After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 590

But there are still more than 100 refugees left. They haven’t got jobs yet and don’t know what to do.

These more than 100 people heard that their colleagues got such a good job, and they were envious and jealous, but they couldn’t be a translator. How can this be done? Such a good job, I want to do it. I really want to do it, I want to stick my hands out of my throat to grab this job, but what should I do if I can’t catch the swelling?

A group of people had to look at Robb pitifully!

Robb’s head is also swollen. I can’t bear to ask them to go mining. I can’t bear to move stones to build a house. I can’t bear to build a road and bridge. What?

After thinking about it, that’s it, just the young lady Wang is clamoring to eat chocolate, but the cocoa beans of the nearby tribes have been exhausted for a while, so I’ll just get it in this world Let’s be the first cocoa bean plantation. Let more than 200 refugees stay behind to help manage the plantation, responsible for harvesting, picking, selecting, drying beans, crushing, making cocoa powder and other messy things, as long as there are corresponding Machines, these are not heavy manual labor, they should be able to do it.

Robb said loudly to the remaining 100 people: “Don’t worry, I have already figured out what I want you to do, ahem! Come and be my cocoa bean plantation. Workers.”

He just said this sentence, and the thirty or so translators around him spoke in unison, and at the same time helped to translate, everyone talking at once, it was a mess.

Robb: “Hey, what are you doing?”

The thirty or so people said together: “Let’s start the translation work now.”

Robb: “…”

This is very unreasonable.

Robb ill-humoredly said: “It’s all scattered, Conte, you take these translators to various departments in the town, and each place needs a translator.”

Robb ill-humoredly said. p>

Conte nodded with a smile, and then, he said to the young, decent-looking female translator: “You stay here to be Godafather’s professional translator.” Then he said to others: “You all come with me.”

Robb shook his head secretly: Even Conte has learned badly! The translators have to deliberately leave me a young and good-looking one. But forget it, I also like young and good-looking female translators, and male ghosts want it.

He turned to the refugees again: “You go to the north of the town first, turn over a field, and I will plant a cocoa tree there. Then, you will be responsible for taking care of my cocoa tree, as for your wages. … 20 catties of potatoes less than the translation, so it’s settled.”

The refugees calculated carefully, and they still had 80 catties of potatoes after they lost 20 catties. There is more than enough, and there are many more things that can be exchanged for other things, and there is a large roll of cloth to make clothes. This work is still much more comfortable than shaving food in the tribe before.

A group of people, deeply grateful, hurriedly bowed to Robb.

After praying, they want to go to work quickly, just like the group of people who can’t wait to translate everyone talking at once, they want to start work quickly, and get something quickly, maybe this is the most honest way of thinking.

Several westerly warriors took the refugees to get tools and asked them to go to the north of the town to prepare the land.

Robb didn’t care about it, he went back to his chapel and lay down. After less than twenty minutes of rest, he saw a west wind warrior running back and whispering in his ear. Said: “Godafather, those thin guys can’t seem to make a piece of land.”

“oh?” Robb strangely said: “What’s wrong?”

Warrior said : “There is a large jungle outside the town, and it is full of century-old trees. The roots are intertwined and complex. The refugees are too weak to handle the jungle with tools.”

Robb: “…”

That’s all, save people to the end, agree Buddha all the way to the west.

Robb hurriedly brought the new female translator and came to the north gate of the town.

Sure enough, as soon as he arrived, he saw a large group of refugees cutting down trees with difficulty. Each of these people was weaker than the other, and they were swaying with axes. How could they chop down trees? , Once the axe goes down, the hundred-year-old tree will only break a little skin.

It’s too hard for these guys to clear out a plantation.

“Stop!” Robb loudly said: “Come and gather behind me.”

These refugees are very obedient, probably because of their long-term colonial life, which makes their obedience very high. As soon as Robb shouted and translated, those people immediately ran obediently behind Robb, standing neat and tidy.

Robb said: “It was your job to open up wasteland, it was your salary, and you should do this, but, for some special reasons, I will help you this time. Lay a foundation, it won’t work in the future.”

