After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 586

Okay, let the priest pass the Transmission Gate to get more recognition for his beliefs, even if it is a boat ride and a mountain ride. Hai, they all said nothing, which Robb could understand, so let’s go with them.

“And me!” Sara actually ran out, and brought Golda and Jake: “The three of us are tired of rest, and plan to go to a new continent for adventure, maybe it’s more interesting there.”

Finally, even Marianne ran out: “I want to go to the new continent to look for business opportunities. Our Cotton family’s sea trade team is being formed. Now it is necessary to know about the new continent in advance.”


“Okay, let’s all go.” Robb didn’t know whether to cry or laugh authentically: “Anyway, the construction on the new continent is alright, so it won’t let you see a mud turtle village. “

Everyone passed the Transmission Gate happily in a “school organized spring outing” mood.

Several girls who came to the new continent for the first time thought that the construction here must be bad, but they didn’t expect to come and take a look. The one over there is even better. It has an all-cement structure and multi-colored glass. It looks good.

It turned out that their home in West Wind City was the dilapidated chapel when Robb first arrived in Westwind Town. Although it has undergone some renovations in the past few years, the skeleton of the house is old. Yes, no matter how refurbished it is, it’s not going to be pretty.

The chapel of the new continent is a brand-new building, with an all-concrete structure, with a bright and spacious interior. It uses the roof to store water directly to provide tap water. The bathrooms and toilets are complete. The builders in West Wind City now have With quite strong architectural design ability, the built house is of course better than the previous one.

In addition, this place can no longer be regarded as a pure mining farm. Next to the mining farm, the houses of many miners are juxtaposed with the houses of the Mayans who moved here to mine and make money. a small town.

In addition, this town has also undergone development planning. Although the scale is much smaller than that of West Wind City, the advantage is that it is completely out of nothing. It is very convenient to plan, and all the houses are repaired. Neat and tidy, with wide roads, much more beautiful than the old town of West Wind City.

Marian couldn’t help sighing: “How can this place give me a feeling that it will be more beautiful than West Wind City in the future?”

Robb said with a smile: ” This is really possible! The old city has the regret of the old city, and there are always some buildings that cannot be demolished or touched, but a brand-new city, without these concerns, can be planned to the extreme.”

The big loli looked around the surrounding environment, and saw that the people in the mining town looked harmonious and happy, everyone was quietly doing their own work, mining, mining, transportation The transportation of the mine, the smelting of the smelting, and the surrounding of the mining town is a quiet jungle.

the entire world looks calm and peaceful!

The big loli can’t help but flatten her mouth: “What, so peaceful and peaceful? Isn’t there a monster to attack here? I thought the new continent was wild, and monsters were rampant everywhere.”


Robb ill-humoredly said: “Do you still hope that the monster will bite you?”

The big Loli said a little dejectedly: “Yes yes! I am obviously a glorious holy light Guardian , but there is absolutely no chance to take action. The evil villains don’t come to persecute holy light. How can I protect it? If I don’t protect it, what am I called a holy light Guardian?”

“Hey !” Robb said: “Don’t look for trouble if you have nothing to do, what’s wrong with peace? I like peace the most, you can’t find a fight here…”

He hasn’t said a word yet After that, the sentry on the watchtower in the south of the mining town shouted: “There is an enemy attack! In the south, there are Norma people killed.”

Robb: “Damn, hit me in the face in seconds. Who is so arrogant?”

The big loli was overjoyed, she rushed to the side of the watchtower, climbed up, grabbed the “telescope” in the sentry’s hand, and looked south for a few minutes. Eyes, and then said happily: “Sure enough, the Norma people came, and there are many Mayans with them, it seems that there is going to be a war, hey.”

The big loli jumped excitedly. He jumped, and then yelled at Robb: “When you were in West Wind City, you took care of all the battles. With a new continent, let me do it too.”

Robb ill- humoredly said: “Isn’t it bad for me to take care of the war? I really don’t know how to be blessed! Do you have to live in the Warring States period to be happy? Let me tell you, a Princess like you was born in the Warring States period, not yet. As an adult, it was given to Prince in another country for marriage, and I see how you are still doing it.”

The big loli strangely said: “What was the Warring States Period?”

“Well , when I didn’t say it!”

Robb was complaining on this side, and on the other side, the west wind warriors, under the command of Elsie, began to assemble, ready to meet the enemy. In addition, a large group of eagle warriors from the Gada tribe and the polar tribe also joined in. These eagle warriors are not good at fighting in formation, so they did not join the queue of the west wind warriors, but were scattered around. Some climbed the trees, some hid in the bushes, some hid behind trees and stones, and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye, as if they simply never existed.

The big loli pulled out the holy sword with a swipe and jumped to the front of the team, looking like the leader of the General.

This location is usually Elsie’s!

However, Elsie didn’t jump out to protest, but turned her head to look at Robb, only to see Robb shrugged at him, making a “I’m too lazy to care about her” look, Elsie. Xi understood, smiled, and then retreated to the middle of the queue, disguising himself as a soldier.

