After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 588

The Mithril Armor Knight is so angry that his nose is crooked. This fuck is just a hooligan. I just saw him with good features and a smile on his face. Thought he was a good guy.

He didn’t know, but Robb was actually happy at this time: “This product is really bad, but I like it.”

I saw that the big loli had already rushed forward, Robb originally planned to take action, but after thinking about it, forget it, the current Zephyr warrior is not what it was when he first arrived, so it doesn’t matter if they do it.

He greeted the girls beside him: “Come here, sit down and watch the play.”

The west wind warriors rushed out of the town to meet the iron horse Knight regiment.

The Iron Horse Knight regiment is not at all cowardly. This Legion is one of the main forces of the Norma Kingdom. It is well-equipped. Everyone is full of steel armor. The Captain even uses a set of mithril equipment. , with such a level of armament, I really don’t have to be afraid of running amuck throughout the world. These Gran dogs in front of me are only…

Huh? wrong!

How come these Gran dogs are all wearing Mithril gear? Damn!

This terrifying discovery made the warriors of the Iron Horse Knight almost cry on the spot. How could hundreds of people wear this? Are these soldiers or generals?

How could they know that all the mithril dug up in the mithril mine in front of them is used to equip the miscellaneous soldiers, not simply to arm the generals. And Robb’s generals are all using Arcanite or Saronite equipment, who still cares about Mithril?

Advanced mining technology determines the level of armed forces.

Any kind of ore vein, once found by Robb, will be mass-produced with advanced mining methods and smelting methods, and Norma Kingdom is still using manual mining and manual transportation in mining. , decentralized smelting and other primordial methods, so in their view mithril will be extremely precious.

The warriors on both sides charged, with a muffled bump, and the soldiers of the Iron Horse Knights fell to the ground, but the west wind warriors only stumbled on two of them, and neither was knocked down by the enemy of.

The Mithril Knight cursed: Fake!

He loudly roared, “Barbaric Dash”, slammed into the body of a westerly warrior. When both of them were equipped with Mithril equipment, Knight’s strength was obviously higher than that of the west wind warrior, and the west wind warrior was knocked out by the collision.

Knight turned around again, waved his Mithril shield, knocked down a westward warrior with a bang, and shouted, “What’s the use of equipping it? A bunch of mobs!”

tone barely fell , and suddenly I heard a murmur in my ear: “The power that permeates the air, surge! Gather in my hands and turn into shrill lightning! The unparalleled rice wife suddenly!”

“en? This mental disorder is usually a long-term nonsense, which second-hand is sick?” Before Knight finished his words, a stern lightning flew from the midair, and the big loli led her. The sword, turned into lightning, ka-cha came to him with a bang.

Knight was taken aback: “Fake!”

The mithril shield on his left hand blocked in front of him, hitting the ground with a muffled sound, and the lightning hit the shield , The shield made of Mithril was hit so that a terrifying crack was formed. Knight shouted badly and turned to the side. At this moment, the shield broke into two pieces from the middle, and the big loli broke the shield and flew out. Fortunately, Knight turned sideways quickly, otherwise the sword would have cut him in half, even with his shield.

“Fake? What kind of ghost sword does this woman use?”

The big loli did not chase after the victory, but put on a very handsome shape and said: “holy sword ・Arcane cutter !”

Robb complained from a distance: “Hey, this sword only has the name Arcane Cutter, don’t arbitrarily add the prefix holy sword.”

Big Loli hummed: “How could I use a weapon without the word holy sword?”

Robb: “…”

Then Knight took advantage of the big Loli. When pretending to be forceful, I quickly picked up the mithril shield that was split in half on the ground, turned around and ran, yelling as I ran: “The situation is not right, hurry up.”

However, it doesn’t mean withdrawing. can be withdrawn.

The Iron Horse Knight regiment was just about to turn around and run when a large wave of Poisonous Arrows suddenly shot out from the jungle on both sides.

Although most of the eagle warriors of these two tribes are in their own villages, there are also a small number of workers in the mining town, doing some transportation of ore, helping to draw maps, Sentinels work as scouts, earning some money to support their families. The work here is high, life is easy, and they can learn new knowledge. The eagle warriors like it very much. Now they help the war here, that is, as It should be by rights.

The iron horse Knight regiment was chasing the west wind warrior behind it, and was harassed by the eagle warrior on both sides. It was really miserable.

