After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 600

Only the Zephyr was very calm, Conte happily opened the mouth and said: “How is this done? It’s strange, only holding his one. Fingers, theoretically speaking, it is impossible to threw him away, the fingers will be broken first, right?”

Elsie said: “Are you stupid? Give the opponent a buff first to make his body stronger. , the fingers won’t break, just throw him out again.”

Conte: “Wow, there’s such an elaborate technical movement for a fall?”

Robb turned his head back. , laughed and scolded: “Why is it so troublesome, I seem to be holding his fingers, but in fact, the power is only focused on its entire arm, don’t make trouble.”

He clapped, facing Norma who was stunned beside him Knight said: “Okay, the guy who interrupted was killed by me, let’s talk about the three ways to save you just now, have you chosen which one you want?”

Norma Knight was treated like this by Robb As soon as I asked, I woke up from the confusion, with a strange expression on his face: “Uh, I didn’t listen to the three rescue methods you mentioned just now… Which three are they from?”

Robb Said: “I said that you are a person that is related to the lives of yourself and your subordinates, but you didn’t listen carefully? I’ll tell you again, the three ways to save are…” (To save the number of words, everyone re-read the previous chapter )

Knight brow beaded with sweat finished listening, he looked at the giants next to him while listening, for fear that the giants would suddenly attack, but the giants were also stunned by Robb’s fall just now, staring at Robb studied it carefully, thought about it, and was not in a hurry to shoot.

Knight asked embarrassedly, “What are the prices for these three rescue methods?”

Robb said, “If you save me so-so, the reward is that you yell at me, 666 , so handsome, really strong, thank you for your help, I will be a dog in my next life, and I will take care of you in the nursing home.”

Knight: “…”

Robb He continued: “If you are a little more serious about saving, you need to pay me 300,000 to 40,000 gold coins. One hundred gold coins is not too much for one life. There are more than 500 people here, and it is 50,000. With multiple gold coins, if I were a little more serious about saving people, I wouldn’t be able to save all of them. I could only save three to four hundred people, so it’s reasonable to receive thirty or forty thousand gold coins.”

Knight : “Isn’t the difference between this and the so-so saving too big?”

Robb said: “The difference between hundreds of lives, can the difference be not big? Do you want to say that your subordinates are very Worthless? Even if you die?”

How dare Knight say this, isn’t he afraid of mutiny from his subordinates? Had to be bored.

After a few seconds, he asked: “Then, if you take a serious shot, what is the price of saving them all?”

Robb said: “I can guarantee that you all will survive. , the asking price will be very high, so you have to be mentally prepared.”

Knight felt a little guilty, and if he was a little serious just now, he would have to accept 30,000 to 40,000 gold coins. The astronomical amount, he didn’t know if he could afford it.

Robb said with a smile: “The reward is very simple, this mountain range belongs to me, and all the resources in the mountain range belong to me, including but not limited to the mineral resources, forest trees that you have already proven. Resources, medicine ingredient resources, animal resources, and the map you have drawn should also be handed over to me. In the future, you are not allowed to come in to steal my mines, and you are not allowed to come in to harass and destroy my construction and development work… As long as you agree to this, I will Just be a little more serious and save you.”

Knight didn’t even think about it when he heard this condition, and immediately replied: “Okay, this is the condition! I promise you.”

In his opinion, this condition is too cost-effective!

Anyway, there are so many titan giants in this mountain, and it is impossible for them to collect the resources here again.

Robb said: “Empty talk and white teeth, in case you regret it, you have to make a document and sign a contract.”

Knight didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: ” This is no problem, but now that the giants are about to attack, how can I get an empty contract?”

Robb waved his hand, and a blister technique wrapped the Knight in it, isolating the heavy rain. , and then I don’t know where the pen and parchment came out and stuffed it into Knight’s hands: “You write now, don’t worry about the giant, as long as you write the contract well, the giant will not be a problem.”

Knight : “…”

He took the pen and paper, and started to write with trembling hands. While writing, he raised his head worriedly and glanced at the giants all around, only to see that those giants had begun It started to move, and the giant that was thrown out by Robb also got up again, and aggressively forced Robb towards him again.

