After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 602

It may be cruel to eliminate these giants, but without them, mankind will not be able to expand their hands and feet on this continent, because sooner or later these giants will become obstacles to human development.

After ten days, the rainy season is over!

The sun finally dispelled the haze in the sky, the rain clouds dissipated, the golden light shone all over the earth, and the entire Maya jungle began to show a thriving atmosphere.

The construction of the new city, which has already been leveled, has begun.

West Wind City has a cheating thing like Transmission Gate, so the speed of building a new city is much faster than that of Norma Kingdom and Gran Kingdom. Big bags of cement are sent from Transmission Gate, steel bars, Rails, food, tools… all kinds of resources continuously. There are also a large number of craftsmen trained in the technical school who have drilled out of the Transmission Gate and came to the new continent.

And these things, both the Gran Kingdom and the Norma Kingdom must be transported by sea ships, which are many times slower than the West Wind City.

Perhaps, the only factor restricting the rapid development of West Wind City is population!

Because the West Wind City is not a big country after all, but a small city-state. After so many years of development, the population is only 50,000 to 60,000. The number of workers who can be allocated to the new continent is limited. A fleet like a country would pull thousands of people to a new continent to build colonies.

Of course, Robb’s gentle attitude towards the Mayans made him support almost all Mayan tribes in the Maya continent, and many Mayans joined the city-state construction, making the West Wind The biggest shortcoming of City has also been compensated to a certain extent, but the technology and knowledge mastered by the Mayans are too backward. They can only do the simplest manual labor and repetitive labor, and are unable to engage in more complex technical work.

Feng Mo 1351, late autumn!

The first railway on the new continent is finally open to traffic. This railway starts from the port of the Kingdom of Gran on the Eastern Sea coast, passes through a Thorium mine controlled by the Gran people, a West Wind City The mine town you belong to, and then pass through the village of the Gada tribe, all the way to the west, passing two small Mayan tribes on the way, and even a Norma supply station, and finally arrive at the Titan steel controlled by the West Wind City. essence town.

This is the first railway on the new continent, and it’s very meaningful.

It couldn’t help opening the eyes of all the Mayans, but also the Norma people.

To be honest, this is the first time the Norma people have seen it!

When the Squad with the Westwind team’s auxiliary rails passed the Norma’s supply station, the dozens of Norma who stayed at the supply station wanted to rush out and fight the Westerly Warriors and destroy them” “Unpredictable” sidewalk behavior, but because of Robb’s arrogance, these Norma people still put up with it.

Then, the day the train opened, these Norma people stood beside the railway, dumbfounded watching the big train wu wu whistle, coming from a distance, and stopped at their supply stand next to it.

Elsie jumped out of the car, and a group of west wind warriors waved to the Norma people who were dumbfounded and said with a smile: “We plan to make this a station, if you want to You can get on the bus to and from Shuangqing City and Jinguan City, but you can’t afford to pay a coin for the ticket.”

Norma people had to ask confused: “Shuangqing City Where is it? Where is Jinguan City?”

Elsie smiled and said, “Jinguan City is our Thorium mine town, and Shuangqing City is the newly built city in the western mountain range. city.”

Norma looked embarrassed: “Why are we going to these two cities? It means nothing to us!”

Chapter 837 Sofa’s New equipment

Elsie said with a smile: “If you take our train to Jinguan City, you only need to walk 80 miles south to the colony controlled by the Iron Horse Knight regiment, but if you If you travel through the jungle to return to the colony by yourself, you need to walk a hundred and seventy miles of the jungle, and I believe you will not like the jungle, because I do not like it either.”

Norma: “…”

Although Elsie is right, the Norma people don’t dare to take the train to Robb’s territory. First, they are afraid of Robb, and second, they are afraid of the Mayans in the city, because the Norma people are cruel. Colonial policy, their relationship with the Mayans has deteriorated very much. Now if the Norma people are alone in the wild, they are easily besieged and killed by the Mayans. As a result, many Norma people will deliberately take off their homes when they leave the town. Emblem, once he meets the Mayans, he calls himself Gran, which is embarrassing for him.

As the sun sets, Robb is in the church yard in West Wind City, putting a set of Titan steel essence equipment on his body that he just made.

The attribute value is not bad!

Although there is still a considerable distance compared to the highest equipment, this equipment can be considered to have quite powerful attributes. Compared with the streaking state of the year, it is not known how many times stronger.

But Robb knew that wasn’t enough.