Godafather’s woman wants to play games, let her play! Elsie wouldn’t come out to grab the limelight at a time like this.

Chapter 815 Guard holy light!

The west wind warriors are lined up, waiting for the Norma country to attack.

That group of Norma people came very quickly. It didn’t take long for them to arrive outside the town. When they got close, everyone could see clearly that this group of Norma people were all wounded and seemed to have experienced a hard fight. They looked like they were not all warriors, there were many Mayan civilians, old and young, all skinny and pitiful.

A Norma warrior put down his weapon far away, walked towards everyone with empty hands, loudly said: “Is this the mithril mine under the St. Western District wind?”

The big Loli standing at the front laughed heartily said: “That’s right! Norma pigs, are you here to court death?”

The Norma warrior heard “Norma pigs” Three words, an embarrassed look suddenly appeared on his face.

He didn’t say a word, but a man who looked like Knight said loudly: “I thought people in West Wind City were different, but as a result, when he opened his mouth, he sounded like ordinary Gran people. Is there no difference? If you are also people who value race and discriminate against people from other countries, then we may be wrong.”

The big loli put her hands on her hips, what more to say, Little Yi Loudly said in the back: “Lars, pay attention to your words, God of Light doesn’t like people who are rude.” Mouth, after a few seconds, she put on a very formal appearance again: “Ah, Norma people, what are you doing here? We didn’t send you any invitations. Also, you brought these Mayans, yes What’s going on?”

She became polite, and Knight stepped out from behind with a heavy expression on his face: “We’re here to seek shelter.”

“en?” The big loli showed disappointment on her face: “Didn’t you come to attack us? Didn’t you come to kill the new Light Church court to the last one? Oh, are you still from Norma? You should Unite under the banner of the old Light Church, and treat my new Light Church as a beast, desperately persecuting us, so that I can rise up and defend the holy light.”

Everyone: “…”

Little Yi couldn’t bear it anymore, and rushed up from behind, a violent chestnut knocked on the big loli’s head and dragged it away.

Therefore, Elsie stood in front again: “Hello, Knight from Norma Kingdom, I am the head of the West Wind Self-Defense Regiment, Elsie.”

Elsie. Xi is worthy of being an old-fashioned genius. As soon as he opens his mouth, he shows a polite temperament, with a smile on his face, making people feel amiable and amiable, and anyone is willing to talk to him a few more words.

This kind of person is the most confusing. People often think that this kind of person is easier to get along with. In fact, people are wrong. People like big loli seem very second, but they are sincere, Al People like West seem amiable, but are actually much harder to be friends with.

Then Knight was also deceived, and finally there was someone to talk to, sighed said: “I had a falling out with Norma, and now I’m homeless, I heard that in the Western District of St. The wind is compatible, so I came here to seek shelter.”

“Oh? Fall out with Norma?” Elsie wondered, he looked at the family crest on Knight’s shoulder armor, it was a horse’s head Shaped sign: “If I’m not mistaken, you are a member of Norma’s famous main force, Legion, and a member of the Iron Horse Knights. In a high position, how could someone like you fall out with Norma? Will the Iron Horse Knights fail? “

The Knight said with a sullen face: “No, the Iron Horse Knights will not rebel, it’s just me and my subordinates who are against each other, it may make you feel ridiculous, I just… It’s just that I can’t stand it… I can’t stand the bullying of the Mayan people by our people…”

He turned around and pointed to the scrawny Mayan refugees behind him: ” They are all Mayans who were arrested by our country to do hard labor. In the southern colonies, they live a life worse than dogs. I watch them tortured and ravaged every day, and I feel very uncomfortable.”

He murmured in his mouth: “I am a Knight who devoutly believe in God of Light. When I swore to be a Knight, I swore with my life that I will be the one who cannot fight. While fighting, I will help those in need, and I will not harm women and children… But the colonial approach makes me feel that the oath I once made is a lie! No, it’s a fart! It’s worse than a fart. “

Speaking of this, he became agitated: “They are killing women and children in front of me, that is, they are trampling on my beliefs, trampling on the holy light in my heart. Therefore, I must be against it!” But my ability is not enough. Although I rescued these Mayans, I couldn’t resist the next siege, so… we are now desperate.”

Elsie: “…”


Those who heard this remark in the back were silent.

Actually, at this moment, at least one hundred listeners were thinking: You are too Holy Mother, right?

Hundreds of people are still wondering: How naive are you?

Elsie almost laughed out loud on the spot and cursed inwardly: Are you sick? The noble status of the Iron Horse Knights is gone, as well as the high position and great wealth. You actually do it for this group of natives? What bullshit holy light are you going to guard? You are sick and need to be cured!

However, the big loli rushed to his side, put a hand on Knight’s shoulder armor, and patted heavily: “I found that you are a good person, really! Guardian! The ideal of holy light is really great, I think you can also be a holy light Guardian.”

Elsie turned her head and looked towards Robb. Although he thought this Knight was stupid, he wouldn’t show it. He waited for Robb to set the tone, and he would make another statement.

Robb nodded to Elsie.

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