After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 593

It will give people the feeling of howling wind and torrential rain destroying the world!

Robb stood at the entrance of the Transmission Gate, his face covered with rain, and pointed to the sky: “Fake, did I make a mistake? I just got through the door when I was slapped with rain?”

Sofa and Lillian next to them were also soaked, but they didn’t complain about the sky like Robb, but laughed and pulled Robb’s hand from left to right: “Go back to the West Wind. City, let’s go, take a shower and change clothes, it seems that Maya continent can’t stay here for the time being.”

There are two girls holding hands, and the mood is very good, Robb is no longer angry, said with a smile: “So are we going to take a shower together?”

Sofa quickly shook off Robb’s hand and jumped a meter or two away, but Lillian blushed and didn’t Agreed, but did not protest, a “whatever” look.

Robb was overjoyed: “Let’s go, go back!”

He wanted to pull Lillian back to the Transmission Gate impatiently, however, at this moment, there was a strong wind and rain. A Mayan eagle warrior ran towards the church. The heavy rain seemed to have no effect on the eagle warrior. He ran in the rain like running on a sunny day. Asian, and then, the head of a beautiful Mayan popped up in the church, Robb’s beautiful Mayan translator.

When this female translator came here last year, she was still sallow, skinny, and pale, but now she has become healthy and beautiful, with the beauty of a typical brown woman, she listened to the eagle warrior After talking, he quickly turned his head and called to Robb who was standing beside the Transmission Gate: “Godafather, there is a situation!”

Robb was speechless and was about to go back to take a shower with Lillian, how happy Shit, can’t you bastards give me less shit? He asked angrily, “What’s the matter?”

The female translator ran to Robb with the eagle warrior. Everyone was drenched in soup. She quickly said: “These eagle warriors Say, when Miss Sara and the three of them were out on an adventure, they met the Norma people. They followed the Norma people and found that they seemed to be spying on our Saronite Iron Mine.”

“en? Hearing this, Robb couldn’t help but rejoice: “What do they want?”

The female interpreter whispered: “Miss Sara asked the eagle warrior to tell us that they probably wanted to use the dumping Under the cover of heavy rain, we secretly dig up Saronite iron.”

The black mine where Saronite iron is buried is a little far from the mining town, in the jungle to the west, a distance from Gada The tribe and the polar tribe are also far away. Because of its powerful evil spirit, no one except Robb can dig, so there is no way to build a mine there. Robb himself is lazy and doesn’t want to dig there.

Therefore, there may be people who usually go there to take a look at that place, but when it rains heavily, no one will take care of it at all.

Anyway, once the torrential rain in the Maya continent starts, it will rain for a long time, ten or even dozens of days, and it will never end. It’s quite a nasty move.

Unfortunately, the Norma people were not very lucky, and the stolen mine was discovered by three adventurers.

Robb couldn’t help but didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Damn it, a big country, do you want to be like this?”

Neither the female translator nor the eagle warrior Talked, just waiting for Robb to speak.

Lillian never got involved in this sort of thing either, and just stood there obediently, just holding Robb’s hand and never letting go.

Only Sofa came up and said, “What should I do? Are you going to send an army to protect our Saronite?”

Robb shook his head: “Trash mine, No one can mine except me, so what’s the use of it, forget it, if the Norma people are interested, let them find a way to mine, anyway, I don’t put mines at level 80…”

He said a sentence here, then suddenly stopped and said: “Huh?”

Sofa Strangely said: “What’s wrong? Suddenly his expression changed?”

Robb’s The expression became ugly: “This mine can’t be given to them, because…they want to dig this mine, I’m afraid it’s…”

Here, Robb’s tone became a little heavy, looking at Glancing at the beautiful Maya translator and the eagle warrior in front of him, he whispered, “Saronite is a kind of mine that makes people feel uncomfortable. Norma must have known that since they planned to steal the mine, Then they must have found out about that. So, they won’t dig these mines lightly.”

Sopha had accompanied Robb to the mine at the time, and he knew very well that Saronite brought people How uncomfortable she felt, she frowned and said: “You mean, they will let the Mayans dig?”

“Yes!” Robb whispered: “There is no doubt, They will force the Maya slaves to go up the mountain to dig. Of course, they will let the slaves bear all the unpleasant evil energy. The slaves are not in good health. …”

Sorrowful expressions appeared on both Sofa and Lillian’s faces.

The beautiful translator and the eagle warrior couldn’t help but be moved.

Robb said: “Tell Elsie to bring some people to intercept those Norma people, don’t give them a chance to get to the foot of that mine.”

Sofa nodded, hurry up went.

Robb shook his head sighed, took Lillian’s hand and walked to the church in the mining town: “Let’s live here for the next two days and see how things develop.”

Lillian whispered in his ear: “How about digging a hot spring in the yard here, we can have a bubble together.”

