After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 595

He looked closely at the sheepskin map in his hand, and could actually find a big red dot on it, which indicated his own location. Of course, Elsie and the others can’t see it because they can’t enjoy the game privileges. Only Robb can see the red dot representing himself when looking at the map.

Robb activates the “Find Ore” skill again, and two small yellow dots immediately appear on the map, indicating the location of the ore.

One of them is very close to them, at the location of the supply station just reported by the eagle warrior, overlapping!

Robb couldn’t help but said with a smile: “The Norma people found a mine here, so they built a supply station on it to mark it. This is a smart way to play. It can be directly transformed into a colony dedicated to mining.”

Elsie chuckled beside him: “There are not many soldiers in the small supply station. If the mines here are good, we will Take it.”

Robb scolded angrily: “It’s not right to take other people’s things. If it is a mine that is useful to me, I will only negotiate with the Norma country, not directly snatch it. I’m not that kind of person.”

Elsie strangely said: “But haven’t we robbed the Norma people of a mithril mine?”

Robb spread his hands: “It’s a woman Young Lady Wang robbed it, but it wasn’t me. The mine is now in the hands of the female Young Lady Wang, and it has nothing to do with me.”

“Can that be called irrelevant?” The slot spit out.

However, Elsie didn’t mean to complain at all, but turned to the fleeing Knight and said, “Godafather didn’t dig half of the ore in that mine, so it has nothing to do with us.”

Fleeing Knight: “…”

I don’t know how to complain about this kind of arrogant licking dog, forget it, ignore him and ignore him.

entire group quietly touched the supply point in Norma Kingdom…

Sure enough, this supply point is very small, just a few small wood houses, it seems that they are only stationed In the appearance of dozens of soldiers, a pit was dug on the ground in the middle of the small wood house, and a few pieces of ore could be vaguely seen thrown beside the pit.

It was so far apart that I couldn’t tell what kind of ore it was, Elsie whispered: “Let’s rush over and drive away their people, and then study what kind of ore it is?”


Robb shook the head and said with a smile: “I’ve seen it, it’s silver mine, it’s useless.”

“Silver…silver mine isn’t useful yet?” The eagle warrior sweated: “Godafather, the silver mine is worth grabbing.”

“It’s worth a ghost.” Robb didn’t bother to care about this garbage mine, and continued to move with the square to another place on the map. Going with a yellow dot, when I got to the place, I saw that there are no Norma people here. It seems that the Norma people have not discovered that there are mines here. Robb punched the ground and exposed the veins. He fixed his eyes and shook his head: “Gold mine, it’s useless, leave it alone.”

“pu!” The fleeing Knight almost vomited blood and fell to the ground: “Gold…gold mine is still useless?”

“che , In order to dig a little useless gold to build up the earth here, it is not my style.” Robb said: “If you are interested, come here to develop gold mines in the future, I am not interested anyway.”

The escaped Knight was overjoyed, but he reacted immediately and asked Elsie first: “Are you going to take over this mine?”

Elsie shook her head: “Money is like dung to me, and I am focused on it. Follow Godafather, where does he go, where do I go, and what time do I get to dig for gold? To tell you the truth, I don’t do any business, I only do what Godafather tells me to do.”

Fugitive Knight : “…”

Well, this guy doesn’t like to take the business route, he likes to take the scholar route! Don’t ask, he turned to Conte again: “Do you Chenguang family want this mine?”

Conte shook his head: “We are now deeply cultivating sugar and small snacks, Godafather said, bite off more than one can chew, we only need to make the sugar industry reach the pinnacle, it is pointless to go overseas to dig a mine, it is better to build a plantation to grow cocoa trees, which is more helpful to our sugar industry.”

As soon as these words came out, the fleeing Knight couldn’t help but be overjoyed. He pulled a few eagle warriors next to him to get together and whispered: “I’ll pay the principal and buy mining equipment, You are responsible for hiring and managing Maya workers, I hold 80% of the shares, and you hold 20%, how about we develop this gold mine together?”

“Okay, okay!” The eagle warriors fiercely Nodding, and then asked: “What do you mean by shares?”

Fugitive Knight: “…”

Forget it, let’s not talk about shares, fugitive Knight said: “I am responsible for All the preparatory work, you come and help me work, the wages are the same as what Godafather gave you.”

The eagle warriors nodded: “Okay, okay, this is better.”

