After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 594

Fleeing Knight said: “I can!” After speaking, he laughed dryly again: “If there is enough money to buy intelligence.”

Robb came to the new continent mainly to find rare mines and prepare for the Black Dragon fight. It is now the summer of 1351, and half a year to 1352, which is the next year of the Black Dragon flying. At the moment before the sound, he couldn’t find enough good equipment, so he might not be able to kill Black Dragon this year.

So, he is in urgent need of new minerals now!

However, due to the limited involvement of West Wind City and Gran Kingdom, and the fact that the map making ability of the Mayans is almost zero, Robb’s speed of finding minerals in the new continent has been very unsatisfactory. In recent months Since then, there has been no gain at all, and now I suddenly hear that the Norma people are going to start exploring westward, which is of course not what they want.

Robb didn’t mean to rob the Norma people’s mines, but the minerals in the real world are always symbiotic. If the Norma people find any mines, if the Norma people find any mines, Robb will look for them in the vicinity, and it is very likely that they will be found. The same, so it is also good to pick up leaks behind.

He smiled and patted the fleeing Knight’s shoulder: “You have been here for a long time, and you should have heard from the merchants, whoever finds me strange stones, I’ll give him a big reward. When will I be reluctant to spend it? You just spend it, take care of your friends in the Norma colony, and when the time comes, if I get something good, I will thank you. ”

Fleeing Knight

nominated in the colony and agreed, took a sum of money, and then sent his cronies, secretly carrying the money, and sneaked back to contact his old friend.

And the Norma people have been developing new continents for many years, there are many territories, many colonies, and more maps are drawn, so that it will of course be easier to find ore when it spreads out. .

Chapter 826 My name is Bailu

The Norma people’s western exploration has begun!

Of course, it can only be called big exploration, not big development.

They didn’t mean to develop the west at all, just to be robbers.

Everyday all there will be insiders in the colony to send all kinds of information to the fleeing Knight, among which is included, a certain tribe in the west was destroyed by the Norma people, all the warriors were killed, and the ordinary person was all killed. Grab it and do it as a slave. Or, a certain tribe was forced to leave their hometown and burrow into the deep mountains and forests to avoid the Norma people…

These kinds of news made the “good and righteous” fleeing Knight weep sadly, even Little Yi and The two bright little nuns couldn’t help but feel sad.

But the people in West Wind City have limited abilities, and it is impossible for the Maya continent to rescue these people like a fire brigade.

For every Mayan being supported in West Wind City, it must provide a job for the Mayan. At this stage, Robb is also impossible to create countless jobs out of thin air. This continent has millions of jobs. It is impossible for the Mayans to be saved. Everyone knows this.

The Mayan people themselves are quite competitive. The Gada tribe and the polar tribe, the two tribes that first came into contact with the West Wind City, have now begun to imitate the West Wind City, reclaiming large tracts of land and beginning Planting crops in batches, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, these crops originating in the Maya continent, they already know how to plant them, and now they only need to introduce the more advanced large-scale planting concepts in West Wind City, and they can do it.

The richer patriarchs started to build their own plantations, and even the patriarchs of the Gada tribe exchanged more than half of the cocoa beans in their hands for more than a dozen looms from Robb, and started We built a weaving factory and started a business of weaving and selling cloth.

The indigenous people on the Maya continent are still using very primordial hands to weave cloth, and the son of the patriarch came back and told his father after he learned knowledge in the technical school in West Wind City, that he used a loom to weave cloth. Cloth is king, so the two father and son played like this.

This can be considered walking in the forefront of the times, or full of standards.

There are many other influences like this, which cannot be listed one after another. In short, under the leadership of West Wind City, the current Mayans, just like the original Westwind Town people, followed Robb Behind him, began to grow like a pig by leaps and bounds.

The torrential rain is still washing the jungle frantically.

Robb sits under the church eaves with Lillian thumping his shoulders behind him.

He held a few maps drawn by parchment in his hand and looked at them with interest.

These maps were sent by a friend of the fleeing Knight from the colony in the south.

The map is a Norma expedition square, a map drawn to explore in all directions centered on the Norma colony and several supply points built in the deep west. Basically it’s all areas that Robb hasn’t explored yet.

Robb reached out and flicked on the map, said with a smile: “Very good, now I have something to do.”

