After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 589

Knight: “…”

His men: “…”

Elsie strangely said: “Huh? You guys What’s the matter? A picture of us being so nice to the Mayans? It’s strange! Didn’t you help them escape from the colony because of their sympathy for the Mayans? It’s good to see the Mayans living here with us , you should be full of relief.”

Knight squeezed out a very reluctant smile: “That’s right, I’m very relieved.”

And his warriors , but all spit out: “They live better lives than us, we need their sympathy now, aaahhhh, give me the bacon Ahhhh!”

Just in Elsie At the same time as the poor group of exiled Norma people…

At the entrance of the town, more than 200 Mayan refugees who have just entered the town are watching the new city restless.

They have been tortured by the whites for several years, and now they are wary of other whites except the exiled Knight, watching the westward warriors with vigilance, for fear that they will be treated the same as the Norma. Own.

At this time, an eagle warrior from the Gada tribe walked up to them: “Which tribe are you from?”

An old man emerged from the refugees and whispered: “We are from the Yayata tribe in the south.”

“Oh, I know the Yayata tribe.” The eagle warrior said: “The scale of your tribe doesn’t seem to be very large, there seem to be more than 500 in total. It looks like a human.”

“There used to be more than 500 people.” The old man sighed: “Now there are only more than 200 people, and the others are all dead, all killed by the Norma people. , or exhausted in the colony.”

The eagle warrior was taken aback.

“You are here… living…” The old man asked cautiously: “How is life?”

The eagle warrior patted his shoulder: “Don’t be afraid, We’re living well here, and you’ll know right away, look, that guy named Godafather is coming, and he’ll make sure you breathe a sigh of relief as soon as he opens his mouth.”

Chapter 819 You’re for me Work it


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Robb walked in front of the Mayan refugees and looked at this group of people carefully. There are no strong men, probably because the strong men were slaughtered at first. Because in the structure of the Maya tribe, the strong man is equal to the eagle warrior. When the Norma people conquered the Maya tribe, they must kill the eagle warrior, and the wizard was also killed. The rest here are all Just old people, women, children.

Also, these old and weak women and children, all skinny and pale, it is clear that the Norma people never feed them and clothe them, enslaving them to the death.

For people of this physical quality, the Norma people can comfortably let them do hard labor, mining, repairing roads, building bridges, and carrying goods, just to death.

But Robb can’t do the same thing, and his heart is not so dark.

What are these people supposed to do?

Heavy physical labor is not enough, then only light physical labor can be done. However, the mining farm town is in vain. Now the main job vacancies are mining, building houses, and repairing roads, all of which are heavy physical labor. Labor, simply not light. How to fix this?

Robb frowned. It was inconvenient to operate. He was a kind person in the bones.

Forget it.

Robb said to the refugees: “Cough! Listen up, everyone, your home has been destroyed by the Norma people, and now you will definitely not be able to go back, even if you can barely go home and live in the ruins. , there is also the danger of being captured by the Norma people again. Therefore, you can only stay with me for the time being.”

Before the translator could speak, the refugees were nodded together, and some even spoke with English baptism Said: “Yes, you are right, please take it in.”

Robb was surprised to find that many of these guys could understand himself, and some could speak English wash. It seems that the people of the Norma Kingdom have been colonized for a few years, and all these people can understand English.

Robb can’t help but be amused, just didn’t know how to use these people, now he has! There is only one translator in his hands now, that is the little sea businessman. His translation task is too heavy for him. Not only does he have to help Robb and patriarch communicate with each other, but also to help Sofa and the eagle warriors to deal with, draw The map, the workers and foreman on the other side of the mine had to communicate with each other, and they also asked him to run around.

This little translation is going to be exhausting!

And now, among this large group of refugees, at least dozens of translators can be selected.

He couldn’t help saying with a smile: “Now, I ask those of you who know white language, can speak white language, or at least communicate with white people on a daily basis, to stand up.”

When the refugees heard this, they swayed slightly, and seemed a little scared, but in the end, more than 30 people stood up, and one of them was a young brown-skinned woman who looked pretty good, with good-looking facial features, just her figure. Too skinny, skin-wrapped, and she didn’t know how long she had been hungry, she said to Robb with an English bath: “Sir, what do you want us to do?”

“Your white man speaks very well. Okay.” Robb strangely said: “What did you do before?”

The woman whispered: “It used to be in the southern colony, doing housework for white masters.”

No wonder , This is the same as the Filipino maid, who often needs to communicate with the host, so learning the language will naturally be very fast.

Robb said to the thirty or so people: “In the future, you can come and do translations for us. All walks of life need a few translators… You will all come in handy.”

As soon as he said these words, all the Mayan refugees had expressions of horror on their faces, and the few eagle warriors who came with the team even mentioned lance…

Robb was quick to react and understood right away that the gang thought they were going to enslave them again like the Norma.

He hurriedly said: “Don’t get excited, the work I said is not the same as the work the Norma people want you to do.”

The young woman said vigilantly: “That is What do you mean?”

Robb beckoned to a Gada eagle warrior next to him who was working for him, and said, “Tell these people about your salary.”

The eagle warrior walked over triumphantly and said with a smile to the refugees: “I work for Godafather, and my job is to help him make a map, lead the way, be a tour guide, and be a sentinel! Let me tell you, every month, I can get a hundred catties of potatoes, two catties of sugar, and a large roll of cloth, hahaha.”

The refugees don’t understand what sugar is, but potatoes What is it? They know that potatoes are crops they also have here. They know how many potatoes are in a hundred catties, and several people have expressions of envy and hatred on their faces. As for cloth, it is even more powerful. The textile level of the Mayans is still quite low, and they can only make very low-end linen, but even low-end linen is very valuable here.

The eagle warrior in front of me can actually get 100 catties of potatoes and a large roll of cloth after working for a month.

A group of people even had their eyes red…

Several people even cried. They worked for the Norma people in the colony. If you can’t eat enough, don’t wear warm clothes, and if the white man is a little unhappy, he beats people and kills people, making them live in fear every day. Now I hear that this kind of treatment is here, it’s really heaven and underground.

Robb said: “Don’t get excited, this eagle warrior’s salary is high, because he does high-risk work, you help me do translation, the work is much easier, not so dangerous , so the pay should be less.”

When they heard this, the expressions of the thirty or so people turned gloomy again. Warriors with combat capability get high incomes. This is common sense in primordial tribes, because The productivity structure of the primordial society determines the status of the warrior as Supreme. When hunting, warriors take the best part of the prey, leaving only the worst part for non-combatants.

It’s normal for non-combatants to not get enough to eat…

However, just as their faces darkened, they heard Robb say, “Well, you guys In the reward, the two catties of white sugar are gone, only potatoes and cloth.”

Everyone: “Huh?”

What a surprise!

It’s called!

The thirty or so refugees who had booked to be translators cheered loudly, chanting in all kinds of strange words that Robb couldn’t understand. I don’t know which strange god or ancestor they were thanking. Anyway, there was a mess of thanks, and many people bowed down to Robb.

Chapter 820 The First Cocoa Plantation

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30 People who can be translators are super happy, cheering excitedly.

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