Robb was immediately overjoyed: “Dig! Put a canopy on it, I like hot springs when it’s raining.”

A few minutes later, Sofa came back and Elsie ran over in the heavy rain, followed by a man behind him. A large group of westerly warriors, as well as the Knight and his men who fled from the Norma country, and a group of eagle warriors who were hired to join the defense tribe of the mining town.

The eagle warriors didn’t care about the heavy rain, but Elsie and the others felt that the Yali Mountain was huge and looked very embarrassed in the heavy rain. It is estimated that the underwear under the armor was wet It was clear, with an unhappy look on her face, but as soon as she stood in front of Robb, the expression on Elsie’s face immediately became firm and fearless: “Godafather, the officer will set off immediately to drive those damn thieves away.”

Chapter 825 Western Exploration

Elsie went out with a group of people, Robb stayed in the church, anyway, his clothes were all wet, and now it’s okay to go to hide from the rain It doesn’t make sense, he simply took advantage of this time to dig a big hole in the yard, build a canopy on top of the hole, then fill the hole with water, then throw a fire magic to bake the water into a “hot spring”, and then laugh Hehe jumped in.

Lillian glanced left and right, the rain was pouring down, and there was no one living outside, so she was not afraid of being seen, so she also slipped into the water quietly, but she was still very cautious, the wet clothes on her body were all covered in. Did not take off.

Robb said with a smile: “Hey, the clothes are all in.”

Lillian only had his head above the water, looked left, looked right, looked for a while to make sure it was safe Afterwards, a skirt threw away in the water…

Robb was very eloquent, but when he saw that she really did it, he couldn’t help but startled: “Oh my Lillian, you Now I’m getting more and more bold, wait, I have to build a wall around this hot spring pool, although you can’t see anyone around, but when those Mayan eagle warriors hide in the jungle, not even me It’s easy to find them, and I don’t want you to disappear.”

A few hours later, Elsie’s entire group came back, not only the warriors came back, but also brought back a large group of poor looking Maya People, it’s interesting that the overwhelming majority of these people recognize the fleeing Knight, and it seems that they also came from the colony to the south.

Elsie went back to Robb and reported, “Godafather, from that colony in the south again, and the Iron Horse Knights that came to harass us last time, their spies have detected We have a saronite ore, and we know that the saronite shield and gauntlets that Cont wears are very powerful, so they want to steal our ore during the rainy season.”

Robb nods.

The fleeing Knight came over: “They came out to steal mines this time, with a large number of Maya slaves, trying to force them to mine, and they were attacked by evil spirits and died, and they were used as consumables. , it’s really hateful.”

Robb sighed, shaking his head: “Every penny earned by the colonists is stained with the blood of the aborigines. Elsie, settle this well. Refugees, find some weak physical labor jobs for them first, and let them find other jobs after they get better.”

Elsie nodded, and took the people back.

The fleeing Knight came over and said: “Godafather, we saw Miss Sara and the three of them next to the Saronite Iron Mine, and they fought together just now, but the three of them haven’t planned yet. Come back.”

Robb said with a smile: “Sara this guy is like this. He always likes to run outside. When he gets tired of running, he comes back to tease me for a few days, and then goes out to run again.”

Hearing the words “mocking me for a few days”, the fugitive Knight felt like he had eaten 100 million tons of dog food and almost jumped up to complain, but in the end he forcibly held back, and he whispered: “Miss Sara said that they Overheard the conversation of the Norma people, who are exploring further inland west of the Maya continent.”

At present, both the Gran people and the Norma people are still exploring the new continent at a very primary level , only a part of the eastern coast of the Maya continent has been explored, and the central and western parts of the Maya continent are still lacking knowledge.

Robb asked curiously: “With the development of the new continent, the Norma people have enough energy to explore the west?” The subcontinent has been around for five years. At this time, the construction of the colony is still a mess. Where do they have the spare energy to explore the west?

Speaking of this, the fugitive Knight has more right to speak. He looked at the head and said: “We Norma people are really still immature in the management of the new continent. It is far inferior to the mining town of West Wind City. However, the people above did not intend to build this place very well, they just wanted to come here to plunder resources.”

He paused and continued: “A friend of mine in the colony wrote me a letter a few days ago, saying that a domestic order had just come, telling them not to confine their eyes to the existing colony, but to find more rare minerals, gold, and precious stones. , when they find the ore, they grab a large number of natives, forcing them to dig hard, and then transport them to their own country.”

Robb: “Cut! Crazy predatory?”

Cut it all down, but Robb knows that this approach will indeed bring prosperity to the colonists for hundreds of years, but this prosperity is based on the suffering of others, which is very boring.

Fleeing Knight said: “That’s probably one of the reasons they wanted to steal Saronite.”

Robb denominated: “They’re going to explore the west, for me , it’s a good thing, if they find anything useful, can you figure out a way to know immediately?”

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