After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 592

The queen hummed: “It has nothing to do with the refugee’s appearance, right?”

“It doesn’t matter!”

“The woman just now What’s the situation?”

“That’s a translator, and it’s not the same thing as a plantation worker.” Robb hummed: “If you want to use this to spit my groove, it’s impossible. “

The Queen slapped the table: “Change to a male translator!”

“No!” Robb also slapped the table: “This Uncle likes beautiful translators, I don’t like men.”

The queen had no choice but to stop talking about this unremarkable guy, and changed the subject: “A funny thing happened.”

“oh?” Robb strangely said: “What’s the matter?”

The Queen said: “After my second batch of chocolates are produced, the Dark Holy See wants some.”

Robb was instantly amused: “Didn’t they stop the trade between the Lost City and West Gran? Why do you want to come for chocolate now?”

Speaking of this, the Queen was also amused : “After the opening of our free trade port, the Dark Holy See found that their behavior of stopping trade was very stupid. Not only did they fail to seal our material acquisition channels, but they blocked their own material channels.”

The Lost City is just a lonely harbor city hanging in the southwest corner of the continent, and it has almost no material output. In the past, it depended on the goods shipped from the Gran Kingdom, and it would not lack anything, but now, he took the initiative to cut off the trade with the Gran Kingdom, making it lose the supply from the land, so what advantage does it have? At all?

Chapter 823 Restart the trade with the Lost City

A temporary update that makes people simply do not understand!

hahaha, can’t think of it.

The Queen’s face was full of schadenfreude: “Stupid Holy See liars, they don’t even understand the most basic business principles, without the support of my Gran Kingdom, what use is that small broken city? It will only continue to be marginalized. Now many sea merchants simply don’t bother to go to the harbour of the Lost City, or go to that harbour just for food and water.”

Robb laughed: “reap what you have The sown guys, they don’t understand the power of the free trade port, they should understand it now, have you learned it from you?”

The queen shook her head and said, “They dare not learn, I don’t need one. The tax on the port is tax-free to attract businessmen, but the Lost City dare not, where else can they collect tax other than this port?”

Speaking of this, she suddenly showed tenderness to Robb ‘s eyes: “The factories all over the country now contribute a lot of tax, which has far exceeded the agricultural tax. It is all thanks to you that we are on the right path.”

Robb smiles , do not speak.

At this time, the queen’s expression suddenly became serious again, said solemnly: “I want to ask for your opinion, the Dark Holy See suddenly wants to buy chocolate from me, and it is clear that it wants to pass this piece. I want to reopen the trade window with my Gran Kingdom, and I want to restore trade relations, should I agree?”

Robb did not rush to answer, but instead asked: “What are you thinking now? “

There was a flash of anger in the Queen’s eyes: “I don’t want to agree! Trade they will cut off if they want, and they can open it if they want? I’m stuck on the land trade line of the Dark Holy See, making them poor and dead in the southwest.” On the corner.”

Robb couldn’t help but be amused: “Young Lady Wang, I don’t agree with your idea.”

“Oh? What do you think? “

Robb said: “Do you know who is more likely to be fooled by a magician?”

The queen thought about this question seriously: “The poor and the less educated.”

“That’s right!” Robb said: “You want the Holy See of Darkness to be impoverished? The Holy See will not be poor. The poor are always the ordinary people of the Lost City. The poorer they are, the more they believe in the gods. Nonsense.”

Queen: “…”

This makes sense!

Robb said: “I would suggest that you take this opportunity to reopen your business and sell all those good things that are intoxicated to the Lost City. They want chocolate? Okay! Give it a high price. They. Then sell books and knowledge to them at low prices. While exporting materials, exporting culture at the same time.”

Queen: “…”

Robb said: ” You don’t know, people have a strange problem with this thing, that is, they always feel that ‘everything the advanced countries and regions do is right and good, and everything that the backward countries and regions do is Wrong, stupid’.”

Here, Robb smiled evilly: “As long as you keep offering the people of the Lost City good things they can’t make on their own, like chocolate Yes, they will feel more and more the beauty of the Gran Kingdom and the backwardness of the Lost City, and then they will start to yearn for everything in the Gran Kingdom. They will feel that the fart of Young Lady Wang is fragrant. , The Pope’s words are stinky, when the time comes, it will be quite easy for you to solve the psoriasis of the Dark Holy See.”

