After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 587

Elsie understood, turned her head and smiled at Knight: “Oh, you’re a tall (stupid) wind (no) bright (yes) Festival (and) Knight, your kindness (heaven), goodness (true) and benevolence (foolishness), kindness (stupidity), I deeply admire (ke) admire (laughs), and we welcome you here.”

Knight is overjoyed: “Really? Are you really willing to take us in?”

Elsie put on a warm smile: “Of course, we can’t refuse someone like you. Such a hero, or rather, a hero like you, the more the better.”

He was full of nice words, but Sofa, who was behind him, leaned over to Robb and whispered, “How do I listen to this guy’s words? It feels like irony? But the smile on his face is so sincere, is it my illusion?”

“No! It’s not an illusion.” Robb spread his hands and said, “This Elsie is the In this way, he can completely separate what he thinks from the emotions on his face, and this ability is really super strong even if I will not.”

Chapter 816 Get rid of this clever tongue Such a bastard


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Knight entire group was accepted, however, they were still a bit cautiously.

After all, the relationship between Gran and Norma is really not very good. West Wind City is still the territory of Gran Kingdom in name. No matter how compatible it is, they have to be careful. Do you want to go in.

And the Mayans who came with them are more cautious. They have been enslaved by the Norma people for several years, and they have long been wary of white people. They dare not believe it easily. whites.

An eagle warrior from the Gada tribe emerged from the jungle and waved to the refugees. Those Mayans saw that there was an eagle warrior in this mining town, but it was a bit of a surprise. Unexpectedly, then, they saw that a group of Mayans actually emerged from the town, waving at them from a distance.

These Mayans didn’t look like they were enslaved and tortured. They didn’t look scrawny, malnourished, and miserable. All of them are dressed in clothes that are more neat than ordinary Mayans, and their complexions look ruddy, which is definitely not what a slave should look like.

Just as the group was hesitant and tangled, the sentry on the watchtower shouted again: “The enemy is coming again, a large number of troops!”

Knight Slightly stunned, he immediately shouted, “It’s the Iron Horse Knights who are chasing after him. No, everyone, go into the town and hide.”

In this way, even if the refugees hesitated, they would Can only run to the town.

Knight led the warriors of his subordinates, turned his head, and was ready to attack, and the warrior warriors who came with them were also ready to attack.

Elsie patted his shoulders with a smile: “Knight, you should go and rest for a while, I think you guys are exhausted, this battle, we will fight it. .”

“But…this is what we provoked…”

“Don’t worry, the number of times our West Wind City has been attacked by various people and monsters has been It’s a lot, I’m used to it.” Elsie pointed to the big loli next to him who was eager to have a try: “Also, our sword saint has already wanted to fight impatiently.”

Knight wondered: “This unreliable loli is actually a sword saint?”

Elsie whispered: “Don’t look at her like this, her full name is Lal Si Belmond Dracula.”

Knight understood immediately: “Mundra Belmond Dracula’s daughter, Ward Day!”

Now he has nothing to say, there is actually a “Princess” here, oh, no, I don’t know if it can be considered as a Princess, anyway, it is a great character and can’t be wrong.

He waved and asked his subordinates to follow him into the town to rest, leaving only himself and standing beside Elsie.

Everyone waited quietly, and after a while, the chasing soldiers approached.

This chasing troop looks very elite. Everyone is dressed in neat armor and armed to the teeth. At a glance, people know that they are the main force Legion. Everyone’s shoulder armor is engraved. with a horse head logo.

Arriving in front of the town, this army did not dare to rush over in a hurry, and stood in line within the range of bows, arrows and magic, and then a Knight in mithril armor stood at the front, loudly said : “Gran dog, you are too despicable. Last time you robbed our mithril mine and port, this time you actually rebelled against our Knight, conspired to induce civil strife, and robbed our Maya slave. I want to file the most serious protest to your country. .”

Knight opened his mouth to speak, but Elsie stopped him, stood in front of him, said with a smile: “Although you scold me Gran dog, I won’t scold you Norma pig , because I’m very talented.”

Everyone thought: Although you didn’t scold you, but the three words are still spoken, the effect is the same, it’s too thief.

Knight in mithril armor was speechless.

