After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 598

Several Berserkers roared at the same time, jumped high, and shouted: “Domineering!”

Several giant axe smashed together. On the Titan’s hand, there are several piercing bloodstains on its giant palm. However, in the eyes of humans, it is a deep bloodstain. For the Titans, it is like being accidentally scratched by a fruit knife. of scars.

The titan just felt a little pain in the palm, but it did not suffer any real damage. Its palm continued to slap downwards fiercely, and with a bang, it smashed several Berserkers who jumped up and slashed it. , the shot flew out.

Several Berserkers hit their palms at the same time and fell far away, corner of the mouth flow blood, but when they turned over and got up, they had calm expressions on their faces, as if they didn’t hurt at all.

Robb explained to the people around him: “These high-level Berserkers have a skill called ‘Ignore Pain’, they can’t feel pain, only fatal injuries can knock them down, even serious ones. , they will completely ignore it and can continue to fight, and the more serious the injury, the higher the anger and the stronger the battle strength.”

Conte couldn’t help but smashed his tongue: “The Berserker of Norma Kingdom is terrifying. Joss.”

Robb said with a smile: “I don’t recommend you play like this, it’s dancing on the tip of a knife, and you’ll really die if you’re not careful.”

Only Seeing a bunch of Priests from Light Church trying their best to treat Berserkers, golden light permeates the Berserkers, these Berserkers are actually seriously injured, but as long as the “Ignore Pain” is turned on, it doesn’t matter, wait for the Priest to treat them a few times. , issued a battle roar again, and greeted the giant Titan.

The titan was photographed palm after palm, and I saw in midair fireballs, ice arrows, holy light hammers flying around, with bows and arrows in and out, Berserker jumped continuously, and competed with giant palm in midair , the Norma faced the two giants fiercely, not retreating half a step.

The two titans found that they couldn’t deal with these people just by waving their palms off the cliff, so they put their hands on the top of the cliff and turned their whole body over from the back of the mountain. The body is as high as a mountain, and when you lift your feet and step on it, it is like a giant front pressing down.

For these two giants, the canyon is like two small ditches.

The Mayans who were traveling with them turned pale, they were obviously brown people, but when their faces turned pale, they could turn them into a little yellow race.

The fugitive Knight and his subordinates were stunned. Only the west wind warriors were discussing with ease: “Wow, this giant is so big!”

“Last time Godafather Does the giant become this big?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t put them together for comparison, just relying on memory, I think Godafather has become bigger.”

“Godafather At that time, I held a city and put it down.”

“Norma people are also ruthless, so they don’t run away, but hit hard. I’m really convinced.”

“As expected from the Kingdom of Knights, we magicians in Gran, in this situation, it should be ‘We withdraw first, ready to come back’, but the Kingdom of Norma is ‘I’m going to fuck and fight with you’ .”

“By the way, we’re in West Wind City, how do we deal with this giant?”

“That’s not simple, steam tanks, Katyushas, goblin rocket launchers… …”

“I think you’re thinking too much, there’s no need to make such trouble. In Godafather’s words, you all step back, don’t come to trouble me, I’ll…”

Speaking of which, the west wind warriors all laughed heartily.

Chapter 832 I can save you

This is a battle of heaven shaking, earth shattering, 500 vs. On the verge of collapse, every time the two sides made a move, the earth moved the mountain, and the magic and the giant’s wave caused countless boulders to collapse from the mountain walls on both sides.

It didn’t take long for the Norma people to slowly gain the upper hand with their tenacious willpower.

After all, it is five hundred to two, and the gap between the numbers is too big. Although the Titans are powerful, they face the enemies who run around like ants and are well-trained, fierce and unafraid of death. , still feel powerless. The giant palm was getting weaker and weaker, and his legs were riddled with scars, full of wounds blasted by magic.

The two titans didn’t dare to continue fighting, they retreated, climbed over a mountain, and disappeared behind the mountain.

Until this time, the Norma people were relaxed, and everyone sat on the ground together, gasping for breath.

After breathing well, they jumped up together and said with a big smile: “We won! Drive away the giants! The mysterious ore here is ours, hahahaha.”

Elsie turned to Robb: “Godafather, are we really watching them get a rare mine? Are you really not going to grab it?”