He turned his head and said with a smile to Sofa behind him: “How? How about the new equipment?”

Sofa’s left and right hands are each carrying a Titan steel A dagger made by essence. The scientific name of this thing in the game “Dark Blade” is “Titan Steel Essence Bayonet”. It is a level 80 purple weapon, which is quite powerful.

She moved her hands, shua~ shua~ shua~ a few times, her hands were so fast that naked eyes couldn’t see clearly. She jumped up and spun half a circle in midair. At that moment, she didn’t know how many knives she swung out. When she landed, the daggers were already in her robes, and her hands were empty, as if they simply didn’t. Like holding a weapon.

Sofa looked surprised: “This dagger is very comfortable to use, I don’t know why, when I hold them, I feel that my movements are faster, is it my illusion?”


Robb said with a smile: “It’s not an illusion, it’s that they add a lot of agility to you, so you can feel yourself moving faster.”

Sofa He rejoiced: “This is really a good thing.”

Robb took out another set of leather armor and put it in Sofa’s hand: “This is leather armor made of polar fur, you can try it on. “

Sofa was nodded and got into the church. After a while, her head stuck out from the church door, but her body didn’t come out, her face was full of embarrassment: ” Godafather, this leather armor…I…I can’t wear it.”

“en? What’s wrong?”

“Too…too that…” Sofa Embarrassedly: “I really can’t come out.”

“If you don’t come out, I’ll come in.” Robb raised his feet and walked into the church, a look of panic flashed on Sofa’s face, as if thinking a little Run, but this look only happened for a moment, she returned to normal, bit her lower lip, didn’t move, and waited for Robb to walk in front of her.

Robb took a closer look and couldn’t help but be delighted. It turned out that the effect of this leather armor on the body, just like the Orkin defender he gave Madeleine last time, belonged to the type of coverage with very little area. , very revealing, the kind that shows the figure, it looks like there is not a lot of skin, and it can’t cover much at all.

Sofa’s beautiful legs like black pearls and arms like black jade are all exposed.

Robb said with a smile: “That’s okay, don’t you dare to leave the church?”

Sofa said pitifully: “Our woman in the desert country, arms and legs You can’t reveal it. It’s called the shame body, you don’t need me to remind you repeatedly, right?”

Robb whispered: “che, I haven’t seen it yet.”

Sofa pretended not to hear what he said and asked, “What did you say?”

“No, I didn’t say anything.”

Sofa glanced at his mouth. , I thought to myself: I’ll show you the shame body, you got it cheap, and I won’t show it to you next time.

Robb’s EQ is not so low yet, he still knows a little about Sofa’s thoughts, so he will not continue to complain, said with a smile: “Think of a way to cover it up. “

Sofa said pitifully: “I can’t cover it, I tried it, I wore a thin layer of clothes under the leather armor, trying to cover these places, but it didn’t work, it’s strange to say, I obviously wore bottoming clothes and covered the leather armor, but as soon as I put on the leather armor, the bottoming clothes were no longer visible, and my legs and arms were exposed again.”

Listening to what she said, Robb laughed out loud: “hahaha! That’s how the equipment I make is like this. No matter how much clothes I wear inside, it doesn’t affect the viewing angle of the outermost equipment. As long as the equipment is put on the body, The shape immediately changes with the equipment, and it doesn’t matter what you do, hahahaha!”

Sofa ill-humoredly said: “Hey, you are still laughing, you have to think of a way in this situation! You really Do you like my arms and legs so much?”

“I don’t mind at this level!”

“But I do!” Sofa almost jumped up: “This will make me feel sullied by other men.”

Robb said: “Okay, don’t worry, I’ll find a way to deal with it.”

In the game, ask The only way to solve the problem of the appearance of the equipment is to wear a layer of “decorative equipment” on the outside of the equipment. There are many types of “decorative equipment”. For example, the T-shirt and jeans worn by Robb are one of them, which can cover The equipment effect on the player fixes the player’s appearance, but this equipment has no attributes, only the appearance effect.

Robb reached out and beckoned, grabbed a set of clothes from the warehouse, and shoved it into Sofa’s hand: “Try this, just put it on the outside of your leather armor.”

Sofa put a set on her body, and her shape immediately changed with a “pop”, turning into a red-skinned female goblin with long eyelashes. It turned out that Robb gave her a goblin costume that she had worn once before.

Robb said with a smile : “Is this all right? Don’t worry about being seen by others.”

Sofa is crazy!

The female goblins are crazy looking!

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