Robb heard their conversation and couldn’t help but spread his hands.

The fleeing Knight took out a copy of the map, marked the location of the gold mine on it, and put it away with satisfaction, thinking: It seems right that I defected from Norma Kingdom, Not only did I protect my inner justice, but I also got a gold mine of my own. All the gold dug up here is mine.

After a short stop, the group passed the Norma kingdom’s supply point and continued on their way.

While walking, Robb opened the search for herbs and firewood in turn.

I was lucky to find a medicinal herb, and I found a level 80 medicinal herb that can rub out an intermediate level blue bottle. Moreover, the herbs in reality are different from those in the game. In the game, there will only be one herb from a long distance, but in the real world, finding one flower means a large piece, because the reproduction of plants is originally a piece by piece.

Robb had his entourage pick hard, picking several sacks.

However, the luck of looking for firewood is not good, only a piece of black wood is found, there are many such woods next to the Gada tribe, it is not a very rare thing, Robb chops trees as he walks , and rubbed some black wooden bows for the fellow eagle warriors, so they all lived together.

Chapter 828 Don’t go to the Northwest’s mountain range

The westbound trip has come to ninth day!

Robb’s entire group has been surrounded by rain, downpours, light rain, moderate rain with white lines, anyway, all kinds of rain, if it weren’t for magic, such a rain forest would be impossible. Stay inside Nine Heavens. He felt the pain when humans developed the rainforest deeply.

At noon that day, the entire group came to a small Maya tribe, which was hidden in the depths of the jungle, unremarkable and indisputable from the world, but now, it has turned into a ruin.

All the thatched huts in the village were burnt down, not by ordinary fires, because it was raining all the time, and ordinary fires would be hard to burn anything. This village was all given to fire magic. Burned, even the light particles of Fire Element magic remained in the air, and they did not completely dissipate.

The ground is full of corpses, including men, women, the elderly, and children, at least two hundred people. In the eyes of the Norma people, the Mayans have no human rights, even worse than livestock. So they won’t show mercy at all when they kill the Mayans, regardless of the old child, they will all get a butcher’s knife and have no psychological pressure.

When the scout eagle warrior led Robb entire group to this village, his face was full of anger, his eyes were burning with anger, Robb lightly sighed, with a wave of his hand, countless white angels came from in The sky descended, scatter bird feathers, scatter bird feathers…

After a while, the Mayan people who fell to the ground sat up one after another.

Dead and reborn, these people were obviously a little stunned and couldn’t understand the situation. When they saw Robb’s entire group, they looked for weapons in horror.

Robb’s beautiful translator, Bailu, quickly opened the mouth and said: “Don’t panic! We are not in the same group as those who harmed you.”

She and several others The eagle warrior explained together, and it took a long while to appease the Mayans in this village.

It took a while longer to ask them what happened.

The white deer turned to Robb and said, “The Norma people came here before sunset yesterday and found this Mayan village. The eagle warrior in the village fought with the Norma people to protect the village. After the conflict, the Norma people killed them all. Men, women and children, not a single one was left.”

Robb shook the head: “How cruel!”

The white deer froze. After a while, when Robb continued to speak, didn’t expect Robb to stop, she couldn’t help but wonder, “This is the end? Why don’t you ask Norma how many people there are?”

“Ask What does this do?” Robb said with a smile: “How many people are not the same.”

White Deer: “…”

She hasn’t seen Robb’s battle yet strength, it is not surprising to have such a question, since Robb did not ask, she had to take the initiative to say: “The Norma expedition team has a total of more than 500 people, it is a very strong team, but our team has only Dozens of people, if there is a head-on fight, we have no chance of winning. These Mayan villagers advised us to run away, they also want to leave here, dare not stay here any longer, and go to find the shelter of the big tribe.”

“Oh!” Robb said with a smile: “You tell them to go east to Nine Heavens and join the Gada tribe.”

White Deer nodded, conveying Robb’s words, however, to Robb Not nervous at all, but still a little apprehensive.

At this time, an old wizard from the village came over and said a lot to Robb.

Bailu said: “He said that the Norma people went to the mountain range of the Northwest, and he said we were good people, so he advised us not to follow the Norma people to the Northwest, especially not to enter the mountain range. , it’s very dangerous there, and anyone who goes in will only have a dead end.”

Robb was happy: “You continue to translate, I’ll have a good chat with him.”

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