After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 591

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Everything in the mining town made him feel novel. He saw the pit track trolley, which pulled out Thorium ore at a fast speed, and also saw blast furnace smelting. Mithril of the Stove.

He also saw tap water, cement, sewers, showers…

Of course, he is not the kind of person who likes to look at things from a global perspective. These technological things, It only made him feel novel, but he didn’t think about the political and economic impact of the whole country as much as the young lady Wang did when she saw these things.

He prefers to see the life of the Mayans here from the perspective of a Knight.

He saw that the Zephyr and the Maya lived in harmony here and lived and worked in peace and contentment.

The Zephyrs hired the Mayans to work for them at reasonable rates, rather than forcing them to work by means of slavery and persecution.

In this way, although the Zephyrs get much less benefits, they get more friendship from the Mayans. The Mayans in this small town are increasing everyday all, and the surrounding The Mayans of various tribes are radiated by this town.

They are abandoning their primordial and backward tribal life, and they are beginning to yearn for the same way of life as the West Wind. They came out of the tribe and went to the mining town to find work, make money, and then take the money with them Return to their own tribe and become a rich man in the tribe, and their success attracts more Mayans.

The town’s population is growing fast! Crazy expansion rate.

Knight discovered that this is the world that a Knight hopes to protect! Powerful and gentle, everyone is happy, and grows happily under the illumination of holy light.

Now, Robb is sitting next to him, listening to both Knight and Little Yi talking.

Little Yi: “The old Light Church that we believed in was hurting us. They maliciously tampered with God’s decree and made the Holy See serve the Pope and the bishops, not God. of Light service, we were all deceived.”

Knight nodded, agreeing: “Yes! I also asked my superiors about the Mayans, and I asked them, God of Light loves Everything, why don’t you love these Mayans? My boss said that these Mayans are pagans and don’t deserve pity. But I know very well that these Mayans simply didn’t teach, how could they be pagans if they didn’t teach? It’s nonsense.”

Little Yi said: “Yes, God of Light loves everything, calls others infidels, and persecutes desperately, that’s simply not God of Light’s original intention, it’s old The malicious tampering by the Light Church.”

The more they talked there, the more they felt, and they couldn’t help sighing.

Knight said: “Holy nun, I will be a devout follower of the new Light Church in the future. I hope to find my own holy light here.”

Little Yi said: “We welcome you here.”

Robb rolled the eyes beside him, wanting to complain, but finally held back.

Knight said sincerely: “Holy nun, I think the city-state model implemented by West Wind City in the new continent is very good. I think it is worth learning from the people of Norma Kingdom. Fleeing to you, but I still have many friends in Norma, I think I can let them know by letter how we treat the Maya… We should even pass on the teachings of the new Light Church Let the believers in the old Light Church know what the real God of Light looks like.”

Little Yi shook his head and said, “Our new Light Church is just preaching in the Gran Kingdom, but if we go to Norma If you preach in the kingdom, I’m afraid it will cause a very serious war.”

Knight said righteously: “In order to protect the real holy light, launch a Holy War! I will not hesitate to die!”

“Don’t, don’t do this.” Little Yi interrupted him quickly, shaking his head and saying, “Godafather supported me in the establishment of the new Light Church, and told me very clearly that we cannot incite war in any form. , especially the so-called Holy War, it is even more wrong, the reason why the old Light Church became what it is now is because they got power and money by means of Holy War again and again. Therefore, they decayed, God of Light has also become less important to them, power and money have become what they are after, and we must not become that.”

Chapter 822 Only do what we can.


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Knight couldn’t help but said, “Then we will just sit and watch the old Light Church persecute others?”

Little Yi shook his head and said, “They have done bad things, and naturally someone will take care of them. , but not us. Godafather is right, bad people do bad things, they should be dealt with by the law enforcement agencies of the state, not by the Holy See, the Holy See does not have this right and should not have such a right. When the Holy See gets When such a right is granted, the Holy See will go down an abnormal path.”

Knight seemed to understand something, he turned his head to look at Robb, and saw Robb lazily sitting on the stone chair He turned over and threw a piece of chocolate into his mouth, looking like a scumbag.

