After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 603

Robb hurriedly helped her take off her goblin costume, so she regained her long-legged look.

Sofa said angrily: “When choosing clothes for women, don’t play tricks!”

Robb said with a smile: “Huh? I thought assassin didn’t mind what the clothes looked like. “

Sofa pursed her lips: “Only when I’m on a mission, I don’t mind the look of my clothes.”

“Okay, I’ll think of a way.” Robb No spoofing this time, I brought a few black cloths, rubbed them around, and rubbed a set of “assassin costumes”.

Sofa brought it over, put a cover on her body, and immediately turned into a shadow that was wrapped in black robe and looked erratic, she was overjoyed: “Wow, this looks so beautiful Yes.”

Chapter 838 Are you trying to start a war?

Sofa changed clothes and finally dared to get out of the church. At this time, the big loli Lars, Little Yi, and the two bright little nuns in the yard were all testing their new clothes. Equipment, Robb replaced them all with the best materials that can be found so far, such as Little Yi and the two little nuns holding the Staff of Life, which not only greatly improves intelligence, but also adds holy light magic The recovery effect of the weapon can also summon the Artifact Spirit “Tree of Life of Angry” inside, which can be described as a super equipment that integrates offense and defense.

And the clothes on their bodies were made of mooncloth washed by the elves in the Moon Well. The mooncloth robes, the improvement of intelligence can be described as terrifying, and now Little Yi uses a healing magic casually, It can also be fried.

The girls also have two earrings, a necklace, and rings on their fingers, all of which provide all kinds of crazy special effects.

They are very satisfied with their current strength.

However, Robb couldn’t help but look at the head and felt a little uncomfortable. Although these equipments are very good in this world, they are still not enough to fight Black Dragon, but now it is 1351. The late autumn is here, and there are still a few months before the New Year.

The moment the New Year’s bell rang in the last Black Dragon flying year, Black Dragon came, and this time, Black Dragon might also come at that time, but this girl With such equipment, it is difficult to compete with the Black Dragon.

While he was thinking about this question, the crystal ball on the table sent out rays of light, and the call of the female Young Lady Wang came.

Robb answered the phone, and the majestic face of the young lady Wang appeared on the opposite side, she glanced at the women behind Robb, and hummed: “Not bad, they are all jewels. Yes, even the nun who vowed to defend her poverty was dressed like a noble lady by you, what are you doing?”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t be mystifying, you also have a share. .”

After he finished speaking, he threw a package containing a whole set of equipment and flew into the Transmission Gate.

The queen was stunned, and quickly asked a guard to fetch it. Then she took the small bag and got into another room. After a while, when she returned to the front of the crystal ball, she He has put on a set of mooncloth robes, plus the staff of life, and a whole set of jewelry, which also looks the same, beautiful and alluring.

She seemed to be in a slightly better mood, and hummed: “If you have a conscience, remember to make a set for me. But I have to remind you that I am the queen of a country, and I need The clothes should be a little more special, if they look exactly the same, it is not very suitable.”

Robb patted his head: “Oh! Yes! You are also a worry.”

Robb patted his head: “Oh! Yes! p>

As soon as he waved his hand, the goblin costume flew over again, threw it into the Transmission Gate, and said, “This is for you.”

The queen knew the dress without trying it. It was a goblin outfit, because she had seen it in the crystal ball, snorted, and squinted: “You actually let me wear this, do you want me to declare war on you? I have to warn you, crazy women are very terrifying. In addition to magic, I also spit and step on my toes, you may not be the opponent of my trick.”

Robb was startled: “Damn, this trick is really terrifying, In a way, it’s even scarier than Black Dragon.”

Hurry up and start again, with a wave of your hand, a roll of white cloth flew over, held it in your hand and thought about it, Queen’s skirt? There is no such decorative equipment, what can I use instead? Oh, right! Wedding dress, this is actually the same as the queen dress.

He rubbed his hands, rubbed out a snow-white wedding dress, and threw it into the Transmission Gate, saying, “Try this!”

The queen left before the crystal ball.

Fitting on…

Fitting on…

Fitting on…

After a while, she When Robb didn’t come back, Robb couldn’t help but yelled at the crystal ball: “Hello, where is the person? Come back and answer the phone.” No, it should be called the head of the palace magic group now. Archmage No. 1 came over and saluted the crystal ball: “Your Majesty ran back to the bedroom with a blushing face and refused to come out. I’ll slam the door. She ignores me when it’s rotten and can no longer answer your call, please forgive me.”

Robb: “…”

archmage No. 1 continued: “However, The queen roared from behind the door, saying that she can’t agree to this matter hastily, it needs to be considered, and I don’t know what it means.”