The refugees couldn’t understand what he meant, so they couldn’t help but look confused.

At this moment, Robb suddenly waved his hand forward: “Wind Blade Technique!”

Two wide wind blades flew out of his hand, like Two incomparable gigantic scythes swept through the jungle in front of them, crash-bang, and the big trees in a radius of several hundred meters in front of them were all cut off from the roots and fell crookedly.

Refugees: “wa!”

A group of Westwind Town construction workers who had already prepared, immediately ran up from behind, carried the big tree and ran, said with a big smile: “Godafather, let’s use this wood to build a house.”

Robb waited until they had removed the tree, and there were only a lot of stumps in front of him, and then cast the spell again: “Earth Split.” !”

He controlled the formidable power, and only let the earth fissure wreak havoc on the surface land, and soon, the land around several hundred meters was all loosened, and many tree stumps carried tree roots. was turned over.

A merchant who had already been prepared rushed over again, beckoning his entourage to carry away the stumps and roots: “We will transport these things back to the Gran Kingdom and sell them to the sculptors.”

Then, all that’s left is a piece of land that has been turned over.

Robb then turned his head and said to a group of stunned refugees: “You guys should turn this land over and level it up so that I can sow cocoa, understand?”


Refugees now look at Robb’s eyes, which can be called “awe”. They quickly bowed and saluted, and some even knelt down and kowtowed: “We will definitely work hard.”

On the second day, the land for the planting circle was all ready. The refugees, no, they should now be called the workers of the plantation. They also put a fence around the plantation to prevent wild beasts from coming in.

Robb took the seeds of the cocoa tree (cocoa beans that have not been dried and processed), planted them one by one, watered them a little, then looked up at the sky, Write down the time, said with a smile: “At this time tomorrow, you will really start working.”

PS: Be convinced, ask for a ticket!

Chapter 821 is Holy War, I will die in battle

Second day, Robb’s cocoa plantation, harvested!

That group of workers was really frightened to death. You must know that after ordinary cocoa trees are planted, it usually takes five years to bear fruit. However, Robb’s monster only planted for one day, and the fruit was harvested. Well, this speed is simply insane and unreasonable.

This thing is money on the Maya continent!

So much money was grown overnight!

The workers almost fainted…

However, after a brief astonishment, they began to rejoice again. With such a powerful employer, do they need to worry about starvation in the future? Not at all! As long as you work hard and don’t lose your job, you will be safe in this life.

Some people even suggested to hurry to open up the wasteland, so that the Boss can plant another cocoa tree.

However, this proposal was rejected on the spot by Conte, who was passing by with an interpreter to watch the fun. Conte reminded them friendly: “Godafather is lazy like an Old Dog, using the grace of God to conjure this piece of cocoa tree. It came out to solve work problems for you. If you want Godafather to use God’s grace again, that’s nothing. Unless there are major events and changes, Godafather will not agree to use God’s grace again. Guard this plantation and work hard, if you want to grow more trees, you can only use conventional methods, plant cocoa trees like normal people.”

The workers are obedient, Do your own essential work, pick the cocoa beans, leave a part of the cocoa beans for sowing, open up a new field next to it, plant cocoa trees in the normal way, and most of the cocoa beans are used for drying , milled, and then handed over to the merchants sent by the female Young Lady Wang, loaded on a large ship, and escorted by the fleet, transported back to the Kingdom of Gran…

The Wang Family Chocolate Factory of the Kingdom of Gran, finally Got a lot of raw materials.

Days later, night.

It’s ten o’clock in the evening and Robb hasn’t slept yet. At this time, he is really not used to sleeping. Moreover, there was an uninvited guest in the church today.

Fleeing Knight!

This Knight with an “explosive sense of justice” has been living in Robb’s mining town after he betrayed the colony. As a former nobleman, he doesn’t need a job, and his subordinates are loyal. His soldiers would take the initiative to work in the town, using a portion of their income to support him.

So, he is now living a very leisurely life.

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