Knight couldn’t help sweating: “This Godafather is really hard to see.”

Little Yi said with a slight smile: “You will find out after a long time, he This appearance is far more reassuring than the appearance of a charge when fighting.”

Knight couldn’t help but whisper: “He is so powerful, have you ever thought about conquering the world?”

Little Yi shook the head: “Godafather said that the development of transportation and communication, and the integration of culture and race will restrict the size of a country’s territory. If transportation and communication are not developed enough, culture and When the races were still divided, he forced the world to be unified by martial power, and the result was that it fell apart in a blink of an eye, meaningless, so he didn’t bother to do such a stupid thing.”

Knight said “Yeah”, Looking back on history carefully, isn’t that so?

He couldn’t help but sigh: “Godafather is really wise, I can’t compare.”

“Hey!” Robb protested: “How can I say you curse people? “

Knight: “I’m not, I don’t!”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t panic, I’m kidding you.”

Knight’s face Confused, where is this funny? But forget it, let’s talk about it. He said to Robb with a very serious expression: “Godafather, you don’t like war, it’s a good thing, I admire you very much, but you must also see that now countless Mayans are living a dire life in the colony, we Only 200 trifling people have been rescued. There are still thousands of people who are living in misery in countless colonies. Are we going to die? Can’t we take the initiative to lend a hand and help them? ?”

Robb spread his hands: “The world is so big, and there are so many people living a miserable life, everywhere in the world, where can we save them? Unless we start a war to unify the world, many people will be evened out. If you start a war to unify the world, the process of war itself will bring countless sufferings. It makes sense to kill a group of people in order to save a group of people?”

Knight Think carefully: “Huh? It seems to be the case.”

“If you can, save it, if you can see and touch it, save it.” Robb said: “As for the out of reach, then Forget it, it is better not to do good deeds forcibly, so as not to make a mess of the world.”

Little Yi said with a stiff face: “Is this the reason you are looking for for your laziness? Say I almost believed it.”

Robb: “…”

Little Yi said: “Although I can’t incite the believers to launch Holy War, I now know very well What should I do, I should try my best to spread my knowledge, so that more ignorant people will become wiser, and when the time comes, they will know how to judge what they should do.”

Robb clapped: “That’s right, I think this is the king’s way.”

Knight thought for a while, and said, “You’re right, I wrote to my friends in Norma Kingdom, Tell them how West Wind City treats the Mayans, and then leave it to friends to judge for themselves.”

As the three of them spoke, the crystal ball in front of Robb lit up. .

It’s from Young Lady Wang!

Robb answered the phone and saw that the Queen was sitting in the garden lit by the setting sun, with an empty dinner plate on the stone table in front of her. It seemed that she had just finished her dinner.

“The second batch of creamy chocolates has left the factory.” As soon as the call was made, the queen went straight to the topic and didn’t bother to say a word of nonsense.

Robb said with a smile: “Are you making crazy money again?”

“en!” The queen pouted her mouth: “But I’m not happy, I asked you to grow cocoa for me Dou, you won’t. A group of refugees came, and you planted a large piece of land right away. What do you mean by this guy? Am I uglier than the refugees?”

“no no no, you’re a man Super beautiful.” Robb said: “The refugees are all ugly, and the matter of growing cocoa beans has nothing to do with the refugees’ appearance.”

He didn’t finish his sentence, The young female translator drilled out from behind. Although she was terrifying thin, her facial features were pretty good. Her face was right in front of the crystal ball, and she said to Robb: “Godafather, I have a folks who picked up a strange stone outside. , I heard that you are looking for all kinds of strange stones, so let me bring them to you.”

She handed a small stone in both hands, Robb glanced at it, shook his head and said, “Thank him for his Good intentions, but this stone is useless, not what I’m looking for.”

The female translator said, “Oh! Okay.”

After she finished speaking, she backed away and walked away .

Robb turned to look at the crystal ball again, and saw that the queen was putting on an expression like “men are big pig hooves”.

Robb strangely said: “What’s wrong with you?”

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