The queen squinted: “What kind of ghost metaphor is this?”

“The metaphor doesn’t matter.” Robb said with a smile: “I just wanted to say that opening up trade will help you master it. If you close it up, what will the people of the Lost City do? I don’t know, I don’t know anything, maybe I thought that the people of the Gran Kingdom were just walking on the same ground as they did. So what do they have to worship the Gran Kingdom?”

This time, the queen finally I understood something: “Okay, I get it, then I’ll give the Lost City a batch of chocolates.”

“Remember, sky-high prices!” Robb hehe said badly with a smile.

The queen hummed: “Nonsense, I’d rather eat it myself if I can’t sell it at a sky-high price.”

The female Young Lady Wang is very trusting of Robb’s words.

Hang up the phone, and she started the layout.

First of all, agreed to the Dark Holy See’s request to buy chocolate, and then deliberately gave the Dark Holy See a chance to restart trade. She grew up in the middle of several Great Influences and was very good at negotiating, and this opportunity sold without a trace.

The Dark Holy See thought it was self-sufficient, and hurriedly asked the Queen to “restart trade”, and also said that although there are differences in beliefs, the people of the Lost City are also the sons of the Gran Kingdom Min Yunyun, said a lot of nonsense.

After pretending to disagree, the Queen forced the Dark Holy See to agree to a bunch of humiliating agreements, and the two sides “finally” reached an agreement and restarted the trade.

The long-term embargo has made the Lost City extremely short of various materials. Once the trade reopens, she will immediately buy things from the Gran Kingdom desperately. As Robb said, rare goods sell for high prices, while cultural products are almost free to throw in the Lost City.

For example, the love movie made by Elf Elder, the love novel written by Baihua Elder, the urban sitcom of the Lost City, the daily Man picture book with a strong sense of life…

Anyway, as long as you pass The story can let people see how rich cultural products the metropolitan life of the Gran Kingdom is, and dump it into the lost city like no money.

When the residents of the Lost City saw these movies, TV series, and Man’s picture books, they were surprised to find that the people of the Gran Kingdom lived really happily. Every household had running water and white sugar. Eating, every family can afford a “magic refrigerator”, every family can afford to drink fat house happy water… By the way, there are also ridiculously expensive chocolates that an ordinary person can’t even afford to eat. In love movies, the male lead is on the end It came out to be a big plate. I personally peeled off the paper clothes wrapped in chocolate and fed them to the heroine one by one. The heroine showed a happy and sweet smile on her face.

The CEO, the male lead, bought a fish pond for the female lead at every turn. The technology used in the fish pond is still the unique technology of West Wind City, and fish is raised in living water! It uses scientific fish feed.

The rich second-generation male protagonist buys the most beautiful stockings for his girlfriend at every turn. They are embroidered with gold and silver threads and are jewels. , no woman does not like it.

The most ridiculous thing is that in a romantic drama, the hero actually gave the heroine a Zephyr diesel car, Ward, this thing is a crazy price, ordinary rich People can’t even pay for gas, let alone send the whole car directly.

Who can handle this kind of movie?

The result of repeated reading is that I always feel that the Kingdom of Gran is good, but the Lost City is bad, so I can’t wait to throw myself into the arms of the Kingdom of Gran.

Poorly they don’t know that they are actually living in the news. Although the real Gran Kingdom is also very rich, it has not yet reached the level of acting in the movie.

Chapter 824 The mine-stealer is here

You can’t do anything about it!

It can only be added by me, and there is no room for resistance.

1351, summer!

Robb took his own girls and traveled from West Wind City through the Transmission Gate to the mining town. He didn’t expect to be hit by a heavy rain as soon as he came here. Drizzled on the top of the head, poured into chicken soup.

Maya continent is a good place in other places, but the fact that she often likes to rain heavily is the most annoying thing, and the rain here is different from the rain in other places. It makes sense, and it will not stop immediately, it will last for several days at a time.

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