discovered by spies from the Gran Kingdom, so it was passed on to the female Young Lady Wang.

The queen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when she heard this information.

Robb was also a little surprised: “So soon?”

He thought that it would take a generation, or even two generations for this kind of thing to happen in the colony, but didn’t t expect, in this world of swords and magic, everything seems to be going a little faster than in my own world.

I understand after thinking about it!

In the world of swords and magic, there are many strange magics that promote transportation, communication, etc. Therefore, the development of this world is of course faster than that of my own world. In my own world, there was no crystal ball that could communicate across the strait in the Age of Great Voyage, no Transmission Gate, no TV set, no live broadcast system, etc.

And these things can often speed up the spread of ideology, speed up the popularization of culture, and of course speed up the process of world development. Just like the world has changed rapidly since the advent of the Internet, after Robb’s work appeared in this world, ideological misunderstandings also developed rapidly.

Although the technology of Norma Kingdom lags behind that of Gran, it is much more advanced than that of Mondra. There are also people of insight in their country who are desperately absorbing the advanced technology of West Wind City. , advanced ideas, and these technologies and ideas can be infected by all people through advanced communication systems.

So…world progresses faster!

The “Holy Mother” who sympathized with the weak and stood up against the natives in the colony so quickly made Robb happy: “Hahaha, it’s interesting, it seems that the black hero Zorro , and will appear soon.”

“What is Zorro the Black Knight?” Queen Strangely said.

“Well, it’s simply a kind of…” Robb thought for a long time and couldn’t think of a good adjective, so he had to spread his hands: “It’s a certain form of heroism, young lady Wang. , you can wait and watch with peace of mind, there is a very good show, and it will start frantically.”

In the bushes, a large group of eagle warriors, and a battallion white warriors, a lot of The Mayan refugees are running towards the north.

These eagle warriors do not belong to the Gada tribe and the polar tribe, nor do they belong to any tribe that Robb has been in contact with. Each of them has many scars on their bodies, and it seems that they have just experienced A brutal battle.

And the group of white warriors actually had the logo of the Norma Kingdom on their bodies.

The leader is a Knight of Norma Kingdom! There are many sword marks on his armor. Obviously, he has also experienced a big battle. The group of white warriors who followed him are his subordinates, and there are many wounds on their bodies.

The group of Mayan refugees who followed behind them was even worse. All of them had yellow muscles, looked malnourished, and looked like they had been brutally tortured.

It turned out that the group had escaped from the Norma colony to the south.

The kind Knight couldn’t bear to see the Mayans being bullied, so he contacted a Mayan tribal guerrilla hidden in the jungle, cooperated with the inside and outside, held a rebellion, and rescued him from the colony in one fell swoop. A large group of enslaved Mayans, however, the rebellion eventually failed, and a large number of Norma warriors from other colonies surrounded them and finally defeated them.

They had to escape the colony with the Mayan refugees, and are now on the run.

A warrior said to Knight: “General, what should we do now? Where should we go?”

“Go north!” Knight whispered: “There are two Grans in the north. The kingdom’s mithril mines, let’s take refuge in them.”

“Take refuge in the Gran people? Ward!” a warrior exclaimed: “They’ll kill us.”

“If they were ordinary Gran people, they would certainly not be polite to us.” Knight said, “But according to my investigation, one of the mithril mines was built by people from West Wind City.”

“West Wind City?” The warriors were taken aback.

“That’s right, it’s the West Wind City you think.” Knight said, “We’re going there, and there’s still a way to survive. The Godafather of West Wind City is compatible, and he will accommodate us.”

warriors are silently nodded, and for now, they can only go there.

At this time, an eagle warrior ran up from behind and loudly said: “Run, the pursuers are already approaching.”

Everyone was startled, Quickly take big steps and run forward desperately.

A group of people made their way across the mountains and through the jungle towards the mithril mines in West Wind City.

Behind them, a large group of Norma Kingdom pursuers aggressively caught up.

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Chapter 814 Slap in the face in seconds

Robb was lazy in West Wind City for two days, I think it’s almost time to go to the new continent to find high level materials.

Just as he was about to get up from the stone chair and walk around, he saw Lillian standing beside him with a basket of snacks, looking like he wanted to go with him.

Robb said with a smile: “Why, are you going over there too?”

Lillian said: “I heard that the chapel over there has been built, and the mine has been built. The field has settled down now, and I also want to accompany Godafather there.”

“Alright, anyway, it’s just a distance from the Transmission Gate, not far away, you can come back and forth at any time, don’t care if it’s out. Far away, it doesn’t matter.” Robb didn’t object.

At this time, Little Yi actually brought a big loli and two bright little nuns, and also followed: “We are also going to the new continent.”

“Huh? “Robb strangely said: “What are you doing? Are you going out in groups?”

Little Yi said: “I heard that the Maya people in the new continent have a very backward culture and don’t understand anything, I think , we should teach them to read and read.”

Robb said: “By the way, spread the faith of the new God of Light?”

Little Yi voted.

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