After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 596

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Robb turns to the old wizard: “What’s the danger in Northwest?”

The old wizard just Shaking his head: “I don’t know, our family is an old legend, don’t go to the mountain range in the Northwest, as for what’s in the mountain range, the previous patriarch didn’t tell me, just told me to restrain the villagers, don’t go in, we always I’ve been following this rule for generations.”

“oh?” Robb was amused: “Maybe your ancestors made a mistake?”

The old wizard whispered Said: “The ancestors are definitely not mistaken, our eagle warrior occasionally hunts next to the mountain range, and can hear a low and thick strange roar from inside, and occasionally see black mountains as big as mountains. Shadow, there are huge monsters in there, very huge ones, this is definitely not wrong. Yesterday, those bad guys slaughtered the village and forced me to tell if there were any strange rocks nearby, so I lied to them and said that the mountain There are good stones in the range, and then they kill me… They are all bad guys and will definitely die in the mountains. But you are good people and saved the lives of our whole village, I have to remind you not to go there. “

Robb said with a smile: “Thank you old man, your information is very useful to me, you should lead the villagers away quickly, there will definitely be Norma people passing by here.”

The old wizard saluted and went away with his clansman.

Bai Lu finished translating the whole conversation and knew what the old wizard said. She climbed up the treetops, looked northwest, and fell to the ground, saying to Robb: “Northwest really has a mountain range, imposing manner. It’s a very grand kind, covering a very wide area, and you can’t see the head at a glance. The old wizard said that there are trolls in it, and we can only spare it from the edge of this mountain…”

Robb said with a smile: “Okay, it’s decided! Enter the mountain.”

White Deer almost fell to the ground: “Hey? Godafather! Didn’t you hear the old wizard’s advice?”

“I heard, I also thank him for providing important information.” Robb chuckled said: “According to the common sense of exploration, the more dangerous the place, the rarer the ore will be.”

White Deer: “…”

Robb clapped, and said to everyone: “Let’s go, let’s go into the mountain, but don’t leave the scouts, everyone will act with me.”

In this rainforest, the line of sight is blocked by the jungle. Robb’s reconnaissance skills are useless. He can only rely on the eagle warrior to continuously scout and send back information. So, when they came out this time, the eagle warrior had been far away from the team, Shi Dang was in the jungle all around the team, helping the team to check out, but they were about to enter a dangerous mountain range, Robb couldn’t let them go out to check out, Wan Wan If he was ambushed by some monster in the jungle and swallowed it in one bite, if Robb didn’t even know it, the resurrection technique would be useless.

So, he had to take all the scouts back, so that the team was equivalent to moving in the dark.

But Robb doesn’t care, just touch the dark, unless you touch the Black Dragon’s lair, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Chapter 829 Tracking Technique

This large unknown mountain range has no map.

The natives of Maya do not have map making skills, and even if they have, they would not dare to enter this mountain range to make maps, and the Norma people are also exploring this mountain range for the first time, so the map that the fleeing Knight brought to Robb This mountain range is not included.

When there is no map to use to activate the cheating skill “Find Ore”, Robb’s ore prospecting ability is actually very weak, not even as good as an ordinary miner, that is, an ordinary otaku. Everyone knows the level of prospecting.

Robb looked at the map in his hand and found that the red dot that represented him had come to the edge of the map, and the mountain range in front was not drawn on the map, so he couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy: “I tell you, my most What I hate is a game without a map.”

Sofa knew that he was talking weird again, and couldn’t help saying with a smile: “We can just draw a map as we walk, at least wherever we walk, there will be You can see the map.”

“How slow is that.” Robb said, “Don’t mess around, there are only a few dozen of us, and mapping the map is very slow. If you really want to draw a map while walking, it will take a few days. We can’t go a few miles ahead, so let’s be lazy and chase the Norma people who passed by here yesterday. After catching up, we will follow from a distance. They are a large expedition team of hundreds of people, and it is more convenient to do various things. We are also drawing maps while walking, and there must be geologists who are looking for minerals while walking, and when they find them, we will…hehehe…”

Bailu couldn’t help but ask: “Godafather, didn’t you say that day that you don’t like robbing other people’s things? If the Norma people find the mines and you regret robbing them, then… we should grab the Norma people to find the mines, we shouldn’t follow the Norma people. Behind them.”

Robb said solemnly: “Yeah, I don’t like stealing other people’s things. I’m a good guy!”

He stopped talking when he said this. Said, but Elsie stood up and chuckled: “We don’t rob, we just need to walk up to the Norma people, and they will roar ‘Gran dog’ at us, and then kill us with swords and swords. Come here, of course, we can’t just sit back and wait, we can only just take precautions and drive them all away, then the mine is a mine without an owner, hehehe.”

White Deer: “…”

The fugitive Knight next to him couldn’t help but didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he was born in Norma after all, he felt mad when he heard such a dialogue, he couldn’t help opening the mouth and said: “This is a situation where the opponent is assumed to be second-hand. Right? If the opponent is very smart, or a gentleman, why don’t you kill us?”