Elsie doesn’t need his orders , so I went to find twenty eagle warriors to come over. When leading the party and the scouts, these eagle warriors are as easy to use in the jungle of the Maya continent as the elves on the magic continent, and their effect as scouts is first-class. Great.

It didn’t take long for a westward exploration squad to form.

Robb, Sofa, Elsie, Conte, ten westerly warriors, twenty eagle warriors, set off to the west, and the most interesting thing is that Robb, the beautiful translator, actually also put on He was dressed in colorful feather clothes, with a small leather shield in his left hand and a lance in his right hand, intending to follow.

Robb couldn’t help but wonder: “I said girl, what are you going to do with me?”

The girl said: “I’ll do the translation with me!”

Robb spreads his hands: “It’s very dangerous. Now many eagle warriors can understand what I’m saying. You shouldn’t be involved in such a dangerous action.”

Translation girls use The lance patted on the right hand and the small leather shield on the left hand confidently said: “Godafather, although you are great, you don’t know enough about us Mayans. Do you think that there are only men for eagle warriors?”

“Uh, there must be only men, otherwise why is it called a male eagle, not a female eagle?”

Robb made a spit, and spit out the translation girl for a while. She didn’t know what to say. After a few seconds, she said awkwardly: “Well, we women really can’t be eagle warriors, but people in the tribe generally call us — Amazon female warriors.”

“Wow?” Robb wondered: “Really? When I first saw you, you were so skinny that you were about to die. Now you suddenly tell me that you are a female warrior? Who, who, wearing gloves, forced the author to change the settings?”

The female warrior said awkwardly: “It’s not that the settings were changed! That’s because the tribe was defeated and I was arrested. It took me a long time to be hungry, but recently I can eat enough and take care of my body, so I have become very difficult to deal with again.”

Well, Robb won’t complain. I just asked: “Since you have used the Dafa of random modification and setting, then you must be a very remarkable person. Now I have to ask what your name is.”

The female warrior said. : “My name of Maya is β– β—β–³β˜†β– β—‡, which translates to white deer, you can call me white deer.”

Robb turned his head and whispered to Sofa: “Predecessor Is the editor’s elder sister’s name Bailu?”

Sofa was nodded without a trace, for fear of being seen by others.

Robb said: “This time, I’ll change the settings. Forget it, let her go together.”

Everyone is ready to go…

At this time, the torrential rain is still mercilessly falling, but no one suggested that the rain should stop and go, because the rain in the Maya jungle will never end, if you have to wait for the rain to stop If you’re leaving, it’s better not to think about leaving.

None of the Mayans who traveled together needed shelter from the rain, so there was no pressure to let the rain fall, and the west wind warriors all put on scorpions. Even Sofa wrapped himself in the black shoji, which seemed to have a taste of assassin.

Only Robb was not happy to wear that thing, it was dull and dull, he threw a blister at random, a weird bubble wrapped him in the middle, the rain hit this blister, it would be blown away by it The lightly bounces off, and Robb doesn’t drip inside, and he won’t be separated from the people outside, because the sound transmission effect of water is very good.

This weird bubble made the people of Maya feel very novel. Several eagle warriors approached to look at it, and the white deer also stared wide-eyed: “Can I poke it with a lance?”

“Whatever! Don’t worry, I don’t blame you if you stabbed it.”

White Deer stabbed with the tip of his spear, but found that he couldn’t stab in. This water cannon actually has a shield. The effect made her marvel: “The witchcraft of the white people is so powerful.”

Chapter 827 Who wants this gold mine?

La la la!

Add one more

Go west!

The Maya jungle is really not a suitable place for people to stay. Once you are far away from the town, you will feel all kinds of inconveniences in life. It’s not easy to stay overnight in a dry place.

Fortunately, it is much easier to solve this problem in the world of Sword and Magic than in the original world. Robb only needs to use fire magic to bake, and he can bake out a dry area. Use Earth Wall Technique A house can be built at any time.

So, when it’s time to rest at night, Robb can use a few magics to make everyone rest in a fairly safe environment.

I think Bi Sara and Norma Wangtian’s expedition squad also used this method to solve the problem of rest in the jungle, otherwise no one could withstand such a climate.

After walking west for three days, the eagle warrior who was a scout in front came back and reported: “We found a Norma supply station just two miles to the west.”

Robb took out the map for reference. This is the first supply station on the map. There are several more to the west. The Norma country has penetrated deeply into this continent, and it can be regarded as helping Robb to lay the foundation for westward exploration.

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