Elsie continued: “First of all, I must solemnly declare that we did not rebel against your Knight. This Knight was driven by his own sense of justice to do such a thing. I, West Wind City, didn’t do any shady deeds in it, and we didn’t know it until he came to us.”

Knight coldly snorted and said: “It’s clean, But who doesn’t know what you are doing behind your back?”

Elsie spreads her hands: “The villain just likes to use his own eyes to figure out the gentleman.”

Knight in Mithril Armor Angrily said: “Don’t play tricks here, I ask you to hand over the traitors immediately and return our Maya slaves. If you deliberately cover up the traitors, aren’t you afraid of starting a war?”

Elsie said: “I don’t like listening to your tone of voice, it’s like I have to listen to you, why? To be honest, I originally wanted to negotiate with you in a friendly way, and I don’t belong We have every reason to return our things, but as soon as you came here, you called me a Gran dog, and then you were arrogant and arrogant. Do you want to cause a war?”

Knight in Mithril Armor: “…”

Elsie said: “We don’t care about the Desert Kingdom or Great Tang, the East Rabbit. , will think that your attitude is abnormal, and I have always maintained a polite attitude and communicated friendly. If there is a war between us, it must be your fault, not mine.”

Knight in Mithril Armor: “…”

Robb listened interestingly from behind, and couldn’t help but almost laugh out loud, this Elsie is really a chicken thief, if he changed it If you come forward to negotiate with the other party, you might say, “Wow! If you are not convinced, you come and hit me.” In this case, you will be the one who caused the war, and it will be untenable in international public opinion.

Especially the wow, the people of Desert Kingdom and Great Tang of the East Rabbit will think that Norma is justified.

But as soon as Elsie opened her mouth, she set up the other party, making it as if the other party was deliberately provoking something to cause a war, then the truth was on her side, awesome, cheap enough .

The Mithril Armor Knight is speechless, but Elsie’s cheapness injury obtain is not light.

He raised the mithril sword angrily and said angrily: “You are insulting my Iron Horse Knights.”

Elsie said: “So many people have seen it with their own eyes. Now, I haven’t scolded you at all, you’ve been scolding me, when have I ever insulted you? It’s like you scolded me as a Gran dog, but I never scolded you Norma. Pig, tell me, have I scolded Norma pig just now? Have I ever scolded him by pointing at his nose?”

The West Wind City soldier behind him said with a smile: “Leader , you didn’t call him a Norma pig, we all heard it, no no, no at all.”

Knight in Mithril was furious: “Wow, I’m mad at me! I’m going to declare war, kill it This eloquent bastard.”

Chapter 817 What kind of ghost sword is this

He just shouted “I want to declare war”, and the soldiers under him have not yet Before I could take a step forward, I heard Elsie yelled: “Not good, the Gran people have declared war on us, we must guard home, defend the country, and be forced to fight back!”

sentence “Forced to fight back!” As soon as he shouted, an archer on the city wall pulled out the black wood longbow and shot an arrow at the people of the Iron Horse Knight Regiment.

The people of the Iron Horse Knight regiment are standing outside the range of bows and arrows and magic, and have no pressure on this arrow.

However, this arrow was beyond everyone’s expectations. It cut through the sky and flew into the middle of the Iron Horse Knight group. This range made everyone bewildered.

It turns out that the material used for this bow is black wood, a high-level wood that Robb found only after he arrived in the new continent. grade material. Moreover, the random enchantment of this bow is also very powerful. It is a special enchantment with “range +20%”, which is a very rare attribute.

This kind of unfathomable mystery contradicting common sense equipment is only available in the game. Suddenly such an arrow is shot, how can the people of Norma Kingdom beware.

The arrow flew into the enemy line, “hong”, it exploded!

It turns out that this arrow is not an ordinary arrow, but the hunter’s special battle skill, “Exploding Arrow”.

After a bang, the people of the Iron Horse Knight suddenly turned their backs, and the nearest soldiers next to Exploding Arrow were overturned to the ground, and the formation was in chaos.

Everyone in the Norma Kingdom was stunned!

In the chaos, Elsie was also heard holding a loudspeaker demon path device and shouting loudly: “The people of Norma Kingdom are crazy, declare war on my West Wind City, warriors, pick up Arms, guard home, defend the country.”

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