After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 597

Robb used reconnaissance to peek at the map they drew from a distance, and found that the map was very well made. The mountains, rivers, and woods were clearly drawn. , even the main trees in the forest are marked, the iron ore discovered not long ago is also marked on it, and the most interesting thing is that they also found a coal mine, which is also marked on the map.

Robb Anle, the female Young Lady Wang is because there is no coal on the new continent, so I dare not let the steel battleship to operate along the coast of the new continent. Now a coal mine has been discovered, and there is an iron mine not far away, as long as the coal By combining iron and mining together, you can easily build a supply station on the new continent.

Of course, this is a coal mine discovered in Norma Kingdom, and Robb still intends to be polite and not rob it unless they have to come for their own trouble.

Everyone secretly followed Norma’s troops for two days. At noon that day, the howling wind and torrential rain were still there. The Norma people in front suddenly gave out a huge cheer, and more than 500 people cheered together. In the quiet jungle, the sound was really piercing, and even the sound of wind and rain could not cover their laughter.

Robb knows they must have found something good, and quickly uses Scouting to look ahead.

It happens that the place where the Norma people are located is a relatively bare stone mountain. There are almost no trees on the mountain, so Robb’s line of sight will not be blocked by the village and forest, and he can clearly see the environment where the Norma people live. , The mountain was bare, not only did not grow trees, but also did not even have turf.

There’s only one strange stone that looks gray and gray, and the Norma people are jumping around on a large ash-gray stone, looking excited.

Although Robb is far apart, the sight distance provided by the reconnaissance technique allows him to see clearly and recognize it at a glance. This ash-gray stone is a very remarkable ore. Titan steel essence.

Titan steel essence strictly speaking is similar to Saronite, both of which are about level 80 ores, but its rarity is much higher than Saronite, and the finished product is also better than Saronite Evil iron is strong.

And, as you can see from the cheering excitedly of the Norma people, this ore is not as uncomfortable as saronite, it is an ordinary person that can also mine and used ore.

This thing is so much more practical than Saronite, no wonder the Norma hop on the mines like they’re on holiday.

Elsie stood beside Robb: “The Norma people have found something good, we can go out and show our faces.”

Robb said with a smile: “Luring them to attack Us? Then drive them away and grab the mine?”

Elsie chuckled twice, although he didn’t admit it, it was clear he thought so.

Robb shook and said with a smile: “If they can mine, this mine is theirs, we just look for it in the vicinity, the veins generally speaking are all co-existing, in one area Inside…”

Robb hadn’t finished speaking, when suddenly, a great change took place ahead.

It turned out that while Robb was talking, a Norma man picked up a small mining hoe and dug it down at the Titan steel essence on the ground, but it didn’t move. Titan steel essence The ore is too hard before it is refined, and his small steel mining hoe can’t dig it at all. Instead, he bounced up and hit his forehead, and squatted down with his head in pain.

Besides a Berserker from the Norma country in the north laughed loudly, picked up the mine hoe that fell on the ground, loudly roared: “mountains burst and ground split!”

Then brushed the ground He jumped up high in the air, then fell down sharply, and hit the ground with a hoe.

This hoe has some effect. The ash-gray’s Titan steel essence ore was broken down into a small piece, the size of a fist, and the Norma people took the stone in their hands, Excitedly shouting something, but unfortunately it is too far away to hear.

Robb knows that the Norma people don’t actually know how good this ore is. For them, they only know that this is a new and rare ore, and they feel the power of this ore. The magic power, but they actually don’t know how good this mine is, and they need to take it back and study it.

However, just when the Norma people were inexplicably excited with a fist-sized piece of ore, they suddenly felt that something was wrong, and a cliff next to it seemed to suddenly become a little higher… Moreover, there seemed to be some Something over their heads shielded them from the rain, making them feel less rain.

Norma people looked up curiously and found one left and one right, two huge heads protruding from the tops of the cliffs on both sides, like human heads, two eyes, one mouth, two huge heads. Nostrils and ears, a standard human head, but this head is unbelievably huge…

The Norma looked up at them, and the two huge heads looked down at the Norma, and the two sides were so stiff Living.