Robb shook the head: “No Robbery! Norma people risk their lives to fight for the motherland and try their best to win a piece of mine from the giant. In fact, I admire it. It is not my principle to grab something from such a person. People can’t bear it.”

“They are not good people.” Bailu, the translation girl next to him, said: “Just a group of robbers who murdered and set fire.”

Robb sighed: “You said Yes, these people are robbers, but because others are robbers, I can justly rob them of their things. In my childhood education, robbing robbers is also against the law.”

And The head of a giant titan popped up, and then, another… and another… shua~ shua~ shua~, behind the mountain, a large group of titan giants emerged, probably more than a dozen.

These titans picked up the two wounded titans, shielded them from behind, and then angrily looked towards the group of Norma.

Norma people: “…”

They were still cheering with joy just now, but now they stopped abruptly, and more than 500 Norma people watched with stiff eyes The giant in front of you.

This time there are not two, but more than a dozen. They rush over with big strides. When each step hits the ground, they knock down several trees on the ground, and each step will be on the ground. Step on a terrifying giant pit, and ordinary small cliffs are like small mounds in front of them, stepping on flying sand running stone with one foot.

The picture of them rushing towards the Norma together is terrifying.

This time, no matter how fierce and unafraid of death Berserker is, he doesn’t dare to shout “Norma Forever” anymore. The bravest warrior is also shiver coldly, and he almost died after hitting two giants just now Huansheng, I almost can’t figure it out, now there are more than a dozen giants, how to fight?

Leading Knight shouted: “Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw! We don’t want this mysterious ore, let’s withdraw.”

Under this circumstance, no one dared to ore. wanted.

Everyone understands that this mountain range is probably the site of the Titan Giant Race group. I don’t know how many Titan giants live here. They mine stones here? Stop talking, sooner or later you will be tortured to death by these giants.

The people of Norma started to flee as if they were flying. However, in this rainstorm jungle, they couldn’t run fast. The ground was muddy and covered with strange plants. All kinds of vines were involved. The warriors were wearing heavy armor again, and they couldn’t get up quickly.

But the giants don’t have this problem. The muddy ground and strange plants are no problem for them, because the towering trees look like grass to them, and they are done with one foot. . With any step they take, they can reach a distance of tens of meters.

The Norma stumbled backwards, but the dozen or so giants chased closer.

Elsie and Conte were having fun, but suddenly, they discovered that the Norma people were running in their direction, Conte yelled: “Oh, I’m Farke. , why are these Norma people running towards us?”

Robb said with a smile: “Isn’t this nonsense? We followed the Norma people’s footprints, and now the Norma people are in danger and plan to press Retreat from where you came, and of course you will come to us.”

Conte: “Fake!” Facing Godafather, right? You want to die? I, Godafather’s loyal subordinate, will never allow anyone to scold Godafather, you are finished.”

Conte suddenly sweated: “no no no, I didn’t scold Godafather, I just used swear words, I didn’t specifically say who I wanted to scold.”

Elsie said: “The explanation is invalid, I will beat you first, and then hang you. Turn on the ceiling fan for ten minutes, and then hand it over to Noren Baron.”

Conte: “Oh! No!”

White Deer Khan: “Hey, the Norma people are here. , the titan behind their buttocks has also been killed, when it is so dangerous, do you still have time to talk about this here?”

The Mayans were all frightened. coldly, also wanted to turn around and run, but they didn’t want to get off Robb, so they couldn’t be bothered.

The fugitive Knight and his men were also panicked, but they had heard about Robb’s fight against the Black Dragon, so they acted calmly.

Only the west wind warriors were still laughing at the wind, and a group of people were still mystifyingly laughing at Conte: “If you’re okay, you’re full of swear words, hahaha! Swear words can only be said when bragging with us brothers. , why do you still run the train with your mouth full of Godfather, you should be punished.”

Robb laughed and scolded: “Hey, what are you talking about? I don’t mind, what are you kidding? Stop threatening. Conte, what should I do if I’m so scared that I’m crying?”

Everyone said a few nonsense, the Norma people in front have followed a lot, and it’s interesting to say, warrior should theoretically run the most Fast career, because warrior has displacement skills such as “Charge” and “Heroic Jump”, and the mobility is quite high.

However, in fact, the priest and the mage are the ones who run at the front, and the warriors stay at the back. It can be seen that although these Norma people are robbers to the outside world, they are still very good buddies to their comrades in arms. .

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