After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 601

Such a large group of titans shot together, making the audience a big one. Some people even couldn’t help but think that two fists are no match for four…

However, they immediately realized that they had more Think about it!

The current Robb is really outrageous, stronger than when he fought Black Dragon. When he fought Black Dragon, he was wearing a steel suit, but now, his T-shirt and jeans Under the krypton golden clothes, there is a set of saron evil iron suit, which is enchanted with the highest gems he can find, and inscribed with inscriptions. The attribute value is much higher than that of Black Dragon.

In the past, it took several tricks to knock down the sphinx when hitting the sphinx with bare hands, but now if you use this attribute to deal with the sphinx, you can hit the sphinx with one punch Si was crying.

In front of these titans, in terms of individual strength, they are not as good as Sphinx.

Robb knocked down a titan with one punch, turned around to support a giant tree that was swept over, and dragged the giant titan over to the ground like a sack. , then turned around and kicked a boulder that the giant smashed, then hit the giant with a shoulder, knocked a giant flying, and then swept a giant who was firing lightning to the ground, and stomped heavily on his stomach. .

Norma people: “Fak, this is too strong!”

“Slaying the Titans like this?”

“Mother Mia!”

“No wonder he was able to drive away Black Dragon and keep West Wind City.”

“This is too terrifying.”

In their discussion, Robb knocked down all the Titans with three punches and two kicks. In order not to be harassed in mining in the future, and to be safe for a long time, he did not show mercy. Come out and make trouble.

Soon, dozens of giants, all turned into corpses, lay beside them like dozens of hills.

Robb clapped, said with a smile: “Okay, it’s done!”

He shrunk down and changed back to a human body shape, Elsie immediately handed him a hand from the side. A small water bottle came up: “Godafather, you’ve worked hard, quickly drink the fat house happy water.”

Norma Knight whispered whispered: “Fake, if I knew I only needed a ‘so-so rescue’, Anyway, with his strength, he can save us all with a sloppy shot.”

Robb turned his head: “What did you say?”

Norma Knight immediately said with a straight face. : “I’m saying, you’re too strong, it’s worth asking you to save us, watching such a wonderful battle, it’s worth spending more money.”

Robb said: “Really Are you saying I’m too expensive?”

“No, no, absolutely not.” Norma Knight said with a serious face: “I’m not so rude.”

Norma People They have had enough of what happened today, they have already decided to retreat, Norma Knight stopped talking nonsense, and saluted Robb: “Thank you for your help, according to the contract, this mountain range belongs to you, we The map drawn is also yours.”

He gave the map to Robb: “Then let’s say goodbye.”

He led the other Norma people to leave, At this moment, the fleeing Knight, who had been keeping his head down and kept a low profile, suddenly stood up. When he stood up, Norma Knight actually knew him.

It turns out that both of them are Knights belonging to the Iron Horse Knights. Not long ago, Norma Knight was still in the southern colony and fought against the fugitive Knight. It was he who suppressed the rebellion of the fugitive Knight.

Seeing him there, Norma Knight couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed: “So you are also!”

The fleeing Knight said: “I don’t need to talk about my business, I’m just here Let me tell you, a few days ago, in the Mayan village that you slaughtered to nothing, there is actually a legend that this mountain range cannot enter. If you don’t slaughter them all, you can get along with them. If you do, they will definitely warn you that this mountain range cannot be easily entered. In this way, you will definitely do a good job of reconnaissance before entering this mountain range, and you will not even come in at all, so you will not encounter such dangers.”

Norma Knight: “…”

After a few seconds, he saluted the fleeing Knight: “I understand, your opinion, I will seriously think about it.”

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PS: Another recommended novel, “No, I’m Really the Heir of Seven Swords” is as follows: When the sword came out, I suddenly realized a serious problem.

“Huh…where is my rainbow sword?”

“who is the newcomer?”

“Next The descendant of the Seven Swords, the Master of the Changhong Sword.”

“Where is the Changhong Sword?”


“Bah! Impostor for the Seven Swords The heirs don’t pretend to be a bit like, and die quickly!”

The red-haired boy waved the wolf fang club in his hand and sighed.

“No…actually, I’m really a descendant of the Seven Swords.”

Chapter 836 They’ve turned into ore

Monday morning, I’m in a good mood clatter!

The Norma people are gone!

Robb’s entire group stayed and got a map of half the mountain range. The Norma people’s map making skills are very mature and beautifully done. Although it is only half, it is enough. The other half of the mountain range, which is unfamiliar and unknown, can naturally be discovered as long as it is a holiday.

Robb turned to Elsie and said, “Let’s build another mining city here.”

His fingers swiped over three points on the map, one was iron ore , One is a coal mine, and the other is a Titan steel essence mine. Between these three points, I found a place that seemed more suitable for building a city, drew a fork, said with a smile: “Build it here.”

Elsie nodded, and then looked worriedly at the dozens of corpses of the Titans around him. These giants were so huge that the corpses were as big as a mountain!

He whispered: “Godafather, what to do with these corpses? If you leave it alone, it will become a very embarrassing situation. After it rots, it stinks and turns into dozens of terrifying rotten mountains. And it will spread all kinds of diseases, and when the time comes there is no one to live near here.”

Robb said: “It seems that I can only dig dozens of big holes and bury them…”

He hadn’t finished speaking, and suddenly felt that something was wrong. The corpses of those titan giants are rapidly changing color, becoming more and more gray and white, becoming less organic and more inorganic, and soon, they will all become stone-like things, hard.

“Huh?” Sofa Daqi: “They’ve turned into ore.”

Robb took a closer look, and it really is, the corpses of these titan giants have actually turned into titans steel essence ore, dozens of titan steel essence ore stone mountain, surround everyone.

It wasn’t until now that he suddenly realized: “No wonder there is a Titan steel essence ore in this mountain. It turns out that this ore was formed after the death of the Titan giant. There are indeed many strange things in the real world.”

Robb has gained a little more useful knowledge!

Elsie went to the place designated by Robb and took a photo of the Transmission Gate. An engineering team quickly came over. However, under the circumstances of howling wind and torrential rain, it was obvious that the construction could not be carried out. The engineering team can only clean up the environment first, cut down the trees on the land, dig out the stumps and transport them away, and level the land…

Robb flew around the mountain range, See if the Titans are not hiding in the mountains, lest the giants threaten the construction of new cities while you are away.

Fortunately, there are not many such powerful magical creatures. After the battle just now, all the Titans in the mountain range were finished.

Robb also found a huge Transmission Formation deep in the mountain range. It looked a little old. The Transmission Formation was damaged and could no longer be used.

It seems that these titan giants should come from another world, they came to the Maya continent through Transmission Formation, and lived in this mountain range for hundreds of years, but after the destruction of Transmission Formation, they could not return. Go, and no new Titans will come again, so there is no danger to the tranquility and peace of this world. However, the Mayans in this mountain range were killed or driven away by them.

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