The mithril armored Knight cursed in his heart: Damn, which ghost tribe are these eagle warriors from? Why are you willing to help Gran Dog? Could it be that Gran dogs and we treat these natives differently?

Chapter 818 We are living well here

Suddenly want to add more, in fact, adding more is to add at this unexpected time, which makes you look confused ,Right!

The people of the Knights of the Iron Horses fled, and the west wind warriors didn’t chase them very much, but the eagle warriors chased them all the way, and kept shooting arrows at the people of the Knights of the Iron Horses, harassing them, causing the Knights of the Iron Horses to harass them. of people are devastated.

However, they fled, and suddenly found that the west wind warrior was not chasing, only a group of natives were still chasing them, so the iron horse Knight group turned back and charged back, and drove the eagle warrior away. All over the jungle.

The eagle warriors had to give up their pursuit and returned to the mining town.

The mining town has returned to peace, and the next problem is the acceptance of a large group of refugees.

The number of soldiers brought by the exiled Knight is about twenty or thirty, not many, but this group of people is easy to settle down and can be accommodated in a few miners’ dormitories. Sub-refugees, it is better to resettle them. These refugees have only experienced slave life for a few years. The requirements for living conditions are very low. , they will feel very satisfied.

Elsie brought a few men to prepare a place for these people to eat and live.

The exiled Knight and his soldiers were more conscious, knowing that their identity was very sensitive, so they simply took the initiative to follow behind Elsie, placing themselves where Elsie could see, Avoid being guarded and suspicious.

They followed Elsie a few steps, and immediately found that the town planning of the mining town was really good, the streets were wide, the houses were neat, and all the houses were neatly and tidy built in rows of.

The Norma Kingdom had only been developing a colony for four or five years at this time. Most of the houses in their colony were made of wood, and occasionally some were made of stone. The houses in the mining town are almost entirely made of bricks, and the exterior walls are painted with lime and cement, which looks neat and beautiful.

“The living environment here is so good?” Knight couldn’t help but ask in surprise: “How did so many bricks and cement come across the sea? How many transport ships were dispatched? ?”

Elsie couldn’t help but be amused: “It’s useless, we have a strategic-level Transmission Gate, and we sent it directly from the door.”

Knight was taken aback: “Strategic-level Transmission Gates are often only used during wars. How could you use them arbitrarily?”

Elsie chuckled, without explaining.

Although Knight had heard some things about the West Wind City, he didn’t hear much, and he was really unpredictable and proven by Elsie’s laugh.

He followed Elsie to a row of miners’ dormitories. Elsie asked the dormitory administrator, “How many rooms are still vacant here?”

The administrator replied : “The last row of dormitories over there are all empty now.”

It turns out that the mining town has built a lot of dormitories in consideration of the future expansion problem, and it is simply not possible to use them all. Not a lot.

Elsie led the entire group of Knights to the row of empty dormitories, said with a smile: “This row of dormitories, you arrange to live, Mr. Knight has one room, and the other warriors are four people. One room, I’ll settle down temporarily, and then I’ll readjust it gradually.”

Knight glanced at the row of dormitories, which were also built of bricks and cement, and thought to himself: Is this still for me temporarily? This is already better than the house I lived in in the original colony. Listen to Elsie, will you arrange better accommodation for me in the future?

He was secretly surprised, and the warriors under him were completely stunned when they saw this “high-end” dormitory, this fuck, the houses they used to live in in the colony were all from small wood houses, didn’t ‘t expect now in exile, the standard of living has become higher.

While they were stunned, a group of Mayans walked by. These Mayans were all from the Gada tribe, the Maya that Robb first came into contact with when he came to this new continent. Tribe, so these people have been working in the mining town for a long time.

Working here for a long time means being rich.

They were all dressed in cotton clothes like the Grans, and Knight wouldn’t even believe they were Maya if it wasn’t for their brown complexion.

I saw this group of Mayans carrying a tin lunch box in their hands. The lunch box was full of meals, including potatoes, bread, green vegetables, and even a few slices of bacon. The food is really good.

Knight was stunned for a moment, and the soldiers under him showed embarrassment. It turned out that when they were in the former colony, the food was not as good as those of the Mayans.

They couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at Elsie with questioning expressions on their faces.

Elsie said with a smile: “This is the worker in our mine, their job is to dig ore in the depths of the mine, and then load the ore into the small minecart, because under the mine The work requires a lot of physical strength, the risk is high, and the lack of sunlight is harmful to health, so special high wages and high benefits are given to ensure that they eat well.”

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