Robb said with a smile: “If you don’t kill it, it means that the other party can communicate, so I will negotiate with them! “

The fleeing Knight is a little suspicious: “If the other party is willing to negotiate, will you really negotiate to mine together? Isn’t it forcible to seize high-quality ore veins by strength?”

this time, Conte laughed: “Knight uncle, you underestimate Godafather too, for him, no Who cannot cooperate. As long as the other party is not a bad person and has the willingness to cooperate, Godafather will not eat alone. He is the kind of person who does not take interests seriously. “

Speaking of this, Conte added as if to himself: “It’s as strong as Godafather, it’s comparable to a god, and it’s useless to value that little benefit.” ? As long as he wants, the entire world can be conquered, can he monopolize a small mine? “

Elsie also said with a smile: “That’s right, if Godafather wants, any Gran, Norma, desert kingdom, all can be conquered in a blink of an eye, when the time comes, he doesn’t have to Order the subordinates to dig these mines. Therefore, negotiating digging with the Norma people is actually no different from digging with the Gran people and the Mayans. As long as the Norma people don’t die, he will definitely not grab it. “

Fleeing Knight: “…”

He has also heard about Robb’s fight against Black Dragon, if this is true, he does have the strength to conquer the world, and then Thinking about it carefully, one person already has the ability to conquer the world, there is really no need to grab a mine with others, so what is there to grab? If you really want to grab the opponent’s country directly, won’t it be over?

“Come on, you have to find the Norma people first. “Robb asked, “Are there people on the team who are good at tracking?” ”

Several Knights and Zephyr warriors shook their heads…

Eagle warriors are actually very good at tracking in the jungle. Their tracking method is relatively old, using footprints, flowers and plants Trees and other things to follow the enemy’s movements, but it has been raining heavily for several days recently, and it is still raining heavily. Where can I find the footprints from a day ago, they are all washed away by the rain.

Robb said: ” Whoops, gotta do it myself again. “

Use the knight-errant skill – Tracking!

Robb looked towards the ground again, and saw that there were rows of footprints with rays of light on the ground. These footprints were Shown by the power of magic, rainstorms can’t wash them away or cover them up, and Robb can even simply tell what they’ve done from these footprints.

(PS: In The Lord of the Rings, When Aragorn tracked down the Orc Squad who captured two Hobbits, he used the tracking technique, which can restore what happened here to a certain extent.)

“The Norma entered the mountain from this direction. range…” Robb pointed to a small canyon: “They crossed a stream here and continued onward…”

He followed the footprints, explaining as he walked.

The Westwinds are nothing, but the fleeing Knights and the Mayans can’t help but be amazed. This man is so powerful, how much does he know?

Walking into the mountain range no Far away, Sofa frowned and said to Elsie next to him, “How do you feel about this mountain range? “

Elsie whispered: “I can feel a very powerful magic. “

Sofa whispered: “Me too!” ”

Both of them were thinking in their hearts, maybe the warning from the old legend of the Maya tribe is true, and it is true that you cannot enter here at will, just relying on the strong demon power that permeates the entire mountain, it is a warning Don’t disturb the idlers. However, with Godafather, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Everyone continues to walk forward, dozens of people are close, Robb uses reconnaissance to look forward, but It’s not far, the jungle is too dense, and the line of sight is far away, but it will be blocked by the trees. Even if you fly up to the sky and look down, the line of sight will be blocked by the canopy, and you can’t see the ground, so Robb doesn’t bother to fly up to see , just use naked eyes to scout.

Everyone has drilled through the long canyon and through a jungle, unconsciously, has entered the depths of this mountain range, far from the Norma tribe. It’s getting closer, and now even if Robb doesn’t use reconnaissance, the eagle warriors can easily find the traces left by the Norma people.

“Look here! “An eagle warrior pointed to a big pit: “The Norma people dug a big pit here, and they seem to have found something. “

Robb looked into the pit and said with a smile: “Iron ore!” The Norma people were not interested in this, and they probably just marked it on the map and continued to move forward. “

Chapter 830 Titan steel essence

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For almost forgot to add More and more

After half a day, Robb’s entire group finally caught up with the Norma people.

However, the Norma people did not find Robb and the others, because the place with a good view , Robb can use reconnaissance to monitor them from a distance, and in places with poor visibility, there are eagle warriors in Robb’s entire group, who can follow the Norma people top secretly in the jungle.

Norma people The cruel colonial policy towards the Maya has determined that no eagle warrior is willing to help them. In this rain forest with heavy rain, without the help of the eagle warrior or the Amazon warrior, they are like blind, or they will follow them without being noticed. Don’t be too simple.

This group of Norma people is well prepared. In the large army of 500 people, there are not only main troops who are good at combat, but also many mages, priests, and people who are good at surveying mineral resources and finding rare Experts in herbs, crops, etc., will conduct a carpet-like search wherever they go, drawing maps and marking various resources on the map.

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