Knight was a little scared, a little panicked, his heart was empty, and his hands were shaking badly.

The Norma people outside were also shouting loudly: “What should I do? The Titans are coming over.”

“Ah, that guy is going to shoot.”

A titan opened his mouth, ka-cha made a loud noise, and a formidable power comparable to Thor’s roar flew towards the densest place of Norma people, Knight’s pen suddenly stopped, worried. looking there.

Suddenly, he felt Robb beside him disappear in a flash, leaving only a faint, purple magic light particle floating in the air, which is a common picture after Arcane is castβ€”β€” flash!

The next moment, Robb appeared in the middle of the group of Norma people, stretched out his hand and waved forward, a strange mirror appeared in front of him, and the huge lightning bolt spit out by the Titans. Fiercely slapped on the mirror, then “refracted” unsurprisingly, and bounced back towards himself.


Lightning slapped on the Titan’s own face, instantly electrifying him to the point where his face was charred black, his hair was standing upright, and the electricity produced a super beautiful Explosive head.

It didn’t understand the situation a bit. It took five seconds before it let out a loud cry, fell backwards, and hit the ground with a bang. How much was knocked down, the mud flew all over the sky.

Robb swiped the ground and returned to Knight’s side: “What’s the matter? Continue to write the contract, if this contract is not written quickly, I will not work hard, now it’s just a sloppy rescue. , there is no guarantee that there will be any leaks.”

Knight, who had just stopped writing due to fright, hurriedly moved his pen again and quickly wrote the contract, this time he had no doubts, and wrote quickly, one line After writing the crooked text, he quickly pressed another handprint and handed it to Robb’s hand.

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Chapter 835 of your opinion, I will seriously think about it

At 0:10 in the morning, Holy Monday arrives

Robb took over the contract, glanced at it, um, very satisfied! When life and death were at stake, Knight didn’t dare to play tricks. The contract was well written, which guaranteed that the mountain range belonged to Robb, including but not limited to all the minerals, wood, medicine and other resources in it. With Robb’s permission, never step into this mountain range…

Anyway, write whatever you want!

Knight didn’t dare to be obedient either. After the two pictures just now, he had already guessed who Robb was. These Gran people were obviously from the mining town, and the mining town belonged to the west. Wind City, who doesn’t know that there is a hero who can hard steel Black Dragon in the West Wind City.

Who else is this person besides that person?

Knight whispered, “Do you think this contract is okay?”

“It’s okay!”

Robb smiled and handed the contract to Ai. Elsie: “Take it, don’t break it, this thing can be used as evidence in formal diplomatic occasions in the future.”

Elsie quickly rolled up the contract and hid it in her pocket , said with a smile: “I’ll do things, don’t worry.”

“Okay, let’s drive the giant away!”

After saying this, Robb brushed the floor. , is gone again.

Norma Knight hurriedly turned around and looked for where Robb was. The next moment, he saw that Robb had appeared in front of a Titan, and he had also become a giant. Body size, on par with the Titans, looks the same imposing manner, same terrifying.

The titan roared, punching Robb in the face.

But Robb took the lead with a lower uppercut and hit the giant on the chin of the giant. The giant was groaned and flew up in the air. Robb rotated half a circle and kicked the giant’s stomach. It flew backwards, flying, flying, flying, flying like a red dragonfly in the blue sky. It flew several miles away, and with a bang, it crashed into a mountain.

Then, Robb took a swipe and came to the next giant. The giant was filled with lightning and hugged Robb, but Robb was also filled with lightning. Lightning, just as the giant’s hand touched Robb, there was a lightning explosion of ka-cha, and then the titan fell down with an explosive head on its face.

The titan, who was good at playing video games, was electrocuted to death by Robb.

The people of Norma Kingdom are all dumbfounded!

People in Maya also looked at each other as silly as the mouth opened wide and couldn’t close.

The rest of the Titans found out that Robb was a strong enemy, and they roared and rushed towards Robb together. Someone pulled up a giant tree to make a stick, someone picked up a huge boulder and threw it over, someone smashed a huge lightning bolt, and someone used all their strength to attack Robb with their fists and feet…

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