Seeing this scene from a distance, Robb’s entire group couldn’t help but be stunned. Afterwards, the Mayans who were in the same group retreated a few steps in fright, while the people from West Wind City were curious and authentic. : “What is that?”


“Isn’t this a mountain giant?”

“Nonsense, when have you seen a mountain giant? Got a human head?”

“Not a lava giant, not an Arcane giant…”

“It’s… a titan!”

“I Fake, it’s really a Titan.”

Robb shrugged: “No wonder there is a Titan steel essence in this place, it turns out that there are Titans.”

Robb and his group are here It was an embarrassing chat in the spirit of watching a play, but the Norma people didn’t feel very good. After they looked up and looked at the Titans for five seconds, I don’t know who was the first to yell: “Titans! K! Everyone is ready to fight.”

“Shouldn’t it be time to run away?”

“There are only two titan giants, I’m afraid, we have five hundred people!”

Chapter 831 Titans

Norma people are actually very brave!

While most of the Norma’s Robb’s previous encounters have come out as enemies, that doesn’t mean they’re all clowns.

The nickname of the kingdom of Norma is “Knight’s Country”, which is rich in heroes of warrior, Knight, Berserker and other occupations. These occupations almost have one thing in common, that is: dare to fight! Dare to fight! Dare to die!

Brave and courageous, unyielding to the death, this is the creed of the kingdom of the Knight.

Trifling the two titans did not scare away the Norma people, but made the Norma people’s fighting intent high.

One Knight shouted: “What is there to fear from giants? When have we ever been afraid of a powerful enemy?”

Another Knight also shouted: “For Norma !”

“Norma Forever!”

“Norma Forever!”

The crowd of warrior Knights shouted together!

A giant titan waved a giant palm from the top of the cliff, and slapped it down at the Norma man as big as an ant. The palm didn’t reach it yet, but the huge wind from the palm slammed it down. Raging through the canyon, people can’t keep their eyes open.

However, the Norma did not retreat, and several warriors raised their shields together and lifted it up: “The barrier of the shield!”

The giant palm of the giant slapped the ground on the ground On the barrier of the shield, the warriors shrank back a bit, but they didn’t fall down, forcibly holding the giant’s palm.

Then, a Berserker roared in such a loud volume that the whole valley was humming, and the group of Mayan eagle warriors that followed Robb, heard it so far away Roar, can not help but scared back half a step.

It wasn’t until Robb opened a Formation to isolate the sound that these eagle warriors finally stabilized, and they couldn’t help but exclaim: “What kind of roar is this? It’s so terrifying?”

Robb said with a smile: “This is a high-level Berserker’s skill, intimidating and roaring. He is intimidating the Titan giant. However, the level is too different, and it is estimated that it will not have any effect.”

Then , another Berserker also shouted, a red light lit up, and all the Norma people in the canyon were all refreshed.

Robb explained to everyone with a smile: “That’s Berserker’s group buff, war roar, which can make all teammates increase their attack power. This is to open a group.”

The well-trained Norma people moved one after another, and someone shouted: “The shield wall is divided into two teams, each resisting two giants.”

The shield warrior in the front row suddenly split into two With two teams, the two shield barriers are erected together, and the movements are neat and uniform, which is really beautiful.

Paladin turned on the aura, magician threw away defense magic together, and Berserker roared.

Robb and the others were nothing, but the fellow Mayans felt that the Yali Mountain was huge, and the eagle warriors couldn’t help but talk: “These white people are amazing!”

“No wonder we are not opponents at all. They look very strong when they fight in groups.”

The two titans once again waved their giant palms, and the palms were so large that they almost covered half the width of the canyon. , very terrifying, but the Norma people are not afraid at all, the magicians lifted up together, the ice arrow and fireball, at the same time, slammed into the palm of the giant Titan, and a magic explosion sounded when touched, the palm of the giant felt pain, and moved slightly slow down.

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