Robb: “…”

Okay, this is embarrassing, Robb said: “Digressing again, what did she want to say when she called me just now? It’s all about clothes, and she forgot to get down to business.”

Archmage No. 1 said: “The thing is, recently, we sent spies in the Norma Kingdom’s colony, and some interesting news came back. It is said that the Norma Kingdom’s colony is now very unstable.”

“oh?” Robb strangely said: “What happened?”

No. 1: “Some Norma people who have lived in the Maya continent for a long time, began to think about whether the colonial policy was correct or not, and they began to Try to manage the colony in your own way. However, Norma’s own country has sent a tyrannical order, requiring the generals stationed here to continue to implement the iron-blooded policy and desperately transport resources back to the country.”

Robb was amazed. I understand: “Ha!”

It’s very simple. To put it another way, the sky is high and the emperor is far away.

The colony is isolated by the sea, far away from the control of the Norma Kingdom. The governors here, standing on the front line of managing the colony, will of course have their own thinking, and they also need to take care of their own interests, However, the great characters who are far away in the country may not know this. They know what is going on in front of them, but they are not clear, but they are blindly commanding in the rear, and if they want resources, they will continuously increase their requirements.

This would be against the interests of the colonial governor.

Under this circumstance, the governor of the colony would not be surprised…

Robb said, “What’s the plan of Young Lady Wang?”

One whispered: “Your Majesty means that our country can secretly contribute to the rebellion of those colonial governors, so as to create chaos and collapse the colonial system of Norma Kingdom.”

“That’s too bad. Come on.” Robb was happy: “Young Lady Wang is thinking about these bad things all day long, she is a woman with deep sins.”

No. Pretending not to hear this, he said in a low voice, “Your Majesty called you this call originally to ask your Excellency, how to deal with this matter, didn’t expect to divert the topic as soon as the call was answered. “

Robb Dale: “Well, my opinion is, don’t play these boring conspiracies, civil affairs, don’t mix things up, run your own overseas city-state well, and develop your navy well That’s it.”

Chapter 839 Arms dealer fleet

No. 1 made a big salute to the crystal ball, backed away, and stopped talking nonsense.

He retreated to the door of the queen’s palace, knocked lightly on the door, and the queen’s voice sounded inside: “What did he say?”

Number 1 whispered: “He It means, don’t engage in these little conspiracies, build a city-state and develop a navy.”

The queen was silent, as if she was thinking about this issue. After a few minutes, she said solemnly and understood: “Overseas After all, the city-state of Norma needs backing and support from its own country. If we develop the navy well and control the sea, the navy of Norma country cannot support the colonies on the new continent. When the time comes, what is the need for those colonies to subvert them? He will also be finished.”

Number One listened quietly, not expressing any opinion, and after a long time, he heard the Queen ask in a low voice: “Coal preparation at the supply port on the new continent How’s it going?”

No. 1 said: “The coal Godafather found in the Titan mountain range has begun to excavate a lot, from the newly built Shuangqing City, to the port by rail. According to reports, The port has hoarded enough coal for two steel battleships to supply five times, and now our steel battleship can cross the ocean and go to the new continent.”

“Very good!” The queen said: “With steel Battleship as the core, set up a large fleet, go around the coast of the new continent, and show the enemy’s strength, so that the Norma people will not dare to invade our merchant ship again.”

A few days later, the new continent.

The port town, which was taken from the Norma people in the past, has become quite prosperous after a long period of construction. Since the Gran Kingdom adopts the steady development model proposed by Robb, so far, the Gran Kingdom has only five city-states on the new continent, and this is only counting the two city-states in West Wind City.

One of them is a port town, the other is a town used to mine Thorium, and then there is the Jinguan City, which is controlled by Robb to mine Mithril, and built in the Titan mountain range for Shuangqing City, where the Titan steel essence, coal mines, and iron ore were dug, and finally a gold mine led by the fleeing Knight, but for the time being, this is just a simple mine, and a village has not yet been formed. There are some miners living in the mine, and even to buy other things, you need to go to Shuangqing City or Jinguan City to buy other things.

Among the five city-states, Robb’s Shuangqing City is the best built, because it is responsible for digging and the busiest and most prosperous business is controlled by the female Young Lady Wang. The port town of Gran Kingdom, the sea ships that go between the two continents of the Gran Kingdom, will all stay here, unloading sugar, cloth and other things produced by the Gran Kingdom, and then filling them with cocoa beans, gems, gold and other new continents. things, and then sail back to the kingdom of Gran.

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